The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

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What is Freelance Copywriting? (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

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“What is freelance copywriting?”

“How much do freelance copywriters make?”

“What the heck do copywriters ACTUALLY do all day?”

“How can I become a freelance copywriter with no experience?”

All of these questions ran through my newbie brain in 2019.

Fast forward 4 years…

I’ve written for hundreds of freelance clients and have enjoyed the freelancer lifestyle – earning good money and doing what I love, while working in my pajamas.


If you dream of escaping the smelly 9-5 rat race and writing for brands you love, then you’re in the right place.

In this ultimate guide for beginners, I’m going to answer your most burning questions and give you a proven 5-step roadmap for breaking into freelance copywriting ASAP – so you can start earning maximum income, in minimum time.


What is Copywriting?

"words have power" on blocks

A quick online search will reveal a fiasco of conflicting explanations.

Let’s set the record straight…

Copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship translated into written form.

Rather than relying on traditional face-to-face sales methods, copywriting thrives in the digital realm, allowing you to connect with your audience through the power of words.

However, copywriting has one HUGE advantage over traditional selling.

You can “sell” to 10 times (or much more) as many people simultaneously. PLUS, you only have to create your sales presentation ONCE.


The primary objective of copywriting is to craft compelling and persuasive content that drives your readers to take specific actions—typically, making a purchase or subscribing to an email list.


The versatility of copywriting extends across a multitude of platforms, including:

  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Online & offline advertisements
  • Scripts for YouTube videos
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Website content
  • And a plethora of other channels


What is Freelance Copywriting?

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The primary distinction between freelance copywriting and traditional copywriting lies in the employment structure.

In traditional copywriting, you essentially function as an employee, adhering to the conventional 9-5 work model within a single company.

Now, on the flip side...

Freelance copywriting puts you in the driver's seat.

It transforms into a business venture.

As a freelance copywriter, you are the captain of your own ship, responsible for steering your copywriting business and actively seeking clients to serve.

Freelance copywriting involves more independence, responsibility and a bit more "risk" compared to the somewhat stable environment of a typical 9-5 copywriting position.

Nevertheless, with increased risk, comes a host of rewarding opportunities, including:

1. Free to Work Wherever YOU Want

Work from the serene beach, the comfort of your couch, or even within an RV as you traverse the globe. The beauty lies in the flexibility to write from any corner of the world.

2. Ultimate Control

Embrace the role of being your own boss. Set your working hours according to your preferences. Decide who you want to collaborate with and choose the topics that align with your interests. Freelancing grants you unparalleled freedom in these choices.

3. Earning Potential of 6 Figures (or More)

Unlike the constraints of traditional copywriting, your earning potential as a freelance copywriter knows no shackles.

The only limits are defined by the number of clients you attract, your skillset, your pricing strategy, and the volume of projects you can undertake each year.

4. Can Start ASAP

Unlike the 9-5 underworld…

You don't need a fancy pancy college degree, years of experience to get started or to climb a slow, grueling corporate ladder.

Anyone has the potential to become a successful freelance copywriter.

The key is a willingness to put in the effort and continuously refine your copywriting skills.


Is Freelance Copywriting Still a Good Career in the Era of AI?


Despite the rampant concerns and scary headlines about AI and ChatGPT taking over the world, diving into freelance copywriting is still a FANTASTIC career move.

Here's the reassuring news:

Robots can never replace skilled copywriters.

At its essence, copywriting is a form of salesmanship, and effective selling involves establishing a personal connection with your audience.

It demands empathy, personality, and a profound understanding of human psychology (esp. consumer psychology).

True copywriters will always outshine robots in the realm of persuasion.

As long as you continually enhance your selling and copywriting skills, there's no need to be worried.

More uplifting news:

The demand for copywriters will always be on the rise for as long as humans roam earth.


Copywriting is the lifeblood of business growth.

Companies will always seek assistance in converting more customers, boosting sales and scaling their business.

If you can contribute to achieving these objectives, you'll consistently find yourself in demand, earning mighty paychecks.


What does a Freelance Copywriter ACTUALLY Do? (2 Main Roles)

Running a freelance copywriting business covers two primary sides:

1. The Business Side


This aspect takes precedence and holds greater significance for your success.

It involves activities such as prospecting, lead generation (client acquisition), determining your copywriting rates, cultivating client relationships, managing accounting tasks (taxes, income tracking, invoices, etc.), and much more.


2. The Writing Side


Once you secure clients, and have a steady flow of work on your desk, your daily routine revolves around the writing process, which has three main phases:

1. Research

Widely regarded as the most crucial phase, research consumes the majority of your time.

Effective copy is not written; it is assembled through painstaking research.

Your role is to uncover everything essential for persuasive copy, diving into your client's brand, competition, product, and most importantly, their target audience.

Refer to this comprehensive guide for a detailed understanding of copywriting research: "Your Ultimate Guide to Copywriting Research (Step-by-Step Process + 5 Best Techniques)."

2. Writing

After extensive research, you’ll be ready to write.

This involves creating attention-grabbing headlines, compelling body copy, and persuasive calls to action (CTAs) that drive readers to take the desired action (fulfilling your client's primary objective.)

Explore this detailed guide for insights into writing persuasive copy.

Additionally, freelance copywriters are versatile in writing for various platforms, including social media content, blog posts, landing pages, ecommerce product descriptions, social media advertisements, and much more.

For a deeper understanding of the types of copywriting services to offer, check out this blog post.

3. Editing

Editing represents the final pivotal phase of copywriting.

Thoroughly edit your copy multiple times (I strive for 10 read-throughs, out loud).

The objective is to craft the most persuasive message, using the fewest words.

Chisel your writing into a clear, concise, and digestible sales message.


How Much Do Freelance Copywriters Make in 2024?


According to Zip Recruiter's data in 2024, freelance copywriters command an average rate of around $45 per hour ($90,000 per year).

However, it's crucial to recognize that figures regarding freelance copywriting salaries found online can be somewhat misleading.



As a freelance copywriter…

Your earnings are entirely in your hands.

There are freelancers in this field making 7 figures, 6 figures, 5 figures, and much lower.

Entering the world of freelance copywriting requires a fundamental understanding that you're not just a writer; you're a business owner.

As a business owner, there's virtually no cap on your potential income.

The only limits are set by your own aspirations, determination, and marketing, salesmanship & copywriting skills.

Becoming skilled at marketing yourself, selling your copywriting services, and delivering impressive results for clients can lead to substantial financial rewards.

Freelance copywriters have the potential to earn significantly more than their traditional counterparts working as employees.

Never box yourself into a corner by following salary averages.

You have the capacity to earn as much as you desire IF you're willing to put in the effort and master this life-changing skill.

Curious about how much freelance copywriters charge?

For comprehensive insights into pricing your copywriting fees, refer to this detailed guide: "The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Copywriting Rates in 2024 (How Much Should YOU Charge?)"


How to Become a Freelance Copywriter in 2024 with NO Experience (5 Simple Steps)

building blocks

I've previously penned a comprehensive guide on navigating the path to becoming a successful freelance copywriter in 2024. I strongly recommend reading this post and following the outlined steps for optimal results.

Here's a quick recap of the essential steps:

    1. Master the Fundamentals

      Learn the basics by reading these 10 direct response copywriting books:

        • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
        • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman
        • How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab
        • Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins
        • The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
        • Ogilvy on Advertising By David Ogilvy
        • Tested Advertising Methods By John Caples
        • Cashvertising By Drew Eric Whitman
        • The Copywriter’s Handbook By Bob Bly
        • Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel By John Carlton


      Sharpen your sword by practicing copywriting (daily) through this guide: "How to Practice Copywriting for Free (5 Exercises to Improve Your Skills TODAY)."

      Dedicate at least a month to this crucial phase as it forms the basis for your copywriting skills and sculpts the future of your freelancing success.


        2. Get Clients


        Once you've grasped the basics, move on to acquiring real clients. Refer to my ultimate guide for beginners: "How to Get Copywriting Clients in 2024 With No Experience (Get New Clients TODAY)."

          During your initial months, focus on gaining rapid-fire experience by writing for diverse clients (different industries) and various types of copy.


            3. Niche Down


              After you’ve gotten your fists muddy with real-world experience and have a bunch of samples & testimonials, it's time to narrow down your focus.

              Choosing a specific copywriting niche is crucial for earning a higher income, as specialists are rewarded much greater than generalists.

              My guide, "The 10 Highest-Paying Copywriting Niches in 2024 (How to Pick the Best One for YOU)," provides step-by-step instructions for selecting the ideal niche for YOU.


                4. Create an Impressive Copywriting Portfolio


                  Before attracting dream clients, build an impressive portfolio loaded with testimonials and samples.

                  Use this easy guide to craft a portfolio within 10 minutes: "How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio with NO Experience (In 10 minutes or Less)."


                    5. Grow Your Freelance Copywriting Business

                    rocket launch

                      When you're ready to scale your freelance copywriting business to the sun, explore my blog post sharing the top 3 business-growth strategies: "3 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Freelance Copywriting Business in 2024 (Make 6-figures This Year)."



                      Did I answer your questions about freelance copywriting?

                      If not...

                      Maybe this will…

                      If I could choose one career it’d be freelance copywriting.

                      Even if you end up doing something different, you can use the skills you learn to create a VERY profitable and fulfilling life for yourself (this is why I became a copywriter. Believe it or not, I didn’t enjoy writing at the time, although I LOVE to write now).

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                      The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                      Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings


                      The "King of Copy" is Giving Away Tips for Becoming a Top Paid Copywriter Right Now

                      Enter your email below to open Jeremy's daily email tips and a FREE audio training straight out of his exclusive paid membership – Copy Kings