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  • You could be writing for paying clients in just a few days, instead of months.
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  • You could be earning “6 figures” (or more) as a well-respected A-list copywriter, in less than 1 year from reading this.

Dear friend,

If your dream is to become a 6-figure+ copywriter who works with dream clients, writes from anywhere in the world and works as much or as little as you desire, with total freedom, passion and excitement (even on Monday mornings)… then this letter will show you exactly how…

Here’s the deal…

I’ve created a monthly membership for aspiring & struggling copywriters called:

Copy Kings

Jeremy Mac

Shows struggling copywriters how to achieve their copywriting DREAM LIFE

Here’s what you can expect as a member:

Each month, you’ll receive a hefty mix of video, audio & PDF trainings sent straight to your inbox (usually 1-2 trainings per week).

You can think of these trainings as no-fluff, mini-courses. 

These exclusive "mini-courses" cover the most popular & relevant topics on how to maximize your success & wealth in copywriting.

Filled with valuable copywriting, marketing, sales and lead generation secrets - that I’m currently using in my own business & for clients - to shortcut your exciting journey to a more fulfilling & successful copywriting career.

These actionable trainings are designed to be consumed in one sitting and APPLIED to your freelance business or in-house position, the very same day.

Typically, 1 month's content pays for a full year’s subscription - 2x, 5x, or 10x over (depending on your grit & willingness to implement).

This subscription is an investment.

Each time you apply the secrets, you will likely multiply your ROI.

This is my goal for you…

I want you to be able to click “play”...

Consume each training in one sitting...

And then immediately go and APPLY the information (that same day) to make your monthly subscription cost back… ASAP.

And then, keep reaping the rewards for months (even years) down the road, from every single training I send you.

PLUS, if you subscribe TODAY, you will also gain...

7 Extremely Valuable BONUSES

(IMPORTANT: These bonuses will not be available for long. Because as soon as I hit my personal goal for slots filled, you will have to pay the original, full price to access these exclusive trainings)

BONUS #1 - VALUE: $100

How to Get 50 Paying Clients

~ In Under 3 Months ~

WITHOUT a Portfolio

Untitled design(18).png__PID:c0bb9887-1585-4845-8886-7f9e60af5390

Crawl inside the deep, dark depths of my mind and discover how I secured over 50 paying clientswithin my first 3 months as a copywriter.

My unusual “technique” works for ANYONE.

You can get paid to write within the next 24 hours.

Best part is:

  • You don’t need a portfolio...
  • You don’t need ANY prior writing experience...
  • You don’t have to call, zoom or even email potential clients...

Clients will come to YOU and ask YOU if you’re available to work.

All you have to do is follow this simple step-by-step training (takes under an hour to learn).

You can start attracting paying clients to you like a red magnet by the end of TODAY.

And have your calendar filled with work over the upcoming weeks and months.

Here’s a few goodies you’ll pick up in this 1-hour crash course:

  • How to get clients without any testimonials. (FINALLY: a “shortcut” to escape the frustrating copywriter catch-22: “no experience but experience needed” that freezes up so many beginners – this “secret” will have you getting clients WITHOUT any testimonials or prior experience.)
  • How to get scary good at writing sales copy. (No book or course will teach you this…)
  • How to feel confident in the REAL value you provide to clients. (In just a few months, you’ll feel confident in getting top-paid clients or a dream job.)
  • The best “hands-on” copywriting education to quickly become a top-paid copywriter – while getting paid to “learn.” (As opposed to school where you have to pay thousands, even hundreds of thousands.)
  • Why you should never copy someone else’s work. (Only dumb losers do this… and… it actually makes it harder for you to stand out and succeed – even if you copy from the best.)
  • How to get paid to write a REALLY impressive portfolio. (Filled with the right type of work that’ll impress top clients – makes you the no-brainer option.)
  • How to break into copywriting, as quickly as possible, without writing a single word for free!
  • The “prep work” required before you’re able to go after “big fish” clients. (Don’t worry, you get paid for this prep work. Plus, by doing “this”, you’ll have a much easier time securing higher quality, higher paying clients – the type of dream clients that take most copywriters YEARS to get – in just a few short months.)
  • Confused about which niche to go after? Why not write for a bunch of different niches – while getting paid – and see which interests you the most? (After, you’ll have a gut feeling on which niche is right for you – no amount of research can give you this certainty.)
  • The “negative” mindset that’ll sabotage your early success. (Walk in with this mindset and you’ll block yourself from getting clients in the very first few weeks.)
  • How to have a sixth sense for knowing EXACTLY what to say, and how to say it, for every MAJOR type of copy that clients are currently paying for. (Never scratch your head again over how to write or structure emails, landing pages, social copy, blog posts, etc.)
  • Why you want to take the LONG way, when starting out. (At this stage, shortcuts will KILL your growth.)
  • The “WIIFM” concept that makes it a breeze to write sales copy that forces your readers to open their wallets and buy from you ON COMMAND.
  • How to shock potential clients with your expertise (even if you’re new) and prove that you’re the right person for the job.
  • When you SHOULD charge lower fees than your competition. (This CAN work in your favor… IF you meet this qualification. However, lower fees can also work against you and repel clients from working with you. Here’s how to tell whether or not you should charge low fees.)
  • The common yet deadly mistake most copywriters make when writing for clients. (If you don’t “fix” this, your clients won’t hire you again.)
  • The 5 types of copy every beginner should write. (Always in demand… pays the best.)
  • The REAL reason why businesses hire copywriters. (So simple, yet so misunderstood. Once you realize this, it’s a LOT easier to “persuade” clients to work with you.)
  • Why you should NOT choose a niche when starting out. (Choosing a niche can “handicap” you in the beginning. Instead, go broad and get a wide variety of experience. Pays off BIG TIME in the upcoming months.)
  • The only 2 reasons why any client would pay you to write from them. (If you don’t make it CRYSTAL CLEAR on HOW they can achieve these two “things”, you’ll lose out to more competent copywriters who’ve got a clue.)
  • How to ethically “steal” million-dollar ideas from your competition.
  • The ONE and ONLY job site beginners should go on to get a TON of work extremely fast. (Most “experts” crap on this for all the wrong reasons – it can actually shortcut your success… IF you know how to use it properly.)
  • Perhaps the single easiest way to stand out from competition. (Acts as a giant light tower in a stormy sea of competition – pulling dream clients to you.)
  • What to focus on during the research phase of a copywriting assignment. (This is THE most important step to writing successful copy. If you screw this up, you’re doomed from the start.)
  • Why you should NEVER write for free. (Even if you have ZERO experience.)
  • The MOST important step to writing successful sales copy. (It has nothing to do with “writing.”)
  • How to write irresistible “reason why” copy that gets your readers digging for their wallets. (This helps you charge higher rates.)
  • The RIGHT way to “swipe” your competition. (Protects you from nasty lawsuits and public shaming – and helps you write copy that gets you noticed by top clients.)
  • How to find the REAL, often hidden, benefit of why customers buy. (Uncover this, and you’ll be light years ahead of “competition.”)
  • The “internal record” constantly playing inside your readers’ minds. (And why you must address this RIGHT away in your copy… or else…)
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates for securing your first handful of paid gigs. (Takes a few minutes to start attracting paying clients to your gigs WITHOUT writing from scratch or paralyzing guesswork.)
  • The exact word-for-word questions to ask your clients before you write for them. (Drastically cuts down revision requests and ensures your clients LOVE your work - the first time they see it… saves you from headaches, frustration and “micro-managing.”)
  • The “risk-free” guarantee that removes all doubts and indecision from clients. (So they hire you without delay. No more “I’ll get back to you” or “I have to think about it first” replies.)
  • “Download” the exact methodology & psychology I used to get over 50 paying clients in under 3 months. (And use it to get similar results.)
  • How to get paying clients WITHOUT ever leaving your couch. (You never have to meet them in person, speak to them on the phone or over Zoom – a dream come true for introverts.)

BONUS #2 - VALUE: $58

How to Crush Your Fear of Rejection


If rejection from clients & companies is eating you alive, plaguing you w insomnia and sucking the fun out of your copywriting journey, then this valuable audio training will show you how to rid your fear, power through “slumps” and earn a whole lot more buckolas.

Inside this valuable 23-minute training, I reveal:

  • 2 powerful techniques to feel confident in your copywriting abilities. (Even if you are just starting out… great for copywriters with imposter syndrome.)
  • How to completely crush your fears of rejection. (For good, in as quick as 10 minutes, using this little-known trick.)
  • The bizarre secret of using a past memory, to turn you into a raging copywriting success.
  • Why rejection is a good thing. (A VERY good thing… the more rejection you face, the richer you’ll become… I explain why… and... how to use this “mindset shift” to your advantage.)
  • How to “trick” your brain into feeling confident when selling yourself on sales calls & client outreach. (So easy to do… and… after doing this, you will sell yourself with ease… and… even… ENJOY SELLING.)

BONUS #3 - VALUE: $33

How to Obliterate Copywriting Stress & Anxiety... In Seconds!

Untitled design(22).png__PID:41af3bdc-eb28-43a0-af08-226d6bb2b0ee

Few years ago, I created a product teaching insomniacs how to sleep. One of the lessons I taught in this video course was how to relax in bed and eliminate stress & anxiety. I’ve clipped this section out and tweaked it for copywriters.

It’s perfect for copywriters who stress over things like…

A.I. stealing your clients, the looming recession, social anxiety when talking to clients on sales calls, fear of stiff competition, imposter syndrome, not being able to find enough work to support yourself, and so on…

After watching this mini-course, you’ll have the tools to feel relaxed as a koalaon command!... while kicking major bootay along your exciting copywriting journey.

This video reveals secrets like:

  • The little-known breathing technique that MELTS stress, anxiety and worries around fear of writing…
  • The secret of instant relaxation. (Deep relaxation, in seconds, using only your lungs, your belly and your right hand! Great to do right before sitting down to write. Helps you get into a “flow state” and effortlessly crank out control-beating copy)…
  • Why your heart beats out of your chest when you’re stressed. (And a healthy way to slow it down – on command)…
  • How to instantly boost your mood, even if you’ve had a rough day…
  • How to make writing more enjoyable than watching an episode of your favorite TV show. (Because you are very focused & “loose”, without stress or anxiety or tenseness or anything else blocking you from enjoying the process of writing)...
  • Why the way you breathe is making you stressed out…


How to 10x Your Productivity


Take HOURS to write a measly 200-word email? Trouble turning “on” your creative side? Struggling to meet fierce deadlines? Can’t get into “hustle mode”?

If so, this short yet super valuable audio recording will show you how to complete more gigs, in less time.

After listening, you'll be able to effortlessly write high-quality copy, even at night, so you can earn more $$$ and spend more time with friends & family.

Here’s a juicy taste of what’s in store

  • How to consistently write top-notch copy without burning out!
  • How to instantly boost your focus. (Works even if you have the attention span of a bug-eyed squirrel.)
  • The rare productivity secret of one of the most successful advertisers in history. (He beat A-list competition and earned millions upon millions while working less than 3 hours a day… using this unusual “technique.”)
  • How to earn more money by working less hours… Every. Single. Day!
  • How to unlock your natural creativity. (Forcing your brain to feed you an avalanche of “million-dollar” ideas to plug into your writing & “wow” your clients.)


How to Delete Writer’s Block From Your Life FOR GOOD


Tired of staring at a blank screen when trying to write?

Believe it or not, I’ve NEVER experienced writer’s block.

It does not exist in my world.

Not when writing my first copywriting gig – not 4 years later.

I reveal why in this QUICK 4:36 minute audio recording.

After listening, you will have the confidence & tools needed to NEVER experience writer’s block again, for the rest of your writing career.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The mind-exploding truth about copywriting that leaves 86% of copywriters dead broke. (HINT: you do NOT write copy – you assemble it.)
  • 2 “secrets” to murder writer’s block once and for all. (As soon as you learn this, you will never stare at a blank screen again, scrambling for words to write – it’s so simple, so obvious, yet most copywriters are clueless… and pay for it in missed deadlines, lost clients and less money in their bank accounts. If these 2 “secrets” don’t eliminate writer’s block for you, instantly and entirely, write to me and I’ll personally send you a check for $100 – I’m THAT confident they work.)
  • What you MUST do, first, before ever sitting down to write. (If you don’t, you aren’t a REAL copywriter and you won’t be able to get REAL results for your clients. No results for clients = no money for YOU.)
  • How to “gently push” a FLOOD of money-oozing words right out of your head & onto your keyboard – without having to think a single thought. (They’ll just come out naturally… IF you do this one “thing” before writing.)
  • How to clear your head from anxiety, worries and doubts right before you sit down to write – makes writing 10x easier, EVEN if you’ve been writing all day.
  • How to slip out of creative “dry spells” like a bar of soap. (Works like magic, ONCE you know how.)
  • How to achieve the calm & steady focus of a US military sniper. (Without drinking, swallowing, or sniffing any substances. No jitters or negative side effects either. Just natural, razor-sharp focus that lasts all day.)


9 NO-FLUFF Book Summaries EVERY Copywriter MUST READ

9 Book Summaries Every Copywriter MUST READ(4).png__PID:b6b03292-ced2-44d2-9bb8-aefd11b4e6c6

In my cocky opinion…

If you haven’t yet read these 9 copywriting GEMS, you are not a real copywriter.

And you will certainly struggle to write copy that produces results for your clients.

I’m serious.

You’re putting yourself at a HUGE disadvantage to any copywriter who HAS read, studied and APPLIED these 9 “Mount Rushmore” copywriting books.

These are the EXACT 9 books I read to launch my copywriting career.

I attribute my early success to the wisdom found within the pages of these books (50 clients in under 3 months… 6-month contract at a marketing agency… and… an 82k yearly salary position as an in-house copywriter... all within my first 12 months.)

These summaries can act as a great “crash course” for beginners looking to quickly level up their copywriting knowledge & skills!

Here are 12 of my favorite tips & tricks found inside these summaries:

  • The 3 “things” to focus on during the research phase. (Doing this will make a dramatic difference in your ability to communicate your thoughts clearly & persuasively.)
  • 6 ways the internet has changed things for your readers.
  • 20 questions to ask yourself before submitting copy to clients. (If the answer is “no”, don’t you dare press “send.”)
  • The sole purpose of your first sentence. (Butcher your first sentence and you’ll lose your reader’s interest in mere seconds… plus… how to write an engaging first sentence that FORCES readers to keep reading all the way to your CTA.)
  • How to create the perfect “buying environment” in your ads. (This is rarely discussed amongst copywriters but is one of the most important things you MUST do in your copy. If not, you could send off bad “vibes” to readers, burn trust and block them from buying from you.)
  • How to create a “slippery slide” effect on your readers. (Makes it virtually impossible not to read every single word you write.)
  • The 7-step “formula” for writing successful copy. (Everything you ought to do for writing a control-beating masterpiece that pays you royalties for years to come, can be summed up in this simple 7-step formula – great for copywriters who need a proven structure to work within.)
  • 31 emotional triggers to get your readers to take IMMEDIATE action and buy from you “on the spot”.
  • The top 23 appeals to create your ads around. (And how to feel 100% confident you’re using the right appeals for your client’s market.)
  • 5 common types of copy to AVOID AT ALL COSTS. (Write any one of these types of copy and you’ll never get hired again by that client.)
  • 20 ways to inject “selling steroids” into your copy. (Turning “weak” copy into hulk copy that smashes competition and forces your readers to reach into their wallets and hand you their money.)
  • The top 100 most successful headlines of all time. (Use this headline template to effortlessly crank out irresistible headlines that grab your reader’s undivided attention and suck them into your copy - in record time… without ever getting stuck… no experience required.)

BONUS #7 –  VALUE: $50

How to Create a Successful Portfolio that Impresses Clients

In Under an Hour!

9 Book Summaries Every Copywriter MUST READ(2).png__PID:e39efa72-b91d-4634-9f33-ed29127e3381

Want a “behind-the-scenes” look at my portfolio?

It’s probably the simplest, cheapest (100% free) and most effective way to create a portfolio that’ll get you flooded with potential clients reaching out to you and begging you to write for them.

Works for freelance & in-house copywriters.

This takes all the confusion and mystery out of creating an impressive portfolio that gets you instant results.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A fill-in-the-blank template to quickly create your own impressive portfolio - in minutes. (Removes all guesswork of what to include, how to structure it, what to say, etc.)...
  • The “hidden” psychology behind what makes a client choose you over the competition. (Based on what they see - or don’t see - in your portfolio)...
  • What specific credentials to add to “woo” dream clients. (Without this vital info, you’ll miss out on stampedes of would-be clients – such an easy fix!)...
  • What every potential client is looking for when reading your portfolio. (If you leave this out – or don’t make it painfully obvious – you will fail to win them over)...
  • The 4 most popular types of copy that companies are currently hiring for. (You’ll want to add these to your portfolio ASAP)...
  • How to instantly position yourself as a trusted expert. (Fail to establish authority and your potential clients won’t believe a word you say!)...
  • Why you shouldn’t waste a minute on your portfolio’s “design.” (A pretty design repels high-paying clients. Instead, do this!)...
  • What platform to use to create and host your portfolio. (100% FREE)...
  • A “fool-proof” CTA to boost response rates from potential clients interested in hiring you. (Don’t you dare leave out a CTA in your portfolio – absolute killer mistake)...
  • How to blow potential clients minds with simple samples you “made up.” (Takes less than 10 minutes to create. Perfect for naked beginners with no experience or previous work to show. I reveal the BEST spec work to write and how to write it - within minutes. This alone can get you clients – FAST)...


But WAIT! That’s not all…

When you subscribe TODAY, you also get:

Exclusive 1:1 Access with ME!

You can ask me any burning questions you have about copywriting, writing in general, your portfolio, how to get clients, what to say during interviews, how to land a copywriting job at a company, etc.

Just send your questions to – jeremy@jeremymac.com - and I’ll personally respond back within 24 hours.


I do NOT respond to ANYONE who is not a Copy Kings member. This is a BIG perk of being a member.

However, this is not for copy critiques or coaching. All questions must be quick and to the point. This is for quick answers & “aha” solutions - if you’re stuck, confused and need some guidance.

Okay, Enough Chit-Chat…

Here’s the deal:

Right now, you can try Copy Kings for just $47 per month.

But to be brutally honest, you really aren’t paying ANYTHING.

Because just ONE new client converted… or ONE “you’re hired” at a new company… or a bump in your copywriting rates… or a new job promotion… using the bonuses & weekly trainings, will earn you AT LEAST 5x your money back, immediately.

And 10x more $$$ over the next month, and the month after that, and on and on and on…

This is an INVESTMENT that keeps growing and growing and growing, month after month, year after year, putting more 0’s into your bank account.

It's an investment to shortcut your copywriting success, so you can start living your new dream life, as a top-paid copywriter, as quickly as humanly possible.

All while working less hours & earning more, on projects you LOVE.

With more freedom and control over your work (and your life).

Every training I send to your inbox is grounded in proven copywriting fundamentals and from my own personal experience of what I’ve done throughout my copywriting career & am currently doing now (in my own business and writing for clients).


I’m so confident that this membership will work magic for you, that if at any time in your life you feel lost in your copywriting career, not confident in your copywriting skills or unable to generate high-quality freelance clients or land high-paying jobs… then cancel your subscription, at any time, no questions asked, and STILL keep over $326 worth of bonuses for FREE.

However, unfortunately, a LARGE number of “copywriters” do not even qualify for this opportunity. Before you click the “buy now” button… please read the following…

Copy Kings is not for:

  • Dumb-dumbs who think they can get rich by next Monday. I despise lazy, get-rich-quick idiots who are only interested in copywriting to “make 10k/month”.
  • Scumbags who take advantage of others – who are border-line criminals and lie their way to sales. (The secrets inside each training are POWERFUL. In the wrong hands, they can wreak havoc.)
  • Anyone on a tight budget who can’t wrap their heads around investing $1 per day on themselves right now.
  • Goldfish-brained dopamine addicts who can’t focus or implement. These trainings are designed to make your money back, in abundance, each month. They will do you no good if you can’t learn… apply… and… most importantly… STICK to it.

If you’ve made it this far, and can honestly say you do NOT possess the traits of the low-life’s I just mentioned above, you can go ahead now and INVEST in yourself…

Here’s how to order: 

Just click the yellow button below, enter your info and you will gain instant access to all 7 bonuses (digital downloads – a mix of video, audio & PDF files). You will receive your next Copy Kings training over the next few days (I send out 1-2 trainings per week with the subject line – Copy Kings New Upload)….


You will be billed $47 upon subscribing and then once every 30 days afterward (unless you cancel).

If you ever have any questions about your subscription or an issue with digital delivery, I want you to email me personally at – jeremy@jeremymac.com. Make sure you use your PRIMARY email address to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on any content or important updates, and so I can answer any questions without delay.

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Isaiah Patel

“This copywriting membership is a must-have for any copywriter looking to grow their business. I love how Jeremy provides detailed insights into the psychology of what makes people buy. He offers a TON of actionable tips to apply to your own business in each training.”

Quentin James

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Ulysses F

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Vincent Martin

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Michaela Meyers

“SO MANY options for getting clients. He wasn’t joking when he said you can choose the ones that you enjoy most. I found a few that work best for me and my personality. These are NOT the same ol lead generation tips. He gives advanced tips on all the newest strategies from his “in the trenches” experience with getting clients and they are practical and easy to use not just generic advice or puffy theory.”

 Jonathon Gold

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 Harrison peppers

“The membership provides actionable steps and easy to use worksheets to help me apply the copywriting strategies to my writing. This made it easy to implement the strategies in a practical way.”

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"Each lesson is so informational and entertaining. Jeremy keeps my attention throughout. I never feel bored or overwhelmed."

 Giselle Davis

"The was a great investment. It provides a wealth of knowledge and actionable steps to grow my copywriting business."

Peter W.

"His trainings are filled with practical tips and tricks that I never would have thought of on my own. Literally no one else is teaching this stuff."

 Tracy Berkshire

"I thought I could figure it out on my own, but this has streamlined the learning process, saving me valuable time and effort."

Lauren Parker

“Since joining, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of clients and projects I am getting.“

 Erin P

"The knowledge and expertise in Copy Kings are unparalleled. It's a copywriter's dream come true!"

 Davis N.

“I was scared of enrolling in this program due to all the scammers out there but Jeremy is the real deal. I have been blown away by the results. I’ve already seen a significant increase in the number of clients I am generating. I recommend to any copywriter whose struggling with getting clients or looking to take their business to the next level. You won’t be disappointed!”

 Fiona Brown

“One of the most valuable benefits of joining has been the significant reduction in rejection I have experienced from prospects. He's taught me how to attract more qualified leads who are already interested in my services. This has resulted in waaaay less rejections and more successful conversions.”

 Peyton P.

“Before joining, I was constantly struggling to generate leads and get work, which left me feeling burnt out and extremely stressed. This has helped me achieve a better work-life balance and reduce burnout while still growing my business.”

Rebecca Anderson

“I am now more confident than ever in my writing ability! I am super confident I will succeed!"

 Sara Ortiz

"This program turned me from a novice into a copywriting expert. I'm amazed!"

 Mike Vega

“This has really given me an unfair advantage over my competition! The expert advice has given me the power to stand out in a VERY crowded market.“

 Jake Upton

“Before Copy Kings, I often felt intimidated by my competition and feared losing out on potential clients. However, Jermey has taught me how to differentiate myself from other writers and leverage my unique strengths to attract more business. I now feel much more confident in my copywriting ability. I am excited to see the results in the upcoming months."

William Foster

“I used to struggle with crippling imposter syndrome and fear of rejection, which held me back from pursuing really going all in with copywriting and growing my business. However, this membership has shot me with confidence. I no longer have imposter syndrome with my writing and feel confident in building a more successful business and a much more fulfilling career.”

 Taylor Bradberry

"The step-by-step guidance and mentorship are what every aspiring copywriter needs."

 Jason Kim

“This membership has had a TREMENDOUS impact on the quality of my clients and my overall business. Before joining Copy Kings, I often found myself working with difficult clients who did not respect my time or expertise. But jeremy has shown me how to attract higher-quality clients who are more likely to value my services and treat me with respect. As a result, I now work with AMAZING clients who are a better fit for my business and who are more likely to refer me to others in their professional network.”

Nick Smith

“Completely transformed the way I write copy! I no longer feel stuck. I know exactly what to say and how to say it. It's like magic!”

 Heather Mackenzie

"I'm in awe of the results I've achieved with the help of this membership."

Ken Burke

“I can confidently say this has been one of the best investments I've made in my copywriting career.”

 Nicole Orlando

"If you're serious about a copywriting career, this program is your launchpad to success!"

Brett T.

"I used to struggle with writer's block, but not anymore. Like seriously, it's gone! Jeremy has unlocked my true copywriting potential!"

Brooke White

“Prior to joining, I was extremely burnt out and lost my fire. I struggled to generate leads and find success as a freelancer. But not anymore! I now enjoy my career again, feel very passionate and am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Yvette Rodriguez

"I used to struggle HARD at building strong relationships with my clients because it was hard for me to connect with them on a deeper level and understand their needs and concerns. Since joining Copy Kings, I’ve been able to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with my clients, and I feel great about helping them achieve their business goals.”

Giannas P.

"My income has doubled since joining. I can't thank Jeremy enough!"

Rachel Garret

"From raw beginner to copy GOD, this program caters to all levels. It's an all-in-one copywriting solution."

 Olivia Smith

“I’ve taken on over 12 HIGH QUALITY clients since joining, resulting in a 50% increase in income compared to last year. These numbers are a testament to the effectiveness of this membership.”

 Bobby C.

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