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363 Copywriting Power Words (Write More Persuasive Copy TODAY)

Nov 23, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
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“You can always spot the pioneers by the arrows in their backs.”

William H. Calvin


One of the worst things a copywriter can do is try to reinvent the wheel.

This is extremely risky & time-consuming.

Instead, you’d be far wealthier by following the footsteps of the “pioneers.”

Follow the breadcrumbs that the most successful copywriters have left behind for you.

Over the last century, dozens of successful copywriters have discovered and pinpointed certain words and phrases that act as shortcuts for boosting response.

Power words that tap into your reader’s psychology” and force them to pay attention, read and respond to your advertisements.

If you use these copywriting power words you can transform your writing & selling skills – almost instantly - WITHOUT working harder or more hours.

In this blog post…

You’ll learn what copywriting power words are, why you should use them in your copy and the 363 best copywriting power words used by the top copywriters to sell like pumpkin spice latte’s in October.


What are Copywriting Power Words?

Copywriting power words are specific words that are designed to influence and persuade your readers.

They're not your average, dry words – they pack a powerful persuasion punch.

Over decades of hard work and thousands of scientific tests, copywriters have discovered certain words that can instantly trigger emotional responses in readers.

These power words act as handy tools in your copywriting toolbox, helping you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

They help you effortlessly grab attention, spark interest, evoke feelings, create desire and drive action.

Whether you're trying to sell a product, promote a service, or engage your audience on social media, powdering your copy with these power words can take your writing to the next level (and make you a fortune).


Why Should You Use Power Words in Your Copy?

Using power words in your copy isn't about being fancy… it's about getting results.

In order for your copy to get desirable results, you must tap into your readers’ emotions.


Instead of just stating information, like features & benefits, you want your writing to make people feel something – whether it's excitement, curiosity, or a sense of urgency.

Power words help you achieve this by triggering emotional responses.

What’s more effective?

“Our product helps you get more customers”


“Our product helps you attract a flood of new customers”

If you desire to get paid like a queen, while having ultimate control over your kingdom, sprinkle in as many of these copywriting power words as possible, for every project you write.


363 Copywriting Power Words to Explode Your Sales


20 Copywriting Power Words for Headlines (beginning)

  1. Introducing
  2. Announcing
  3. New
  4. Now
  5. At last
  6. How to
  7. How
  8. Why
  9. Which
  10. Who else
  11. Wanted
  12. This
  13. Because
  14. If
  15. Advice
  16. Discover
  17. Breaking
  18. [NUMBER] ways to…
  19. Shocking
  20. Finally


The 5 Most Powerful Words in Copywriting

    1. You
    2. Free
    3. Now
    4. New
    5. Guaranteed


    The 10 Most Powerful Words to Evoke Emotions of Trust

    1. Assure
    2. Confidence
    3. Reassure
    4. Dependable
    5. Integrity
    6. Faith
    7. Loyalty
    8. Steadfast
    9. Solid
    10. Verifiable


    26 Power Words for Piquing Curiosity

     Curious man peaking behind door

    1. Uncover
    2. Discover
    3. Revealed
    4. Secrets
    5. Insider
    6. Untold
    7. Mysterious
    8. Intriguing
    9. Unearth
    10. Unveil
    11. Clues
    12. Hidden
    13. Confessions
    14. Behind-the-Scenes
    15. Classified
    16. Stealth
    17. Uncharted
    18. Forbidden
    19. Stealthy
    20. Unexplored
    21. Privileged
    22. Hush-Hush
    23. Unseen
    24. Confidential
    25. Cryptic
    26. Unexplained


     30 Power Words for Ease and Convenience

    1. Effortless
    2. Seamless
    3. Simple
    4. Hassle-free
    5. Quick
    6. Instant
    7. Swift
    8. Rapid
    9. Speedy
    10. Streamlined
    11. Automatic
    12. User-friendly
    13. Smooth
    14. Painless
    15. Trouble-free
    16. One-click
    17. Straightforward
    18. Convenient
    19. Ready-to-use
    20. Fast
    21. Time-saving
    22. Automated
    23. Instantaneous
    24. Effort-saving
    25. Prompt
    26. No-fuss
    27. Handy
    28. Plug-and-play
    29. Accessible
    30. On-the-go


    40 Power Words to Use in Your CTA’s

    1. Discover
    2. Exclusive
    3. Limited
    4. Proven
    5. Guaranteed
    6. Results
    7. Save
    8. Instant
    9. Unlock
    10. Boost
    11. Revolutionary
    12. Elite
    13. Premium
    14. Unleash
    15. Pioneering
    16. Irresistible
    17. Insider
    18. Epic
    19. Master
    20. Ultimate
    21. Powerful
    22. Breakthrough
    23. Risk-free
    24. Win
    25. Skyrocket
    26. Transform
    27. Jumpstart
    28. Effortless
    29. Sky-high
    30. Magnetic
    31. Zenith
    32. Game-changer
    33. Sizzling
    34. Obsession
    35. Fortune
    36. Exquisite
    37. Jaw-dropping
    38. Phenomenal
    39. Blissful
    40. Free


    16 Power Words for Getting Action

     Action button

    1. Act Now
    2. Seize
    3. Now or Never
    4. Urgent
    5. Jumpstart
    6. Immediate
    7. Pounce
    8. Instantly
    9. Grab
    10. Quick-action
    11. Get Started
    12. Start Now
    13. Act Fast
    14. TODAY
    15. Claim
    16. Access


    40 Power Words to Boost Discounts and Sales


    1. Exclusive
    2. Limited-time
    3. Flash Sale
    4. Unmissable
    5. Bargain
    6. Savings
    7. Discounted
    8. Clearance
    9. Special
    10. One-time
    11. Irresistible
    12. Knockdown
    13. Mega
    14. Rock-bottom
    15. Blowout
    16. Price Drop
    17. Markdown
    18. Clearance
    19. Lowest Price
    20. Best Value
    21. Last Chance
    22. Super Sale
    23. Limited Stock
    24. Massive
    25. Reduced
    26. Steal
    27. Hot Deal
    28. Lowest Ever
    29. Final Clearance
    30. Save Big
    31. Mega Deal
    32. Red Hot
    33. Insane Savings
    34. Don't Miss Out
    35. Doorbuster
    36. Big Discounts
    37. Jaw-dropping
    38. Unbeatable
    39. Price Slash
    40. Superb Offers


    50 Action Verbs to Replace Dull Adjectives & Create Vision

    1. Ignite
    2. Catapult
    3. Unleash
    4. Revolutionize
    5. Elevate
    6. Transform
    7. Mobilize
    8. Amplify
    9. Inspire
    10. Captivate
    11. Master
    12. Conquer
    13. Maximize
    14. Innovate
    15. Command
    16. Revitalize
    17. Dominate
    18. Spearhead
    19. Stimulate
    20. Supercharge
    21. Streamline
    22. Propel
    23. Galvanize
    24. Forge
    25. Revamp
    26. Intensify
    27. Empower
    28. Uplift
    29. Crush
    30. Excel
    31. Generate
    32. Energize
    33. Drive
    34. Spur
    35. Jolt
    36. Conduct
    37. Initiate
    38. Pilot
    39. Champion
    40. Optimize
    41. Pursue
    42. Pave
    43. Roar
    44. Pulsate
    45. Expedite
    46. Thrive
    47. Spawn
    48. Foster
    49. Catalyze
    50. Accelerate


    46 Power Words to Create Vision Using 5 Senses

      #1 Sight:
        1. Observe
        2. Gaze
        3. Peek
        4. Scan
        5. Examine
        6. Witness
        7. Survey
        8. Perceive
        9. Watch
          #2 Hearing:
            1. Listen
            2. Hear
            3. Detect
            4. Tune in
            5. Attend
            6. Eavesdrop
            7. Discern
            8. Pick up
            9. Catch
            10. Identify
              #3 Touch:
                1. Feel
                2. Caress
                3. Grasp
                4. Stroke
                5. Embrace
                6. Handle
                7. Touch base
                8. Sense
                9. Fondle
                10. Pat
                  #4 Taste:
                    1. Savor
                    2. Taste
                    3. Lick
                    4. Devour
                    5. Relish
                    6. Sample
                    7. Nibble
                    8. Munch
                    9. Guzzle
                      #5 Smell:
                        1. Sniff
                        2. Smell
                        3. Inhale
                        4. Scent
                        5. Breathe in
                        6. Whiff
                        7. Snuff
                        8. Recognize


                        11 Power Words to Replace “Want”

                         I want you stamp

                        1. Crave
                        2. Yearn
                        3. Long for
                        4. Desire
                        5. Ache for
                        6. Hunger for
                        7. Itch for
                        8. Thirst for
                        9. Envy
                        10. Dream of
                        11. Lust after


                        13 Transition Words to Start Your Sentences

                        Man jumping from one cliff to another

                          1. Anyway,
                          2. You know what?
                          3. Well, anyway,
                          4. Also,
                          5. And so on,
                          6. In fact,
                          7. By the way,
                          8. As a matter of fact,
                          9. Now,
                          10. Then,
                          11. And, of course,
                          12. Finally,
                          13. After,


                          8 Power Words to Emphasize Emotion and Impact

                            1. Breathtaking
                            2. Sensational
                            3. Thrilling
                            4. Jubilant
                            5. Provocative
                            6. Irresistible
                            7. Remarkable
                            8. Unbelievable

                                16 Power Words for Exclusivity and Rarity

                                  1. Exclusive
                                  2. Limited
                                  3. Elite
                                  4. Coveted
                                  5. Prime
                                  6. Bespoke
                                  7. Golden
                                  8. Invaluable
                                  9. Legacy
                                  10. Little known
                                  11. Rare
                                  12. Once in a life-time
                                  13. Special one-time offer
                                  14. Never seen before
                                  15. Never release to the public
                                  16. Hidden


                                      10 Copywriting Power Words for Innovation and Change

                                      Lightbulb puzzle

                                      1. Revolutionary
                                      2. Pioneering
                                      3. Breakthrough
                                      4. Innovative
                                      5. Transform
                                      6. Pivot
                                      7. Revamp
                                      8. Innovate
                                      9. Modern
                                      10. Progressive


                                        10 Power Words for Authority and Confidence

                                          1. Proven
                                          2. Guaranteed
                                          3. Master
                                          4. Ultimate
                                          5. Expert
                                          6. Precision
                                          7. Authority
                                          8. Supreme
                                          9. Prime
                                          10. Triumph


                                            12 Copywriting Power Words for Positivity and Success

                                            Positive woman with arms spread wide

                                              1. Success
                                              2. Triumph
                                              3. Victory
                                              4. Prosper
                                              5. Conquer
                                              6. Thrive
                                              7. Flourish
                                              8. Resilient
                                              9. Tenacious
                                              10. Courageous
                                              11. Brave
                                              12. Fearless



                                                Refer to these copywriting power words often and USE them throughout your copy.

                                                If you do, I can almost guarantee you’ll impress clients, multiply your income and shortcut your success.

                                                Want to become a top-paid copywriter without the costly trial & error? Enter your email below:


                                                10 Copywriting Secrets from Claude Hopkins to Explode Your Income This Year

                                                Nov 22, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
                                                Claude C. Hopkins

                                                In 2020, I read Claude C. Hopkin’s Scientific Advertising book.

                                                It changed the way I viewed copywriting.

                                                Claude made it crystal clear that copywriting is not about creativity, cleverness or humor.

                                                It’s all about results.

                                                Your copy either made sales for your client, or failed. You either generated new leads, or flopped like a penguin.

                                                There is no guesswork or mystery to successful copywriting.

                                                Claude revolutionized advertising & copywriting by breaking it down into a simple scientific approach.

                                                Many of the common marketing and advertising principles we follow today were invented and perfected by this copywriting legend.

                                                If you follow his scientific approach taught in Scientific Advertising, you will never struggle to write copy that sells. 

                                                In this blog post…

                                                I’m going to cover Claude Hopkins and the top 10 copywriting lessons I’ve learned from him.

                                                If you apply these 10 lessons, I can almost guarantee you will have a long, successful copywriting career.

                                                Let’s get this party started…


                                                Who is Claude C. Hopkins?

                                                Claude C. Hopkins is the godfather of scientific advertising.

                                                He was one of the greatest pioneers of direct response advertising & copywriting.

                                                Hopkins believed advertising’s one & only goal is to sell.

                                                Not to be clever, quirky or entertain.

                                                Advertising should be measured by scientific tests and justified by the results it produces.

                                                Hopkin’s data-driven approach transformed advertising as we know it, turning a once mysterious profession into a crystal clear system for advertising success.

                                                Claude C. Hopkins worked for several ad agencies like Swift & Company and Lord & Thomas.

                                                According to David Ogilvy (another advertising pioneer and the man Madmen’s Don Draper was based on), Claude was hired by Albert Lasker to work for Lord & Thomas in 1907… for a starting salary of…. $185,000.

                                                $185,000 in 1907.

                                                100+ years ago.

                                                Any guess how much that is now?

                                                Around $5,000,000.

                                                Per year!

                                                Claude C. Hopkins was paid a king’s castle because he provided superior value to the companies he worked for.


                                                Where can you learn more about Claude C. Hopkins?

                                                Claude C. Hopkins wrote one of the most influential books on advertising & copywriting called Scientific Advertising.

                                                This is the Bible for advertisers, marketers and copywriters who want to turn words into dollar signs.

                                                I recommend that every copywriter reads Claude C. Hopkins’s Scientific Advertising, at least 10x (I’ve read it 14 times).

                                                (Jay Abraham, marketing legend, would only hire copywriters who read Scientific Advertising 10x.)

                                                It’s a short read (less than 100 pages) and will transform your copywriting career if you follow his advice.

                                                Another great book by Claude Hopkins is My Life in Advertising.

                                                In this book, Claude walks you through his 36+ years of experience in advertising. He gives away great lessons and advertising principles to follow, based on his own results from scientific tests.

                                                Also, with any great copywriter, it’ll pay you a fortune to study Claude C. Hopkins ads.

                                                Simply go to and search “Claude C. Hopkins”.

                                                Read them out loud, write them out by hand and analyze them… line by line to uncover the psychology and direct response principles at play.


                                                10 Copywriting Lessons from Legendary Copywriter Claude C. Hopkins

                                                #1. Advertising is a Science


                                                This is what Claude C. Hopkins is most well-known for.

                                                Claude turned advertising from a risky gamble into a safe and surefire way to grow a business.

                                                Before Claude stepped on campus, advertising was guesswork.

                                                Companies were throwing mud against the wall and hoping it stuck.

                                                And when it did, they had no clue why or how to repeat their success.

                                                Most companies would try to sell their products through humor, quirky slogans, cleverness and entertainment.

                                                Claude changed this.

                                                He revolutionized advertising by establishing that advertising is a science.

                                                It is based on fixed principles.

                                                Through rigorous testing, he uncovered the shortest, safest and cheapest ways to grow businesses.

                                                You can now uncover if your copy worked or not, within hours, by tracking your ads and analyzing the data.


                                                Make sure your clients are tracking their results. If not, you will have no real way of knowing if your copy is producing sales. If they are testing, you can quickly tell if you are helping them achieve their goals or not because you’ll have the data to prove it. When you have proof of your value, you can rightfully charge very high fees.


                                                #2. The Only Purpose of Advertising



                                                Open rates?



                                                Claude C. Hopkins made it window clear that advertising only has one purpose.


                                                Your copy either made your clients more money or it didn’t… According to actual sales resulted from the copy you wrote for them.

                                                And you can quickly find out whether your ad was a success or not based on the number of sales it produced.

                                                You should strive to write copy for clients who are trying to get sales because this is the easiest way to charge premium prices.


                                                Because you can frame your copywriting services as an investment.


                                                For every piece of content you write, your client will make a positive return on investment (ROI).

                                                When you frame your services as the value you provide clients (making them more money than what your service cost them) instead of the deliverable (5 emails, 1 landing page, 2 blog posts, etc.) you can charge a farmer’s fortune without much resistance.


                                                #3. Copywriting is Simply Salesmanship in Print

                                                If copywriting’s only purpose is to make sales, then you must become a great salesman.

                                                Claude turned a bright lightbulb on in my brain.

                                                He made it clear as day that copywriting is just salesmanship in print.

                                                Good copywriting is good salesmanship.

                                                It follows the same fundamentals, laws and principles.

                                                The real beauty (and value) of copywriting vs traditional sales is that copywriting is salesmanship multiplied.


                                                You can sell to thousands, or even millions, of people at once, with one piece of copy you write.

                                                Whereas with traditional sales, you could only sell to 1 person or a small group of people at a time.

                                                Not only that…

                                                But your ad can act as your personal salesmen, selling hard 24/7, all year round.

                                                This is another way I like to frame my copywriting services to freelance clients…

                                                What I really provide for them is a personal salesman who works hard for them all day and all night, 365 days a year. Potentially converting new customers for them… every single day.

                                                Woah, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about that.

                                                Do you see the power of this?

                                                When you frame your services this way to clients, you can charge virtually any price you desire, as long as your copy is making them sales.

                                                That’s why I snarf at copywriting salary “averages” and recommend every copywriter studies and writes direct response copywriting (copy that sells).


                                                #4. Fine Talkers are Never Good Salesmen

                                                 Public speaker

                                                This really stood out to me…

                                                In Scientific Advertising, Claude explained how fine talkers make terrible salesmen.

                                                Because they show an attempt to sell, and this creates resistance.

                                                They create suspicion in prospects that an effort is made to sell them on other lines than merit of value.

                                                This applies directly to writing effective copy…

                                                Fine talking in copy:

                                                Using big words, trying to sound sophisticated, bragging about how great your company or product is, using clever phrases, being quirky and unique, and on she goes.

                                                Don’t write to impress, write to sell.

                                                (By following the direct response copywriting principles.)


                                                #5. Don’t Limit Yourself

                                                2 of the most common questions beginner copywriters ask are…

                                                “Should I write short copy or long copy”… And… “Is long copy dead?”

                                                These are foolish questions because no salesman would ever think this way.

                                                You would never limit a salesman to a specific number of words.

                                                This would butcher his selling abilities.

                                                Claude explained it perfectly…

                                                Your message should be as long as it needs to be, and not any longer.

                                                Do a complete selling job.

                                                Yes, you should always write in a clear, concise and direct way, but cover all the bases.


                                                #6. The Only People Who Read Your Ads

                                                Claude expressed how no one reads ads to be entertained.

                                                The only people who read ads are people who are interested in the product or service being sold.

                                                When writing copy, write to your ideal buyer.

                                                Everything you write is for this specific person.

                                                Appeal to their interests, wants and desires and strike emotional chords with this particular buyer.

                                                If you talk about what they’re interested in, you will NEVER bore them.


                                                #7. The Biggest Reason for Copywriting Failure

                                                 Frowny face

                                                In Scientific Advertising, Claude C. Hopkins revealed the biggest reason for advertising failures…

                                                Trying to sell people what they do not want.

                                                The solution…

                                                Don’t write for a mass audience.

                                                Write for the individual who is most likely to want what you sell.

                                                Always study your ideal customer.

                                                Place yourself in their shoes.

                                                Your success depends on doing this to the exclusion of everything else.


                                                People are selfish.

                                                They only seek service for themselves.

                                                They don’t care about your interests, awards or profit.

                                                They only care about what’s in it for them.


                                                Write copy entirely on your readers’ interests and the value you can provide for them.

                                                Drench your copy with benefits and advantages and give compelling reasons why they should respond.


                                                #8. The Importance of Headlines

                                                Struggling to write effective headlines?

                                                This will cure your headline troubles lickity split…

                                                Claude wrote that the sole purpose of your headline is to pick out people you can interest.

                                                Grab your ideal reader’s attention by adding the main emotional benefit they’re interested in and display it clearly in your headline.

                                                Understand this…

                                                100 years ago, when Claude wrote Scientific Advertising, he understood that people are rushed and in a hurry.

                                                They skim headlines fast in search of one that interests them enough to read. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

                                                Nowadays it’s MUCH WORSE.

                                                We are bombarded by 10x more advertisements and messages.

                                                So, it’s even more important to write for one specific person and to grab their attention by writing about what they are interested in most.

                                                Find the biggest benefit and place it in your headline.


                                                #9. Specificity Wins the Day

                                                 Super hero

                                                “Never be general, it leaves no impression.”

                                                Claude clearly explained how superlatives and generalities are damaging to the trust and believability of your claims.

                                                However, when you make a specific claim, it has the opposite effect on your readers.

                                                Specific details, facts and statements are usually believed.


                                                To make your copy more believable, throw in specific details to every claim you make.

                                                For example:

                                                Don’t say: “Lots of people love our ice cream.”

                                                Do say: “1,502 people have enjoyed our delicious ice cream this year.”

                                                Don’t say: “Our supplements can help you lose weight.”

                                                Do say: “Jen lost 67 pounds in under 9 months, after taking our supplements.”

                                                The more specific you are in your copy, the more believable it is.

                                                And when you state desirable claims that are believed by your audience, they are more likely to buy from you.


                                                #10. Digging Up Buried Treasure

                                                 Treasure chest

                                                One of my favorite lessons from Claude C. Hopkins was from chapter 11, of Scientific Advertising.

                                                He talked about the importance of information.

                                                If you want to succeed in advertising, you must get all the information on your product, market, company, competition, etc.

                                                You get this from research.

                                                If you dig up enough dirt, sooner or later you’ll pull out a breakthrough idea that can transform your copywriting career and make you and your client dirty rich.

                                                When taking on a copywriting project, I spend 80% of my time on research and only 20% on actually writing copy. Why? Because good copy is created BEFORE writing.



                                                The top paid copywriters all have one thing in common…

                                                They get desirable results for their clients.

                                                When you take a scientific approach to writing copy, and apply proven sales principles, you will dramatically boost results for your clients.

                                                Use these tips from Claude C. Hopkins to improve your copywriting abilities.

                                                Plus, make sure you read his 2 books and study his ads.

                                                Want daily copywriting tips to help you shortcut your success? Enter your email below:


                                                10 Copywriting Secrets from Eugene Schwartz to Help YOU Become a Kickass Copywriter

                                                Nov 21, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
                                                Eugene Schwartz


                                                In 2020 when I first began my copywriting career, I read 10 copywriting books.

                                                Most of these books covered the raw basics of direct response copywriting.

                                                However, one book stood out like a flamingo among a flock of geese.

                                                It explained copywriting and human psychology, in extreme detail like no other book or course I’ve ever learned.

                                                This book was called Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.

                                                In it, Eugene shares his 30+ years of knowledge about advertising and copywriting.

                                                He breaks down every aspect of what it takes to write an ad that sells like new Yeezys to teenage hype beasts.

                                                Since reading this book (almost 4 years later), I’ve read 100s of copywriting books or courses. But Eugene Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising and his Rodale Press seminar, are both in my top ten copywriting resources.

                                                I highly recommend any beginner (and seasoned copywriter) to get these two copywriting goldmines and study Eugene Schwartz’s work.

                                                If you do, you can quickly gain the rare ability to write words that sell.

                                                In this blog post…

                                                I’m going to share 10 copywriting lessons I’ve learned from Eugene Schwartz.

                                                These lessons are pulled from Breakthrough Advertising and the seminar he gave at Rodale Press.

                                                I’m going to share my own insight and explain how I’ve applied these gems to improve my writing and selling skills.

                                                If you study them and apply them, I have no doubt you can become a more persuasive and profitable copywriter.


                                                Who is Eugene Schwartz?

                                                Eugene Schwartz

                                                Eugene Schwartz is one of the greatest copywriters who’s ever lived.

                                                He started his infamous copywriting career at an advertising firm – Huber Hoge & Sons – in the mail room and quickly rose to the top of the food chain – becoming head copy chief.

                                                In 1954, he went into business for himself & made a killing from selling products using his rare copywriting skills.

                                                Eugene specialized in direct-mail advertising and wrote 10 books, including one the greatest copywriting books of all time – Breakthrough Advertising.

                                                In the speech he gave at Rodale Press, he revealed he had a “hit ratio” of 85% (percentage of winning ads) which is one of the highest in copywriting history.

                                                One example of Eugene Schwartz’s tremendous copywriting abilities was his “Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes!” ad that he wrote for Boardroom, turning them into an overnight success. Off of Eugene’s work, they’ve sold hundreds of millions of newsletters and books and are one of the most successful publishing companies of all time.


                                                Why Your Writing Will Benefit from Eugene Schwartz’s Wisdom

                                                Stick figure climbing up steps

                                                One of the fastest ways to become a better copywriter is to study the greatest copywriters who’ve ever lived and model your writing after them.

                                                Eugene Schwartz is definitely someone you’ll want to study.

                                                If you have not read Breakthrough Advertising or watched his Rodale Press speech, you are at a serious disadvantage to copywriters who have.

                                                There is an ocean-wide amount of knowledge packed inside these two resources alone that can transform your writing skills and help you earn fat checks, year-round.

                                                These 10 copywriting tips are some of my favorite (and most profitable) lessons I’ve learned from this copywriting genius…


                                                10 Tips for Writing Better Copy from Eugene Schwartz

                                                1. The 33.33 Minute Productivity Hack


                                                One of the reasons why Eugene’s speech at Rodale Press was so valuable is because he broke down his process for writing million-dollar ads.

                                                He revealed the secret for eliminating writer’s block and writing EXTREMELY fast.

                                                Whenever Eugene sat down to write, he set a 33.33-minute timer.

                                                He wrote with intense focus until his timer screamed at him.

                                                Then, he stopped what he was doing and took a short 5-10 minute break.

                                                He’d get some coffee, take his dog out to do its bidness, read the newspaper, etc.

                                                Then, once his break was up, he’d go back to writing for another 33.33 minutes.

                                                He repeated this process until he was done with whatever he was writing.

                                                The power of this is 2-fold…

                                                1. Writing under strict deadlines forces you to write copy VERY FAST. Whenever I write, I set a timer (The time I set varies for what I’m writing. For example, for emails I set a 7-minute timer & for blog posts I set a 1-hour timer).
                                                2. This creates a habit of focused Eugene shared how he learned this productivity-boosting tip from Buddhist monks. The key: write in the same location, preferably around the same time each day, and work without distraction. Quickly, you’ll build a habit of laser-focused work.

                                                The next time you write, set a 33.33-minute timer and you’ll pound out copy much faster than you currently are now – chef’s guarantee.


                                                2. Don’t Sell a Better Mouse Trap, Create Bigger Mice


                                                This one’s genius…

                                                In Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz wrote about a common mistake copywriters make.

                                                Often, they’ll try to sell a better mouse trap – by focusing on the product, writing about its features, benefits, USP, giving reasons why it’s better than the competition’s products, etc.


                                                You’d sell a LOT more if you simply created bigger mice. I.E., tap into your reader’s emotions and create a bright vision of their problems. Make their problems larger than life by telling personal stories they can relate to… use word images that tickle their 5 senses… use simple metaphors and analogies, and so on.

                                                The key is to focus on your prospect, rather than your product.

                                                Show them what their problem is, how serious it is and the consequences of not solving it NOW.

                                                Once they realize this, then you talk about your product and demonstrate how it can help them overcome their challenges.

                                                What’s more effective?

                                                Reading about a mouse trap’s features and benefits.


                                                Reading about someone in your neighborhood whose house was infected with a large family of giant mice. And how these giant mice crawled on the homeowner’s face while they were sleeping, or tore holes in their food, or pooped all over their carpet, you get the point.

                                                See the difference?


                                                3. Assemble, Don’t Create

                                                 Playing Jenga

                                                During the Rodale Press speech, Eugene explained the secret to writing better copy and eliminating writer’s block.

                                                The secret?

                                                You do NOT write copy.

                                                You simply assemble it.

                                                Your job as a copywriter is to take already existing claims, features, benefits, stories, desires, fears, insecurities… and assemble them in an organized way that is most persuasive and interesting to your readers.

                                                If you apply one lesson from this post, it should be this one.

                                                This lesson can ensure a long and successful copywriting career for you.

                                                Never forget it.


                                                4. The “Die Hard” Lesson

                                                Die Hard

                                                During his seminar, Eugene advised his audience to go buy tickets for the new Die Hard movie.

                                                And watch it twice (once for enjoyment, 2nd time take notes).


                                                Because Die Hard, and other classic action films, have cracked the code for grabbing their audience’s attention and keeping their eyes peeled for hours on end.

                                                To maximize engagement and keep your readers interested in your writing, watch classic action films like Die Hard and model the flow & style of their movies.

                                                The flow:

                                                Every 10 minutes or so there is some sort of explosion, fight or shootout.


                                                It slows down and builds the plot.

                                                10 minutes go by…


                                                Another explosion.


                                                Another fistfight.

                                                Eugene modeled this action-packed flow in his copy and called it “face smashing against the windshield” copy.

                                                The lesson:

                                                Keep your readers hooked with nonstop “action”.

                                                The easiest way to achieve this is to tell engaging stories your readers can identify with, use metaphors and load your copy with lots of curiosity-laced bullets.


                                                5. Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

                                                Subconscious mind

                                                Another little-known tip for writing serial killer copy is to use your subconscious to your advantage.

                                                Eugene broke down a very simple and easy way to unlock your subconscious to get it to feed you breakthrough ideas.

                                                Here’s how…

                                                Remember how I told you Eugene used a 33.33-minute timer when writing? And how he would then take a short break?

                                                Well, another tasty benefit of doing this is to unleash the power of your subconscious.

                                                During each break, Eugene did NOT think about what he was writing.

                                                He focused on something else.

                                                Like making coffee or shaving.

                                                He explained how if you focus on something totally unrelated to what you’re writing about, your subconscious mind will sneak up and hand you great ideas.

                                                Eugene learned this nifty Jedi mind trick from Mozart.

                                                A big reason Mozart was able to write masterpieces – without editing – is because of his method of tapping into his subconscious.

                                                Here’ what Mozart did…

                                                He would play pool.

                                                When he hit the ball, he wrote down a note.

                                                He repeated this to write entire symphonies.

                                                It worked like a rabbit’s foot because as Mozart focused on the ball, his subconscious mind fed him ideas.

                                                The same is true for many of Eugene Schwartz’s successful ads.

                                                Eugene would get his biggest breakthrough ideas while shaving, in the shower, making coffee, etc.

                                                The next time you write copy, give yourself breaks.

                                                (I like to take at least a few hours off in between drafts.)

                                                When you’re on your break, do NOT think about your copywriting assignment.

                                                Focus on something totally unrelated.

                                                Then, when your mind feeds you a brilliant idea, WRITE IT DOWN.

                                                It’s important to write your ideas down as soon as they pop up because ideas are like slippery fish. If you don’t write em down right away, you’ll likely forget it.


                                                6. The 5 Levels of Market Awareness

                                                In Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz revealed the 5 stages of customer awareness…

                                                #1. Unaware

                                                #2. Problem aware

                                                #3. Solution aware

                                                #4. Product aware

                                                #5. Most aware

                                                Find out where your target market is on the totem pole and write copy to them accordingly.

                                                For example…

                                                If they are at stage 2 (problem aware), you’ll want to start your copy with the main problem. Mention it in your headline. Agitate their problem. Then mention how you have a potential solution for them.

                                                If they’re solution aware (stage 3), you want to start with the solution to their problem and explain WHY your solution is best for them.


                                                7. Fascination Bullets


                                                Remember how I said your copy should “flow” like a Die Hard movie?


                                                One of the most effective ways to add “explosions” to your copy is through fascination bullets.

                                                • <- <- <- Bullets look like this

                                                Eugene views bullets as fireworks.

                                                He would constantly add fireworks in his reader’s minds through his bullets.

                                                The best way to do this is to add heaps of curiosity to your bullets.

                                                Eugene liked to add “almost too good to be true” bullets.

                                                This is where you say something so fascinating that it is almost too good to be true, but you add specifics so it’s believable.


                                                Eugene would tell his readers where they could find the answer to each bullet. Like this …. “(See page 69)”.

                                                Adding the page number at the end makes what you write more believable.

                                                It makes it “real” for the readers. The answer to their biggest problems & desires already exists. It is just waiting for them to be discovered. All they have to do now is buy your book and turn to this page.


                                                8. Preparation Beats Skill


                                                Eugene told a story about how Greg Blake Smith, a football coach at West Point College, once said:

                                                “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.”

                                                Point is:

                                                The desirable results come BEFORE the big game.

                                                They come from the prep work – practice.

                                                The athlete (or copywriter) who prepares the most, will reap the biggest results.

                                                Eugene preached this concept and lived by it.

                                                He prepared before big games (before writing copy) by reading copywriting and marketing books, studying great ads, researching his product, studying and listening to his target audience, etc.


                                                When he sat down to write…

                                                After doing all this grueling prep work…

                                                He gave birth to some of the most successful advertisements of all time (Eugene’s pig-headed preparation allowed him to routinely slay some of the greatest copywriters in the game).

                                                Schwartz attributed his success to his intense preparation BEFORE writing copy.


                                                9. Your Ad is a Sparkling Clear Window at the Toy Store

                                                 Kid looking through window at toy store

                                                Eugene expressed how the worst thing someone can say about your copy is that you are a great writer.

                                                You do NOT want people to even notice your writing.

                                                If they complement your writing style, sophisticated language, impressive words, cleverness, etc. you know you’ve got a real stinker.


                                                Your copy should read like a vivid motion picture inside your reader’s minds.

                                                Get them to picture how much better their lives will be after using your product or service.

                                                Eugene Schwartz gave a great analogy to describe this…

                                                Your copy should be like a window at a toy store.

                                                It should be clean and clear so people walking by can see right through it and view the toys inside.

                                                It should NOT have smudges, cracks or dirt and distract viewers.

                                                The same is true with your copy.

                                                You want to write in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand way so that your readers can picture what you’re saying in their minds with vivid detail & emotions.


                                                10. Become One with Your Market

                                                Man with big ears

                                                “God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth.”

                                                Talk less… listen more.

                                                Eugene explained how being a copywriter is a lonely road because you have to remove yourself from it all.

                                                You want to be like a fly on the wall.

                                                And pay attention to everything your market says, does and experiences.

                                                To write good copy, you have to get inside the minds of your market and write to them and only them.

                                                You do this by shutting your pie hole and expanding your ears.

                                                Eugene talked about how he would read pop culture magazines and books to get more in tune with the average reader.

                                                Pay attention to industry news, pop culture, and water cooler conversations that your target audience is having.

                                                Where to Learn More about Eugene Schwartz

                                                You should read Eugene Schwartz’s books on copywriting, Study Eugene Schwartz ads, and watch his Rodale Press speech. You can find a bunch of Eugene Schwartz ads on (simply search his name).



                                                There’s a beautiful island of copywriting tips and secrets to learn from Eugene Schwartz.

                                                I recommend starting with his Rodale Press speech and studying his ads.

                                                Then, after you’ve some copywriting experience, buy his $125 book Breakthrough Advertising (it is pretty advanced and can confuse newbies).

                                                And, of course, re-read these 10 tips and apply them to your copywritingTODAY.

                                                Want more juicy copywriting tips to help you earn more while writing in your Spongebob pajamas? Enter your email below:


                                                50 Copywriting Quotes From The Best Copywriters That Can Multiply Your Income This Year

                                                Nov 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                                 Kid with light bulb on head


                                                Here’s a valuable lesson I’ve learned from studying some of the greatest copywriters and marketers in the game…

                                                It has to do with learning…

                                                Elite copywriters like Bob Bly, Gary Halbert, John Carlton and Dan Kennedy stress the importance of looking for BIG IDEAS when reading copywriting books.

                                                They explain how 99% of the material is very similar.

                                                However, it’s that 1% of unique info that you’re looking for.

                                                Because one big idea can pay back your initial investment 100x over.

                                                Over the last 4 years, I’ve noticed this to be true.

                                                Whenever I read a copywriting book or take a copywriting course, I am looking for at least one big idea to use in my writing.

                                                That is the goal with these copywriting quotes.

                                                Most people think of quotes as inspiration and motivation.

                                                However, I challenge you to uncover the BIG IDEA behind each quote and apply it to your writing.

                                                If you do, I can almost guarantee you can earn a small fortune from just about every quote about copywriting listed below.

                                                These quotes have the power to make you a flood of money because they are from the greatest copywriters of all time.

                                                I’ve carefully hand-selected 50 copywriting quotes from legendary copywriters that have transformed my writing and have added thousands to my piggy bank (or more).

                                                Alrighty, enough jib-jab, let’s get er done…


                                                The 50 Best Copywriting Quotes to Help You Become a Better Copywriter

                                                Copywriting Quotes from Eugene Schwartz

                                                Eugene Schwartz

                                                #1) "The power, the force, the overwhelming urge to own that makes advertising work, comes from the market itself, and not from the copy. Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already-existing desires onto a particular product. This is the copywriter's task: not to create this mass desire - but to channel and direct it."

                                                Eugene Schwartz


                                                #2) "People do not buy the steel in a car, the glass in a vase, the tobacco in a cigarette, or the paper in a book. The physical part of your product is of value only because it enables your product to do things for people."

                                                Eugene Schwartz


                                                #3) “Copy is not written. If anyone tells you ‘you write copy’, sneer at them. Copy is not written. Copy is assembled. You do not write copy, you assemble it. You are working with a series of building blocks, you are putting the building blocks together, and then you are putting them in certain structures, you are building a little city of desire for your person to come and live in.”

                                                Eugene Schwartz


                                                #4) “Tap a single overwhelming desire existing in the hearts of thousands of people who are actively seeking to satisfy it at this very moment.”

                                                Eugene Schwartz


                                                Copywriting Quotes from Gary Halbert

                                                Gary Halbert

                                                #5) “Everyone wants to climb the mountain, but the big difference between those at the top and those still on the bottom is simply a matter of showing up tomorrow to give it just one more shot.”

                                                Gary Halbert


                                                #6) “You Must Always Find A Market First... And Then Concentrate On A Product!”

                                                Gary Halbert


                                                #7) “Therefore, truth, my good son, can be determined NOT by how people use their mouths, but rather, how they use their wallets.”

                                                Gary Halbert


                                                #8) “It takes almost the same amount of time and energy to manage tiny projects or businesses as it takes to manage massive ones… but… the massive ones are the ones which give you massive rewards.

                                                Gary Halbert


                                                #9) "The formula for business success is simple: Find out what people want and give it to them. But, you must find out what they really want… not… just what they say they want."

                                                Gary Halbert


                                                #10) “Get yourself a collection of good ads and DM pieces and read them aloud and copy them in your own handwriting.”

                                                Gary Halbert


                                                Copywriting Quote from Drayton Bird

                                                Drayton Bird

                                                #11) "Your brand image is primarily an emotional construct. Emotion is probably always more powerful in swaying people than reason, but people like to be able to rationalize their choices."

                                                Drayton Bird


                                                Copywriting Quotes from Bob Bly

                                                Bob Bly

                                                #12) “We are not in the business of being original. We are in the business of reusing things that work.”

                                                Bob Bly


                                                #13) “The words in your copy should be “like the windows in a storefront. The reader should be able to see right through them and see the product.”

                                                Bob Bly


                                                #14) “Experienced copywriters turn those features into customer benefits: reasons why the reader should buy the product.”

                                                Bob Bly


                                                #15) “Copywriters are salespeople whose job is to convince people to buy products.”

                                                Bob Bly


                                                #16) “People use big words to impress others, but they rarely do. More often, big words annoy and distract the reader from what the writer is trying to say.”

                                                Bob Bly


                                                Copywriting Quotes from Claude C. Hopkins

                                                Claude Hopkins

                                                #17) “Remember the people you address are selfish, as we all are. They care nothing about your interests or profit. They seek service for themselves. Ignoring this fact is a common mistake and a costly mistake in advertising”

                                                Claude C. Hopkins


                                                #18) “The best ads ask no one to buy. That is useless. Often they do not quote a price. They do not say that dealers handle the product. The ads are based entirely on service. They offer wanted information.”

                                                Claude C. Hopkins


                                                #19) “We learn, for instance, that curiosity is one of the strongest human incentives.”

                                                Claude C. Hopkins


                                                Copywriting Quotes from Joseph Sugarman

                                                Joe Sugarman 

                                                #20) “In the editing process, you refine your copy to express what you want to express with the fewest words.”

                                                Joseph Sugarman


                                                #21) “All the elements in an advertisement are primarily designed to do one thing and one thing only: get you to read the first sentence of the copy.”

                                                Joseph Sugarman


                                                #22) “You sell on emotion, but you justify a purchase with logic.”

                                                Joseph Sugarman


                                                #23) “If I had to pick the single most powerful force in advertising and selling—the most important psychological trigger—I would pick honesty.”

                                                Joseph Sugarman


                                                #24) “So your first sentence should be very compelling by virtue of its short length and ease of reading. No long multisyllabic words. Keep it short, sweet and almost incomplete so that the reader has to read the next sentence.”

                                                Joseph Sugarman



                                                Copywriting Quotes from Gary Bencivenga

                                                Gary Bencivenga

                                                #25) “Ask if you are giving reasons why in each of these three areas:

                                                1. Compelling reason(s) why your product is superior to other solutions your prospects might choose, including doing nothing.
                                                2. Compelling reason(s) to believe that what you say is true.
                                                3. Compelling reason(s) to seize the opportunity today.”

                                                Gary Bencivenga


                                                #26) “The vast majority of products are sold because of the need for love, the fear of shame, the pride of achievement, the drive for recognition, the yearning to feel important, the urge to look attractive, the lust for power, the longing for romance, the need to feel secure, the terror of facing the unknown, the lifelong hunger for self-esteem and so on. Emotions are the fire of human motivation, the combustible force that secretly drives most decisions to buy. When your marketing harnesses those forces correctly you will generate explosive increases in response.”

                                                Gary Bencivenga


                                                  #27) “Would you like fries with that?”

                                                  McDonalds (Had to add this one in here. Think: upsells)


                                                  Copywriting Quote from Matt Furey

                                                   Matt Furey

                                                  #28). “After someone reads your subject line and opens your email, you must not take anything for granted. Your first sentence has to be powerful.”

                                                  Matt Furey


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from David Ogilvy

                                                  David Ogilvy

                                                  #29) “I don't know the rules of grammar. If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language.”

                                                  David Ogilvy


                                                  #30) “Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”

                                                  David Ogilvy


                                                  #31) “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.”

                                                  David Ogilvy


                                                  #32) “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

                                                  David Ogilvy


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from Victor Schwab

                                                  Victor O. Schwab 

                                                  #33) “Advertising is nothing but an expense (not an investment) unless it gets the kind of action desired by the advertiser.”

                                                  Victor O. Schwab


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from Dan Kennedy

                                                  Dan Kennedy

                                                  #34) “Always enter the conversation already occurring in the customer’s mind.”

                                                  Dan Kennedy


                                                  #35) “Gimmicks too often fail. Saying something of genuine importance and interest to the recipient usually succeeds. You say it with a headline.“

                                                  Dan Kennedy


                                                  #36) “All successful selling is by nature and necessity manipulative, and you must apply pressure to get decision and action.”

                                                  Dan kennedy


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from John Caples

                                                  John Caples

                                                  #37) "If you use a poor headline, it does not matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read."

                                                  John Caples


                                                  #38) "The most frequent reason for unsuccessful advertising is advertisers who are so full of their own accomplishments (the world's best seed!) that they forget to tell us why we should buy (the world's best lawn!)."

                                                  John Caples


                                                  #39) "The best headlines are those that appeal to the reader's self-interest, that is, headlines based on reader benefits. They offer readers something they want - and get from you."

                                                  John Caples


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from Doug D'anna

                                                  Doug D'anna

                                                  #40) “In copywriting, your story is your strongest marketing weapon. But beware, people cringe when you make it all about yourself.”

                                                  Doug D’anna


                                                  #41) “If you want to make the big money, then you must know how to walk your reader to the order form.”

                                                  Doug D’anna


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from Robert Collier

                                                  Robert Collier

                                                  #42) “Study your reader first – your product second. If you understand his reactions, and present those phases of your product that relate to his needs, then you cannot help but write a good letter.”

                                                  Robert Collier


                                                  #43) “Lead him gently from one point of interest to another, with word pictures so clear, so simple, that he can almost see the things you are offering him.”

                                                  Robert Collier


                                                  #44) “There are only two reasons why your reader will do as you tell him to in your letter. The first is that you have made him want something so badly that of his own inertia he reaches out for your order card to get it. The other is that you have aroused in him the fear that he will lose something worthwhile if he does not.”

                                                  Robert Collier


                                                  Copywriting Quote from Leo Burnett

                                                  Leo Burnett

                                                  #45) "Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read."

                                                  Leo Burnett


                                                  Copywriting Quote from Michael Masterson

                                                  Michael Masterson

                                                  #46) “Great sales letters don’t tell the customer what to think … or feel … or want. They locate the prospect’s feelings, thoughts, and desires, and then stimulate them. They provoke the prospect to do the feeling and thinking on her own. In taking this indirect approach, you avoid the possibility that your prospect will take refuge in denial, and give her a chance to follow the course of her own feelings.”

                                                  Michael Masterson


                                                  Copywriting Quotes from Howard gossage

                                                  Howard Gossage

                                                  #47) “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”

                                                  Howard Gossage


                                                  Copywriting Quote from Anne Lamott

                                                  Anne Lamott

                                                  #48) “Metaphors are a great language tool, because they explain the unknown in terms of the known.”

                                                  Anne Lamott


                                                  Copywriting Quote from Joanna Wiebe

                                                  Joanna Wiebe

                                                  #49) “Here’s the only thing you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in and what you ship: you’re selling your prospects a better version of themselves.”

                                                  Joanna Wiebe


                                                  Copywriting Quote from Jay Abraham

                                                  Jay Abraham

                                                  #50) “There are only three ways to increase your business: 1. Increase the number of clients. 2. Increase the average size of the sale per client. 3. Increase the number of times clients return and buy again.”

                                                  Jay Abraham (absolute gold for freelance copywriters)


                                                  Apply just one of these copywriting quotes to your writing and you can potentially double your income & explode results for your clients.

                                                  Apply all 50 copywriting quotes and you can earn 6-figures+ over your career (or more).

                                                  The wisdom inside these quotes is timeless and invaluable.

                                                  Want more BIG ideas to transform your copywriting skills and freelance business? Enter your email below:


                                                  Gary Bencivenga: 5 Powerful Copywriting Tips from the World's Greatest Living Copywriter

                                                  Nov 19, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                                  Gary Bencivenga


                                                  Are you struggling to learn copywriting?

                                                  Struggling to write effective copy that sells?

                                                  If so, the best way to become a better copywriter is to learn from the greatest copywriters of all time.

                                                  And there’s no one better to learn from than the man labeled – the greatest living copywriter.

                                                  Gary Bencivenga.

                                                  When I started out as a newbie copywriter, I read Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets (free online) and studied his top ads.

                                                  The lessons I’ve learned from Gary Bencivenga have resulted in thousands of dollars (over the years) and have transformed my writing & selling skills.

                                                  The same can be true for you after you learn these 5 BIG copywriting lessons from Gary Bencivenga.

                                                  But first…

                                                  For those who don’t know…


                                                  Who is Gary Bencivenga?


                                                  Gary Bencivenga, “the greatest living copywriter in the world”, is one of the most successful copywriters of all time.

                                                  He became one of the top direct response copywriters in the finance niche, writing direct mail advertisements & sales letters for big finance companies – like Boardroom.

                                                  Bencivenga has sold billions worth of products & services through his writing.


                                                  Why Should You Learn Copywriting from Gary Bencivenga?

                                                  Do you want to become a top-paid copywriter?

                                                  Well, if you do, studying “the greatest living copywriter” is an absolute must.

                                                  Unlike other copywriters, Gary does not have many books or courses available on the web.


                                                  Because he did not want to create “rival gunslingers.”


                                                  His copywriting secrets were too valuable to give away to his competition.

                                                  However, Gary Bencivenga retired years ago.

                                                  And after retiring…

                                                  He revealed some of his most potent copywriting secrets to the world.

                                                  Here are two VERY valuable copywriting resources from Gary:

                                                  Gary Bencivenga’s Infamous “Farewell Seminar” (sold as a $5,000 copywriting course):

                                                  Gary Bencivenga’s valuable “Marketing Bullets” (100% FREE):


                                                  You’d be smart as an aardvark to read, analyze and handwrite these Gary Bencivenga ads…

                                                  Gary Bencivenga swipe file:

                                                  64 Toughest Interview Questions

                                                  Ad Agency Guarantee Ad

                                                  Shoestring Business Ad

                                                  How to Launch Your Own Business Ad

                                                  Do You Make These Mistakes in Job Interviews?

                                                  Millionaire Apprenticeship Program Ad

                                                  Kurobuta Ham Letter


                                                  5 Copywriting Tips from The Greatest Living Copywriter

                                                  Tip jar

                                                  You can find these tips in Gary Bencivenga’s free online e-zine – Marketing Bullets.

                                                  I’ve expanded upon each tip and provided personal insights on how I’ve applied them to boost my copy.

                                                  #1. The Power of Metaphors


                                                  One of Gary Bencivenga’s “marketing bullets” is all about metaphors.

                                                  More specifically:

                                                  How to use metaphors as a kickass persuasion tool.

                                                  It’s easy.

                                                  All you gotta do is follow this simple formula…

                                                  The point you’re trying to make + add a metaphor.

                                                  Here are a few examples to sharpen my pencil:

                                                  This man is as dumb as a pile of sticks.

                                                  Her teeth are sharper than a katana sword.

                                                  The sky is grayer than my grandpa’s beard.

                                                  So simple. So clear. So effective.

                                                  The more metaphors you use, the easier it is for your readers to understand your message and key sales points.

                                                  Not only are metaphors extremely easy for us to understand but they also tap into our psychology faster than a flying bullet.

                                                  We are hard-wired to be entertained, persuaded and educated by metaphors.

                                                  They work like magic to get your point across in a persuasive way, no matter how simple they may seem.


                                                  #2. The Red Shirts Phenomenon

                                                  Red shirt

                                                  This is one of my favorite lessons from Gary Bencivenga.

                                                  It expands far beyond writing copy.

                                                  You see, in one of Gary’s Marketing Bullets, he explained his Red Shirts concept.

                                                  It went something like this:

                                                  Imagine you’re at a baseball game…

                                                  Take a good look at the crowd.


                                                  Tell me, how many people were wearing red shirts?


                                                  Now, look at the crowd again and tell me how many red shirts you see.

                                                  All of a sudden, your eyes are locked in on countless red shirts.

                                                  Point is…

                                                  When you focus on something, you begin to notice it more frequently.

                                                  This concept can be used to improve your writing skills.

                                                  Here’s how:

                                                  Throughout your day, have your antenna out, scanning for new marketing ideas, fascinating stories, persuasive headlines you see on billboards, social media, magazines, etc., advertisements that persuade you to buy, emails that get you to click a link, and so on.

                                                  I do this all the time.

                                                  Especially for writing emails.

                                                  I pay special attention to stories, hooks and ideas that I can use in my daily emails.

                                                  Big takeaway:

                                                  Our minds can only focus on a few things at once.

                                                  If you choose to focus your attention on what you are trying to achieve – write better copy – you will start to notice tons of helpful ideas & concepts all around you.

                                                  Your mind will act as a red magnet, pulling new money-making ideas to you with Hulk force.

                                                  And if you’re bright, you’ll use them in your copywriting to boost response.


                                                  #3. The Secret of How to Sell Anything

                                                  Failing to get desirable results for clients?

                                                  Struggling to sell your copywriting services?

                                                  Pay very close attention to the following…

                                                  In one of Gary Bencivenga’s bullets, he revealed the NUMBER 1 secret for selling anything, to anyone…

                                                  Find out what others want and help them get it.

                                                  This simple sales secret works like dynamite for any client you are trying to acquire or any audience you are trying to sell to.

                                                  This goes off what the great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, once said…

                                                   “You can get anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”

                                                  Gary expressed how ignoring this simple human law is the BIGGEST cause of marketing failure.

                                                  That thousands of smart entrepreneurs (including freelance copywriters) have failed miserably simply because they sold something THEY wanted to sell, rather than selling something that people wanted to buy.

                                                  When you’re writing copy, write for your TARGET AUDIENCE.

                                                  And only them.

                                                  Remove ego and opinions from everyone else except your market.

                                                  Find out what your market wants, through research, and help them get it – by persuading them to try your product or service. (Notice how I say “try” instead of buy? Asking readers to try out your product, at your expense, removes risk and is 10x more convincing than asking them to buy.)


                                                  #4. A Gifted Product is Mightier than a Gifted Pen

                                                  Gift box

                                                  Believe it or not, copywriters are not wizards.

                                                  Yes, the best copywriters do create magic with their words.

                                                  But the source for their magic has to already exist.

                                                  It has to already exist within the product you’re selling.


                                                  You can have a “gifted pen”… use all the sales, copywriting and persuasion tricks in the book… but none of that matters if you don’t write for a “gifted product” – a product that people WANT.

                                                  There has to be an already existing demand for the product you’re writing about.

                                                  You can write the best copy in the world, but if you are writing to readers who are not interested in the product you are selling, you will always struggle.

                                                  This all goes back to your market.

                                                  The easiest way to succeed as a copywriter is to write to a red-hot market that is starving for the product or service your client is selling.

                                                  If they are, then your job as a copywriter is easier than stealing candy from a baby.

                                                  In fact, if your client has a “gifted” product, it’s almost impossible NOT to write blockbuster ads – even if you’re a raw beginner.


                                                  #5. Because

                                                  Gary Bencivenga is called the world’s greatest living copywriter… BECAUSE he has sold more products than anyone else in his industry.

                                                  If I left out the second part of the above sentence (starting with the word – “because”) it would not be very believable or impressive.

                                                  However, because I gave a reason WHY he is considered to be the greatest copywriter, this made my claim much more believable.

                                                  Gary stressed the importance of making your claims believable by using the power of “reason why” copy.

                                                  It’s really simple…

                                                  Instead of throwing claims against the wall and hoping they stick, inject selling steroids into each of your claims veins by providing a detailed reason WHY your claim is true.

                                                  The easiest way to make your claims instantly more believable, and convince prospects to buy from you in droves, is to sprinkle the word BECAUSE right after you state a claim.

                                                  In Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence: The Power of Persuasion, he explained how using the word “because” after making a claim boosted the effectiveness and believability of the words that preceded them.

                                                  The fascinating thing is…

                                                  What you say after “because” isn’t all that important because the word “because” is a trigger word that automatically bypasses our skepticism.

                                                  With all the copy you write, make sure you add reasons WHY to every claim you give. And the easiest way to start is to load your copy up with “because”.



                                                  If you use these 5 copywriting secrets, you can explode your income almost instantly.

                                                  I’ve personally experienced this.


                                                  Make sure you study Gary Bencivenga’s ads and Marketing Bullets E-zine – there are 100s of golden copywriting and marketing lessons packed inside his powerful teachings.

                                                  Want to improve your copywriting TODAY? Enter your email below and I’ll send you the best copywriting tips I’ve got:


                                                  The Ultimate Guide to Direct Response Copywriting (Write Copy that Sells)

                                                  Nov 18, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                                  Act now button


                                                  In 2020, I was introduced to the wonderful & wicked world of direct response copywriting.

                                                  This is the ONLY type of copywriting that I study, practice & write.


                                                  Believe it or not, I did not become a copywriter because I enjoyed writing.


                                                  I became a copywriter because I realized that this rare skill would open the king’s castle to endless possibilities.

                                                  By mastering the craft of direct response copywriting…

                                                  I could work from anywhere in the world, make as much money as I desired, only work on projects I’m most passionate about and have total freedom & control over my life.

                                                  But this is only possible with direct response copywriting.

                                                  Not brand copywriting, SEO copywriting, social media copywriting, and any other kind of copy.

                                                  Only direct response.


                                                  I’m going to share that with you in a minute (and much more).

                                                  In this post…

                                                  You’ll learn what direct response copywriting is, the best way to learn direct response copywriting, why it’s crucial for your success as a copywriter (no matter what “kind” of copy you write), 7 direct response copywriting examples and a quick crash course on how to become a direct response copywriter TODAY.


                                                  What is Direct Response Copywriting?

                                                  So, what the heck is direct response copywriting?

                                                  Direct response copywriting is simply salesmanship in print.

                                                  Its salesmanship multiplied.


                                                  Instead of selling face-to-face, to one person (or a few) at a time, you are selling to hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of people via the words you write.

                                                  Hand coming out of laptop to grab money

                                                  Direct response copywriting’s main purpose is to get a response out of your readers.

                                                  Hence – “direct response.”

                                                  This response can be to click a link, purchase a product, open an email, generate a lead, and so on.

                                                  However, not whenever readers feel like it

                                                  The purpose of writing direct response copy is to get readers to take a specific action NOW.


                                                  Why Direct Response is Important for YOUR Success as a Copywriter

                                                  Woman pointing at reader

                                                  The reason why copywriting is such a valuable and in-demand skill is because it’s the rocket fuel to business growth.

                                                  Copywriting helps companies generate more leads, convert more customers and grow their business.

                                                  At least, direct response copywriting does.

                                                  If you are NOT able to get your clients more customers & sales through the words you write, you are DEAD in the water.

                                                  You can kiss your fat freelancer dreams of “10k per month” GOODBYE.

                                                  Because clients will never pay you top dollar (or $10) if you cannot get them the results they seek.

                                                  After all, results are the reason why clients hire copywriters in the first place.

                                                  By learning, practicing and writing direct response copy, you will quickly be able to turn words into sales.

                                                  To be honest…

                                                  I do not believe that there’s a difference between brand copy, conversion copy, social media copy, etc.

                                                  The way I view it is…

                                                  All the copy you write should abide by the direct response rules & principles.

                                                  The time-tested principles that have worked for thousands of years (even before “copywriting” was a thing. Because copywriting is really just salesmanship in print.)

                                                  This is something that confuses a LOT of copywriters…

                                                  The endless mediums and tech platforms to write for. I.E. Blog posts, Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram, YouTube scripts, emails, etc.

                                                  All of these platforms are simply different ways to deliver your marketing message.

                                                  They are the messenger girl.

                                                  But what’s important is your MESSAGE.

                                                  Woman yelling into loud speaker

                                                  And that’s why it’s important to learn direct response copywriting.

                                                  Because direct response copy shows you how to craft a persuasive and engaging message that grabs your reader’s attention, taps into their psychology and forces them to take immediate action.

                                                  The principles & fundamentals that make up a persuasive message are the same.

                                                  The only difference is the platform on which you deliver this message.

                                                  Each platform you use to deliver this message will change and there are slight nuances and specifics you’ll need to learn per platform, but it does not take much time at all to learn.

                                                  You can quickly research the best practices and right structure for each platform.

                                                  But what’s most important is your message.

                                                  And the most effective and persuasive message you can create will ALWAYS follow direct response copywriting principles.

                                                  If you become good at writing direct response copy, you can succeed on ANY media you write for.

                                                  Plus, you can become a very successful freelancer with your direct response copy skills.


                                                  How to Learn Direct Response Copywriting

                                                  Dog reading a book

                                                  In 2020, I built up my direct response copywriting skills VERY FAST.

                                                  Here’s what I did…

                                                  I bought the 10 best direct response copywriting books I could find.

                                                  Read them twice (2nd time, I took detailed notes).

                                                  While I read these books (around 50 pages per day), I also practiced copywriting by doing a few copywriting practice exercises.

                                                  I did this for three months BEFORE I tried to get any clients or work.

                                                  After, I broke into copywriting extremely fast. I secured 50+ freelance clients and 2 in-house positions within my first year.

                                                  If you want to get good at writing copy that opens wallets, then you should do what I did.

                                                  Read the top direct response books, from the best direct response copywriters, and put what you’re learning into daily practice.


                                                  Here are the 10 Best Direct Response Copywriters to Study

                                                  These 10 direct response copywriters have paved the way in this industry and have proven their success time and time again through products sold and sales earned.

                                                  You’d be wise as an owl to study these copywriting legends:

                                                  1. Gary Halbert
                                                  2. Gary Bencivenga
                                                  3. Joseph Sugarman
                                                  4. Eugene Schwartz
                                                  5. David Ogilvy
                                                  6. Claude Hopkins
                                                  7. John Caples
                                                  8. Victor O Schwab
                                                  9. John Carlton
                                                  10. Clayton Makepeace


                                                  The 10 Best Direct Response Copywriting Books to Quickly Become a Pro


                                                  Here are the 10 direct response copywriting books I read to launch my copywriting career.

                                                  1. The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
                                                  2. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman
                                                  3. How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab
                                                  4. Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins
                                                  5. The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
                                                  6. Ogilvy on Advertising By David Ogilvy
                                                  7. Tested Advertising Methods By John Caples
                                                  8. Cashvertising By Drew Eric Whitman
                                                  9. The Copywriter’s Handbook By Bob Bly
                                                  10. Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel By John Carlton

                                                  For more details on these books, see this blog post I wrote about them...

                                                  The 10 Best Copywriting Books for Beginners (#1 Way to Learn Copywriting FAST)


                                                  The 10 Rules of Direct Response Copywriting


                                                  Treat these 10 rules like the 10 commandments.

                                                  Never stray from them.

                                                  They will help you write more persuasive copy (almost instantly).

                                                  #1. 1:1 conversation

                                                  What’s more persuasive…

                                                  Reading an ad that is made for women, children, men… of all ages… with different passions, professions, etc.


                                                  An ad with YOUR name on it, only created for YOU.

                                                  When you write copy, you are only writing to one person (even if millions are reading).

                                                  Don’t say… “put the lotion on hands”

                                                  Do say…. “put the lotion on YOUR hands."

                                                  You are writing to flesh and blood humans.

                                                  Write in a conversational tone.

                                                  It’s easy!

                                                  Just imagine you are talking to your friend at a coffee shop.

                                                  Don’t use fancy, big words or try to write a novel. Just write as if you’re talking to someone you’re close to (TIP: I speak out loud whenever I write).


                                                  #2. Sell by tapping into emotions

                                                  The heart of direct response copywriting (the writing that pays big bucks) is salesmanship.

                                                  But, in order to sell, you must convince your readers to make a decision.

                                                  Believe it or not, it’s mentally impossible to make decisions without EMOTIONS.

                                                  So, in order to sell, you must tap into your readers’ emotions.

                                                  Tap into their negative emotions, like - pains, fears, insecurities, anxieties, guilt, worries.


                                                  Positive emotions: joy, happiness, pride, hope, inspiration, desires.

                                                  “Sell with emotions, justify purchase with logic.”

                                                  This old sales saying is worth a mountain of gold.

                                                  If you aren’t getting the response you desire, crank up the emotions in your readers.


                                                  #3. Ask for action


                                                  Direct response copy is all about getting ACTION.


                                                  In order to do so, you must add a call to action (CTA).

                                                  This is usually placed at the end of your sales message when you tell them what to do next.

                                                  Here’s some tips to boost response rates:

                                                  • Tell them exactly what to do next. Give them step-by-step instructions.
                                                  • Make it stupidly simple to take the action you desire.
                                                  • Give them an incentive to act NOW – discount, limited number of products available, re-framing everything they’ll gain or miss out on.

                                                  The key to boosting response is to close your copy with direct, clear and concise instructions on what to do next.


                                                  #4. The one and only job of your headline

                                                  The headline is one of the most important elements of your copy (for any media you write for).

                                                  A lot of the best direct response copywriters spend the most time with their headlines.

                                                  I typically write dozens of headlines for every piece of copy I write (and spend a lot of time analyzing and tweaking them, until I find the best one.)

                                                  However, there’s a lot of confusion around the job of headlines.

                                                  This is foolish.

                                                  Because there’s only ONE job for ANY headline you write…

                                                  Grab your target audience’s attention and get them to read your first sentence.

                                                  That’s it.

                                                  Same goes for your pictures, design, layout, etc.

                                                  To get readers into your body copy.


                                                  #5. The only real purpose of advertising


                                                  It’s not to be praised for your cleverness, get giggles for your humor, build “brand awareness” or any other guru metric like – clicks, open rates, downloads, etc.

                                                  Listen up:

                                                  The ONLY purpose of your ads is to SELL.

                                                  That’s it.

                                                  Either sell prospects to become leads or sell prospects to become customers – buying a product or service.

                                                  If your ads aren’t getting immediate results for your clients… back to the drawing board you go.


                                                  #6. The most important word in copywriting

                                                  Victor Schwab, one of the godfathers of direct response copywriting, explained this great concept called “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me).


                                                  Your prospect does not care about YOU.

                                                  They don’t give a dragon’s red tail about how cool your product is, how many years you’ve been in business, how many awards you’ve won, etc.

                                                  The ONLY thing they care about is WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM.

                                                  What do THEY get by reading your copy…

                                                  What do THEY get by buying your product or service…

                                                  Why will THEY benefit from choosing your client's company over the billion other brands just like em.


                                                  Can you guess the most important word in copywriting?

                                                  And selling… and marketing… and communication…


                                                  Load up your copy with the word “you.”


                                                  #7. What are they REALLY buying?

                                                  Pondering woman

                                                  Gary Halbert explained this best in his infamous Boron Letters…

                                                  He explained how people give answers that they THINK others want to hear.

                                                  To make them sound more sophisticated, more interesting, more superior, etc.

                                                  Point is...

                                                  People will tell you what they THINK you want to hear, not the truth.

                                                  Few examples:

                                                  When surveyed, people claimed they read the bible the most – however, the sales showed it was the National Enquirer.

                                                  When surveyed, people said they drank Guinness Beer the most… LIES!! (sales proved they drank the cheapest beer available at the time, forget what it was).

                                                  This is really important because if you’d base your copy on what customers say they buy or like in a product, you’d be doomed from the start.

                                                  The solution?

                                                  Look at what customers BUY, not what they say they buy.


                                                  #8. Test

                                                  Another VERY important thang to understand about direct response copywriting is the power of testing.

                                                  You want to constantly analyze your data and look for ways to improve.

                                                  Testing is the only real answer to the question - “is my copy any good?”

                                                  The answers will ALWAYS be in the data.

                                                  But Jeremy, what data is important?

                                                  Ask a dozen copywriters, you’ll get a dozen different answers.


                                                  There’s a bajjilion different KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics out there.

                                                  But to be honest, 99.7% of them are absolutely useless.

                                                  The only real metric you should care about is….


                                                  Conversions are usually either leads or sales.

                                                  #9. Make the skeleton dance

                                                  Dancing skeleton

                                                  Never leave a dead rhinoceros stinking up your closet.


                                                  You MUST raise and handle your prospect’s objections.

                                                  Only looney-tune copywriters try to hide them, hoping they’ll forget about them and go away on their own.

                                                  They won’t.

                                                  Instead, readers stop reading long before they get to your CTA.

                                                  However, I also don’t recommend merely raising and handling objections.

                                                  Because there’s a MUCH better way to do so.

                                                  A little-known way to not only raise and handle objections like a boss but to have your client’s perceived flaws work in their favor.

                                                  And you do this by “making the skeleton dance.”

                                                  I learned about this VERY PROFITABLE concept from sales trainer – Barry Maher.

                                                  Barry would write down all his perceived flaws… and then… find creative ways to flip these flaws on their head.

                                                  To BRAG about them.

                                                  And have them work hard to sell his service.

                                                  2 Examples:

                                                  ONE: Does your client have the most 1-star reviews in their industry?

                                                  BRAG about this by saying something like…

                                                  “Yeah, I have the most 1-star reviews, but I also have the MOST reviews and the most BUYERS out of anyone in my industry because people want what I’ve got to sell.”

                                                  TWO: Most expensive price?

                                                  BRAG about your high price…

                                                  “Yeah, my product is expensive, it’s also the most valuable. Its value is 10x greater than its price. In fact, I’m raising the price soon, so why don’t you get in on today’s BARGAIN.”

                                                  See how this works?


                                                  #10. Create vision

                                                  Jim Camp (the world’s most feared negotiator) said vision drives decision.


                                                  If your reader does not have a VISION (filled with emotions) of their problems or desires, they will not take action.


                                                  You must paint a VIVID vision of your reader’s problems.

                                                  The easiest way to paint this vision is to talk about their problems using relatable stories, specific details and word images that touch our 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hear, see).


                                                  7 Direct Response Copywriting Examples

                                                  Use these examples as inspiration for writing your own copy.

                                                  Study these examples and look for the 10 direct response rules at play (mentioned above).

                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #1

                                                  Gary Halbert Ad


                                                  This ad by Gary Halbert is a great example of how to write a direct response lead gen ad. Notice how he flags down his readers by bringing up their BIG problem (needing more money) and how he persuades his readers by creating vision with each bullet.


                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #2

                                                  Gary Halbert Coat of Arms ad


                                                  This ad is the MOST sent-out piece of mail in US HISTORY. It made Gary Halbert an “overnight” success. Notice the 1:1 conversational tone. It sounds like he’s talking directly to you.


                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #3

                                                  Gary Halbert ad P.S.

                                                  This is the CTA (P.S.) from the previous ad. This is a great example of creating a reason why the reader should act NOW (thanks to the discount and urgency, added in).


                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #4

                                                  Gary Bencivenga ad


                                                  Gary Bencivenga wrote this beauty. It’s a great example of how to raise & handle objections. Notice all the proof that is sandwiched around his claims.


                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #5

                                                  Gary Bencivenga ad 2


                                                  Another ad by Gary Bencivenga. Pay special attention to the 5 bonuses he includes. Bonuses are a great way to boost response because they increase the perceived value of your offer. Many people buy from ads solely from the exciting bonuses included.


                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #6

                                                  John Caples ad


                                                  This ad by John Caples is a great example of how to flag down your ideal readers in the headline. Notice how he calls his audience out by gender and mentions a BIG desire right away.


                                                  Direct Response Copywriting Example #7

                                                  John caples ad 2


                                                  John Caples taps into his readers’ emotions - embarrassment, resentment, revenge, pride and many more - in this classic ad. This is a great example of selling through storytelling. Which is another must-have for effective direct response copywriting.


                                                  How to Become a Direct Response Copywriter

                                                  If you’re already a working copywriter, it’s very easy to inject direct response swag into your writing.

                                                  Simply read the direct response copywriting books I listed above and apply their wisdom.

                                                  Learning and applying direct response copywriting will only improve your writing and selling skills.


                                                  If you’ve never written copy for clients before…

                                                  You should follow my footprints.

                                                  Spend a few months learning direct response copywriting. Read the top direct response copywriting books. Do the copy practice exercises I listed above. Then, after you’ve plowed through these books and have a decent understanding of the basics, go out and get freelance clients.

                                                  I’ve written an ultimate guide on how to get your first bunch of freelance clients. You can read it here:

                                                  How to Get Copywriting Clients in 2023 With No Experience (Get New Clients TODAY)


                                                  After you’ve gotten a bunch of clients, you’ll want to create a copywriting portfolio and choose a copywriting niche.

                                                  Finally, once you have your freelance copywriting business up n running, you’ll want to grow it as quickly as possible. There’s 3 supreme ways to do so… you can learn about them here:

                                                  3 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Freelance Copywriting Business in 2023 (Make 6-figures This Year)


                                                  With ALL the copy you write for clients…

                                                  APPLY the direct response principles & fundamentals into your writing.

                                                  Never stop learning, practicing and writing direct response copy.


                                                  How Much do Direct Response Copywriters Make?

                                                  Woman holding money up

                                                  According to, direct response copywriters make around $65,000 per year.

                                                  However, this is absolute gibberish.

                                                  Don’t be fooled by ANY salary claim online regarding direct response copywriters.

                                                  There is NO LIMIT to how much a direct response copywriter can make IF they meet these 2 conditions….

                                                  1. You work for yourself – freelance copywriter
                                                  2. You can turn words into sales

                                                  As long as you run your own business and can get results for your clients (in cold hard cash), you can earn as much as your big toe desires.

                                                  That’s why applying the direct response copywriting principles into your writing is a must for ANY copywriter.

                                                  You will never earn much if you cannot get results for your clients.



                                                  I hope I’ve convinced you to study direct response copywriting and to apply it’s blue magic to every piece of copy you write for clients.

                                                  If you do, I can almost guarantee you will be successful.

                                                  If you want to learn more direct response copywriting tips and tricks, enter your email below:


                                                  5 Proven Copywriting Frameworks for Beginners (Write Better Copy Today)

                                                  Nov 17, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


                                                  Jim Camp, The World’s Most Feared Negotiator, taught the importance of systems.

                                                  He was a jet fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.

                                                  And he revealed the simple reason why the army can turn shaking scared beginners into fearless fighter jet pilots who remain calm amid battle, with bullets flying at them from every direction.

                                                  The reason?

                                                  The systems they learned during training camp.

                                                  You see, as long as Jim stayed within this system, he would be safe, even with danger all around him.

                                                  If he went outside of this system, they’d be picking up his body parts for 100s of miles.

                                                  Jim also created a negotiating system that allowed him to negotiate billion-dollar deals with top companies and become the CIA’s go-to guy for negotiating with terrorists in intense hostage situations.  

                                                  Point is…

                                                  If you follow a proven system, it is almost impossible to fail.

                                                  The same is true with copywriting.

                                                  There are dozens of proven systems that the top salesmen and copywriters rely on to sell billions’ worth of products and services every year.

                                                  These systems work.

                                                  And if you stay within them when writing copy, you will automatically write effective copy that persuades readers and turns them into happy customers.

                                                  In this blog post…

                                                  I’m going to reveal what copywriting frameworks are, why you should use them and the 5 best copywriting formulas to effortlessly transform your writing skills (even if you’re a raw beginner).


                                                  What is a Copywriting Framework?

                                                  A copywriting framework is a proven persuasion system for writing effective sales copy.

                                                  These copywriting formulas have been used by the greatest copywriters of all time to sell stadiums worth of products and services.

                                                  These frameworks work so well because they tap into human buyer psychology and salesmanship.

                                                  They give you a helpful structure to write within and make it easy to unload your thoughts & ideas in a way that is most persuasive and engaging to your target audience.


                                                  How Can a Copywriting Framework Benefit YOU?

                                                  As a beginner copywriter, using a copywriting framework can help you in a bunch of ways. Here 5 of the biggest benefits of using a copywriting formula:

                                                    #1. Provides Structure

                                                      A copywriting framework provides a helpful structure for writing copy.

                                                      It helps you to organize your thoughts, ideas and main selling points in a logical, straight-forward way.

                                                      With a copywriting framework, you can easily identify the main selling points you want to communicate to your target audience.

                                                      Not only does a copywriting formula provide guidance, but it gives you a proven persuasive structure that makes it easy is strawberry shortcake to sell your clients’ products & services.

                                                        #2. Saves Time

                                                        Clock on top of money

                                                          Using a copywriting framework can save you from deadly writer’s block and slash your writing time in half (or more!)

                                                          By using a copywriting formula, you are never really starting from scratch. It’s more like filling in the blanks to a template that’s proven to work. This can help you write much faster and more effectively.

                                                            #3. Improves Quality

                                                              A copywriting framework can also help you sell more products and get more desirable results for your clients.

                                                              By following a proven copywriting formula, you will automatically write in a clear, engaging and persuasive way.

                                                              This can help you connect with your audience on a deep, emotional level and get them digging for their credit cards.

                                                                #4. Provides Consistency

                                                                  By using a copywriting framework, you can quickly bang out homerun after homerun, on a consistent basis. Because you are not reinventing the wheel, you’re simply following a proven structure that sells.

                                                                    #5. Helps You Learn

                                                                    Brain lifting weights

                                                                      By studying and applying proven frameworks used by the best copywriters in the world, you will gain insights into the strategies and techniques used by copywriting legends and sales psychology baked into them.


                                                                      The 5 Best Copywriting Frameworks to Supercharge Your Writing Skills

                                                                      #1) AIDA Copywriting Formula


                                                                      Gary Halbert preached the AIDA copywriting framework and used it to sell millions’ worth of products and services.

                                                                      He wrote about it in great detail in The Boron Letters. I highly recommend that every beginner copywriter reads this book (multiple times).

                                                                      AIDA is a very popular framework used in copywriting, sales and marketing.

                                                                      It’s especially useful for beginner copywriters because it helps you create persuasive and powerful sales messages that resonate with your target audience.

                                                                      The framework is based on the idea that customers go through a series of stages before making a purchase.

                                                                      The first stage is getting their attention, followed by sparking their interest. Then, after you’ve ignited their interest, you create a desire for your product, and then, encourage them to take action and buy.

                                                                      Applying AIDA

                                                                      To apply the AIDA framework, you need to understand each stage of the buying process and how to create copy that resonates with your target audience.

                                                                      Here's a breakdown of each stage:

                                                                        1. Attention

                                                                          The first step is to grab your reader’s attention. You achieve this by writing an attention-grabbing headline that flags down your ideal reader. The goal is to get them to stop scrolling and read your first sentence.  

                                                                            2. Interest

                                                                              Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you need to generate interest in your product or service. This can be achieved by highlighting all the cool & unique features.

                                                                                3. Desire

                                                                                  After you’ve hooked their interest, you need to create desire for your product. This can be done by painting a bright vision of what your product or service will DO for your readers. I.E. all the enticing benefits they’ll gain from using it. Tap into your readers’ emotions and deepest desires.

                                                                                    4. Action

                                                                                      Your readers should be foaming at the tongue by now, itching for a way to get your product and experience the desirable results. So, now, tell them exactly what to do next. Make your call to action (CTA) clear, concise and easy to follow. Give your readers step-by-step instructions on what to do. Boost your response rate by giving a discount, adding some bonuses, and using scarcity & urgency to push them over the fence and buy your product.

                                                                                      The AIDA formula is an extremely powerful persuasion weapon that can transform your copy. Simply follow the steps listed above.


                                                                                      #2) PAS Copywriting Formula


                                                                                      This is my favorite copywriting formula to use.


                                                                                      Because the key to selling is solving your readers’ problems. You start your sales message with your prospect. Paint a vision of their problems and then offer them a solution (your product). This copywriting formula makes this easy to achieve.

                                                                                      The PAS copywriting formula is a tried-n-true framework used by salesmen, copywriters and marketers to sell products.

                                                                                      By using this copywriting formula, you can instantly write interesting, engaging, and persuasive copy that grabs your readers and forces them to take immediate action.

                                                                                      The PAS copywriting formula stands for…




                                                                                      It's very simple and super effective.

                                                                                      Here’s how ya use the PAS formula to write killa kopy…

                                                                                      1. Problem:

                                                                                      Bring up the biggest problem your prospect is currently facing.

                                                                                      2. Agitate:

                                                                                      Agitate their problem by tapping into their EMOTIONS. Tap into their anger, resentment, guilt, embarrassment, fear, insecurity, greed - any and every negative emotion.

                                                                                      Make their problem larger than life, worse than death.

                                                                                      Get them prancing around their house saying “This has got to stop! I’ve got to do something about this right now!”

                                                                                      3. Solution:

                                                                                      Then, offer the solution to their problem! It helps to make this solution a quick fix and easy to obtain.

                                                                                      Here’s a quick example of PAS in action for selling homes:


                                                                                      Are you struggling to sell your home?


                                                                                      Need to be out by the end of the month and worried you’ll have to take a huge pay cut?


                                                                                      Here’s how you can sell your home, for MORE MONEY than you’re currently asking for, in under 30 days – guaranteed. I show you how, step-by-step, inside my free ebook.


                                                                                      #3) The 4Cs Copywriting Formula

                                                                                      The 4Cs formula is a proven copywriting framework used by some of the most successful copywriters in the game to effortlessly create money-dripping copy.

                                                                                      The bread and butter of this formula is to make your copy clear, concise, compelling, and credible.

                                                                                      Here’s how…

                                                                                      1. Clear:

                                                                                      If your copy isn’t clear to your readers at a glance, it will never be read.

                                                                                      Use simple everyday words.

                                                                                      Break down complex topics and ideas into easy-to-digest stories and analogies.

                                                                                      Do NOT try to sound clever or sophisticated. Also, avoid using jargon or technical terms unless you are 100% certain that the vast majority of your readers understand and use them.

                                                                                      You should strive to write at a 5th grade level. Don’t know what a 5th grader talks like? No sweat, pork chop. Simply copy and paste your writing onto this site -

                                                                                      2. Concise:

                                                                                      Trim the fat. Remove unnecessary words & phrases and irrelevant details that don’t push your sales message along.

                                                                                      Keep your copy direct and to the point. Don’t yammer on and on like a looney toon about details your readers could care less about.

                                                                                      As long as you talk about things THEY are interested in, you will keep their interest.

                                                                                      3. Compelling:

                                                                                      Use emotional triggers, storytelling, and other copywriting techniques to hook your readers and keep them engaged throughout your sales message.  

                                                                                      4. Credible:

                                                                                      Gary Bencivenga’s secret weapon was using proof in his copy to make his message more credible and believable.

                                                                                      Your readers won’t buy if they don’t believe your claims, no matter how enticing they are.

                                                                                      So, add credibility to back up your claims.

                                                                                      Use facts, demonstrations, testimonials, and other evidence to build trust and credibility with your readers.

                                                                                      Applying 4Cs

                                                                                      To apply the 4Cs formula to your copywriting, start by identifying your target audience and understanding their problems, desires, needs and motivations. Then, use clear and concise language to communicate your message in a persuasive way that resonates with your readers. Tell stories and tap into your audience’s emotions throughout your copy to make it more compelling and add proof elements to make sure your copy is believable.

                                                                                      Here are some bonus tips for getting the most out of the 4Cs formula:

                                                                                      • Write short sentences and paragraphs to make your copy easier to read and understand.
                                                                                      • Write in an active voice to make your copy engaging and persuasive.
                                                                                      • Use sensory language to appeal to your reader's 5 senses (touch, taste, hear, smell, see). This helps them picture what you’re saying in their mind’s eye and makes your words come to life.
                                                                                      • Use sub-heads, bullets, pictures, etc. to break up your text and make your copy easy on your reader’s eyes.
                                                                                      • Use testimonials, reviews, and other social proof to build credibility and authority with your readers.

                                                                                      By applying the 4Cs copywriting formula, you can create effective copy that vibrates with your target audience and gets desirable results for your clients.


                                                                                      #4) The FAB Copywriting Formula


                                                                                      FAB is a famous copywriting framework that stands for:




                                                                                      This technique works wonders to help you turn bland features into persuasive benefits that sell your products.

                                                                                      The Features are the physical or functional aspects of your product.

                                                                                      The Advantages are the positive outcomes that result from the features.

                                                                                      The Benefits are the emotional and psychological needs that your product satisfies.

                                                                                      The FAB framework helps you connect with your audience by showing them how your product or service can solve their problems and achieve their desires.

                                                                                      Applying FAB

                                                                                      To apply the FAB framework, you need to identify the key Features of your product or service.

                                                                                      For example:

                                                                                      Color, weight, size, durability, material, etc.

                                                                                      Then, once you've identified the Features, come up with enticing Advantages that they provide for your readers.

                                                                                      For example:

                                                                                      Let’s take an Old Spice deodorant stick.

                                                                                      Feature: 24-hour scent technology

                                                                                      Advantage: smell good all day long

                                                                                      Benefit: Attract the opposite sex

                                                                                      When you're writing copy using the FAB framework, it's important to focus on the Benefits rather than the Features.

                                                                                      Features do not sell.

                                                                                      Your customers don't give two buttons about the technical details of your product or service - they just want to know what it will DO for them.

                                                                                      By using the FAB framework, you can create copy that speaks directly to your customers' needs and desires.

                                                                                      It's a powerful copywriting formula that can help you increase conversions and build stronger relationships with your readers.


                                                                                      #5) The QUEST Copywriting Formula

                                                                                      Man on a quest

                                                                                      The QUEST framework is a copywriting formula that guides you in creating a narrative that leads your readers through the following steps:

                                                                                      1. Qualify: Start by qualifying your target audience. Clearly identify WHO your ideal customer is.
                                                                                      2. Understand: Crawl inside their mind and understand their needs at a deep emotional level. This involves market research. Uncover your target audience’s pain points, desires, motivations, etc.
                                                                                      3. Educate: Convince your readers that you understand them on a personal level and can help them solve their problems. You can achieve this by educating your audience on how your product or service can help them overcome their unique challenges.
                                                                                      4. Stimulate: Arouse interest and enthusiasm for your product or service. This involves creating a sense of urgency and excitement around your offering.
                                                                                      5. Transition: Finally, transition your reader into taking action. Provide a clear and compelling CTA that encourages your audience to take action NOW.

                                                                                      Applying QUEST

                                                                                      To apply the QUEST framework, start by identifying your ideal customer. Ask yourself who they are, what are the biggest problems they face, what motivates them, what do they want most, what do they need your product right now, etc. After you have a clear understanding of your target audience, you can begin to write copy that speaks directly to their needs on an emotional level (emotions sell).



                                                                                      Use these 5 proven copywriting formulas to transform your writing skills and explode sales for your clients.

                                                                                      Choose one that interests you and use it TODAY.

                                                                                      Want to grow your freelance copywriting business faster than a bullet? Enter your email below and I’ll show you how:


                                                                                      Your Ultimate Guide to Copywriting Research (Step-by-Step Process + 5 Best Techniques)

                                                                                      Nov 16, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


                                                                                      One of my favorite copywriting resources is a seminar that legendary copywriter, Eugene Schwartz, gave to Rodale Press’s copywriters.

                                                                                      In this seminar, Eugene broke down his step-by-step process for writing copy.

                                                                                      The same copywriting process he used to crush A-list copywriters and sell billions worth of products.

                                                                                      He spent a good chunk of time talking about the importance of copywriting research.

                                                                                      Believe it or not…

                                                                                      For each copywriting project, Eugene spends 80%+ of his time on market research, and only 20% on writing copy.


                                                                                      Because you do NOT write copy.

                                                                                      You ASSEMBLE it.


                                                                                      What you write about – the benefits, features, hooks, angles, emotional triggers – already exist.

                                                                                      All the answers to crafting million-dollar ads are already out there.

                                                                                      And your job is to find them and assemble them.

                                                                                      Then, display them in the most persuasive way to your target audience.

                                                                                      Your success as a copywriter has more to do with research than it does writing. Research is what separates struggling copywriters from thriving A-list copywriters.

                                                                                      In this post…

                                                                                      I’m going to cover what copywriting research is, why it’s imperative to your success, my own copywriting research process, The 10 best copywriting research questions and 7 little-known market research tools to use.


                                                                                      What is Copywriting Research?


                                                                                      Copywriting research is simply the research you do before writing.

                                                                                      It’s vital information about your client’s product, market, company and competition, that you’ll base your copy around.

                                                                                      This is the first crucial step in the copywriting process.

                                                                                      Usually, copywriters create a copywriting brief (filled with market research questions) that they give to their clients to fill out and then study.

                                                                                      I like to view copywriting research as digging for gold.

                                                                                      Gold digger

                                                                                      When researching your client’s market, product, etc. you are looking for golden bricks that you can use in your copywriting.


                                                                                      It’s much easier to find this gold if you know where to search and have helpful tools to dig it up.

                                                                                      I’ll cover what to look for in the following section, but before we get into that…


                                                                                      Why is Copywriting Research Important to Your Success?

                                                                                      Copywriting research is important to your success because without it you will never persuade your readers to take action.

                                                                                      If your readers do not respond to your copy (click your link, buy your product, exchange their email for a lead magnet, etc), you will not get results for your clients.

                                                                                      No results = no money for you.

                                                                                      So, if you want to become a top titty copywriter, you must spend a TON of time on copywriting research.

                                                                                      The goal of copywriting is to sell.

                                                                                      And the ultimate secret to selling anything, to anyone, is finding out what that person wants and then helping them get it.

                                                                                      It’s that simple.

                                                                                      And what your readers want are solutions to their problems.

                                                                                      But in order to solve their problems, you have to know WHAT their problems are.

                                                                                      You have to know what they want most, what pain they’re trying to avoid, what motivates them, what holds them back from buying your product or service, and so on.

                                                                                      Copywriting research holds all of these answers.

                                                                                      A common mistake copywriters make is spending too much time on the HOW and not nearly enough on the WHAT.

                                                                                      How you write - making your copy easy to read, highlighting the key points, making it engaging - is important, but ONLY if you are writing about WHAT interests your audience.

                                                                                      If you don’t…

                                                                                      It won’t matter how good your copywriting is.

                                                                                      As Gary Halbert said, you can write the best sales letter of all time, hitting all the major copywriting techniques and tactics, but it won’t sell a dime if you’re writing about the wrong subject. For example, writing about how great knitting equipment is to golfers.


                                                                                      How to Do Copywriting Research

                                                                                      When I was a naked & afraid newbie copywriter, I struggled a lot with copywriting research.

                                                                                      I didn’t know where to start.

                                                                                      I had no clue what questions to ask or where to find the answers.

                                                                                      However, after lots of crashing and burning (and from studying the best copywriters of all time), I’ve come up with a fool-proof method for copywriting research.

                                                                                      Here is everything you need to know about copywriting research, so you can improve your researching skills right away and write better copy.


                                                                                      What Should You Research?

                                                                                      There are the three main things I research before writing copy (in order of importance):

                                                                                      1. Your market
                                                                                      2. Your product (including the company you’re writing for: brand voice, USP, etc.)
                                                                                      3. Your competition

                                                                                      However, your market is by far the most important.

                                                                                      I usually spend 80% of my time studying the market I am writing for.

                                                                                      Often, you can write successful copy without even studying the product or competition IF you know exactly what your customers want and what motivates them to respond.


                                                                                      The Copywriting Research Process

                                                                                      Whenever writing copy for clients or myself, I spend at least 80% of the time on market research.

                                                                                      To help you understand everything that goes into the copywriting research process…

                                                                                      Here is EXACTLY what I do when taking on a new project:

                                                                                      After negotiating the deal…

                                                                                      I send my client a copywriting brief.

                                                                                      This brief has 10+ pages of market research questions.

                                                                                      Specific questions about their market, product, competition, testimonials, brand voice, USP, etc.

                                                                                      Then, when I receive this copywriting brief, I study it intensely.

                                                                                      Plus, I usually do some more digging (using the 7 market research tools discussed in the next section) and add my findings to the brief.

                                                                                      After I’ve gotten all the market research info I need, I study this BIG list (usually 30+ pages by now), 3 times.

                                                                                      The first time, I just read it.

                                                                                      The second time, I mark it up to the hilt. Emphasizing the key points, emotional triggers, biggest benefits, negative emotions, positive emotions, biggest objections, advantages over competition, etc.

                                                                                      I rank the top 5-10 benefits, objections and challenges.

                                                                                      Then, I go through it one more time.

                                                                                      I usually give myself at least 2 hours in between studying this info.

                                                                                      Then, after I have gone through this 3 times, I give myself at least an evening to let it “marinate” in my brain.

                                                                                      Then, I write my first draft in the morning.

                                                                                      When I write this draft, I let everything flow out.

                                                                                      I write very fast and do not edit anything – misspellings, incomplete sentences, etc.

                                                                                      One of the biggest benefits of doing extensive market research is that it completely eliminates writer’s block.

                                                                                      Once you study your market this intensely, when you finally sit down to write, everything will flow right out of your head, onto your laptop.

                                                                                      If you cannot think of what to write, then you haven’t done enough research.

                                                                                      Depending on the project and deadline, I will spend anywhere from 5 hours to as much as 7 days on copywriting research.


                                                                                      The 10 Best Copywriting Research Questions to Ask Your Client

                                                                                      Top 10

                                                                                      If you don’t have a copywriting brief filled with market research questions, then start with these 10…

                                                                                      These 10 questions were created by copywriting & marketing legend – Dan Kennedy.

                                                                                      You can learn more about them in his terrific copywriting book The Ultimate Sales Letter.

                                                                                      I still use these market research questions whenever I’m writing copy for a new market.

                                                                                      These market research questions are not your typical wet towel copywriting questions. They work so effectively because they tap into your market’s emotions – their pains, problems, desires, etc.

                                                                                      Use these 10 questions whenever you are researching your client’s market.


                                                                                      7 Copywriting Research Tools to Write Million Dollar Copy


                                                                                      These are my 7 go-to market research tools to answer your copywriting research questions.

                                                                                      I use them every time I write for clients or my own business…

                                                                                      Where to dig up market research gold:

                                                                                        #1) Talk to your market

                                                                                          Probably the best way to answer your market research questions is to talk to the people in your market.

                                                                                          This can be online or in person.

                                                                                          One way you can meet people in your market is to network.

                                                                                          One of the easiest (and fun) ways to meet new people in your market is to sign up for meetup groups.

                                                                                          Just type in the keyword and you’ll likely find a few groups on the subject and upcoming events.

                                                                                          (For example: if you’re writing to golfers, type in “golf”)

                                                                                          Then, TALK to these people.

                                                                                          Get to know them.

                                                                                          What are they gossiping about? What are they complaining about? What are they most interested in? What pain are they trying to escape?

                                                                                            #2) Conduct online surveys

                                                                                              There are several sites online where you can copy and paste your market research questions. Just type in “market research survey” and you’ll find a bunch. You can also ask these questions in forums and social media groups…

                                                                                                #3) Online forums and social media groups

                                                                                                  This is my favorite market research tool for uncovering the emotions, problems and desires of my market.

                                                                                                  Here’s a few of my favorite sites… Reddit, Facebook Groups and Quora.

                                                                                                  You can usually find answers to most of your market research questions on Reddit alone. Simply type your market’s keyword into Reddit’s search bar. I.E., “golf”.

                                                                                                  Plus, you can type – “[your niche] + best online forums” – into Google to find some online forums where your market is congregating and communicating with one another.

                                                                                                    #4) Comment section on relevant & popular blogs (related to your niche).

                                                                                                      Another great place to find market research answers are blog post’s comment section.

                                                                                                      Be on the lookout for questions and common topics your market is talking about.

                                                                                                        #5) Amazon reviews

                                                                                                          Search for relevant products in your niche.

                                                                                                          I like to look at the common questions asked, the “by feature” section and the reviews (tip: look for EMOTIONAL reviews).

                                                                                                            #6) Google search

                                                                                                              You can also uncover market research gold by typing a market research question into Google. Simply ask the question and add your niche (For example – “what makes real estate agents angry?”) Click on relevant answers, especially ones answered by your market (Quora & Reddit).

                                                                                                                #7) Competitor ads and websites

                                                                                                                  Study your client’s competition.

                                                                                                                  What are they saying? How are the saying it? What hooks are they using? What is their big USP? What emotional triggers are they using? Benefits? Etc.

                                                                                                                  Get inspiration from the competition and see if you can add/improve upon what they have.



                                                                                                                  It should be no secret by now…

                                                                                                                  Research plays a BIG role in your success as a copywriter.

                                                                                                                  If you research your client’s market enough, you can leap over 99% of common obstacles copywriters face and quickly improve your copywriting skills (and income).

                                                                                                                  Want more copywriting tips to help you achieve your copywriting goals? Enter your email below:


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