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Free Copywriting Brief Template For Copywriters (The Secret to Writing Better Copy)

Dec 16, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
Copywriting brief

Your copywriting brief is like your house’s foundation.

If your home does not have a rock-solid base, it’s only a matter of time until it all falls down and crushes you.

The same is true for your writing.

If you do not have a good copywriting brief to give to clients, you will be crushed by the competition.


Because your copywriting brief holds all the answers to what you will write about.

The answers you receive from clients will dictate how effective and persuasive your writing will be.

However, they have to be the right answers.

And this starts with asking the right questions.

In this blog post…

I’m going to cover what a copywriting brief is, what to include and give you exclusive access to the copywriting brief I’ve used for over 4 years.


What is a Copywriting Brief?


Copywriting briefs are a big list of market-related questions copywriters send to their clients to fill out.

The questions cover everything the copywriter needs to know in order to do proper market research.

Questions about the market, product, company, brand voice, competition, and so on

The answers you receive back are what you will use during the research phase (first phase of the copywriting process).

The 2 most common ways to create copywriting briefs are a Word document and a PDF document.

Every time you take on a new copywriting client, send them your copywriting brief before you begin the project.


Who Writes the Copywriting Briefs? You or Your Client??

Woman holding question mark

You create the questions, your client fills them out.

Sometimes, clients will already have a completed copywriting brief.

I strongly recommend that you create your own brief and send it to them anyway.


This copywriting brief is EXTREMELY important.

If you ask the right questions, it will be MUCH easier to write successful copy that drives results for your clients.

To ensure you get everything you need in the market research phase, send clients your own copywriting brief to fill out.


When Should You Use a Copywriting Brief?

You should use a copywriting brief whenever writing for a new client.

The good news is…

You only create this brief once.

Simply create a copywriting brief and send it to every client you take on.


The 4 Main Areas Every Copywriting Brief MUST Include

Four fingers

There are 4 main areas that you’ll need to study intensely during the research phase:

  1. The market
  2. The product
  3. The company
  4. The competition

A good copywriting brief asks several key questions in each main category.

However, the best copywriting briefs focus the most on the market.

And this is tricky.

Because most clients don’t know their core buyers well enough (if at all).

By asking smart questions about their market, you force them to dig deeper into who they are really selling to and what motivates them to buy.

In the next section, I’ll cover every question to ask per category and the key components to focus on…


Steal the Exact Copywriting Brief I’ve Used Over the Last 4+ years

I created this copywriting brief 4 years ago.

I’ve updated it over the years.  I added relevant and important questions as I took on more copywriting assignments and got more experience.

It is VERY long and comprehensive.

It covers EVERYTHING you need to write knock-out copy.

99% of the time, your clients will not be able to answer every question. That’s okay. But, you want to get as many answers as possible, with lots of details.

As you’ll see below, I’ve included a brief paragraph in the intro explaining the importance of filling this copywriting brief out.

I recommend you say something similar when you send them this copywriting brief.

Copywriting Brief

Great results come from great briefs.

In order for me to help you achieve your goals, I need to know everything about you, your product, your existing customers, and your target market.

So, to make this easy, I have compiled a simple questionnaire for you to fill out.

Please answer every question with as much detail as you can.

The more info you share, the better your results will be.

I would like to thank you in advance for the time and effort you will put into this document.


Campaign Objective

What is your main objective for this project?

[Leads, sales, etc.]


#1. Market




Marital status:


Education level:

Annual income:



State of market awareness [highlight most relevant]

  1. Most aware
  2. Product aware
  3. Solution aware
  4. Problem aware
  5. Completely unaware


Emotional questions about your market (most important)

    1. What keeps them awake at night, indigestion boiling up their esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?
    2. What causes them pain?
    3. What humiliates them?
    4. What are they afraid of?
    5. What makes them mad?
    6. What do they worry about most?
    7. What 3 things frustrate them most each day?
    8. What do they want most?
    9. What make them feel insecure?
    10. What is the #1 most URGENT problem they are desperately trying to solve?
    11. What FEELINGS are they experiencing when they’re doing a Google search about the big problem they need solved?
    12. What do they COMPLAIN about to their friends over a drink?
    13. What do they dislike about products available?
    14. What do they like about products available?
    15. What do they want more of from products?
    16. How do you want the visitor to FEEL when they arrive on your website
    17. Why do they NEED what you are selling?
    18. Why should they buy NOW?
    19. What are their VALUES like?
    20. What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?
    21. Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions? (Example: engineers = exceptionally analytical.)
    22. Do they have their own insider language?


      #2. Product

      What are the main features of your product?

      [list as many features as possible]

      What are the main benefits?

      [list the top 5-10 benefits in order of importance. HINT: What does your product DO for your customers? What key benefits do they gain from USING your product?

      What are the emotional benefits?

      [list the top 5-10 emotional benefits in order of importance. How do customers feel after experiencing these benefits? Happy, relieved, confident, etc.]

      Why is your product different from all the other products available?

      [Explain the core benefits/solutions you can provide to your customers that no one else in your market can.]

      What makes your benefits believable?

      [list any & all reviews, testimonials, case studies, demonstrations, specific details, and personal success stories that support your claims]

      Do you have a risk-free guarantee? If so, what is it? Is it unique from the competition?


      #3. Your company

      What is your brand's mission?

      What is the background story for creating this product?

      What is your brand’s core values?

      What is the preferred tone and voice for the brand (brand voice)?


      #4. Competition

      What kinds of offers are currently working right now?

      Who are your top competitors?

      [List 3-5 main competitors. Include their name, website and how they are successfully selling to your target audience]


      Is there anything else I should know before writing?

      Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.

      I look forward to writing for you!

      You can download this copywriting brief template here:

      Copywriting Brief Template

      Feel free to add/edit this template.



      Use this copywriting brief template to help you write copy that impresses clients and gets them the results they desire.

      If you do, you will be able to charge higher fees, win repeat clients and write much faster.

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      The 10 Most Profitable Types of Copywriting For Beginners Who Want to Earn 6-Figures in 2024

      Dec 15, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


       Woman holding money


      Interested in becoming a copywriter?

      If so, your success hinges on which types of copywriting services you specialize in.

      They’re dozens of different types of copywriting out there, but they are not treated equally.

      Some types of copywriting services can pay you a fortune, while others will pay a McDonald’s salary (or even less).

      In this blog post…

      I’m going to reveal what copywriting is, what a copywriter does and the top 10 most profitable types of copywriting to offer in 2024, so you can earn the most amount of money, with the least amount of effort.


      What is Copywriting?


      It’s simple…

      Copywriting is sales multiplied.

      Instead of selling face-to-face or over the phone, you are selling to hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of people with one victorious swoop via the words you write.

      You do so by writing to a specific target audience in hopes of motivating them to take a specific action from you (usually to purchase a product or sign up for an email newsletter).

      There are dozens of different types of copywriting to specialize in.

      Depending on which you choose, what you write and how you write it, will vary.

      However, no matter which types of copywriting services you offer, your writing will still need to grab attention, pique your reader’s interest and motivate them to take action.

      As a copywriter, you will spend the majority of your time generating clients and writing for them.

      In the beginning, you’ll spend more time focusing on getting clients.

      However, once you get a steady flow of clients, you’ll spend the majority of your time writing.


      The 10 Most Profitable Types of Copywriting Services in 2024

        1. Social Media Copywriting

        Social media icons

          Social media copywriting is an extremely in-demand skill to have.

          Just about every brand uses social media to market their company.

          As a beginner copywriter, mastering the art of creating compelling & engaging social media content can open golden doors of endless opportunities.

          Brands are constantly hiring copywriters who can craft engaging and persuasive posts across all the major social media platforms:

          • Facebook
          • YouTube
          • Instagram
          • Twitter
          • TikTok
          • LinkedIn

          Your ability to write attention-grabbing content that resonates with a brand’s core followers and motivates them to take action is essential to your success.

          From writing catchy captions, to developing content that encourages a brand’s audience interaction, social media copywriting is an extremely in-demand field that pays handsomely.

          Average Salary: $50,000 to $110,000+ per year

          What you will be writing:

          • Captions
          • Hashtags
          • Social Media Ads
          • Engagement Posts
          • Bio Copy
          • CTAs

          Example of Social Media Copy

          facebook post


          2. SEO Copywriting


            Every company wants to rank #1 on Google.

            If you can help them achieve this, you can create a VERY profitable and fun life for yourself.

            Regardless of whether you are an SEO copywriter, understanding the core principles of SEO and using them in your copy is an invaluable skill to have (you can offer this as a bonus incentive to clients and charge a premium fee).

            SEO copywriters specialize in creating content that not only resonates with a brand’s target audience but also resonates with search engine algorithms.

            By integrating relevant keywords, crafting compelling meta descriptions, and developing content that provides value to Google’s users, you can help businesses climb the ranks on search engine results pages.

            As online competition continues to grow, SEO copywriting is a sought-after skill for companies striving to enhance their digital presence.

            Average Salary: $60,000 to $100,000 per year

            What you will be writing:

            • Website Content
            • Blog Posts
            • Meta Descriptions
            • Alt Text
            • Headlines


              3. Blog Copywriting


                Blogging remains a cornerstone of content marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

                Companies desire to establish themselves as the authority figure in their industry, and well-written blog posts play a BIG role in achieving this.

                As a blog copywriter, you have 2 big tasks.

                1. Help companies rank #1 on Google
                2. Help companies inform and engage their readers with helpful content that solves BIG problems

                One of the most important skills of blogging is storytelling.

                When you can write SEO-optimized blog posts that tell powerful stories, you can become a top dawg blog copywriter.

                Average Salary: $50,000 to $105,000 per year

                What you will be writing:

                • In-depth Guides
                • Thought Leadership Articles
                • How-to Posts
                • Listicles
                • Interviews

                  4. Direct Response Copywriting


                    Direct response copywriting is all about persuading your client’s audience to take immediate action.

                    From creating sales-driven emails to crafting compelling calls-to-action on websites, the primary goal is to elicit a direct response (hence direct response copywriting).

                    As a beginner, understanding the psychological triggers that motivate individuals to make decisions is crucial to your success.

                    Direct response copywriting requires a deep understanding of your target audience, their psychology and the ability to convey a sense of urgency and value.

                    With businesses constantly seeking ways to drive conversions, mastering the art of direct response copywriting positions you as a valuable asset in the competitive world of digital marketing.

                    Average Salary: $55,000 to $1,000,000+ per year

                    What you will be writing:

                    • Sales Letters
                    • Call-to-Action Copy
                    • Email Marketing Campaigns
                    • Landing Page Copy
                    • Advertisements

                      5. Email Copywriting

                      email marketing

                        Over 80% of all businesses use email marketing to build their brand and drive sales.

                        As a beginner copywriter, developing the ability to craft persuasive emails for companies can earn you a farmer’s fortune.

                        Businesses are always on the lookout for email copywriters who can increase open rates, click-through rates and drive sales.

                        This is the type of copywriting that I specialize in.

                        I think it reigns supreme over the other options because it gives you the biggest band for your buck.

                        The average email is around 200 words and can be written in 10 minutes or less.

                        You can charge hundreds per email (even more).

                        Plus, it’s the easiest type of copywriting to get retainer deals (repeat work) for because companies send dozens of emails to their lists, each month.

                        Average Salary: $50,000 to $100,000+ per year

                        What you will be writing:

                        • Promotional Emails
                        • Email newsletters
                        • Welcome Series
                        • Abandoned Cart Emails


                          6. B2B Copywriting

                          office workers

                            B2B copywriting involves creating content that speaks directly to businesses and decision-makers.

                            Understanding the unique needs and challenges of businesses allows you to tailor your copy to resonate with a professional audience.

                            From crafting whitepapers and case studies to developing persuasive sales collateral, B2B copywriting requires a strategic approach that goes beyond consumer-focused messaging.

                            Companies seeking to enhance their corporate image and secure business partnerships value B2B copywriters who can break down complex concepts into clear and engaging messages.

                            Average Salary: $60,000 to $90,000 per year

                            What you will be writing:

                            • Whitepapers
                            • Case Studies
                            • Industry Reports
                            • Business Proposals


                              7. B2C Copywriting


                                On the flip side, B2C copywriting involves speaking directly to consumers.

                                This specialization requires a DEEP understanding of consumer behavior, buyer psychology, and consumer trends.

                                As a beginner copywriter, diving into B2C copywriting allows you to create content that resonates with a broad audience.

                                From writing product descriptions that drive purchases to developing engaging social media campaigns, B2C copywriting is all about creating a personal connection between the brand and the consumer.

                                Your ability to tap into the desires and aspirations of the target audience can significantly contribute to a company's success in the consumer market and position you as an irreplaceable copywriter

                                Average Salary: $55,000 to $80,000 per year

                                What you will be writing:

                                • Product Descriptions
                                • Social Media Campaigns
                                • Ad Copy
                                • Packaging Copy
                                • Website Copy

                                  8. Website Copywriting


                                    Websites serve as the digital storefronts for online businesses.

                                    Over 72% of businesses have online websites, and this is only growing each year.

                                     There are tons of opportunities for website copywriters.

                                    Beginner copywriters who excel in this area can help companies create a compelling online presence.

                                    From homepage headlines that grab attention to product descriptions that persuade visitors to make a purchase, your role as a website copywriter is to guide the reader seamlessly through the online buying experience.

                                    With businesses investing heavily in their online presence, mastering website copywriting can be a very profitable option for your copywriting career.

                                    Average Salary: $55,000 to $80,000 per year

                                    What you will be writing:

                                    • Headlines
                                    • Product Descriptions
                                    • About Us Pages
                                    • Landing Page Copy

                                      9. Sales Page Copywriting


                                        Sales page copywriting is all about creating landing pages and sales funnels that guide potential customers toward making a purchase.

                                        This specialization requires a deep understanding of consumer psychology and the ability to build trust through persuasive language.

                                        As a beginner, developing expertise in sales page copywriting allows you to contribute directly to a company's revenue-generating efforts.

                                        Crafting compelling headlines, presenting irresistible offers, and addressing potential objections are essential skills that can turn visitors into customers, making you an invaluable asset in the world of online sales.

                                        Average Salary: $60,000 to $90,000 per year

                                        What you will be writing:

                                        • Landing Page Copy
                                        • Product Descriptions
                                        • Pricing Pages
                                        • Upsell Copy

                                          10. UX Copywriting


                                            User experience (UX) copywriting is centered around improving the overall usability and enjoyment of a product or service through effective language.

                                            As a beginner copywriter, specializing in UX copywriting involves creating clear, concise, and user-friendly text that guides individuals through digital interfaces.

                                            From microcopy on buttons and forms to error messages and tooltips, your role is to enhance the user journey.

                                            As businesses prioritize user-centric design, the demand for copywriters who can contribute to a positive and intuitive user experience continues to grow, making UX copywriting a valuable type of copywriting service for beginners to specialize in.

                                            Average Salary: $65,000 to $100,000 per year

                                            What you will be writing:

                                            • Microcopy (button text, form labels)
                                            • Error Messages
                                            • Onboarding Copy
                                            • Navigation Labels



                                            There you have it…

                                            The 10 most profitable types of copywriting to specialize in 2024.

                                            Want daily insider tips to help you become a pro copywriter this year? Enter your email below:


                                            The Simple 3-Step Copywriting Process For Beginner Copywriters (write better copy today)

                                            Dec 14, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


                                            Want to learn the exact step-by-step copywriting process top-paid copywriters use when writing?

                                            It’s really simple.

                                            There are only 3 core steps in copywriting.

                                            And, best of all, this simple 3-step copywriting process is perfect for beginner copywriters.

                                            If you follow the copywriting steps outlined below, you can feel confident when writing, write within a proven structure and write much faster than you currently are today.

                                            In this post…

                                            I’m going to explain what copywriting is and the simple 3-step copywriting process I use (and all top copywriters use) to effortlessly write copy that impresses clients and drives sales.


                                            What is Copywriting?


                                            Copywriting is salesmanship in print.

                                            Instead of selling face-to-face, you are selling through the words you write.

                                            3 benefits of selling via copywriting:

                                            • Sell to thousands at a time: You can reach thousands of people through a single ad.
                                            • Sell 24/7: you write once, then can generate sales while you sleep, for years to come.
                                            • Perfect for introverts: Does selling face-to-face make you cringe? If so, copywriting is a perfect alternative. Plus, you can earn FAR MORE money with copywriting than traditional sales (there are dozens of copywriters earning 7-figures right now)

                                            As a copywriter, you write for companies to help them generate sales and leads.

                                            You have endless options for the industry/niche you write for and the type of copy you write – emails, landing pages, blog posts, VSLs, and so on.


                                            Use This Simple 3-Step Copywriting Process to Effortlessly Write A-List Copy That Impresses Clients and Attracts More Income

                                            Attracting clients with a magnet

                                            Step 1 In the Copywriting Process: Research

                                            This is, by far, the MOST important step in the copywriting process.

                                            Every 6-figure+ copywriter spends AT LEAST 80% of their time on research and only 20% on writing.

                                            As Eugene Schwartz preached in his speech to Rodale Press (billion-dollar publishing company)…

                                            “You do not write copy, you assemble it.”

                                            Everything you write already exists.

                                            Your job is to find it and assemble it – via research.

                                            How to research like a pro

                                            There are 4 main aspects when it comes to research:

                                            1. The product
                                            2. The company
                                            3. The market
                                            4. The competition

                                            Where do you find this information?

                                            The first place you get this invaluable info is from your client.

                                            Most of the time, companies will give you a detailed document including all this vital information.

                                            If not, you’ll need to create your own copywriting brief and have them fill this out.

                                            Here are 5 additional market research resources:

                                            • Reddit – This is my favorite research tool. Simply search your market’s keyword (I.E. “dentists”) and browse the subreddits (communities filled with people from your market). In seconds, you’ll gain access to hundreds of questions, frustrations, problems, topics, etc. that your readers are interested in and talking about (warts and all… users are anonymous, so they don’t hold back – this is a VERY good thing for YOU).
                                            • Facebook groups – This is another market research goldmine. Go to Facebook. Then, type in the relevant keyword. Example: if your client is in the weightless niche and sells diet pills, type in “weightless” or “diet” or “diet supplement”. Join the group and study the market.
                                            • Amazon reviews – This tool is great for product HINT: look for reviews that tell emotion-filled stories.
                                            • Competitor websites – Another great place to gain market research info is your client’s competition. Browse the top 5-10 competitors in their industry and study their headlines, claims, benefits, etc.
                                            • Blog post comments – Blog post comments can give you great insight into what your market wants and is interested in, related to what you’re selling.

                                            Once I’ve gathered enough info on my client’s product, company, market and competition, I add everything into a Word doc and organize it.

                                            By the time I’m done adding stuff, I have AT LEAST 20 pages (usually much more).

                                            Now what?


                                            I study this big arse document 3 times.

                                            First time:

                                            I just read it.

                                            Second time:

                                            I highlight important pieces – big benefits, main selling points, objections, emotional triggers (frustrations, problems, insecurities) and so on.

                                            Then, I read it one more time before writing.

                                            Give yourself at least 2 hours in between reading.

                                            After you’ve read your research notes 3 times, you’ll be ready to write.

                                            (For more info on the copywriting research process see this post)


                                            Step 2 In the Copywriting Process: Write

                                            Woman typing on laptop

                                            After the research phase, it’s best to give yourself 24 hours before writing.


                                            Because this gives your brain time to “incubate”.

                                            This is what A-list copywriter – Joseph Sugarman - called the creative process for coming up with breakthrough ideas.

                                            By giving your brain some breathing room, you allow your subconscious mind to work its magic.

                                            If you give it enough time, it will feed you all the ideas you need to write bang bang copy.


                                            After I’ve studied my market research notes 3x and have given myself 24 hours to “incubate”, I sit down at my computer and WRITE.

                                            This is really important:

                                            When you write your first draft, let everything flow right out of your brain and onto your keyboard.

                                            Do NOT edit.

                                            Just write, write, write.

                                            It can be absolute jibberish.

                                            Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling, grammar or anything else.  

                                            Just write until you are done (headline to CTA).

                                            Also, when I write my first draft, I set a 33.33-minute timer.

                                            I learned this warrior tip from Eugene Schwartz.


                                            Because this forces you to write FAST.

                                            Deadlines are the key to boosting productivity and getting more done, in less time.

                                            After the timer dings, I take a 5-10 minute break.

                                            Then, I write for another 33.33 minutes.

                                            I repeat this until I’m done with my first draft.

                                            This is probably the easiest and fastest way to write copy.

                                            Highly recommend you try it.


                                            If words don’t flow right out of your noggin, you have NOT done enough research.

                                            I have NEVER experienced writer’s block.

                                            Writer’s block is not real. It’s simply a matter of doing enough research.


                                            Step 3 In the Copywriting Process: Edit

                                            computer keyboard button says "edit"

                                            Editing is the last step in the copywriting process.

                                            It’s probably the most demanding.

                                            What you want to do now is, you gotta turn your sloppy, barely readable rough draft, into a copywriting masterpiece that persuades readers to buy.

                                            Here’s how I go about it:

                                            (I learned this from Ben Settle.)

                                            I read my copy 10 times, out loud.

                                            Every time I stumble on bumpy words, I smooth them out.

                                            Plus, in between readthroughs, I’ll review my market research document to make sure that I’ve included every main selling point.

                                            The main goal of editing is to convey your sales message in the most powerful way, using the least amount of words.

                                            Simplify, condense, cut, refine.

                                            After reading aloud 10x, your copy will read as smooth as a baby’s head.

                                            It’s amazing how much of a difference the 1st draft and last draft are.



                                            Simple, huh?

                                            Believe it or not, this simple 3-step copywriting process is how ALL the top copywriters in this industry approach each copywriting gig they are assigned.

                                            Follow this process every time you write for a client.

                                            Want more copywriting tips to help you become a top-paid copywriter? Enter your email below:


                                            90-Day Copywriting Challenge: Do You Have What it Takes To Become a Copywriter?

                                            Dec 13, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
                                            Woman walking on zip line

                                            What’s the best way for a beginner to learn copywriting in 2024?

                                            Should you take an expensive course?

                                            Should you read a book?

                                            Should you hire a coach?


                                            The best way to learn copywriting in 2024, is to complete a copywriting challenge that was created 40+ years ago, by one of the best copywriters who’s ever lived.

                                            I’m talking about Gary Halbert’s 30-day copywriting challenge.

                                            He created this copywriting challenge for raw beginners looking to become copywriting pros in 30 days.

                                            When I started copywriting in 2020, I took this challenge.

                                            Well, kinda.

                                            The thing is….

                                            This challenge is pretty outdated.

                                            For example:

                                            For one of the exercises, he wants you to hand draw the layouts of classic direct mail advertisements.

                                            Not the best use of your time.


                                            The good news is…

                                            The core principles and concepts of this challenge remain the same.

                                            I updated this copywriting challenge and made it relevant for beginner copywriters in 2024.

                                            Instead of 30 days…

                                            This is a 90-day copywriting challenge (you CAN complete this in 30 days, maybe, but it’ll be extremely hard. I’m talking 10+ hours per day, at least).

                                            If you take this 90-day challenge, you will learn the copywriting basics, feel confident in your writing ability and be able to get clients shortly after.

                                            This copywriting challenge is a step-by-step blueprint for beginners who want to learn copywriting as quickly as possible.


                                            5 Main Reasons Why Beginner Copywriters Should Complete this Copywriting Challenge

                                            #1. Set yourself up for success

                                            Happy woman

                                            A huge mistake beginners make is skipping over the basics. The main reason why I was able to get into copywriting so fast is because I built a very sturdy foundation of the evergreen copywriting principles, fundamentals and rules. If you learn the basics as a beginner, you set yourself up for a profitable LONG-TERM career.

                                            #2. Learn from the best

                                            Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, learn what has been proven to work from the very best copywriters in the game. By taking this copywriting challenge, you will learn from 10 of the best copywriters of all time.

                                            #3. Fastest way to get good at copywriting


                                            We’re talking 90 days to pick up a new, life-changing skill. This is an accelerated bootcamp for a complete copywriting education. You will not learn copywriting (or any other profession) faster than 90 days.

                                            #4. Habit of writing

                                            The more you write, the more money you make. By taking this 90-day copywriting challenge, you be able to write EXTREMELY FAST because you will be writing every single day.

                                            #5. Discover if this career’s right for you

                                            If your butt is still on the spiky fence, then give this copywriting challenge a run for its money.

                                            The worst that can happen? You decide copywriting ain’t for you. And you can go along your merry way without wasting years in a career you despise.


                                            The 90-Day Copywriting Challenge for Beginner CopywritersChallenge accepted

                                            This copywriting challenge is very achievable (only 3 main steps) and relatively short (in one “semester” you can graduate and start getting paid to write).

                                            If you complete this copywriting challenge, you will gain one of the most profitable skills on the planet and be able to leverage what you learned into a successful career.

                                            Here is the 90-day challenge…

                                            1. Passive Learning

                                            Brain lifting dumbbells

                                            When starting out, the MOST important thing to do is learn copywriting, the RIGHT WAY.

                                            Learn from the very select few copywriters who have made BILLIONS (through products sold) and have paved the way in this industry.

                                            And do not learn from ANYONE ELSE.

                                            During this challenge, you are not allowed to read ANY blog posts, watch any YouTube videos, or buy any guru courses.

                                            Just read these 10 books:

                                            1. The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
                                            2. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman
                                            3. How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab
                                            4. Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins
                                            5. The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
                                            6. Ogilvy on Advertising By David Ogilvy
                                            7. Tested Advertising Methods By John Caples
                                            8. Cashvertising By Drew Eric Whitman
                                            9. The Copywriter’s Handbook By Bob Bly
                                            10. Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel By John Carlton

                                            Read them once for pleasure.

                                            Then, read them again. The 2nd time, take detailed notes (I wrote 10-50 page summaries per book).

                                            If you strive for 25 pages per day, you can realistically read these 10 books (2x each) within 90 days.


                                            2. Copywriting Practice Exercises

                                            Chalkboard that says "theory into practice"

                                            Passive learning is important, but it’s not enough.

                                            You want to gain an inside-out understanding of the writing process.

                                            You achieve this through practicing your copywriting skills.

                                            Here are 3 copywriting exercises you’ll practice over the next 90 days….

                                            #1. Read, analyze and handwrite successful ads

                                            Gary Halbert preached this method.

                                            He said that the fastest way to become a pro copywriter is to read, analyze and handwrite great direct response ads.

                                            Here are 10 ads to start:

                                            10 Best Ad Copy Examples that will Make YOU a Better Copywriter

                                            Read each ad out loud.


                                            Write it out by hand, line by line.


                                            Analyze each ad. Break down each sentence. Uncover the hidden psychology, emotional triggers, benefits, appeals and hooks baked “in between the lines.” You will know what to look for once you start reading the above books.

                                            I find this practice exercise to be the BEST way to quickly improve your copywriting skills.

                                            This all takes about 30 minutes to do (Depending on how long the ad is. Some can take days to write out by hand).

                                            Do this for 1 ad per day, or 30 minutes (depending how long the ad is. Some ads can take days to write out by hand)

                                            #2. Turning Features, to Benefits, to REAL Benefits

                                            Emotional benefits are one of the most important elements of copywriting.

                                            To become a successful copywriter, you must become a master at writing irresistible benefits.

                                            Here is a technique for writing killer benefits…

                                            Step 1:

                                            Go to

                                            Pick a product you’d enjoy writing about.

                                            Then, open an Excel spreadsheet (you can use Word or Notepad but Excel is more organized).

                                            Then, create 3 sections at the top & label them… Feature, Benefit, Ultimate Benefit.

                                            It will look like this:



                                            Step 2:

                                            Next up…

                                            Add the product’s name to the left-side column.

                                            Then, add 3-5 features from the Amazon product you choose, below the column labeled “feature.”

                                            Like this…


                                            Step 3:

                                            Now for the fun part…

                                            Turn each dull feature into a colorful benefit.

                                            Add each benefit under the “benefit” column.

                                            Step 4:

                                            Then, take the benefit you just created and go a step further.

                                            Uncover the ULTIMATE benefit.

                                            What this benefit will DO for your customer.

                                            Easy way to find this:

                                            Say “So what?” to the benefit. Soon, you will uncover the TRUE benefit.

                                            Here’s a quick example:


                                            Your product is a car.

                                            The feature is - “oncoming car sensor.”

                                            A benefit to this feature could be, “to avoid crashes and fender benders”.

                                            But so what?

                                            So what that you can avoid crashes?

                                            What’s the REAL benefit of this?

                                            The ULTIMATE benefit (which you’d add to the last column in Excel) is that you’ll protect yourself and your loved ones from deadly crashes.

                                            That’s the REAL benefit.

                                            That’s what this feature DOES for the customer.

                                            It’s WHY they would buy this product.

                                            They wouldn’t buy this product to simply avoid crashes.

                                            But they WOULD buy it to protect their children and ensure their safety.


                                            Do this practice exercise, each day, for one product and 3-5 of its features.

                                            This will take you around 10 minutes per day.

                                            #3: The 4 U’s Headline Practice

                                            Last one…

                                            This practice exercise will help you write attention-grabbing headlines (which are the #1 most important element of copywriting).

                                            How to:

                                            Open a new window in Firefox (or whatever browser you use).

                                            Look below at the online articles.

                                            It will look something like this:

                                            Online articles

                                            Most web browsers have this as a default.

                                            If you don’t see these articles, simply use Firefox or Google Chrome.

                                            Okay, so what you want to do is, copy and paste one of these headlines into a Word doc.

                                            Rewrite each headline using the 4 U’s headline formula:

                                            Ultra-specific – specifics are more believable and interesting.

                                            Unique – what’s unique grabs our attention.

                                            Urgent – urgency makes us read NOW

                                            Useful – the biggest benefit of your client’s product or service.

                                            The reason why you want to improve existing headlines using the 4 U’s technique is because each “U” makes your headlines more attention-grabbing and persuasive.

                                            Here’s an example:

                                            I just found this headline…


                                            Here’s how I would improve upon this headline using the 4 U’s headline technique:


                                            Famous chef comes out of retirement to teach you her beloved pie recipes for this holiday season


                                            Make your family fall in love with your cooking: 15 yummy pie recipes that are quick & easy to make this Christmas


                                            15 scrumptious pie recipes to make in under 1 hour


                                            Download this delicious pie recipe ebook before midnight and it’s yours FREE

                                            Do this for one headline each day.

                                            This will take you 10 minutes MAX.


                                            3. WRITE

                                            Woman writing 

                                            Reading copywriting books and practicing what you’re learning will get you started, but nothing beats WRITING.

                                            It doesn’t matter what you write…

                                            The key is to create a habit of daily writing.

                                            Here’s how to write copy without clients:

                                            Go to your favorite brand’s website.

                                            Then, copy and paste the text into a Word document (or whatever writing app you use).

                                            Then, simply rewrite their copy.

                                            Improve upon it by using everything you are learning from the books and practice exercises.

                                            Do this for website copy, headlines, emails, social media ads, google ads, etc.

                                            (And any other type of copy you want to write for clients.)

                                            When I did this, I wrote for at least one hour per day.

                                            I recommend doing the same.

                                            However, the more you write, the faster you’ll build your skills.

                                            90-Day Copywriting Challenge Summary

                                            Here’s a quick recap of the action steps:

                                            1. Read 25 pages per day (10 books, 2 times each).
                                            2. Complete each practice exercise once per day.
                                            3. Write for one hour per day by improving upon existing copy.

                                            TOTAL: around 3 hours per day.



                                            Stop wasting time trying to learn how to become a copywriter.

                                            Take this copywriting challenge.

                                            After 90 days, you will realistically be able to start writing for clients and making money.

                                            If you’d like extra help along the way, enter your email below:


                                            How to Become a 6-Figure Conversion Copywriter in 2024 (Step-by-Step Guide)

                                            Dec 12, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
                                            Dog writing


                                            Becoming a conversion copywriter was the best decision I’ve ever made.

                                            It’s allowed me to live the ultimate freelancer lifestyle:

                                            Work from home (or the beach)…

                                            Earn far more money than any 9-5 office job…

                                            Work as much or as little as I want…

                                            And experience absolute freedom because I’m the big kahuna calling the shots.


                                            If you want to live this exciting & freeing life, first you must become a MASTER at helping companies convert leads into happy customers.

                                            This is the sole purpose of conversion copywriting and WHY companies are willing to spend so much on conversion copywriters.

                                            If you possess the rare ability to generate sales for your clients, you can realistically earn 6 figures (or more) very quickly WITHOUT a degree, enormous boulders of debt, or kissing corporate beehives.

                                            In this blog post…

                                            I’m going to reveal my no bullcrap advice on everything you need to know about becoming a conversion copywriter. In just 10 minutes from now, you will know if this career is right for you and how to get started, the RIGHT way.


                                            What is a Conversion Copywriter?

                                            Woman looking at reader

                                            A conversion copywriter is someone who generates conversions for their clients.

                                            Conversions can mean different things depending on the company/brand’s objective.

                                            However, it’s usually generating more sales or leads.

                                            Conversion copywriters can write for a variety of different niches (golf, fitness, real estate, etc.) and online & offline mediums (Facebook ads, blogs, emails, etc.)

                                            The possibilities for what you write about and for whom are almost endless.


                                            What’s The difference Between Conversion Copywriting and Direct Response Copywriting?


                                            Tomato, Tomaaahto.

                                            Different name, same meaning.

                                            Conversion copywriting is a newish term created for online copywriters, but it’s all the same.

                                            The #1 objective is to generate a direct response/conversion (sell a product or generate a lead).


                                            What Does a Conversion Copywriter Do?

                                             woman typing into laptop

                                            Companies hire conversion copywriters to help them generate conversions (leads, sales, webinar sign-ups, etc.) through their writing.


                                            80% of your time will be spent writing copy.

                                            20% will be spent on generating new clients.


                                            This is flipped when starting out. Beginners spend more time generating clients than they do writing.


                                            You are not limited to what you write about or for whom.

                                            Conversion copywriters write for a variety of different mediums, topics and industries.

                                            They are needed in every niche under the moon and on every medium (online and offline).

                                            You can write emails for yoga instructors or Facebook ads for investing companies.

                                            That’s one of the beauties of conversion copywriting - you get to choose who you write for and what you write about.


                                            Conversion Copywriter Salary 2023

                                            Woman holding money

                                            According to Zip Recruiter, conversion copywriters can make between $27-$57/hr in 2023.


                                            Take copywriting salary averages with a BIG pound of salt water


                                            Because as a conversion copywriter, you are an entrepreneur.

                                            You run your own business.

                                            There are “conversion copywriters” making $5/hr (or none at all) and there are conversion copywriters making $1000+/hr.

                                            It all boils down to how you run your freelance business.

                                            There is virtually no limit to how much you can earn, as long as you are constantly improving your selling, marketing and copywriting skills, providing supreme value for your clients and running your freelance business like a pro.


                                            10 Conversion Copywriting Examples

                                            Here are 10 of my favorite conversion copywriting examples.

                                            They are from classic ads that have sold millions worth of products over time.

                                            1. “Coat of Arms Letter” by Gary Halbert

                                            2. “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play!” – By John Caples

                                            3. "Do you make these mistakes in job interviews?” By Gary Bencivenga

                                            4. “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”By David Ogilvy

                                            5. “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?” – By Max Sackheim

                                            6. The One-Legged Golfer Ad – By John Carlton

                                            7. The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches – By Joe Karbo

                                            8. "Now! Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes!" – By Eugene Schwartz

                                            9. "Vision Break-through" - By Joseph Sugarmen

                                            10. How to Win Friends & Influence People - By Victor Schwab

                                            You can learn about them (and why they worked) by clicking on this detailed post.

                                            Study these ads in great detail. Uncover WHY they worked so well (the hidden conversion copywriting secrets baked within them).


                                            5 Reasons Why YOU Should Become a Conversion Copywriter in 2024

                                            Man pointing at reader

                                            1. Work from anywhere in the world

                                            You can write from ANYWHERE your red bottom desires.

                                            Starbucks, an RV while driving across the country, on a beach, from your couch… ANYWHERE.

                                            It doesn’t matter.

                                            Freelance conversion copywriters work 100% remote.

                                            If you want to snag a conversion copywriter job with a company, you can usually work remote or some sort of hybrid.

                                            2. FREEDOM

                                            You are your own boss.

                                            You set your schedule, you choose how many hours you want to work, what brands you want to write for, what topics you want to write about, and so on.

                                            Only entrepreneurship hand-delivers you this much freedom.

                                            3. You can earn 6 figures or more

                                            As a conversion copywriter, the only limit to your earning potential is your own imagination and work ethic.

                                            There is no power-hungry boss or faceless corporate entity paying you peanuts on the dollar. You get to keep 100% of your profits (minus expenses).

                                            3 keys that determine how much you can earn:

                                            1. How many clients you can get
                                            2. How much you charge per service
                                            3. How many services you offer & how many you can complete per year

                                            4. YOU can become a conversion copywriter TODAY

                                            You don’t need a bachelor’s degree, “3 years of experience” before sticking your foot in the door or climbing stinky corporate ladders…

                                            Anyone can become a conversion copywriter, in a few short months, IF they put in the work and constantly improve their copywriting skills.

                                            5. FUN

                                            I became a conversion copywriter for the money, but I stayed for the fun.

                                            I am extremely passionate about writing copy.

                                            I get to choose which companies I write for and what I write about.

                                            Monday mornings are exciting.

                                            And they can become the new “Friday night” for you too.


                                            How to Become a Conversion Copywriter with ZERO Experience (Simple 5-Step Guide)

                                            These are the exact 5 steps I took to become a conversion copywriter.

                                            Use this step-by-step conversion copywriting course as your golden compass for navigating through the freelance copywriting world and reaching your BIG goals ASAP.

                                            Step 1: Learn the Basics

                                            This may sound like common sense, but you’d be shocked at how many copywriters skip this do-or-die phase.

                                            Before you can write for clients and make mula, you must learn how to write copy, the RIGHT WAY.

                                            Here’s how to learn copywriting extremely fast…

                                            Read the top 5-10 books on direct response copywriting.

                                            Here are the exact 10 books (click blue text to learn more about these books and where to purchase them) I read when starting out:

                                            1. The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert

                                            2. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman

                                            3. How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab

                                            4. Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins

                                            5. The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy

                                            6. Ogilvy on Advertising By David Ogilvy

                                            7. Tested Advertising Methods By John Caples

                                            8. Cashvertising By Drew Eric Whitman

                                            9. The Copywriter’s Handbook By Bob Bly

                                            10. Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel By John Carlton

                                            Strive to read 25 pages, each day.

                                            As you read these books…

                                            You also want to practice your copywriting skillz.

                                            I’ve written a very detailed blog post on how to practice copywriting for beginners – How to Practice Copywriting for Free (5 Exercises to Improve Your Skills TODAY)

                                            Plow through this post and practice as you read these 10 books.

                                            This “phase” took me 3 months. I read 10 books (twice, 2nd time took detailed notes) and practiced writing for several hours every day).


                                            After I gained a solid foundation of copywriting, I found clients to write for.

                                            Step 2: Where to Find Copywriting Clients

                                            Woman looking through magnifying glass

                                            I’ve created a detailed blog post that includes 10 bullet-proof techniques for securing freelance copywriting clients, you can read it here.

                                            The goal:

                                            When starting out, you want to write for a shitload of clients.

                                            Write for a wide variety of clients in different niches and on different mediums (Facebook, product descriptions, emails, ads, etc.)

                                            Do NOT lock yourself into one specific niche or type of copy.

                                            Doing so will make it hard as rocks to find clients to write for and slow as a turtle to break into this career.

                                            AFTER you’ve gotten a lot of experience writing for different industries and types of copy….

                                            Choose a copywriting niche.

                                            Step 3: Choose Your Copywriting Niche

                                            Want to earn “6-figures” or “10k per month” as a conversion copywriter?

                                            Then, you MUST choose a freelance copywriting niche.

                                            Once you’ve gotten loads of writing experience and can demonstrate your value to clients, you’ll be ready to choose a conversion copywriting niche.

                                            I’ve created a 3,000+ word blog post covering how to choose a copywriting niche, with step-by-step instructions:

                                            The 10 Highest-Paying Copywriting Niches in 2023 (How to Pick the Best One for YOU

                                            I STRONGLY RECOMMEND reading this ENTIRE GUIDE BEFORE choosing a niche…

                                            Here is a quick summary…

                                            You want to find a profitable niche that you are passionate about writing for (filled with thousands of potential clients who understand the importance of copywriting, are actively hiring conversion copywriters and have lots of money to spend.)

                                            The top 10 freelance conversion copywriting niches in 2024:

                                            1. Self Improvement
                                            2. Health and Fitness
                                            3. Tech
                                            4. Ecommerce
                                            5. Real Estate
                                            6. Travel
                                            7. Finance
                                            8. Academic Education
                                            9. Fashion and beauty
                                            10. Pet

                                            The top 5 conversion copywriting services to specialize in:

                                            1. SEO copywriter
                                            2. Email copywriter
                                            3. Landing page copywriter
                                            4. Website copywriter
                                            5. Ad copywriter

                                            After you choose your niche, you MUST do something BEFORE writing for clients within your new niche.

                                            Step 4: Create a Copywriting Portfolio


                                            After you generate a chunk of writing samples and reviews, you’ll want to create a copywriting portfolio.

                                            Believe it or not…

                                            There’s a simple way to create an impressive copywriting portfolio in 10 minutes or less.

                                            This is how I created my portfolio as a beginner (still use it today).

                                            This method is perfect for beginner conversion copywriters because it’s free and only takes 10 minutes to set up.

                                            Once you’re at this stage and are ready to build your conversion copywriting portfolio, follow this step-by-step copywriting portfolio guide.

                                            Step 5: How to Get Freelance Copywriting Clients


                                            Now the real fun begins…

                                            I recommend freelance copywriters to start with prospecting.

                                            The best ways to prospect are through cold email outreach, networking and LinkedIn.

                                            I cover these 3 ways to get freelance clients in great detail here.

                                            Prospecting will get you clients fast.


                                            Prospecting is tough.

                                            There’s a limit to how many clients you can get because it requires blood, sweat and tears.

                                            If you don’t reach out to prospects, you don’t make any money.


                                            There is a way to grow your freelance business WITHOUT prospecting.

                                            Which brings me to the last tip in this conversion copywriting crash course:

                                            Content marketing

                                            In the beginning…

                                            You’ll need to pitch, apply and network to get conversion copywriting clients.

                                            It requires a lot of time and energy.

                                            You need to keep doing this until you get steady repeat business and referrals (which can take a while).

                                            However, while you do this work to get immediate clients, you should also invest some time and energy into content marketing.

                                            This can include:

                                            • Blog posts
                                            • YouTube channel
                                            • Podcast
                                            • Social media: Facebook, Insta, Twitter, TikTok

                                            This is a long-term strategy to gain clients.

                                            But once you do build enough momentum, you can get so many clients over time that you’ll never need to cold outreach again.



                                            If you want to become a conversion copywriter, now is a fantastic time to get started.

                                            Follow the tips laid out in this post (and read the helpful guides I’ve referred to throughout this post – marked blue)

                                            If you follow this guide, you can realistically expect to start making money within a few months.

                                            How much you earn and how quickly you earn it, are 100% dependent on you.

                                            Want more insider copywriting tips to help you maximize your profit this year?

                                            Enter your email below:



                                            Your Ultimate Guide to Conversion Copywriting (Write High-Converting Copy in 10 Minutes)

                                            Dec 11, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


                                            Conversion copywriting is why I became a copywriter.

                                            In 2020, I listened to a podcast by Joseph Rodriguez (entrepreneur).

                                            He explained how there are 4 core skills that when learned, studied and mastered, can allow you to create a successful lifestyle around whatever you’re most passionate about.

                                            What are these 4 skills?





                                            And, conversion copywriting covers all 4.

                                            Conversion copywriting is a persuasive form of communication with sales and direct marketing at its core.

                                            The power of conversion copy is that you can sell to thousands (even millions) at a time.

                                            And you can generate sales while you sleep, because your sales message runs “live” – 24/7… 365 days a year.

                                            This is the power of conversion copywriting.

                                            When you can generate “conversions” for your clients, you can create a VERY successful, freeing and fun life for yourself.

                                            In this blog post…

                                            I’m going to reveal what conversion copywriting is, 5 examples of conversion copywriting from real ads and 10 conversion copywriting tips to help you explode conversions.


                                            What is Conversion Copywriting?

                                            curious dog 

                                            Conversion copywriting is simply salesmanship in print.

                                            Instead of selling face to face, to one person or a small group, you are selling to thousands at a time through your writing.

                                            The reason why it’s called “conversion” copywriting is because the goal is to get conversions (sales, leads, webinar sign-ups, etc.)

                                            Not to impress, entertain or sound sophisticated.


                                            What is the Difference Between Sales Copy, Direct Response Copy and Conversion copy?

                                            Type this into Google and you’ll get a dozen different answers.

                                            But they’re all misleading.

                                            The truth is…

                                            There is NO difference between sales copy, direct response copy or conversion copy.

                                            They are all salesmanship in print at its core, with the singular goal of getting conversions (primarily sales & leads).

                                            The only difference is the name.

                                            Direct response copy and sales copy were popular terms to use in the mail order days (selling primarily through direct mail sales letters). However, the name has shifted to conversion copywriting in the internet age.

                                            Same thing, different name.


                                            What are Conversion Copywriters?

                                            question marks

                                            Conversion copywriters are simply copywriters who write to sell.

                                            They specialize in getting a direct response from their readers (which is usually to purchase a product or sign up for an email newsletter).

                                            Conversion copywriters are hired to get RESULTS for their clients.

                                            The medium for which you deliver your message may vary (social media, Google ads, email) but the sales message follows the same basic principles and fundamentals.

                                            The key to becoming a successful conversion copywriter is to learn the basics of direct response copywriting.

                                            Read the best books and practice writing direct response copywriting right away.

                                            When you can write persuasive copy, you can succeed on any platform (social media, websites, email, etc.) and in any copywriting niche.


                                            10 Conversion Copywriting Tips to Explode Conversions

                                             Man with money

                                            #1. Write to One Person

                                            Even if thousands are reading your copy, you still only want to write to ONE person.

                                            Who is this one person?

                                            Your ideal reader.

                                            Tailor everything to them, and only them.

                                            How do you talk to them?....


                                            #2. Conversation with a friend

                                            Drinking at bar

                                            A KILLER mistake is to try to sound professional and sophisticated.


                                            Jump off your high horse and write like you are talking to a close friend at a bar.

                                            Use simple, everyday language.

                                            Write in first and second person.

                                            I, you, me, we.

                                            Successful conversion copy is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you were taught in school.

                                            Forget those stuffy, wet towel essays.

                                            Grammar, spelling and punctuation are the least of your concerns.

                                            Write like you talk.

                                            Whenever I write, I talk out loud.

                                            This makes writing & editing a BREEZE. Plus, it makes it much more pleasant and engaging for your readers.


                                            #3. Research

                                            Good conversion copywriters spend +80% of their time on research and only 20% on writing.


                                            As the late great Eugene Schwartz preached:

                                            “You do not write copy, you assemble it.”


                                            Every selling point, benefit, feature, emotional trigger, story, etc. already exists.

                                            Your job is to uncover it and assemble it.


                                            Organize it in the most persuasive way to your readers.

                                            All the answers come from research.

                                            When you sit down to write, words will flow right out of your brain IF you spend enough time researching your client’s product, market, company and so on.


                                            #4. Sell with Emotion

                                            Woman with many emotions

                                            Believe it or not…

                                            Humans cannot make decisions without emotion.

                                            Doctors & psychologists have proven this with brain-damaged patients.

                                            Emotions are the golden key to unlocking an endless world of sales.

                                            You sell with emotions and justify the purchase with logic.

                                            This means…

                                            Start with your reader.

                                            Get inside their world.

                                            Talk about what they’re interested in, what their biggest problems/challenges are and what they’re feeling and experiencing (related to your topic/product)… then… after you’ve sold them by tapping into their emotions, you justify the purchase with logic – facts, features, data, examples, testimonials, etc.


                                            #5. First, You Must Make Them Believe

                                            Nobody will buy from you if they don’t believe you.

                                            Nowadays, we are bombarded with unbelievable advertisements and hyped-up claims.

                                            “Make $10k/month with copywriting this month without hard work or skills”


                                            These types of claims make me sick.


                                            You must make your claims believable.

                                            5 ways to do so:

                                            • Social proof – add testimonials, reviews, case studies from happy customers.
                                            • Authority figures – include doctors, experts and celebrities who have tried your product.
                                            • Stories – use personal stories from your client or people in your market whom your readers can relate to who have overcome similar challenges.
                                            • Specific details – make your copy more believable by using specifics. I.E. don’t say “make money fast”… instead say… “make $75 in the next hour by following these 3 simple steps”
                                            • Raise and handle objections – your audience has natural objections when reading your copy. Only dummies try to hide these objections. Skilled conversion copywriters bring them up front and center, early on in their copy, BEFORE readers can think of them.


                                            #6. Reason Why


                                            Your readers do NOT care about your product, company or experience.

                                            All they care about is what’s in it for them.

                                            We are only interested in ourselves (and our family).


                                            Throughout your copy…

                                            You must constantly give reasons WHY your readers should do as you say (buy your product).

                                            The key is to sprinkle core benefits throughout your writing.

                                            You find these benefits through research.

                                            What does your reader want?

                                            What do they fantasize about?

                                            What are they looking to achieve?


                                            #7. Grab Attention

                                            The first job of conversion copy is to grab attention.

                                            If you don’t grab your ideal reader’s attention, they will never read your copy or buy from you.

                                            This is the job of your headline.

                                            The ONLY job of your headline is to grab your reader’s undivided attention and get them to read your first sentence.

                                            Like with research, smart conversion copywriters often spend 80% of their time crafting “killa” headlines.

                                            Headlines demand special attention because if you fail to hook your reader’s eyeballs, your entire ad fails – even if what you write is amazing.

                                            To learn more about how to write attention-grabbing headlines, see this blog post.


                                            #8. The Power of Urgency & Scarcity

                                            Your readers are lazy slobs.

                                            Nothing against them, but, we are all giant procrastinators.

                                            Even when we desperately want something, we’ll push it off to the last minute (which usually never comes) UNLESS we have an urgent reason to act NOW.

                                            This is where urgency and scarcity swoop in to save the day.

                                            In your Call to Action (CTA), you want to wake readers up and force them to respond NOW.

                                            Here are 3 ways to add urgency & scarcity to your writing:

                                            • Limited number of [X] available (webinar seats, books, courses, etc.)
                                            • Time-sensitive discount
                                            • Time-sensitive bonuses



                                            #9. Tell Stories Story telling

                                            Stories are the easiest and most effective way to persuade your readers.

                                            We are naturally persuaded, entertained and informed by stories.

                                            So, load up your conversion copy with persuasive stories.

                                            You can learn all about storytelling in copywriting by clicking on this blog post.


                                            Strive to write a story in every piece of copy you write.


                                            #10. Sell the Magic Pill

                                            Whether we admit it or not, we all want a magic pill solution.

                                            To lose weight, to make money, to find love, etc…. We want to achieve these things with minimum time, energy & work.

                                            We want shortcuts.

                                            So, in your copy, stress how easy, fast and simple it is to achieve desirable results.

                                            Tell your readers the exact time and day they can expect to experience results.

                                            Tell them the few simple steps they need to take.

                                            Tell them how easy it is to achieve their goals.

                                            Do not lie but emphasize the magic pill solution whenever possible.


                                            5 Conversion Copywriting Examples from Real Ads

                                            As you read these ads, look for the 10 conversion copywriting tips at play. If you look hard enough, you’ll find multiple tips being used throughout.

                                            #1 “Coat of Arms Letter” by Gary Halbert

                                            gary halbert ad

                                            Gary Halbert is probably the most famous conversion copywriter who ever lived.

                                            And this is his most successful sales letter.

                                            Over the last 30 years, it’s been mailed to over 600,000,000 PEOPLE (the most mailed letter of all time).

                                            As you read it, pay special attention to how he writes in a conversational tone and how he uses scarcity and urgency in his CTA to boost response.


                                            #2. “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play!” – By John Caples

                                            John caples ad

                                            This ad is one of the most swiped ads of all time.

                                            As you study this ad…

                                            Pay special attention to how John sells through an interesting story and taps into his reader’s emotions (embarrassment, revenge, pride, etc.)


                                            #3. How to Win Friends & Influence People - By Victor Schwab

                                            Victor Schwab ad

                                            This self-improvement classic has sold over 30 MILLION copies.

                                            This ad has produced a cult classic for the self-improvement niche.

                                            It’s sold over 30 MILLION COPIES.

                                            Notice how the headline grabs your attention and taps into your self-interest:

                                            “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

                                            These are two psychological appeals that everyone desires…

                                            We all want friends, and we all want to influence people.


                                            #4. "Vision Break-through" - By Joseph Sugarman

                                            Joe Sugarman

                                            This ad made BluBlocker sunglasses a FORTUNE – 20+ million sunglasses sold.

                                            As you study this ad, pay attention to the headline and exciting story.


                                            #5. The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches – By Joe Karbo

                                            Joe karbo ad

                                            This famous ad made Joe Karbo an instant success.

                                            It’s sold over 3 MILLION copies and ran in hundreds of magazines, including every major newspaper for several years.

                                            Notice the “magic pill solution” he offers throughout his ad.

                                            We all want to get rich without all the hard work.

                                            Here are the main takeaways:

                                            Joe tells a “rags to riches story” that his audience can identify with, he raises and handles objections like a champ, and gives heaps of social proof to make his BIG CLAIMS more believable.


                                            How to Become a Conversion Copywriter

                                            Interested in becoming a conversion copywriter?

                                            You should be.

                                            This is one “profession” where you don’t need a college degree, don’t have to climb corporate ladders and can realistically earn 6-figures (or more) in your first few years.

                                            The best part?

                                            You can break into conversion copywriting within a few short months from TODAY.

                                            Luckily for you...

                                            I’ve created a step-by-step crash course showing you how to become a conversion copywriter within 3 months or less.

                                            After you read this post, you’ll know exactly what to do and what to expect.



                                            Becoming a conversion copywriter was the best decision I’ve ever made.

                                            And not just for the money.  

                                            It allows you to live the ultimate freedom lifestyle IF you put in the work upfront (there are no shortcuts when starting out).

                                            However, I can make it easier for you by sending you daily tips to help you maximize your success as a top-paid conversion copywriter. Interested? Simply enter your email below:


                                            The 10 Most Persuasive Copywriting Tips for Copywriters Who Want to Earn 6-Figures This Year

                                            Dec 10, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                            Kid refusing brocolli 

                                            If you cannot persuade readers to take a specific action, you are NOT a real copywriter.

                                            Your services possess little value, and you will be replaced by AI or more skilled copywriters in the near future.


                                            If you’re able to persuade readers to buy from you, you can earn 6 figures+…THIS year.

                                            The highest paid copywriters all have one skill in common:

                                            They are MASTERS of persuasion.

                                            They understand how to tap into their reader’s psychology and trigger an immediate response (through sales, leads generated, webinar sign-ups, etc.).

                                            Don’t know how to persuade your readers?

                                            No sweat.

                                            In less than 10 minutes, you’ll gain the 10 most persuasive copywriting techniques known to copywriter.

                                            Once you pack these persuasive copywriting tips into your writing, you will explode your sales & income.

                                            In this post…

                                            I’m going to reveal what persuasion is in copywriting and my top 10 insider persuasion copywriting techniques to help you influence your readers to buy from you.


                                            What is Persuasion in Copywriting?

                                            According to Webster’s dictionary:

                                            “Persuasion is the act of influencing or convincing others through communication to adopt a particular belief, attitude, or behavior.”

                                            Persuasion in copywriting is simply convincing your readers to take a specific action.

                                            What type of action?

                                            It depends on your client’s objective.

                                            The most common actions include:

                                            • Purchase a product or service
                                            • Sign up for an email newsletter or webinar
                                            • And all of these actions include clicking a link or button that will take them to a sales or checkout page.

                                            Over the last 100+ years, copywriters have studied, tested and discovered smart ways to persuade their readers.

                                            Now that you know what persuasive copywriting is…

                                            Here are the 10 most persuasive copywriting techniques that have helped me boost my income and can do the same for you too.


                                            10 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques to Explode Conversions


                                              Persuasive Copywriting Tip #1: What You Say vs How You Say It

                                                This is the most important lesson of the gang.

                                                It applies to all the other tips…

                                                WHAT you say is 100x more important than how you say it.


                                                Because WHAT you say refers to your target audience.

                                                The specific group of readers you are trying to persuade.

                                                Everything you write has to be in harmony with WHAT your readers want.

                                                WHAT are the biggest problems they’re currently trying to overcome?

                                                WHAT do they desperately want more than anything in the world?

                                                WHAT thoughts are constantly on their mind, throughout their day?

                                                WHAT feelings and emotions do they have related to your product/topic?

                                                Dig up the answers through copywriting research.

                                                Then, write about them in your copy.

                                                If you can write about what your readers want (and stir up intense emotion), it doesn’t really matter HOW you write it.

                                                Here’s a controversial example:


                                                Your child (or loved one) is kidnapped.

                                                They have been missing for 24 hours.

                                                All of a sudden…

                                                Your phone dings.

                                                You received an email with the subject line “About your child”. And the email goes on to explain where your child is and how to get them back.

                                                Would it really matter HOW this message was written?

                                                Hell no.

                                                The message could be written by a 1st grader with poor grammar, spelling mistakes up the ying yang and barely readable.

                                                But you’d still drop everything you were doing in a heartbeat to read this message and respond (take action).

                                                This is an extreme example, but it proves the point I’m trying to tattoo into your brain….

                                                If you want to persuade your readers, write about WHAT they are interested in.

                                                Keep your readers (and their wants, needs and desires) in mind, at all time, when writing copy and chowing down on the next 9 persuasive copywriting tips.


                                                  Persuasive Copywriting Tip #2: What Is Your Problem?


                                                    In Sean D’Souza’s brilliant book – Brain Audit – he clearly explained how problems grab our attention and spur us to action 10x more effectively than solutions.

                                                    This is proven by psychologists.

                                                    And, this concept is why Dan Kennedy favors the PAS copywriting technique (which he’s made millions from in dozens of his sales letters).

                                                    Listen good:

                                                    One of the most persuasive ways to write copy is to start with a problem.

                                                    But not any problem.

                                                    Uncover your market’s most urgent, biggest problem.

                                                    And feature it in your headline and intro.

                                                    Then, agitate the problem.

                                                    Make your reader’s problem larger than life, and worse than death.

                                                    Get them frustrated enough to punch metaphorical holes in their wall like a rowdy teen named Kyle.

                                                    Quick tips to agitate your market’s problem:

                                                    Paint a bright vision of your reader’s problem inside their noggin.

                                                    The easiest way to paint this painful (emotional) vision is to talk about their problems using specific details and word images.

                                                    Get as specific as possible when talking about their problems.

                                                    Cover all the bases.


                                                    Play an HD mental motion picture of their problems by using word images.

                                                    Word images are words that touch on our 5 senses – taste, touch, sight, smell, hear.

                                                    When you create a clear vision of your reader’s problems, it’s almost impossible for them to NOT take action to relieve their pain.


                                                    Persuasive Copywriting Tip #3: Specifics

                                                    The more specific you are, the more persuasive your writing will become.

                                                    Include specific details in your writing:

                                                    • Features
                                                    • Benefits
                                                    • Stats
                                                    • Figures
                                                    • Stories
                                                    • Comparisons
                                                    • Number of steps to take
                                                    • Vivid descriptions

                                                    When you describe something with specific details it is more believable and is easier to imagine in our minds.

                                                    Here are a few examples of headlines using the power of specificity:

                                                    • "FIVE FAMILIAR SKIN TROUBLES – WHICH DO YOU WANT TO OVERCOME?"
                                                    • "SIX TYPES OF INVESTORS – WHICH GROUP ARE YOU?"
                                                    • "76 REASONS WHY IT WOULD HAVE PAID YOU TO ANSWER OUR AD A FEW MONTHS AGO"
                                                    • "$80,000 IN PRIZES! HELP US FIND THE NAME FOR THESE NEW KITCHENS"


                                                      Persuasive Copywriting Tip #4: Hell to Heaven

                                                        I learned this persuasive copywriting secret from Eugene Schwartz.

                                                        This is my favorite way to tell persuasive stories in my writing.

                                                        Stories are one of the most persuasive tools in your copywriting toolshed.

                                                        We are naturally influenced and persuaded by them. Stories have been the main way we have communicated with each other since the dawn of hooman.


                                                        The goal of the “hell to heaven” story is to talk about someone in your market who your audience can relate to.

                                                        Someone that has gone from “hell to heaven”.


                                                        They have faced incredible challenges (in hell) but overcame their nightmarish experience and are now living a great life (in heaven).

                                                        This works best for markets that solve big problems like Health & wellness.

                                                        However, it can work for any market, if you use a lil creativity.


                                                        Persuasive Copywriting Tip #5: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

                                                         Girafee kissing

                                                        If you want to persuade your readers to act, you must make your message stupidly simple to understand.

                                                        Your writing should be readable at a 5th grade level.

                                                        Here are some tips to make your writing easy to understand:

                                                        • Use short sentences, paragraphs and words
                                                        • Use easy-to-understand language – do not use jargon or try to sound sophisticated
                                                        • Break up your copy – vary your sentence/paragraph length. I.E. one-word sentence. Then 11-word sentence. A few 3-5 sentence paragraphs, followed by a 3-word paragraph, etc.

                                                        The easier it is for readers to grasp your message, the easier it is for you to persuade them.


                                                        Persuasive Copywriting Tip #6: Be a Dirty, Naughty Tease

                                                        dog treat

                                                        Believe it or not, we all love being teased.


                                                        Strip clubs…

                                                        Flirting on the playground….


                                                        Enough said.

                                                        How do you tease your readers?

                                                        Tell them what to do, but NOT how to do it.


                                                        If you give away all the goods in your copy, (specific actions to take, valuable solutions or reveal your product’s biggest secrets), you will have quenched your reader’s thirst to the point where they’re hydrated and aren’t thirsty enough to buy from you.

                                                        Your copy should tease the ever-living Bojangles out of your readers.

                                                        Here’s how I like to think of it…

                                                        I am dangling a giant glazed donut in front of my reader (by mentioning the irresistible benefits, interesting facts, painting a bright vision of their new life, etc.)

                                                        And, right when they are about to chomp on my juicy donut, I yank it back.

                                                        Then, I put it closer to their drooling mouth.

                                                        As they lung for it, I yank it back again.

                                                        This continues until they get to my CTA (call to action).

                                                        By now they are STARVING.

                                                        They can’t hold their hunger any longer, so they click “buy now.”


                                                        Persuade your readers by teasing them with all the goodies of your product (without giving away the how-to value).


                                                          Persuasive Copywriting Tip #7: Urgency and Scarcity

                                                            Nobody takes action without deadlines.

                                                            Humans are natural procrastinators.


                                                            Persuade your readers to respond NOW by powdering your copy with urgency and scarcity.

                                                            3 bullet-proof ways to add urgency:

                                                            • Limited availability (for products, webinar seats, etc.)
                                                            • Strict deadlines
                                                            • Special discounts

                                                            Increase believability by giving a reason WHY behind your urgency and scarcity. Add in specific dates/times that readers must respond by to get the discount.


                                                              Persuasive Copywriting Tip #8: What Will Your Product DO for Your Readers?

                                                                Readers only care about themselves.

                                                                They constantly think in terms of “what’s in it for me.”


                                                                For every feature and benefit you write, ask yourself what does this DO for my reader?

                                                                What is the main emotional benefit they get from using your product?

                                                                My favorite way to uncover this is to apply the feature, benefit, real benefit copywriting practice exercise.

                                                                Write down the features of your product. Then the benefits. And finally, the ultimate benefit.

                                                                Here’s a quick example:

                                                                Product: Lipstick

                                                                Feature: Shiny gloss coating

                                                                Benefit: Stunning lips

                                                                Ultimate benefit: Make cute guys head’s turn as you walk

                                                                If you want to persuade your readers, you must always think in terms of what your product DOES for them.


                                                                  Persuasive Copywriting Tip #9: Proof

                                                                    To get readers to respond, they must BELIEVE your claims.

                                                                    This is harder than ever before.

                                                                    Because today we are bombarded with thousands of ads filled with vomit-inducing hype and over-exaggerated claims.

                                                                    How do you bypass people’s natural skepticism and persuade them to respond?

                                                                    Stuff proof elements into EVERY claim you make.

                                                                    Good rule of thumb:

                                                                    Never make your claim bigger than your proof. 

                                                                    Surround your claims with stronger, bolder proof.

                                                                    Ways to add proof to claims:

                                                                    1. Social proof: testimonials, reviews, case studies.
                                                                    2. Avoid hype trigger words & phrases – “get rich quick”, “become a millionaire”, “FREE”
                                                                    3. Use the “If…Then” technique. If readers meet a specific requirement, then they can experience a big benefit. Example: “If you have 5 minutes per day, then you can lose 10 pounds this month.”


                                                                      Persuasive Copywriting Tip #10: Repetition

                                                                         Sign that says "repetition" 3 times

                                                                        Repetition helps you get your point across.

                                                                        Repletion helps you establish credibility.

                                                                        Repetition helps you persuade your audience.


                                                                        Because repetition & redundancy create familiarity with your readers.

                                                                        Often, consumers need to see an ad 10+ times before they buy.

                                                                        In the past, I would send out around 7 cold emails before getting a reply from prospects.

                                                                        And for the last year or so…

                                                                        I’ve sent DAILY emails to my list selling my offers.


                                                                        The persuasive power of repetition.

                                                                        The more your audience sees your message (and main selling points), the more likely they’ll be persuaded to believe them and buy from you.

                                                                        This is contrary to what we’re taught.

                                                                        We were taught in school to not be redundant.

                                                                        However, the greatest salesmen and copywriters ALL use reputation throughout their sales message.

                                                                        Often, they’ll repeat a few core benefits/concepts/appeals DOZENS of times (with slightly varied language) throughout their sales message.


                                                                        I like to repeat the first few words of a sentence 3 times, like this:

                                                                        Copywriting is persuasive.

                                                                        Copywriting is powerful.

                                                                        Copywriting is life changing.

                                                                        When you use repetition in copywriting, you can effortlessly persuade your readers.



                                                                        Your income as a copywriter is directly locked into how many readers respond to your ad.

                                                                        Use these 10 persuasive copywriting tips to effortlessly boost your response.

                                                                        Want more insider copywriting tips? Enter your email below:


                                                                        For Copywriters: 10 Best Copywriting Tips for Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

                                                                        Dec 09, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


                                                                        If my headline did not reach out and grab your attention, you would not be reading this blog post right now.

                                                                        The same is true with your writing.

                                                                        Your first (and most important) job as a copywriter, is to flag down your target audience, grab their undivided attention and get them to read your first sentence.

                                                                        If you fail?

                                                                        Nobody will read a single word you write.

                                                                        You could have the best copy in the world, but it won’t matter.

                                                                        All the blood, sweat and crocodile tears that went into your masterpiece would have been for nothing.

                                                                        But that’s not going to happen.

                                                                        Ol Jmac’s got your back, amigo.

                                                                        I’m going to show you how to write irresistible headlines that call out your ideal readers and suck them into your copy like a Dyson V8 vacuum.

                                                                        In this post…

                                                                        I’m going to reveal my top 10 copywriting tips for writing mouthwatering headlines.

                                                                        I’ve learned these copywriting tips by studying the greatest copywriters of all time. I’ve used all 10 copywriting tips in headlines I’ve written for clients and my own business. And I’m always amazed at how effective they are.

                                                                        You can quickly read these copywriting tips within minutes and apply them to your next headline.


                                                                        The 10 Best Copywriting Tips for Copywriters Who Want to Write Better Headlines TODAY

                                                                        Copywriting Tip #1: News Headline

                                                                         news paper

                                                                        What’s the most watched TV show?

                                                                        The NEWS.

                                                                        Pretty obvious, huh?

                                                                        But do you know why?

                                                                        Lean in close, I’ll tell you…

                                                                        The news brings us NEW stories every day.

                                                                        This works like gangbusters because we are naturally attracted to what’s NEW.

                                                                        We crave “new” like Homer Simpson craves donuts.

                                                                        What’s more effective?...

                                                                        Selling a tried n true shampoo used by your grandparents for removing dandruff…


                                                                        A new discovery made by Harvard scientists that kills every white flake on your head, in seconds.

                                                                        Old is boring.

                                                                        New is exciting!

                                                                        Look for new concepts, features, stories, etc. when researching your client’s product & company.

                                                                        When you find something “new”, put it front and center in your headlines for all eyes to see.

                                                                        Here’s a few examples from real ads to get the butter in your brain churning:

                                                                        • "161 NEW WAYS TO A MAN'S HEART --- IN THIS FASCINATING BOOK FOR COOKS"
                                                                        • "HOW A NEW KIND OF CLAY IMPROVED MY COMPLEXION IN 30MINUTES"
                                                                        • "NEW SHAMPOO LEAVES YOUR HAIR SMOOTHER --- EASIER TO MANAGE"
                                                                        • "ANNOUNCING...THE NEW EDITION OF THE ENCYCLOPEDIA THAT MAKES IT FUN TO LEARN THINGS"

                                                                        BONUS TIP:

                                                                        Start your headline with words like:

                                                                        • “Introducing”
                                                                        • “Announcing”
                                                                        • “New”
                                                                        • “Breaking”
                                                                        • “Now”
                                                                        • “At last”
                                                                        • “SHOCKING”
                                                                        • “Breakthrough”


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #2: How-to Headline


                                                                        This is probably the most effective headline of all time.

                                                                        When in doubt, use a how-to headline.

                                                                        How-to headlines offer your readers useful information

                                                                        The best headlines are those that appeal to your target audience’s self-interest.

                                                                        Headlines that are based on key emotional benefits that readers gain by USING your product/service.

                                                                        This type of copywriting headline offers your readers something they want and can get from you.


                                                                        What is the biggest benefit of your product?

                                                                        What does this main benefit DO for your readers once they use it?

                                                                        It’s as easy as pumpkin pie to create these types of killer headlines.

                                                                        Simply start with the words “how to”… then… follow with the desired result.


                                                                        How to [achieve desired result]

                                                                        Examples from successful ads:

                                                                        • How to win friends and influence people
                                                                        • How to do wonders with a little land
                                                                        • How to launch your own business for under $1,000 and make $25,000-$50,000 a year!
                                                                        • How to get what the U.S. Government owes you!


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #3: The Curiosity Headline

                                                                        curious baby 

                                                                        Ever wonder why characters in horror movies walk TOWARD the spooky sounds?

                                                                        One word…


                                                                        Curiosity acts like poison ivy on our brains.

                                                                        It creates an intense itch that we MUST scratch.

                                                                        Arousing your readers’ curiosity is a marvelous way to grab their undivided attention and get them itchin’ to read your next sentence.

                                                                        Want a perfect example?

                                                                        Think clickbait headlines on social media….

                                                                        Everyone KNOWS that the article they click on will disappoint them, but they just can’t help to click out of curiosity.

                                                                        (NEVER clickbait your readers. You will suffer gravely from it. Always pay off your headline very quickly by making whatever comes next relevant).

                                                                        4 idiot-proof ways to add curiosity to your headlines:

                                                                        • Tell readers what NOT to do
                                                                        • List common mistakes they’re probably making
                                                                        • Give controversial solutions. (I.E. how to achieve desired result by doing something they think would not possibly work.)
                                                                        • Reveal SECRETS (everyone loves secrets, they wrench on our curiosity)

                                                                        Examples from real headlines:

                                                                        • "A little mistake that cost a farmer $3,000 a year"
                                                                        • "The secret of making people like you"
                                                                        • "Why some foods “explode” in your stomach"


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #4: Emotional Headlines


                                                                        In copywriting, you sell with emotions and just the purchase with logic.


                                                                        You can grab your reader’s attention by tapping into their emotions.


                                                                        Find out what emotions your market has around the BIG problem your product or service helps relieve.

                                                                        How do they currently feel about this big problem?

                                                                        Insecure? Scared? Guilty? Ashamed?

                                                                        Find out and feature it in your headline, in a dramatic way.

                                                                        Do this and you will almost always grab your reader’s complete attention.


                                                                        • "Do you do any of these ten embarrassing things?"
                                                                        • "Are you ever tongue-tied at a party?"
                                                                        • "Advice to wives whose husbands don’t save money – by a wife"


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #5: Question Headlines

                                                                         question mark

                                                                        Questions act like giant red stop signs in our brains.


                                                                        In your headline…

                                                                        Ask a relevant question readers would like to see answered.

                                                                        The questions you ask should always focus on your reader’s self-interest.

                                                                        Question headline examples:

                                                                        • "Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With a “Million Dollar Smile”?"
                                                                        • "Who else wants a screen star figure?"
                                                                        • "Do you make these mistakes in English?"
                                                                        • "Five familiar skin troubles – which do you want to overcome?"


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #6: Contrast


                                                                        Believe it or not…

                                                                        Paying attention to what’s contrasting is deeply programmed into our psychology and neurology.

                                                                        This goes thousands of years back to when humans lived in caves.

                                                                        If we noticed something different in our surroundings (contrast), we’d jump up into survival mode (fight or flight).


                                                                        Because it could mean a predator was lurking in the bushes and about to swallow us whole.

                                                                        But guess what?

                                                                        Contrast still has a BIG effect on our caveman brains.

                                                                        And you can tap into contrast’s power to stop your target audience dead in their tracks and pull them into your copy.

                                                                        Here’s how to add contrast to your headlines…

                                                                        Add polar opposites.

                                                                        For example:

                                                                        Dirty … clean.

                                                                        Night … day.

                                                                        Failure … success.

                                                                        Examples from ads:

                                                                        • "WHO EVER HEARD OF A WOMAN LOSING WEIGHT --- AND ENJOYING 3 DELICIOUS MEALS AT THE SAME TIME?"
                                                                        • "HOW I MADE A FORTUNE WITH A "FOOL IDEA"
                                                                        • "11 amazing secrets discovered by top ad expert can help you make huge amounts of cash… even during a recession."


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #7: The Call Out

                                                                        woman shouting

                                                                        This one’s obvious and very easy to do.

                                                                        Picture you are walking down a busy street in your nearby city. You see a friend in the distance. How would you grab their attention?

                                                                        It’s obvious.

                                                                        Just call out their name!

                                                                        This is what you want to do with your headline.

                                                                        Grab your audience’s attention by calling them out.

                                                                        No, not by their name, but there are other ways to achieve this.

                                                                        Simply fill in the below templates…


                                                                        To/for [target audience] who want [desirable result]

                                                                        To/for [target audience] who are experiencing [problem]

                                                                        For people who are [experiencing specific situation your lead magnet addresses and solves]


                                                                        • "To men who want to quit work someday."
                                                                        • "To people who want to write – but can’t get started."
                                                                        • "For golfers who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their game – and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong"


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #8: NUMBERS

                                                                        Humans LOVE numbers.

                                                                        Humans love LISTS.

                                                                        Humans love EXACT instructions.

                                                                        Hook your reader’s eyeballs by listing the number of benefits, mistakes to avoid, reasons why to act now, and so on.

                                                                        Begin your headline with numbers, like this:

                                                                        • 10 ways to…
                                                                        • 8 reasons why…
                                                                        • 3 mistakes to avoid…
                                                                        • 25 benefits of…


                                                                        • "76 REASONS WHY IT WOULD HAVE PAID YOU TO ANSWER OUR AD A FEW MONTHS AGO""
                                                                        • "7 Ways To Collect Your Unpaid Bills"
                                                                        • "21 Secret Power Tools that will Build Your Business, Free Up Your Time and Put More Money in Your Pocket... NOW!"
                                                                        • "102 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home"


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #9: The “if…then…” headline

                                                                        I learned this killer headline technique from Gary Bencivenga.

                                                                        Gary is known for teaching the power of using PROOF in your copy.

                                                                        For your readers to buy from you, they must first believe your claims.

                                                                        They must believe that what you’re saying is true and can actually help them escape pain and achieve pleasure.

                                                                        Well, one of the best ways to add proof to your copy is to use the “if… then” technique.

                                                                        This technique bypasses our inner skeptic.

                                                                        Here’s how you do it:

                                                                        Start your headline with an easy-to-achieve requirement for your readers. Then, finish with the desired result they want.

                                                                        For example:

                                                                        Let’s say your client sells weightless pills.

                                                                        A 30-day supply of these supplements costs $10 and clients can expect to lose up to 10 pounds in a month.

                                                                        Your headline could look like this…

                                                                        “If you have $10, then you can potentially shred 10 pounds of belly fat within the next 30 days.”

                                                                        Why does this work so well at grabbing attention?

                                                                        You are telling your readers how to achieve a desired result that is BELIEVABLE.

                                                                        It’s easy to write these headlines:


                                                                        IF you meet this [“requirement”] + Then you can achieve this [desired result]

                                                                        Here are a few more examples of headlines that tap into the “if…then” power:

                                                                        • "If you’ve got 20 minutes a month, I guarantee to work a financial miracle in your life."
                                                                        • "If you’ve got 20 minutes a month, I guarantee a thinner, healthier you."


                                                                        Copywriting Tip #10: Celebrity Status


                                                                        It’s no secret…

                                                                        We live in a celebrity-obsessed society.

                                                                        Humans are naturally attracted to celebrity news, gossip and stories.

                                                                        Using a well-known celebrity’s name in your headline can grab attention quicker than a red fox.

                                                                        Does your client use well-known influencers to promote their product or service?

                                                                        Has a celebrity given them a raving testimonial?

                                                                        Is your client a celebrity within their industry?

                                                                        It doesn’t have to be a movie star or famous singer.

                                                                        It can simply be someone who is well-known within the niche you’re writing for.

                                                                        Do some digging and I’m almost certain you’ll find some way to add celebrity status to your headlines.

                                                                        Here are some headline examples that tap into celebrity status:





                                                                        My friend, you now possess something VERY special…

                                                                        The power of writing attention-grabbing headlines.

                                                                        Use these 10 copywriting tips to hook your readers and boost sales for your clients.

                                                                        Want more insider copywriting tips? Enter your email below:


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