The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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17 Copywriting Exercises That’ll Make YOU a Better Copywriter TODAY

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Eugene Schwartz preached the importance of preparation.

He explained how preparation is what separates the majority of mediocre copywriters barely making ends meet, from the thriving, few copywriters who dominate this industry.

Preparation comes in a few main forms for copywriters:

  • Passive learning: reading copywriting books, taking courses, listening to interviews with top copywriters, etc.
  • Hands-on learning: practicing your copywriting skills via copywriting exercises
  • Writing

In this post, I’m going to tackle #2 – hands-on learning.

I’m going to share 20 bomb-proof copywriting exercises to help you improve your writing skills.

Each copy exercise is straight forward, easy to use and can instantly help you write better copy.

These copywriting exercises target a specific aspect of copywriting.

Use the ones that stand out to you and practice them TODAY.


17 Proven Copywriting Exercises to Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills Like an Obsidian Blade

Copywriting Exercise #1: Headline Harmony

Butterfly on rocks

Your headline is one of the most important elements of your writing.

If you do not write attention-grabbing headlines, nobody will read a single word of copy you write.


To help you write endless winning headlines…

Take an already existing headline on the web, and write 10 headline variations.

Each headline you write should attack it from a different angle.

For example, write a…

  • How to headline
  • [x} number of ways headline
  • A benefit-driven headline
  • An emotional headline
  • A headline with urgency in it
  • A headline with a discount
  • And so on.

You get the point…

Find headlines on social media, your favorite brand’s website, emails (subject lines), online articles, swipe files (like –, and so on.


Copywriting Exercise #2: Precision Paring

Cutting excess waste from your copy is crucial.

This copywriting exercise hones your editing skills, emphasizing the power of concise, impactful messaging.

Here’s how:

Trim a piece of your existing copy by 50%.

Only the absolute essentials should remain.


Original text:

"Our revolutionary product offers an unparalleled experience for users seeking convenience and efficiency."

Revised text:

"Experience unparalleled convenience & efficiency."


Copywriting Exercise #3: Emotion Elevation


Emotions drive action.

Emotions sell.

This exercise helps you connect with your core audience on a deeper level by infusing emotion into your copy.

Simply choose a product or service you find on a brand’s website or an Amazon listing, and write copy that evokes a specific emotion in your reader.


  • "Feel a rush of confidence as you walk by others with your new silky hair..."
  • "Experience the thrill of driving in a new Bugatti"


Copywriting Exercise #4: Persona Play

As a copywriter, you’ll have to write for different audiences.

This copywriting exercise challenges you to step into the diverse shoes of different readers and write copy that resonates with them.


Write a piece of copy that targets a demographic different from your usual audience.


 If you usually write for tech enthusiasts, try targeting parents or fitness enthusiasts.


Copywriting Exercise #5: A/B Adoration

Variation keeps things fresh and exciting for your readers.

This exercise encourages experimentation with language, tone, and structure.


Create two versions of an ad or piece of copy, varying the language, tone, or structure.


  • A: "Unleash your potential with our groundbreaking solution!"
  • B: "Discover a new realm of possibilities with our innovative solution!"


Copywriting Exercise #6: Feature Finesse


Customers care about benefits.

This exercise trains you to focus on how your product or service improves their lives.


Highlight the benefits of a product or service instead of its features.


Feature: 10GB Storage

Turn this feature into a benefit by writing something like:

"Never worry about running out of space with our generous 10GB storage."


Copywriting Exercise #7: Storytelling Stride

Mother reading to child

Stories are one of the best ways to hook attention, persuade your readers and drive action.

This copy exercise helps you develop your storytelling skills.


Weave a narrative around a product or service to engage and captivate your audience.


  • Share a customer success story, emphasizing common challenges that they had to overcome and the ultimate satisfaction achieved.


Copywriting Exercise #8: Keyword Kaleidoscope


Every company wants to rank on the first page of Google.

You help companies achieve this through SEO keywords.

This exercise teaches you to incorporate them naturally into your copy without harming the reading experience


Pick a keyword and incorporate it seamlessly into your copy.


 Say your keyword is innovation. You would want to sprinkle this word throughout your writing, wherever it makes sense and sounds natural. If you are writing about new dog treats, you can add this keyword by saying “innovative dog treats”, Innovative solutions to train your dog”, “innovate dietary ingredients to keep your dog healthy”, etc.


Copywriting Exercise #9: Problem-Solution Pivot

Effective copy solves problems.

This exercise sharpens your ability to position your product or service as the ultimate solution.


Identify a common problem your audience faces and craft copy that positions your offering as the logical solution.


  • Problem: "Struggling to stay organized?"
  • Solution: "Our organizational tools make it easy for you to stay organized throughout your busy day so you can get more done, in less time."


Copywriting Exercise #10: Testimonial Tightrope

5 star feedback

Genuine testimonials build trust.

Before readers are ready to buy, they must trust you and believe your claims.

A great way to build trust is to show your readers you are one of them. Testimonials are a great way to achieve this.


Write copy as if a satisfied customer is endorsing your product or service.


Write a “before and after” story of using your product.

Highlight the common challenges, pains, frustrations, and any other negative emotion that your average reader faces when trying to overcome this problem, and then explain how your life has changed after using your product.

This exercise will get you thinking in terms of your readers and what they are currently experiencing and feeling.


Copywriting Exercise #11: Question Quotient


Relevant questions grab attention & engage readers.

This exercise challenges you to craft copy around a series of intriguing questions.


Grab your reader’s attention by asking them a relevant question


  • "Want to lose 25 pounds before summer?"


    Copywriting Exercise #12: Metaphors

      Metaphors create vision and help drive your point home.

      Telling a simple one-sentence metaphor can persuade your readers much more effectively than a brick wall of text.


      Include 3 metaphors in your next writing assignment.

      Template to use: [Point you’re trying to make] + [Metaphor]


      • Our razor is sharper than a sword
      • Our moisturizer is smoother than a baby’s head
      • Our perfume smells fresher than soap


        Copywriting Exercise #13: Sensory Symphony

          Good copy creates mental movies in your reader’s minds.

          The easiest way to create “word imagery” is to tickle your reader’s 5 senses:

          • Touch
          • Taste
          • Hear
          • See
          • Smell


          Write descriptive sentences for each of our 5 senses


          • Watch as heads turn as you walk by
          • Hear endless compliments from coworkers
          • Feel confident in your new skin
          • Bathe in the relaxing aroma of peppermint and lavender
          • Sink your teeth into our delicious, warm brownies


            Copywriting Exercise #14: Jargon Juggle

            clown juggling lemons

              The majority of your readers do not understand jargon.

              So, to avoid alienating readers, either cut jargon altogether or add parenthesis (explaining what this jargon means in simple, easy-to-understand language)


              Click-through-rate (the percent of users who click your ad)


                Copywriting Exercise #15: Time-Travel Tidbits

                Clock on top of suitcases

                  Connecting past and present creates resonance.

                  This exercise guides you in incorporating historical or nostalgic elements into your copy.

                  Instructions: Write copy that draws a common connection between a product or service and a historical event or era.


                  • "Experience the timeless elegance of our craftsmanship, inspired by the glamour of the Roaring Twenties."


                    Copywriting Exercise #16: Minimalist Magic

                      Simplicity is powerful.

                      This exercise challenges you to convey a message using as few words as possible and helps you clearly explain the main benefit of a product.


                      Summarize a product or service in a single sentence containing no more than eight words.


                      For selling your copywriting services…

                      “I help you multiply your sales”


                        Copywriting Exercise #17: Objection Overcome

                          Your readers are natural skeptics.

                          They have tons of objections rattling off in their heads as they glaze your ad.

                          Skilled copywriters must be masters at raising and handling objections BEFORE their readers think too deeply about them.


                          Here’s a great copy exercise to get good at solving objections before they become an issue.


                          Write down a big list of every possible objection your readers might have.

                          Does your client lack credentials?

                          Is your product too heavy?

                          Too hard to implement?

                          Too Expensive?

                          Too cheap?

                          A great way to find objections is to browse Amazon reviews.

                          After you have a big list of potential objections…

                          Write replies for each objection.


                          Objection: “Your course is too expensive”


                          “Yes, it is expensive. It also provides superior value to all the other courses out there. In fact, I’m going to be raising prices soon, so get in on today’s bargain.”



                          Pick and choose the copywriting exercises that will be of the most value to you and start practicing!

                          If you practice daily, you will experience shocking results…

                          Your writing will improve, your responses will soar, and your clients will shower you with raving testimonials & buckets of money.

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                          The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                          Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings


                          The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                          Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings