The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The 10 Most Common Copywriting Interview Questions (Land Your Dream Job With These Answers)

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After 6 months of freelance copywriting, I decided I wanted to work as a junior copywriter at a company.

I was luckier than a rabbit’s tail.

Within the first few weeks of applying for jobs, I had dozens of interviews lined up.

However, I was scared shitless.

Especially when interviewers asked me questions about copywriting.

I had no clue what to say.

My first interview went horribly:

My shaky hands could barely grasp the phone as I stumbled over answers to curveball questions.

However, after a couple dozen interviews, I could answer just about any question interviewers threw at me… with lion confidence.

Fast forward 3 years…

I’ve mustered my way through 100+ copywriting interviews and have landed 5+ copywriting jobs.

In this blog post…

I’m going to reveal the top 10 most common copywriting interview questions and give you my exact answers plus bonus tips.

If you can answer these 10 questions with confidence, you dramatically increase your chances of acing your interview and landing your copywriting dream job.


3 Bullet-Proof Tips for Answering Copywriting Interview Questions

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Before tackling the copywriting interview questions and answers, you must understand these 3 core concepts for acing interviews…

#1. Research

Just like with copywriting, research is the foundation for winning interviews. You want to research the company, the job listing, the key qualifications, etc…. BEFORE your interview. Study this info and know it well enough to relay it back during the interview.

#2. It’s all about them

The interviewer only cares about what’s in it for them and their company. Every answer you give should be delivered through the “what’s in it for them?” lens.

Why should they hire you?

What main benefits do you provide?

Why separates you from the competition?

Find out what they want by studying their job listing.

You can usually find all the answers you need from this.

#3. Tie in the benefits

This plays off the last tip…

With each answer you give, you want to tie in the core qualities and benefits they’re looking for in their job description.

For example:

If you’re asked…

“What are your top 3 qualities?”

Your answer should be whatever the top qualities they listed in their job post.

When you do this, you are very focused on them and ensure you are giving them what they want.

Alright, let’s get moving…


The 10 Most Common Copywriter Interview Questions and Answers

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Copywriting Interview Questions #1

“Who is your favorite copywriter/s, and why?”

For some reason, this is probably the most asked question I’ve received during 100+ copywriting interviews.

Usually, I’ll just respond with my favorite copywriters:

Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, Joseph Sugarman, or Eugene Schwartz.

However, here is a golden tip:

If I’m asked just one copywriter, I usually reply Gary Halbert.


There’s a 99% chance your interviewer has at least heard of him (if not read some of his work). It’s good to give famous copywriters whom your interviewer has heard of.

But there’s a caveat…

If you are asked about multiple copywriters, include at least one that only hardcore copywriters would know.

For example:

Mel Martin, Ben Settle, Matt Furey, Jim Rutz, etc.

Why do you want to do this?

Because you are showing them that you are an avid student of copywriting and know more about copywriting than your interviewer.

As for the “and why?”…

It’s simple.

Give your honest reason.

List one big lesson or idea that these copywriters have taught you.

If you need to, write a list of your top 3-5 copywriters, and provide 1 or more big lessons/ideas from each.


I would not recommend applying for a copywriting job until you’ve read at least 5-10 copywriting books from the top copywriters in this field (if you haven’t, read this blog post. It covers the top 10 copywriting books for beginners with links provided)


Copywriting Interview Questions #2

“What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?”

Man with shadow of superhero

Companies want to hire ambitious copywriters who will be long-term assets to them.

They don’t want some lazy bum who has no goals in life.

The key to answering this is to demonstrate that you are looking to grow your skills with a company (their company).

Here is my go-to answer (not word for word, but the main jist):

“Mastery of my copywriting skills. I want to grow my skills as a copywriter with a company that helps make the world a better place.”

This shows them that I am always improving my skills (which will benefit them) and that I am seeking to grow with a company (stay with them long-term).

Do not say something like, “I want to grow my own company.” This does NOT help your interviewer or their company. Always give answers that benefit the company you’re interviewing for.


Copywriting Interview Questions #3

“What do you like about our website? What would you change?”


An interview is merely 1:1 selling.

Instead of a product, you are selling yourself.

And one of the best ways to sell is to paint a bright vision of your prospect’s problems and then convince them that you are the guy or gal to deliver the right solution.


With that said…

Here is how I usually answer this question:

“I think it’s pretty good. However, this particular part confused me. Who is it for? What are you trying to convey? Etc.”

(Study their website beforehand and make notes on things you like and would improve upon.)

Then, after you say this, they’ll likely ask how you would improve upon it.

Simply give your suggestions.

The key is being honest.

Don’t say something is confusing unless it really is.


99.99% of companies’ websites have laugh-out-loud bad copy.

It’s easy as candy to call out something and give quick suggestions.

By doing this you are demonstrating your value as a copywriter.

That you are an expert and can help them solve their copy problems.


Copywriting Interview Questions #4

“What’s your writing process?”

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through an interview without being asked this question.

The answer?

Simply tell them about your writing process.

Step 1… step 2… step 3… etc.

This is what I’ll usually say:

“My writing process is research, writing and editing. I spend at least 80% of my time on research. I research your company, your product, your target audience, etc. to make sure that I create a message that resonates with your market and shows them why they should buy/work with you.”

I like to give details on the research phase because this demonstrates to the company that I take the time to get to know them and their audience.


Copywriting Interview Questions #5

“What's the most important element of good copy?”

My answer:


More specially, their readers.

Then, I’ll elaborate by explaining how good copy is about understanding your readers at a deep emotional level, resonating with them and proving to them that you can help them overcome their problems and achieve their desires.

This demonstrates that you know your stuff and will write result-driven copy that is tailored to their audience.


Copywriting Interview Questions #6

“How do you adapt to different brand voices?”

Women speaking into loud speaker

Companies want to make sure that you can write in their brand voice.

The easiest way to answer this question is to say something like this…

“Over the last X years, I’ve written for dozens of companies in different niches. Each time I write for a new company, I study their brand voice and focus on how they communicate with their customers, the language they use, the certain key phrases, the tone, etc. This enables me to write in a way that speaks to your customers on a personal level and strengthens your bond with them.”

Give more details if you have experience with brand voice.


(This is more of a general copywriting tip but I think you’ll find it helpful)

In my 4 years of writing copy, I’ve never once tried to write in a company’s “brand voice”.

This term is misleading.

Nobody likes brands or wants to buy from them.

We want to buy from people we like, know and trust.


Write in your reader’s voice.

Enter the conversation already playing inside their head.

For every client, I write in a way that speaks to their customers on a personal, emotional and 1:1 conversational level.

The result?

I’ve never had a client once tell me to edit my copy to make it sound more like their brand.


Copywriting Interview Questions #7

“What was your most challenging project?”


Companies want to know that you are a problem solver and can remain cool under pressure.

The best way to answer this question is to tell a dramatic, over-the-top story of a BIG challenge that you had to overcome.


Because you are demonstrating that you can remain calm under a shit storm (something much worse than the day-to-day issues).

Haven’t faced a challenging project yet?

Give this answer:

“A very common challenge I faced was not getting enough information about my clients’ market, product, brand voice, etc. So, to overcome this, I created a copywriting brief (list of market research questions).”

This challenge – lack of communication – is a very common challenge that copywriters & clients face.

By giving this answer, you demonstrate that you take initiative and are a problem solver.


Copywriting Interview Questions #8

“Talk about a time when you received harsh feedback/criticism from a client. How did you handle it?”

Man receiving criticism

Companies want to know that you aren’t a fragile baby.

Show them that you can handle feedback in a professional way.

Simply tell them about a time when you received feedback and provided the client what they wanted.

2 ways to go about this…

#1. Admit you made a mistake and made it right for your client (wrote extra words, slashed $50 off your fee, etc.)


#2. You can tell them how the client was a looney tune (not in these exact words, obviously) but being the bigger person, you still made it work for them.

I like the latter…

#2 is very easy because clients usually have no clue what they’re talking about.

Their brother who is an English teacher goes over your copy and marks it up to the Nth degree (and ruins the entire sales message), etc.

This expresses to your clients that you are the expert and can provide them results without babysitting.


Copywriting Interview Questions #9

“What results have you generated in the past?”

Before you give an answer, make sure you understand WHY they are currently hiring a copywriter.

Do they want more sales?

Are they trying to rank #1 on Google?

Are they trying to grow their social media following?

Figure this out.

Then, tell a story about how you helped a similar company (preferably within their niche) achieve similar desirable results.

The more specific your answer, the more effective it will be.

For example:

If your interview is with a golf company, and their main objective is to generate more clients through promotional emails, your answer could look something like this: “I wrote 10 emails for [golf niche company] last fall. These 10 emails got them 5 times more sales than previous email campaigns.”

Haven’t gotten any past results for clients?

No sweat.

I snagged a copywriting job without any either.

Here’s what I said:

“Unfortunately, my past clients did not track results (or did not give me access to their data), so I cannot give you any specifics. However, I do have some testimonials demonstrating my value which you can view via my portfolio.”

This is very common. Most companies do not track data and/or give you access to view it. So, this is an acceptable answer.


Copywriting Interview Questions #10

“What is your style of copywriting?”

A common mistake copywriters make is to run their mouths about their “unique, creative” writing style.

Guess what?

Companies couldn’t give less of a fork.

Instead, shine the light on them.

What does your writing style DO for this company?

How does it benefit them?

Look at the job listing and see what kind of copywriter they are looking for.

What main qualifications do they want you to have?

Then, simply respond with a relevant answer.

For example:

If I’m applying for an SEO copywriter position, I’m giving an answer like this “I focus on writing copy that helps you rank #1 on google. This means, I write content that follows Google’s best practices, provides your readers with an excellent experience (Google’s #1 goal) and implements SEO keywords WITHOUT ruining the reading experience.”

If I’m applying for a social media copywriter position, my answer would change.

My “style” would be – “engaging content that resonates with the brand’s target followers.”



Treat each interview like a copywriting assignment.

Use your copywriting and selling skills to ace your interview.

Convince your interviewer that you are the right copywriter for the job by giving them what they want.


It’s all about them.

Keep this in mind when answering questions.

If you do, you will lock down a new copywriting job, very quickly.

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings


The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings