The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The 10 Most Persuasive Copywriting Tips for Copywriters Who Want to Earn 6-Figures This Year

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If you cannot persuade readers to take a specific action, you are NOT a real copywriter.

Your services possess little value, and you will be replaced by AI or more skilled copywriters in the near future.


If you’re able to persuade readers to buy from you, you can earn 6 figures+…THIS year.

The highest paid copywriters all have one skill in common:

They are MASTERS of persuasion.

They understand how to tap into their reader’s psychology and trigger an immediate response (through sales, leads generated, webinar sign-ups, etc.).

Don’t know how to persuade your readers?

No sweat.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll gain the 10 most persuasive copywriting techniques known to copywriter.

Once you pack these persuasive copywriting tips into your writing, you will explode your sales & income.

In this post…

I’m going to reveal what persuasion is in copywriting and my top 10 insider persuasion copywriting techniques to help you influence your readers to buy from you.


What is Persuasion in Copywriting?

According to Webster’s dictionary:

“Persuasion is the act of influencing or convincing others through communication to adopt a particular belief, attitude, or behavior.”

Persuasion in copywriting is simply convincing your readers to take a specific action.

What type of action?

It depends on your client’s objective.

The most common actions include:

  • Purchase a product or service
  • Sign up for an email newsletter or webinar
  • And all of these actions include clicking a link or button that will take them to a sales or checkout page.

Over the last 100+ years, copywriters have studied, tested and discovered smart ways to persuade their readers.

Now that you know what persuasive copywriting is…

Here are the 10 most persuasive copywriting techniques that have helped me boost my income and can do the same for you too.


10 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques to Explode Conversions


    Persuasive Copywriting Tip #1: What You Say vs How You Say It

      This is the most important lesson of the gang.

      It applies to all the other tips…

      WHAT you say is 100x more important than how you say it.


      Because WHAT you say refers to your target audience.

      The specific group of readers you are trying to persuade.

      Everything you write has to be in harmony with WHAT your readers want.

      WHAT are the biggest problems they’re currently trying to overcome?

      WHAT do they desperately want more than anything in the world?

      WHAT thoughts are constantly on their mind, throughout their day?

      WHAT feelings and emotions do they have related to your product/topic?

      Dig up the answers through copywriting research.

      Then, write about them in your copy.

      If you can write about what your readers want (and stir up intense emotion), it doesn’t really matter HOW you write it.

      Here’s a controversial example:


      Your child (or loved one) is kidnapped.

      They have been missing for 24 hours.

      All of a sudden…

      Your phone dings.

      You received an email with the subject line “About your child”. And the email goes on to explain where your child is and how to get them back.

      Would it really matter HOW this message was written?

      Hell no.

      The message could be written by a 1st grader with poor grammar, spelling mistakes up the ying yang and barely readable.

      But you’d still drop everything you were doing in a heartbeat to read this message and respond (take action).

      This is an extreme example, but it proves the point I’m trying to tattoo into your brain….

      If you want to persuade your readers, write about WHAT they are interested in.

      Keep your readers (and their wants, needs and desires) in mind, at all time, when writing copy and chowing down on the next 9 persuasive copywriting tips.


        Persuasive Copywriting Tip #2: What Is Your Problem?


          In Sean D’Souza’s brilliant book – Brain Audit – he clearly explained how problems grab our attention and spur us to action 10x more effectively than solutions.

          This is proven by psychologists.

          And, this concept is why Dan Kennedy favors the PAS copywriting technique (which he’s made millions from in dozens of his sales letters).

          Listen good:

          One of the most persuasive ways to write copy is to start with a problem.

          But not any problem.

          Uncover your market’s most urgent, biggest problem.

          And feature it in your headline and intro.

          Then, agitate the problem.

          Make your reader’s problem larger than life, and worse than death.

          Get them frustrated enough to punch metaphorical holes in their wall like a rowdy teen named Kyle.

          Quick tips to agitate your market’s problem:

          Paint a bright vision of your reader’s problem inside their noggin.

          The easiest way to paint this painful (emotional) vision is to talk about their problems using specific details and word images.

          Get as specific as possible when talking about their problems.

          Cover all the bases.


          Play an HD mental motion picture of their problems by using word images.

          Word images are words that touch on our 5 senses – taste, touch, sight, smell, hear.

          When you create a clear vision of your reader’s problems, it’s almost impossible for them to NOT take action to relieve their pain.


          Persuasive Copywriting Tip #3: Specifics

          The more specific you are, the more persuasive your writing will become.

          Include specific details in your writing:

          • Features
          • Benefits
          • Stats
          • Figures
          • Stories
          • Comparisons
          • Number of steps to take
          • Vivid descriptions

          When you describe something with specific details it is more believable and is easier to imagine in our minds.

          Here are a few examples of headlines using the power of specificity:



            Persuasive Copywriting Tip #4: Hell to Heaven

              I learned this persuasive copywriting secret from Eugene Schwartz.

              This is my favorite way to tell persuasive stories in my writing.

              Stories are one of the most persuasive tools in your copywriting toolshed.

              We are naturally influenced and persuaded by them. Stories have been the main way we have communicated with each other since the dawn of hooman.


              The goal of the “hell to heaven” story is to talk about someone in your market who your audience can relate to.

              Someone that has gone from “hell to heaven”.


              They have faced incredible challenges (in hell) but overcame their nightmarish experience and are now living a great life (in heaven).

              This works best for markets that solve big problems like Health & wellness.

              However, it can work for any market, if you use a lil creativity.


              Persuasive Copywriting Tip #5: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

               Girafee kissing

              If you want to persuade your readers to act, you must make your message stupidly simple to understand.

              Your writing should be readable at a 5th grade level.

              Here are some tips to make your writing easy to understand:

              • Use short sentences, paragraphs and words
              • Use easy-to-understand language – do not use jargon or try to sound sophisticated
              • Break up your copy – vary your sentence/paragraph length. I.E. one-word sentence. Then 11-word sentence. A few 3-5 sentence paragraphs, followed by a 3-word paragraph, etc.

              The easier it is for readers to grasp your message, the easier it is for you to persuade them.


              Persuasive Copywriting Tip #6: Be a Dirty, Naughty Tease

              dog treat

              Believe it or not, we all love being teased.


              Strip clubs…

              Flirting on the playground….


              Enough said.

              How do you tease your readers?

              Tell them what to do, but NOT how to do it.


              If you give away all the goods in your copy, (specific actions to take, valuable solutions or reveal your product’s biggest secrets), you will have quenched your reader’s thirst to the point where they’re hydrated and aren’t thirsty enough to buy from you.

              Your copy should tease the ever-living Bojangles out of your readers.

              Here’s how I like to think of it…

              I am dangling a giant glazed donut in front of my reader (by mentioning the irresistible benefits, interesting facts, painting a bright vision of their new life, etc.)

              And, right when they are about to chomp on my juicy donut, I yank it back.

              Then, I put it closer to their drooling mouth.

              As they lung for it, I yank it back again.

              This continues until they get to my CTA (call to action).

              By now they are STARVING.

              They can’t hold their hunger any longer, so they click “buy now.”


              Persuade your readers by teasing them with all the goodies of your product (without giving away the how-to value).


                Persuasive Copywriting Tip #7: Urgency and Scarcity

                  Nobody takes action without deadlines.

                  Humans are natural procrastinators.


                  Persuade your readers to respond NOW by powdering your copy with urgency and scarcity.

                  3 bullet-proof ways to add urgency:

                  • Limited availability (for products, webinar seats, etc.)
                  • Strict deadlines
                  • Special discounts

                  Increase believability by giving a reason WHY behind your urgency and scarcity. Add in specific dates/times that readers must respond by to get the discount.


                    Persuasive Copywriting Tip #8: What Will Your Product DO for Your Readers?

                      Readers only care about themselves.

                      They constantly think in terms of “what’s in it for me.”


                      For every feature and benefit you write, ask yourself what does this DO for my reader?

                      What is the main emotional benefit they get from using your product?

                      My favorite way to uncover this is to apply the feature, benefit, real benefit copywriting practice exercise.

                      Write down the features of your product. Then the benefits. And finally, the ultimate benefit.

                      Here’s a quick example:

                      Product: Lipstick

                      Feature: Shiny gloss coating

                      Benefit: Stunning lips

                      Ultimate benefit: Make cute guys head’s turn as you walk

                      If you want to persuade your readers, you must always think in terms of what your product DOES for them.


                        Persuasive Copywriting Tip #9: Proof

                          To get readers to respond, they must BELIEVE your claims.

                          This is harder than ever before.

                          Because today we are bombarded with thousands of ads filled with vomit-inducing hype and over-exaggerated claims.

                          How do you bypass people’s natural skepticism and persuade them to respond?

                          Stuff proof elements into EVERY claim you make.

                          Good rule of thumb:

                          Never make your claim bigger than your proof. 

                          Surround your claims with stronger, bolder proof.

                          Ways to add proof to claims:

                          1. Social proof: testimonials, reviews, case studies.
                          2. Avoid hype trigger words & phrases – “get rich quick”, “become a millionaire”, “FREE”
                          3. Use the “If…Then” technique. If readers meet a specific requirement, then they can experience a big benefit. Example: “If you have 5 minutes per day, then you can lose 10 pounds this month.”


                            Persuasive Copywriting Tip #10: Repetition

                               Sign that says "repetition" 3 times

                              Repetition helps you get your point across.

                              Repletion helps you establish credibility.

                              Repetition helps you persuade your audience.


                              Because repetition & redundancy create familiarity with your readers.

                              Often, consumers need to see an ad 10+ times before they buy.

                              In the past, I would send out around 7 cold emails before getting a reply from prospects.

                              And for the last year or so…

                              I’ve sent DAILY emails to my list selling my offers.


                              The persuasive power of repetition.

                              The more your audience sees your message (and main selling points), the more likely they’ll be persuaded to believe them and buy from you.

                              This is contrary to what we’re taught.

                              We were taught in school to not be redundant.

                              However, the greatest salesmen and copywriters ALL use reputation throughout their sales message.

                              Often, they’ll repeat a few core benefits/concepts/appeals DOZENS of times (with slightly varied language) throughout their sales message.


                              I like to repeat the first few words of a sentence 3 times, like this:

                              Copywriting is persuasive.

                              Copywriting is powerful.

                              Copywriting is life changing.

                              When you use repetition in copywriting, you can effortlessly persuade your readers.



                              Your income as a copywriter is directly locked into how many readers respond to your ad.

                              Use these 10 persuasive copywriting tips to effortlessly boost your response.

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                              The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                              Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings

                              GET PAID LIKE A KING TO WRITE FOR BRANDS YOU LOVE - TODAY!

                              The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                              Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings