The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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How to Get Copywriting Clients in 2024 With No Experience (Get New Clients TODAY)



When I was a total beginner copywriter, I was able to get over 50 paying clients within my first few months.

I had no connections, no copywriting portfolio and no real clue what I was doing.

However, after a few weeks of stumbling around, I landed my first client.

This momentum built extremely fast.

4 years later, I’ve written for hundreds of freelance clients and have worked as an in-house & marketing agency copywriter for a couple of companies.

You are about to learn how I broke into freelance copywriting with lightning speed and how I secured dozens of clients - in my first few months.

This post is ideal for beginner copywriters who are struggling to get a steady stream of copywriting clients.

I am going to reveal where to find clients, my top 10 favorite ways to get copywriting clients and EXACTLY what to say when reaching out to them.


Where to Find Copywriting Clients Online


magnifying glass 

Understand this…

There are dozens, if not HUNDREDS, of ways to get copywriting clients online.

But the best way to get a consistent flow of clients is to choose a few methods that work best for you… and… stick with them.

The key is consistency.

Because the real results come from the built momentum of putting yourself in front of new opportunities and showing up each day.


You want to learn the ins and outs of whichever method you choose and become a master at getting clients this way.

So, with that said, here are my 10 favorite places to find copywriting clients online FAST.


The 10 Best Places to Find Copywriting Clients Online FAST

I have personally used each method below to secure 1 or more copywriting clients.

I will cover them all briefly and give you insider tips to maximize your success with each one.

Plus, I’ll share the biggest pros and cons to help you decide which is best for you.

    NUMBER 1: Facebook Feed

      Facebook is where I got my very first copywriting client.

      I got a client by writing a post to my feed.

      It took me 10 minutes or so to whip up this post. And within 24 hours a friend DM’d me and eventually took me up on my offer.

      Here is the post I used:


      Facebook post


      Use this post as inspiration. You can tweak it if you like.

      This is probably the fastest and easiest way to get your first (or your next) copywriting client.

      You can post this in minutes and potentially gain new clients TODAY.

      Pros & Cons


      • Extremely fast – takes 10 minutes or less to write and post
      • Easy to use
      • Clients come to you – you simply send out a post and wait for replies



      This would be my recommendation for beginner copywriters looking to get their first client.


        NUMBER 2: Facebook Groups

          Numero dos is also Facebook.

          But instead of posting on your feed, you post in copywriting groups.

          There are several copywriting groups on Facebook DESIGNED to connect companies (in need of copywriters) to hungry copywriters looking for work.

          Plus, a lot of these groups are tailored to beginner copywriters.

          I’ve gotten dozens of clients in these Facebook groups.

          Here are my favorites to find new copywriting clients:

          • Cult of copy
          • Copywriting jobs
          • Freelance copywriter collective
          • Copywriting unleashed job board

          Pros & Cons:


          • Easy to use
          • Extremely fast – you can post in minutes and get responses very quickly
          • You don’t have to search for clients – you either create a post of what you have to offer or reply to job posts


          • Lots of competition
          • Low pay – typically the pay is not very high in these groups. However, I’ve got clients who’ve paid over 50/hr. But you probably won’t ever make “6-figures” solely from this method alone.
          • Scams – I’ve encountered a decent number of scammers on here looking to take advantage of beginner copywriters and get free work out of them. Be wary of this. The best way to avoid getting taken advantage of is to NEVER write anything for free & have the client pay you BEFORE writing for them.


            NUMBER 3: Post on ALL Social Media Platforms

              You can also take the same post you used on Facebook and post it to ALL of your social media profiles.


              LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

              Plus, you can get clients on social media platforms by…

              Posting regularly with helpful copywriting tips for business owners.

              Make sure you use relevant tags like #copywriting or #copywritingtips, so that your content will show up for relevant users.

              The key to success with social media is to post consistently (daily if possible) and to post valuable content that solves business owners’ problems and DEMONSTRATES your copywriting skills and expertise.

              As you build a following and build connections with business owners & entrepreneurs, you can connect via direct message and discuss your services, rates, etc.


                NUMBER 4: Fiverr

                  I’ve probably gotten the most clients using Fiverr.

                  I got clients within 48 hours of setting up my account and dozens of clients within the first month or so.

                  Fiverr is a freelance platform that connects companies with freelancers.

                  At the time of writing this post, there are currently over 8,000 copywriting services available to businesses on Fiverr.


                  Because copywriting is ALWAYS in demand.

                  Plus, this proves that companies are currently using Fiverr to hire copywriters.

                  Like Facebook, Fiverr is ideal for beginners looking to get their first handful of clients.

                  Pros & Cons:


                  • Fast – you can get clients within 48 hours after posting your gigs
                  • Clients come to you – one thing I like about Fiverr is that all you have to do is create a gig (copywriting services you offer) and then sit back and relax. Because clients will search for you and reach out to you. Oh, and you don’t have to EVER get on a sales call or Zoom meeting with copywriting clients using Fiverr. Everything is done through the app (This is a great option for introverts).


                  • Low pay – the pay is VERY low on this site. Yes, you can eventually make some decent dough, but it takes a while. You’re also competing against freelancers from second and third-world country who can afford to charge very low copywriting rates.
                  • High competition – like I just said, there are over 8,000 copywriting services available to choose from. So, you’ll need to use your copywriting chops to post an irresistible gig.


                    NUMBER 5: Freelance Job Sites

                      Like Fiverr, there are TONS of freelance job sites available for freelance copywriters looking for work.

                      They all have their own unique platform rules and best practices but are pretty similar to each other - in the quality of clients and amount of money you can make on them.

                      Here are the top freelance job sites to find copywriting clients on:

                        1. The ProBlogger Job Board
                        2. The Writer’s Job Board
                        3. Coroflot
                        4. Mediabistro
                        5. Freelance Writing Job Board
                        6. Krop
                        7. Creativehotlist
                        8. VentureFizz
                        9. Behance
                        10. Upwork
                        11. Flexjobs

                          Apply for as many relevant gigs as possible.

                          The more job sites you use, and the more job posts you apply to, the more likely you’ll experience positive results.

                          The pros and cons of these job sites are the same as Fiverr.

                          However, the only real difference is, that you have to find and reach out to clients on many of these sites, instead of posting a gig and having clients reach out to you.


                            NUMBER 6: Email Outreach

                              This one requires more work than the others listed above.

                              However, you can earn a LOT more money.

                              You can realistically make $10,000/month (or more) by doing this.

                              Or you could make NOTHING.

                              It really depends on WHO you email, WHAT you say and what you have to OFFER.


                              I would NOT recommend newbies doing this because it’s very time-consuming and does not work well if you do not already have a copywriting niche or specialize in a specific copywriting service – like email copywriter.

                              Here’s a very quick crash course on how to get copywriting clients using email:

                              Step one:

                              Make a BIG LIST of companies you want to write for.

                              Here’s 3 ways to find companies within your niche - in minutes:

                              1. Type into Google - “top 50 [NICHE] companies 2023.”
                              1. Use business directories like CrunchBase & AngelList.
                              1. Use LinkedIn. Search your niche and browse the companies within it.

                              Step two:

                              Once you have a big list of companies you’d like to work for, you need to get some contact info.

                              Whose contact info?

                              You want to reach out to relevant people in charge of hiring copywriters.


                              CEO’s, COO’s, Marketing directors, Content Managers, etc.

                              Find these people by going to the company’s LinkedIn page and clicking on the “people” tab.

                              Then, you can use a Chrome extension, like GetProspect, to extract their email address.

                              Step three:

                              Once you have their email…

                              Send each prospect a PERSONALIZED email.

                              Make these emails VERY short and straight to the point.

                              Do NOT write a long email filled with sales copy.

                              You just want to introduce yourself and see if they need of a copywriter.

                              Plus, you can improve open rates and get more responses by making each email personal.

                              The key is finding personal/unique information about the prospect (life events, work events, promotion, new projects, awards, etc.) and adding that into your message when reaching out.

                              It’s easy!

                              Just click on their LinkedIn profile and look for:

                              • What awards they’ve won
                              • What certifications they have
                              • Where they went to school.
                              • Where they’ve volunteered.
                              • Projects they’ve worked on.
                              • If they got any recent promotions
                              • Recent life changes
                              • What their favorite sports teams are.
                              • What hobbies they enjoy.

                              Take notes on any work or personal-related things you can find and mention them in your message to make it more personal and sincere.

                              Here’s an example of a cold email I’ve sent out:


                              My name is {Your name}, and I’ve worked with {Brand names - within same niche if possible}.

                              I help [niche] companies turn leads into happy customers through copywriting… [Add the service you provide/ultimate benefit of what your copy will do for them].

                              {Custom compliment} and I was curious if you needed any help writing copy at the moment.


                              {Your name}


                              Step four:

                              Send multiple follow-up emails over the following weeks

                              The real results come from multiple follow-up attempts.

                              Follow-up email example:


                              Hey [name], I’m following up with you on the below email.

                              Do you have some time next week for a quick 15 min chat on how my [ADD YOUR SERVICE] can quickly convert more customers and grow your business?


                              This is a rough plan, but these are the essential steps to creating a successful cold email campaign that gets new copywriting clients.

                              Pros & Cons:


                              • This can pay VERY well.
                              • You can get VERY high-quality clients and brands doing this.


                              • It takes a lot of leg work before you’re ready to send an email
                              • It can take a while until you get a client
                              • Not ideal for beginners


                              NUMBER 7: LinkedIn

                                This is very similar to email outreach.

                                You can use LinkedIn to find companies you want to write for and send them messages directly on LinkedIn.

                                This is usually better than sending cold emails, for a few reasons:

                                1. You’ll likely get higher open & response rates because it’s more social and accepted. People like getting new connection requests and networking for business opportunities.
                                2. The people you reach out to are much more likely to engage with you because there is less competition in their LinkedIn inbox than email (people get way more emails each day)
                                3. You can connect directly with clients and brands you want to write for.

                                Here’s how to get new copywriting clients using LinkedIn

                                Step 1: Search for position-related keywords

                                Search the company you want to write for.

                                Then, find the right people to connect with (content managers, marketing directors, etc.) by clicking the “People” tab.

                                Step 2: Do some digging

                                Once you have found a potential prospect, it’s time to do some research.

                                The key is finding personal/unique information about the prospect (life events, work events, promotion, new project, awards, etc.) and adding that into your message when reaching out.

                                Click on their profile & look for: awards they’ve won, certifications they have, where they went to school, recent promotions, etc.


                                You can go on the company page (that they work for) and look for things to mention in your message:

                                • Recent awards/achievements
                                • If they were mentioned in any news/industry articles
                                • New products or services
                                • New hires

                                Step 3: Send a customized message

                                Same concept as sending a personalized email.

                                The goal of your first message is to introduce yourself and give details about what you offer.

                                It should be quick, direct and personal.

                                The ENTIRE GOAL is to get them on a sales call to discuss future work.

                                Follow up multiple times.

                                Same idea as with email.

                                Same pros and cons as email outreach.


                                  NUMBER 8: Networking Events

                                    Networking events are a great way to meet potential clients.

                                    You can make valuable connections with people within the niche/industry you want to write for (or already write for).

                                    It’s a great way to spread your name around & meet potential clients face-to-face.

                                    Where to find networking events to attend:

                                      1. Meetup

                                        Meetups are my favorite way to network.

                                        There are so many interests and hobbies available.

                                        Simply search relevant keywords and join relevant groups to get notified of upcoming events.

                                        This is a very stress-free, comfortable and fun way to network

                                          2. Eventbrite

                                            Eventbrite has a HUGE directory of events happening nearby.

                                            It’s filled with organizations looking to promote networking events.

                                            Simply click “find events” at the top of the homepage and browse the categories.

                                            There are networking-specific events and also niche-related events like… classes, business events, conferences, etc.

                                            You can also attend relevant social events (hobbies).

                                              3. LinkedIn Events

                                                LinkedIn has networking events on its site.

                                                Just go to the LinkedIn Events page.

                                                Then, choose your industry/the niche you want to target, pick the closest location and see what events are happening nearby that you can attend.

                                                This is a great way to meet your LinkedIn connections in person (and people you’ve reached out to on LinkedIn) and extend the relationship.

                                                  4. Chamber of Commerce

                                                    Your local chamber of commerce usually has tons of networking events near you to choose from.

                                                    How to network effectively to get more copywriting clients:


                                                    You’re not looking for events with copywriters/freelancers, you’re looking for events with your DREAM CLIENTS (business owners & entrepreneurs in need of your copywriting services).

                                                    The key to getting new copywriting clients through networking is…

                                                    Building relationships FIRST.

                                                    If you attend networking events where your target audience is, and you focus on building the relationship FIRST, then you can get a lot of new copywriting clients this way.

                                                    Then, AFTER you’ve made a connection and know that they need your copywriting services, offer your services.

                                                    Make sure you get their contact info before you leave.

                                                    The goal is to get the contact info of the people you network with so you can further discuss the services you’ll provide.

                                                    Pros & Cons:


                                                    • Low cost – most of the time you can find free networking events
                                                    • Great way to meet potential prospects
                                                    • Extremely fast – only takes a few hours out of your day
                                                    • Very effective way of getting QUALITY copywriting clients


                                                    • Can be a learning curve to networking effectively


                                                      NUMBER 9: Your Sphere of Influence

                                                        If there’s one type of lead generation that ALL copywriters should focus a BIG chunk of their time on, it’s their - sphere of influence.

                                                        A huge battle is getting people to like, know and trust you and, these people already like & know you... now all you have to do is get them to trust you (that you’re a copywriting expert and can help them grow their business.)

                                                        Your sphere of influence is where most of your copywriting clients will come from.

                                                        Because these WARM leads are the easiest to convert and the most valuable to you.

                                                        Make a BIG list

                                                        Write down everyone you know:

                                                        • Local business you are a regular at
                                                        • Service providers you use – hairdresser, doctor, dentist, plumber, etc.
                                                        • Friends
                                                        • Family
                                                        • Neighbors
                                                        • Neighborhood organizations
                                                        • Volunteer organizations
                                                        • Former Classmates – college, high school
                                                        • People from church
                                                        • Sports/Recreation team – in school or out of
                                                        • Online Networks and Hobby Communities – whichever you’re a part of

                                                        You likely have most of your sphere of influence’s contact info already.

                                                        If not…

                                                        Find it.

                                                        Then, contact them either by text, email or social media.


                                                          NUMBER TEN: Online Forums

                                                            There are tons of online forums with communities of entrepreneurs and business owners.

                                                            This is a great way to get new copywriting clients because your ideal clients ALREADY congregate here.

                                                            Here’s how to get copywriting clients from forums:

                                                            You should strive to become a regular in one or more of these related groups.

                                                            Simply provide value.

                                                            The more value you provide and the more well-known you are in these groups, the more connections you’ll make.

                                                            You can usually direct message your new connections through the forum.

                                                            Like with all these methods…

                                                            The goal is to get these “leads” on a sales call where you can discuss your services in detail.


                                                            Make sure you abide by the rules of each group you post in.

                                                            Ask the owners if you can post this type of content there.

                                                            You do not want to piss them or their audience off.

                                                            However, you should be safe because you are not selling anything... you are providing valuable information to their group.

                                                            Here are some forums to get clients from:

                                                            Reddit – Reddit has dozens of communities of business owners gathered together

                                                            Facebook groups – not copywriting groups… But groups for business owners

                                                            To find more forums dedicated to business owners, simply type into Google: “Top forums for business owners”

                                                            Viola - you’ll have dozens of forums to choose from.


                                                            The Single Quickest Way to Get Copywriting Clients (Perfect for Beginners Looking to Get Their First Copywriting Client)

                                                            If I had no clients and wanted to get some work within the next 24 hours, I would do tip #1…

                                                            Create a Facebook post (and all other social media accounts).

                                                            This is probably the quickest way to get copywriting clients.

                                                            You can post within minutes and potentially get flooded with new clients reaching out to you, interested in learning more about what you have to offer.  

                                                            Plus, these “clients” are already within your sphere of influence.

                                                            They are your peers.

                                                            And depending on your relationship with them, they already like, know and trust you.

                                                            So, it’s usually much easier to take them on as clients.

                                                            If you don’t have any clients yet, post on Facebook TODAY.


                                                            How Do You Pitch a Copywriting Client?

                                                            A lot of these methods require you to “pitch” your services to a cold audience (people you’ve never connected with before).

                                                            There is an art and science to this.

                                                            And if you want to be able to get more copywriting clients fast and grow your freelance copywriting business, you MUST write effective cold outreach messages.

                                                            Here are my top tips for creating cold outreach messages that get opened, replied to and win new copywriting clients.

                                                            7 quick tips on what to say to clients when reaching out:

                                                            • Keep your messages very short & straight to the point – 2-3 sentences MAX.
                                                            • Make your messages personal & sincere – do not copy and paste messages and blast them out to hundreds of business owners. Take 5-10 minutes to research their LinkedIn profile, social media accounts, etc. and make them PERSONAL.
                                                            • Compliment them right away (within the first 1-2 sentences).
                                                            • Add a few relevant niche samples (can be spec work).
                                                            • Do NOT hard sell. Just quickly introduce yourself and get a conversation going.
                                                            • Respect their time - executives are busy people and don’t have time to read a lot of text. A concise and straightforward email respects their time and allows you to sum up your message quickly.
                                                            • The goal of your first message is to introduce yourself and give context about what you offer. It should be quick, straight to the point and personal.

                                                            Plus, remember, the REAL results come with follow-up messages.

                                                            The odds of landing a client from the first cold email/message you send out are EXTREMELY RARE.

                                                            I usually send 3-5 emails before I get replies.

                                                            You should send a follow-up email every other day for the next week.

                                                            Then 1 or 2 emails/week for the next month.

                                                            Your goal with cold outreach is to get them on a call with you.

                                                            As soon as they respond, ask them which day/time works best for them (or send them your calendar link to schedule a call)

                                                            The relentless as a lion follow-up approach:

                                                            Once you have your potential client’s contact info, you want to be in contact with them as soon (and as often) as possible.

                                                            The more you communicate with them, the more likely they’ll respond and get on a call with you.



                                                            You are now ready to get copywriting clients TODAY.

                                                            And take your freelance copywriting business to the next level.

                                                            Choose a few methods that you want to try first and go all in with them.

                                                            Remember, the real results come over time, from built momentum.

                                                            So, start with one method TODAY and stick with it.

                                                            Be consistent.

                                                            In no time, you’ll have more copywriting clients than you can handle.

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                                                            GET PAID LIKE A KING TO WRITE FOR BRANDS YOU LOVE - TODAY!

                                                            The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                                                            Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings