The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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How to Create a Copywriting Swipe File TODAY (Never Run Out of Ideas Again!)


copywriting swipe file


Do you struggle with writer’s block?

Have a hard time turning “on” your creative side?

Trouble coming up with persuasive copy that sells?

If so…

Your struggles end TODAY.

Because you’re about to learn how to effortlessly come up with “million-dollar” ideas on command.

The best way to do so is to create a copywriting swipe file.

In this post…

I’m going to reveal what a copywriting swipe file is, how it can improve YOUR writing, the nitty-gritty details that go into creating a swipe file, and my top secret online swipe files that I use to crank out grand slam copy (they’re 100% free).


What is a Copywriting Swipe File?

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A copywriting swipe file is a “virtual library” where you store proven sales, marketing and copywriting materials.


Direct mail ads, promotional emails, headlines, bullets, Facebook ads, etc.

You use copywriting swipe files to get inspiration when writing your own copy.

Which brings me to my next point…


What Does “Swiping Copy” Mean?

There’s a lot of confusion around what swiping copy is.


Here’s what it’s NOT.

Swiping copy is NOT copying and pasting someone else’s work.

It’s not tweaking someone’s headline by moving a few words around and slapping your fat name on it.

Only broke losers do this.

Woman with L shaped fingers over head

This is wrong for two big reasons:


You are downright stealing from someone else’s hard work. You can be called out by the owner and their fanbase AND you can get sued BIG TIME.


This adds to the dumpster fire of generic, “me too” advertising and marketing online. The internet is filled with brainless posers. Don’t be one of them.

Now, here’s what swiping copy IS…

Swiping copy is used for getting IDEAS.

You want to swipe proven copy to get inspiration from what has worked for other copywriters and marketers.

Then, you want to IMPROVE upon what has worked and make it more relevant and persuasive for your client’s market and product. 

If you swipe copy by improving upon what has made advertisers a lot of green stuff, you can become a top-paid copywriter very quickly.

However, if you mindlessly steal other’s work, you will be labeled the village’s idiot and be chased out of town with flaming pitchforks.


How Can a Copywriting Swipe File Improve Your Writing?

You can quickly improve your copywriting by using a swipe file to study what has worked for other copywriters, and then, use this wisdom to improve your own writing

By “swiping” ideas from PROVEN copywriting pieces, you will quickly internalize what makes an ad successful and the ideas, psychology and sales principles baked into it.

When you use advertisements and marketing material that has worked in the past and improve upon it in your own copy (by making it relevant to your readers and your product), your copywriting will produce far better results.


How to Make Your Own Million-Dollar Swipe File

Hundred dollar bills

Copywriters make this WAAAY too complicated.

Creating a kickass swipe file is EASY.

Follow these simple steps to create your own copywriting swipe file TODAY:

Step 1: Set Up Your Digital Toolbox

The first thing you need is a digital toolbox. Create a dedicated folder on your computer where you'll store all your copywriting materials. This can be a simple folder on your desktop or a cloud-based storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox. Having your swipe file accessible from anywhere (like your phone) is a big plus.

Step 2: Define Your Categories

Organize your swipe file into categories that make sense for you. Common categories include headlines, email subject lines, call-to-action phrases, persuasive storytelling, and even entire sales letters. The key is to have a structure that allows you to quickly locate the type of copy you need when inspiration strikes.

Step 3: Collect Copywriting Samples

Start adding proven copywriting pieces to your swipe file. You can add your own work that you find particularly effective, but the real magic happens when you curate content from various sources. Have your “marketing antenna” on HIGH alert as you read books, articles, websites, and marketing materials or when you listen to a podcast or watch your favorite TV show… be on the lookout for phrases, sentences and concepts that resonate with you and get your copywriting juices flowing.


Let’s get more into the nitty-gritty of what to add to your copywriting swipe file…


What Should You Add to Your Copywriting Swipe File?

Now that you've set up your swipe file, it's time to decide what to add to it and how to keep it organized.

Here are some of the best elements of copy to add to your swiple file…

#1) Headlines and Subheads

The headline is one of the most important parts of your copy. Collect attention-grabbing headlines from million-dollar ads, sales pages, etc. that piqued your interest and worked its persuasive charm on you. Then, study them and figure out WHY they worked so well and how YOU can use its persuasive power to improve your copy.

#2) Email Subject Lines

Your inbox is a goldmine for persuasive subject lines. Save subject lines that grabbed your attention, stopped you from scrolling and “forced” you to open the email. Again, figure out WHY this subject line got you to open the email. Did it use contrast? Did it use a big, juicy benefit? Did it bring up a current event? Find out!

#3) Stories

Often, a good story can make a reader click “buy now” EVEN if the rest of the copy isn’t great. Humans are persuaded by stories. It’s in our DNA. One of the best advantages you can have over other copywriters and marketers is to tell persuasive stories. A great way to get better at telling stories is to study the most effective direct response ads. Most of them tell personal stories that trigger emotions and persuade readers to buy.

#4) Ad Copy

Today, we’re bombarded with ads. Use this to your advantage by being on the lookout for persuasive ads that stick out to you.

You can find successful ad copy in a number of media. Like: magazines, social media, Google, YouTube, Billboards, direct mail pieces, etc.

Save text, images, or links to entire ad campaigns that caught your eye and use the sales psychology embedded within them to make your copy more effective.

#5) Bullets

Bullets are my FAVORITE type of copy to write. Believe it or not, Gary Halbert said they are the MOST important element of copy (even more important than headlines).

So, whenever you stumble across an ad, look for the bullets.

If they have bullets that piqued your curiosity… add em to your swipe file.

Want to study a sales letter with over 50+ sizzling hot bullets? Go here.

#6) Call-to-Action Phrases

Your call to action is what makes or breaks your advertisement.

Keep your eyes peeled for CTA’s on websites, emails and ads.

You want to find CTA’s that use urgency, scarcity and give their readers clear instructions on what to do and how to do it.

Now that you know WHAT to add to your copywriting swipe file, here’s how to organize it…


How to Organize Your Copywriting Swipe File

Stick figure looking at organized whiteboard

As mentioned above…

You want to categorize your swipe file into folders or sections that match your needs and preferences.

For example…

You could have separate folders for each type of copy, such as headlines, subject lines, and ad copy.

Within these folders, you might further organize by industry or style.

The key is to make it easy to locate what you need.

Here’s some of my favorite software to use to create copywriting swipe files…


What Software Should You Use to Create Your Copywriting Swipe File?

computer with apps on it

Here are my 4 favorite places to store copy I’ve “swiped”:

  1. Evernote: this note-taking app allows you to organize your swipe file with tags and notebooks. It’s super easy to use.
  2. OneNote: Microsoft's digital note-taking app is muy bueno for organizing your copywriting materials.
  3. Google Drive: Use Google Docs or Google Sheets to create a structured swipe file accessible across all your devices.
  4. Trello: A visual project management tool that can be adapted to store and categorize your copywriting resources.

With your swipe file organized and filled to the panties with killer copy, you're ready to explode sales with your copywriting skillz.

In the next section, I’ll reveal ten places where you can find valuable pieces of copy to add to your swipe file.


10 Places to Get Copywriting Materials to Add to Your Swipe File

#1) Competitor Websites: Analyze your competitors' websites for effective headlines, product descriptions, and persuasive copy.

#2) Magazines and Newspapers: Print media often features attention-grabbing headlines and storytelling techniques that can inspire your own copy.

#3) Content Aggregator Sites: Platforms like Reddit, Quora, and BuzzSumo can provide insights into trending topics and insider language that resonates with your target audience.

#4) Email Marketing Campaigns: Sign up for newsletters from businesses in your industry and save the emails with compelling subject lines and persuasive copy.

#5) Social Media Advertisements: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram showcase various ad formats with engaging ad copy.

#6) Sales Letters: Look for long-form sales letters on websites, landing pages, or direct mail marketing.

    #7) Reviews and Testimonials: Visit e-commerce websites to gather product reviews and customer testimonials. HINT: Look for the ones that tell stories.
        #8) Blogs and Content Marketing: Quality blog posts often feature persuasive storytelling & attention-grabbing headlines that resonate with their readers.
            #9) Books and Ebooks: Scan your bookshelf or e-library for excerpts that showcase the art of persuasive writing. I like to look at the titles of best-selling books.
                #10) Advertising Archives: Explore advertising archives like AdWeek, Ad Age, or the Archive of Vintage Ads for historical and modern ad campaigns.


                  My 3 Favorite Online Copywriting Swipe Files (100% FREE)

                  Smiling dog

                  There are 3 online swipe files that I spend a LOT of time on.

                  Over the last 4 years of writing copy, I’ve used these copywriting swipe files to study great copy, get ideas from legendary copywriters and improve my copywriting. Each swipe file is 100% FREE.

                  You can find them here:


                      This is my favorite copywriting swipe file because it’s extremely easy to use and has tons of great direct response copywriting examples (new and old). Plus, the owner gives a nice background and helpful tips on most of the ads… breaking down why they worked so well.


                          This online copywriting swipe file is similar to It has a wide variety of ads (new and old-school) to study and get inspiration from.


                              I’ve used this one the least, but it has some absolute gems that aren’t found in the above 2 copywriting swipe files.



                              There ya go, mi amigo.

                              You now have everything you need to build an extremely valuable swipe file.

                              Now, get to swiping!

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                              The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                              Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings

                              GET PAID LIKE A KING TO WRITE FOR BRANDS YOU LOVE - TODAY!

                              The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                              Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings