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Obvious Adam's Copywriting

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Few weeks ago, I read a book called Obvious Adams.

It’s a very short book about an Ad man in the early 1900s who rose from rags to riches. Not by doing anything ninja, aggressive selling or abusing legal loopholes.


He simply rose to the top by doing the obvious.

Many lessons can be scooped up out of this lil gem and applied to your copywriting career or business.

In fact, I’ve been following the BIG idea from this book for most of my life – I do what’s OBVIOUS.

I HATE complicated.

I LOVE simple.

And I routinely look for ways to simplify my writing, business and personal life.

Simplifying big tasks down to only 1 (or a couple) key things to focus on, day n day out, that bring me the lumpsum of results I’m seeking.

And if you’re a Copy Kings member, you’ll see what I mean.

Each week, I send out actionable, how-to trainings to multiply your income - in the simplest way possible.

There is absolutely no fluff, no mumbo jumbo motivational hoorah, no complicated tech or confusing techniques, just a very simple & powerful tips for you to apply right away into your copywriting.

In fact, you can apply & benefit from it TODAY.

Plus, I give 7 (yes SEVEN) bonuses worth their weight in gold to help you add mores 0's to your piggy bank. They are all EXTREMELY simple yet they get you RESULTS.

Check em out here:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac


Hogwarts Legacy of Copywriting Leads

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

When I was a kid, I loved Harry Potter.

Never read the books (didn’t enjoy reading until I was much older) but I loved watching Harry and the gang. What I enjoyed most of all was MAGIC.

It brought passion to my kid-sized heart.

The same is true now with copywriting.

And the same is true for MANY copywriters.

Yes, lots of “copywriters” get into this career for hyped up mumbo-jumbo reasons – make "6-figures in 3 weeks without any hard work or initiative."

But lots of copywriters get into it for the right reasons:

They’re passionate about writing.

They’re passionate about entreprenuership.

They’re passionate about helping companies grow and helping their customers improve their lives in some way, shape or form.

And, yes, they’re passionate about making buckets of mula while living the freelancer's dream live (nothin wrong with dat).

The moon really is the limit.

BUT it all starts with passion.

After all, one of the greatest salesmen in history, Gary Halbert, said THE most important ingredient to success in business is PASSION.

Once you have passion, then, you can really work magic.

And once you understand direct response copywriting & marketing (and are able to successfully apply it to your writing and lead gen), the sun is the limit to your earning potential.

If you’d like to equip yourself with the wand of Midas Touch copywriting, then rush over to:

I’ll show you how to cast deadly marketing spells that attract your ideal clients to you like a magnet, repel time wasters, disrespectful trolls and cheap-arses, and how to make YOU the brain-dead choice over the red sea of starving copywriters.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Leo DiCaprio’s Secret to Copywriting Success

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of “buzz” around Leo and his promiscuous love life.

Leos a STUD.

Dating more young, gorgeous models than Hugh Heffner.

And the washed-up Karens on social media are OUTRAGED!

All hilariousness to the side, there is a very valuable lesson to be learned from Leo.

A lesson you can apply right into your business - TODAY.


Leo ATTRACTS the type of women he wants... because... he GIVES them what they want – a wealthy, handsome, celebrity.

It’s that simple.

You see, once you know what your clients want, and GIVE them WHAT THEY WANT, you will naturally attract them in herds.

And when you do this, there is no more chasing, no more “hunting”, no more being a pesky nuisance who invades inboxes, and, frankly, no more competition.

But, before you can attract leads to you… you must, must, must… have a crystal clear picture of WHO you want to attract.

My advice is:

Choose a niche filled with successful businesses who you are PASSIONATE about helping.


Be like a CIA agent tracking down a deadly serial killer.

Get inside the minds of your ideal clients.

Know them better then they know themselves.

And uncover the REAL reasons why they’re looking for a copywriter.

If you'd like help with getting more copywriting clients and charging more for your work, go here:

To your success,
Jeremy Mac

How to Use Pressure to Win More Clients and Secure More Copywriting Gigs

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Check this out…

Few years ago, when I was a newbie copywriter, it took me FOREVER to write the simplest assignments – 100-word emails, FB ads, short blog posts and so on.

Fast forward to today...

I write emails in 7 minutes.

I write blog posts in a couple hours.

I write long sales pages within a day.

And I never feel stumped or stuck on what to say.

I just WRITE.

What's my secret?

Setting strict deadlines.


Because deadlines force you to complete tasks, in less time.

A wise quote to remember & live by is...

“Work expands the time given”

For example:

Let’s say you want to write a blog post for a client… but…. It’s taking you FOREVER to write.

Deadlines to the rescue!

What you ought to do is, give yourself a deadline.

Let’s say by 5pm today. (Or, you can set a deadline to complete this task in X hours. For example, set your timer for 3 hours and do not do anything else until your done.)

Now, what this deadline will do is, it will ELIMINATE over thinking, procrastination, doubts, writers block, etc.

Because it puts pressure on your brain.

Your brain likes pressure.

Pressure forces your brain to find ways to achieve your goal within the time given.

For years now, I’ve been using deadlines for ALL the work I do.

Writing copy, lead generation, creating products, creating a new business from scratch, etc.

And guess what?

The time it takes me to get tasks done has cut down faster than a coked up lumberjack.

And, as a direct result, I pocket more mula, generate more clients and have more free time than eva before.

Tis a beautiful thing.

And the same can be true for you when u work within strict deadlines.

If you'd like more insider tips on how to quickly grow your copywriting business or career, go here:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy Mac

Shows aspiring & struggling copywriters how to break into copywriting, feel confident in their copywriting skills and get a steady stream of high-paying clients - WITHOUT the confusion, hassle or guesswork

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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