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Sales is NOT a Numbers Game

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Rejection from copywriting clients STINGS.

To relieve the pain, each time you are slapped across the face by rejection, you are closer to your next client… right?


Oh yes, the gurus just love to prattle on and on about how rejection is a good thing.

How sales is a numbers game.

And how every rejection means you're closer to a sale.

However, I think this is bullcrap.


The reason is obvious.

It doesn’t matter how many times you hit a golf ball, if you’re aiming in the wrong direction.

You WILL MISS 100% of the shots you take, if you’re shooting at the wrong THANG.

You will ALWAYS get rejected if you’re blindly chasing after the WRONG PROSPECTS.

Recipe for rejection disaster:

Reach out to total strangers who have no sense of urgency to hire a copywriter & can't afford your rates (or worse, who don't even know what a copywriter is.)

You can (and will) get rejected by these types of “prospects” a million times, and still never secure a copywriting gig.

And if you waste your valuable time & energy reaching out to these types of “freezing prospects” then your confidence will be eaten alive and you’ll spend long nights staring at the ceiling, wrestling with thoughts like: "What have I done??" "I'm doomed to a 9-5 the rest of my life."


There’s a far better way to go about getting copywriting clients.

And it all starts with ATTRACTING your dream clients to you.

Believe it or not, I've figured out a way to ATTRACT over 50 paying clients to me within my very first 3 months of copywriting. I did not have any prior experience or even a portfolio.

And I did not chase after them either. I did not call anyone, email anyone or even hop on Zoom.

Want to learn what I did?

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It'll show you everything you need to start ATTRACTING qualified clients to you, who are actively searching for your services.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac


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Numb from Talking to Copywriting Clients Everyday

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Talking to clients all day can be exhausting as a Snorlax.

Especially if you slide toward the introverted side.

But, even if you’re zapped with energy from talking to peeps, you can still get drained.

So, here’s a juicy tip for those who are burnt out from socializing:

Be EXTREMELY bias with WHO you choose to work with.

Here’s what I mean:

Now, I am by no means an extrovert.

In fact, I’m a borderline hermit.

I LOVE being by my lonesome & I rarely get lonely.

However, I DO get lots of energy and ENJOY being around people I like.

Now think…

How many clients do you actually enjoy talking to?

How many clients do you share hobbies & things in common with?

Are you passionate and/or interested in the conversations you have with them?

If not, you may need to take a hard look at WHO you’re attracting.

In Russel Brunson’s book, Traffic Secrets, he expressed how burnt out he was in his business.

And the main reason why was his customers.

But it was all his fault.


Because he was attracting customers who he had nothing in common with.

So, what did he do?

He took some time & wrote down all the traits & characteristics of his “dream customer.”

The type of unicorn client who makes his life a breath of fresh air to work with & his pockets fatter than an obese boar.


He tailored all his marketing, ads, branding, products and so on – to attract THEM… and ONLY THEM.

This is what I do in my business too.

And I recommend you do the same.

You do not, and should not, be the copywriter for everyone.

In fact, you’d be much wealthier, healthier and happier, if you ONLY went after a SMALL SECTION of your market... aka a niche. (However, if you haven't gotten any clients yet or are still new to this wondiferious career, I'd recommend starting off broad, first, until you get a handful of clients).

Choose a copywriting niche you are passionate about helping, filled with people you ENJOY dealing with and writing for.

If you’d like some help doing this, then my monthly member - Copy Kings - will show you how.

A BIG topic I cover regularly is how to grow a freelance copywriting business. I give  actionable advice on how to choose a red hot niche you are passionate about writing for and hand you the tools to attract your “dream customers” to you with magnetic force.

Ditch the vampire prospects that drain you & start attracting your dream clients today!

Plus, when you become a Copy Kings member, you'll also find SEVEN valuable bonuses (worth $326) in your inbox - just seconds after you subscribe:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

How to Profit From 1 Star Reviews

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Bad reviews sink freelance copywriting ships.

Or do they?

In the early jobless days of Covid, I started an online business reselling Air Jordans.

In just a few months, business was booming.

Sold over 100 pairs of kicks & had an impressive rap sheet of 5 star reviews.

Then it happened.

My first 1 star review.



Another 1-star review.  

In the same stinking week!

I was so stressed.

“My business is over.”

“Nobody’s going to buy from me anymore.”

“What did I do to deserve these lousy penalty reviews?”


To be honest, I had a bad feeling about the two customers who gave me these poor reviews, before they ever received their shoes.

They were annoying & rude like a Karen in a grocery store’s return line.

Messaging me with a nasty attitude just about every day, until they received their orders.

But I was armed with some valuable knowledge.

You see, around the same time, I had listened to a podcast episode, where the host – Ben Settle (marvelous email copywriter) – told a story about how some troll gave him a 1 star review on Amazon.

What did Ben do?

He blasted this troll for all eyes to see on his blog and email newsletter.

Now, with this knowledge sizzling in my noggin, I replied back to the nasty 1 star comments.

Not backing down or apologizing.


I bashed them!

I warned any seller reading these reviews to stay FAR away from these low-class Dung beetles.

Then, I blocked them.

I’ve been doing the same ever since.

Whenever I get a whiff off a crappy client who slips into my copywriting business, I kick em out right away.

And my business, bank account and sanity has profited ever since.

So, if you have some 1 star review stinking it up on a freelance job site (like Upwork) or if you’re scared poopless of a bad review “ruining” your life, then heed my advice and do the following:

Write down all the traits of the person who gave you the bad review.

Then block all communications with them and, more importantly, REPEL this type of low-class arsehole far away from your freelance copywriting business.

If you'd like to learn how to grow your freelance copywriting business or copywriting career while writing for clients & companies YOU LOVE, then go here:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

“It’s All In The Form”

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Nearly had a heart attack last night.

The Celtics had my blood boiling like a Christmas chicken.

Celtic’s star, Jayson Tatum, had one of the worst 3 & a half quarters in superstar history. Then, all of a sudden, he caught fire.

Drained FOUR straight 3s, in the last 5 minutes, to send Boston to a game 7.

After the game, a reporter asked Marcus Smart (Tatum’s teammate), what the team told Tatum during his dry spell.


“It’s all in the form”


If you practice the form (shooting, in the case of basketball) over and over and over again, you will be successful.

Because the form is rooted in time tested, rock-solid fundamentals.

The form never steers you wrong.

And when you perfect the form, and constantly improve upon it, you will ALWAYS be successful.

The same is true for copywriters.

The form?

Direct response copywriting.

How do you master this form?

By studying, practicing & applying the fundamentals of direct response copywriting, marketing & sales into EVERYTHING YOU DO.

If you'd like to become a "6-figure copywriter" you MUST master this the form.

And my exclusive member - Copy Kings - will show you how with sniper precision:

Remember bubba, it’s all in the form.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

The First Step to Copywriting Success

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


It’s not what you’re thinking.

And to be honest, I would have never thought of it on my own.

You see, I stumbled upon THE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient for copywriting success, while reading a rare-as-rocks newsletter from the 1980s.

It was written by the world’s greatest copywriter – Gary Halbert.

The Prince of Print (Halbert’s nickname) wrote monthly newsletters to entrepreneurs teaching them marketing, sales and copywriting.

One issue taught em how to create a successful business from scratch.

Gary said the key to success (and happiness) is:


He revealed this early on in the newsletter before getting into the nitty gritty steps on how to build a successful business.


The FIRST (and most important) step you ought to take, when starting a freelance copywriting business, is to sell a product (or service) you are passionate about… to a market you are passionate about serving.

Now, I hope you didn’t get into copywriting for the - “get rich quick with no brains, talent or hard work” shtick that is sold by many “certified” glueroos on YouTube and TikTok.

If so, you might want to rethink some thangs.

But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s assume you got into this career out of a pure passion for writing copy and helping businesses grow and helping their customers improve their lives.

If so, I’ve got wonderful news to share with you…

You’ve ALREADY achieved a BIG step towards being a raging success.

Yes, it’s true.

And if you’re passion for writing copy is drying up from doing stuff you hate, like:

Cold email outreach...

Working with time-wasting, rude, cheap ass clients...

Having your copy ripped to shreds by a micro-managing client or boss who has no lick of what good copy is.

Then ol' Jmac is here to relieve you from your copywriting woos & zap your body with passion.

I’m here to make copywriting FUN AGAIN.


I do so by giving sending you weekly trainings on copywriting, marketing, sales and lead generation.

All designed to put more cash in your pocket & more passion in your heart.

Oh, and when you're a top-notch copywriter, you call the shots.

You choose who you write for, what you write and how many hours you work.

Interested in becoming a top paid copywriter?

Give my Copy Kings membership a shot:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Swiping vs Stealing

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I shouldn't have to say this.

But here we are...

"Copywriters" who take someone else's copy, tweak a word or two, then slap their name on it... are BIG FAT LOSERS.

News flash dumb dumb:

This is NOT swiping.


Successful copywriters do not do this.

Instead, they look at successful ads for inspiration.

To get BIG IDEAS from them.

They analyze what worked for this copywriter, break down WHY it worked for them, and then improve upon it.

Here's an example of how to swipe the RIGHT WAY:

Dan Kennedy, one of the most successful marketers on earth, created his multi-million dollar product, "Magnetic Marketing" (which later become an entire brand unto itself) from something he saw in an old-as-dirt ad from the 1920s, selling Personal Magnetism.

Dan noticed how they used the theme of magnetism (attracting others to you like a magnet through your new magnetic personality) to sell their product.

Dan swiped this concept and applied it to his own product - attract customers to your business through marketing, instead of chasing after them via prospecting.

The result?

Magnetic Marketing is Dan's most popular product, earning him millions and continues to add 0s into his bank account - 50 YEARS LATER.

This is the power of swiping correctly.

If you do, you can become a top-paid copywriter VERY QUICKLY.

After all, Gary Halbert preached how one BIG IDEA can change your life forever.

Want to change your life forever by becoming a A-list copywriter who gets paid like a king to write for brands you love?

Join my exclusive copywriting club - Copy Kings:

When you subscribe, you'll gain 7 special bonuses (normally $326 but 100% FREE to new subscribers) that'll help you quickly become a 6-figure copywriter.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

How to Unlock the Winning Mindset

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

This was painful as splinters to watch.

Last night, I watched the Celtics blow a 12-point lead, late in the 4th quarter.

They haven’t learned their damn lesson.

Been coughing up BIG leads, late in games, all darn season long.

The reason?

They play not to lose.

Back a few years ago, when I was a feen for self-improvement books, I stumbled upon Psycho Cybernetics, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz.

This book is a real gem.

Because it teaches you how to achieve your goals by changing your self-image via visualizations.

Anyways, the Doc talked about how to become “clutch” and win when it matters most.

More specifically, the “winning mindset” to have when the game’s on the line.

The mindset?

Play to WIN.

Picture achieving your goal, in your mind’s eye, BEFORE your “big game.”

For example:

Visualize closing your copywriting client with confidence and ease, the night before a big negotiation.

Do this, repeatedly, and I guarantee this will help you close more deals, almost overnight.


Because you’ll view yourself as a stone-cold closing machine. You’ll feel the electric confidence & swagger of a millionaire copywriter raging through your body.

And, for a big juicy bonus, you will remove all need from the sale.

Neediness is one of the deadliest sales killers.

But don’t worry, because, for those of you who are Copy Kings members, you have my secret remedy for building your “winning mindset” and removing all whiffs of need.

To learn more about this bonus, and the 6 other bonuses included when you join Copy Kings, go here:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

“If I Listened to People Like You, I’d be a Nobody”

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I’ll never forget this true story Ben Settle (email gawd) told on his magnificent podcast – Antiprenuer.

He was talking about how to deal with critics.

(He calls them trolls.)

Anyways, he shared a story about how Howard Stern (legendary talk-radio show host) gave one of his “trolls” the bidness, live on air, for all ears to hear.

The troll wanted to give Howard his unsolicited advice on how to run his show.

Howard cut him off before he could finish.

And went on a wild rant about how if he had listened to the average person’s advice (like the caller's) he would have never been such a success.

After all, there’s only a small handful of successes out there and Howard is on the elusive Mount Rushmore in his industry.

Now think about this:

Why would someone who’s striving to be the best at what they do… listen to… or worse… follow the advice from the average joe… who has never been close to where they’re at or want to go.

The same is true with any worthy goal you’re trying to pursue.

You should NEVER listen to the advice of sheep.

This goes triple for copywriters.

Because as a copywriter, there’s really ONLY ONE “group" of people you want to listen to.

No. It’s not your friends, family, other copywriters or EVEN YOUR OWN CLIENTS.

Everything you do in copywriting should be focused on your client's customers.

AKA the people you are writing to.

Because to be a successful copywriter, you must help your clients (or company) make more sales.

But in order to do so, you must find out what THEIR customers want, then give it to them via your copy.

This is important because you are writing to your client's CUSTOMERS, not your client.

If you're a client is worth a darn, they'll be more than willing to pay you whatever you ask for, IF you are able to help them grow their business.

And when you are able to turn their leads into customers with the words you write - you have the midas touch.

You can command top fees.

You can work from wherever you want.

You choose the clients you want to write for.

Sound good?

Then become a Copy King member TODAY and I'll show you how

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy Mac

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