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How to Feel AMAZING About Selling Your Copywriting Services to Clients

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I have a friend who’s a copywriter.

She’s TERRIFIED of selling.

She gets a lot of anxiety over being perceived as a pushy “snake oil saleswomen" in her copy and when selling her copywriting services to clients.

My thoughts?

She does not know what REAL salesmanship is.

Because, if she did, she would not only not fear selling, but she would look forward to & ENJOY selling.

Here’s why:

I got into this business because I wanted to help copywriters (you guys & gals) achieve their BIG copywriting goals.

Now, I’ve been studying, practicing and writing copy for the last 4 years, and I knew I could provide a TON OF VALUE to aspiring & struggling copywriters.

That is what selling is all about.

Providing value to your clients.

Figuring out the specific problems that your TARGET audience is experiencing and then giving them very valuable SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS to steer them away from pain and push them towards pleasure.


Why did YOU get into copywriting?

Sure, the money can be great.

But I think a lot of copywriters learn this skill because they WANT TO HELP PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

They FEEL AWESOME when they help their client make more sales and change more lives (assuming you're writing for legit businesses) through the copy they write.


If you know you can provide value to your clients (by helping them grow their business), then why would you cringe at helping them do so?

You should be ecstatic about “selling” to them, because you are changing their lives (and their customers' lives) for the better.


If you want to change your clients’ lives, first, you must be able to attract them to you and sell your services to them effectively.

My monthly membership, Copy Kings, shows you how with Zues strength:

A BIG chunk of the trainings I send to your inbox each month have to do with getting freelance clients. Especially, how to attract them to you, instead of bombarding them with emails and phone calls.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

It’s Not Hard to Stand Out, Dummy

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Over my copywriting career, I’ve worked in dozens of different industries. And virtually every industry I’ve worked in, there’s always “gurus” & “coaches” teaching entrepreneurs how to stand out from the competition.

I think they make it waaaay too complicated.

Here’s why:

Let’s say you’re going to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park (Red Sox’s home field) & they’re playing the Baltimore Orioles. Everyone there is wearing Red Sox jerseys (blue & red colors).

Now, lemme ask you this:

How would YOU stand out in this crowd?

It’s simple.

Wear different colors.

Wear a Baltimore Orioles jersey (orange & black).

Viola – case solved.

You are now standing out amongst the crowd.

Believe it or not, it’s as simple as this when it comes to standing out from other copywriters.

Look around at what everyone else is doing in your industry and take a sharp 180.

Do the exact OPPOSITE.

They zig, you zag.

Earl Nightingale (one of the greatest success coaches of all time) had an Einstein-smart, yet stupidly simple concept related to this.

He said:

If you want to succeed, simply do the opposite of everyone else.

This works like a charm because most people enter business (any industry but especially copywriting) the same way they enter a new high school.

They try to fit in.

They follow the crowd like blind sheep.

But the crowd is NEVER successful.

It’s the few smart folk who DEVIATE from the crowd, and do things differently, who end up massive successes.

After all, if the crowd knew the answers, then 95% of people would be rich and only 5% would be poor.

But life does not work this way, muchacho.

If you want to be in the top 5% of copywriters who achieve massive success, you must do things differently from the 95% of starving writers.  

Inside Copy Kings, I give you the tools to become the #1 copywriter in your market, fast, by doing things that virtually no other copywriter does (probably don’t even know about).

But this expands writing.

I teach you how to ATTRACT a flood of copywriting clients to you, by standing out, so you can take on more gigs and make chunks of money - WITHOUT leaving your house.

Sound good?

Become a Copy King TODAY:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Are Rotten Trolls Stinking Up Your Business?

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I love copywriting.


I HATE trolls.  


Low-class, rude, micro-managing, cheap-butt clients who waste your valuable time & treat you less than mud.

However, over the years, I’ve picked up some heavy duty troll repellents.

And, one of my favorites is, the power of blocking.  

Here’s what I mean…

I’ve been reselling sneakers (mainly Air Jordans) online for the last 3 or so years.

And, lemme tell ya, there’s a LOT of turd-green trolls stomping around on these sites.

The best way to rid em?

Ignore em.

Whenever I get a whiff of troll slime, I instantly block them.

I do this in my freelance copywriting business too.

But instead of blocking, I take it a step further...


I repel troll clients before I even start the sales process with em.

This way, I don't waste a minute of my precious time and earn a whole lot more green stuff because I ONLY focus on writing for HIGH-QUALITY and HIGH-PAYING clients.

You can do the same.

Here's how:

Figure out WHO your DREAM CLIENTS are.

Take some time and whip up all the qualities of your fav clients that you’ve worked with in the past.



Jot down all the negative qualities of your worst clients (trolls).

Once you know WHO you want to attract, you must figure out WHERE they are and HOW to bring em to you.

The beauty of this is, you bring your dream clients to you through very SELECT messaging that ATTRACTS them… AND… very select messaging that REPELS everyone else you do NOT want to work with.

Once you get good at this, repelling rotten trolls becomes second nature.

If you want to get good at this today, join my monthly membership - Copy Kings:

Join TODAY and I'll show you how to ATTRACT your DREAM clients & pull em to you with hulk like force… while repelling the blood sucking mosquito trolls.

When you only deal with dream clients, life gets exciting, fun and a LOT more profitable.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

My Dad is PISSED

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Pop’s not feeling well.

He’s had a bunch of issues over the last few years:

Passed out during a walk (had to rush home and carry him into my car).

Random crying spells.

Lots of fatigue.

And more that I’m not gonna mention here.

This bothers him.

But what bothers him even more is, every time he goes to the doctors (and hospital) he always gets the same answer:


They NEVER find anything wrong with him.

And every time he comes home from the docs, he’s in a frumpy mood (don’t blame him).

Well, today was different.

He just got back from the doctors and he’s as happy as a clam.

I asked him what they found.

In plain English:


Then why was he so happy?

Because the doctor listened to him.

Took him seriously.

Really cared about his situation.

And gave him a bunch of tips and future tests lined up to figure out what’s wrong.

Often, I’m asked what copywriters can do to separate themselves from the competition.

My answer:

Superior service.

Superior service allows you to slay lions.

You might not be the most knowledgeable or experienced copywriter, have the most impressive portfolio or sold millions worth of clients' products and so on.


If you provide your clients with superior service, and constantly look for ways to go above n beyond for them (and only them) – you will reign king over your market – EVEN if you’re up against more experienced, big name copywriters.

The best part is…

It doesn’t have to be anything big.

Superior service can be simply responding ASAP to their questions... or sending them a box of chocolate or bottle of wine... or congratulating them on a recent company achievement.

Little splashes move oceans, my friend.

If you’d like to make BIG WAVES in your copywriting career, make sure you subscribe to my exclusive membership - Copy Kings:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

How to Perform Magic in Your Copywriting

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I’ll never forget my reaction to the movie Prestige.

It had one of the craziest endings of all time.

Long story short:

2 magicians have a long, nasty rivalry against each other.

One magician keeps beating the other and he couldn’t figure out why.

SPOILER ALERT – the movie ends with one magician framing the other for murder and the magician is hung.

Days later, the living magician is killed by his “dead” rival.


Because his rival had a twin.

That’s how the magician was able to do the impossible (would be impossible if it was only one man).

You too can do the same with your copy.

And you won’t need a twin.

No. if you do what I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to perform magic acts with your copywriting, leaving your competitors scratching their heads in awe.

Here’s what you do:

Whoever you're writing for, study their target audience so intensely that you know them better than you know yourself.

Bury yourself inside their minds, know every thought they think, every emotion they feel, every experience they go through.

And let this knowledge pour out into your headlines, subject lines, bullets, CTA's... every piece of copy you write.

Do this for each copywriting gig you get, and I GUARANTEE you will be flooded with business within the next year.

If you'd like to shortcut your success as a top-paid copywriter, me thinks you should join my inner circle for thriving copywriters - Copy Kings:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

How to Solve Your Copywriting Problems

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I’m in pain.

Ears been bothering me for over a week (feels like a spider’s crawlin around).

This has happened to me many times.

For years, I would go to the doctor with an earache. Guess what?

They never found anything wrong.

Felt like a legal magic act.

Then, while at the dentist, they noticed how one side of my jaw was pushed over and rubbing up against the side of my face. The same side as the ear that’s been bothering me.

Their response?

It’s likely TMJ.

Been wearing a mouth guard at night ever since. Helps a lot. Plus, whenever my TMJ flairs up, I do some handy dandy facial exercises.

Point is:

In order to overcome a problem, you gotta know the ROOT CAUSE.

The REAL root cause of your pain.

If you’re freelance business is hurting like a teenage breakup, then I can 99.97% guarantee that you have a lead generation problem.

You see, a big problem copywriter's face is not being able to generate enough leads, on a steady basis.

While this is an issue, the BIGGER ISSSUE is not generating enough QUALITY leads.

Quality leads that are actively looking to hire a copywriter, have an urgency to do so, can AFFORD your rates and already understand the importance (benefits) of using a copywriter.

Get these types of hot leads, on a regular basis, and you will explode your copywriting success.

Want to learn how and where to find these types of clients?

Want to learn how to become a 6-figure copywriter?

Then join my exclusive membership - Copy Kings: 

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Do Your Readers Find You Boring?

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Recently, I picked up a book called - How to Sell Anything to Anybody – by the world’s greatest salesmen, Joe Girard.

I’ve learned many thangs from Joe over the years (mainly about winning copywriting clients through superior service) and was excited as a newborn puppy to read this highly raved book.

Didn’t make it past page 40.

So freakin boring.

I have a rule when it comes to learning.

If I am bored, at any time, I give myself to permission to quit & move on to something better.

Back when I was listening to one of my fav courses – Matt Furey’s email copywriting course (VERY ENTERTAINING & VALUABLE), he told a story about how Agatha Kristi, famous author, had a rule for reading books.

Her rule was much stricter than mine.


If the 1st page didn’t grab her by her ponytail, she’d put the book down.

Point is:

You MUST be interesting.

You must NEVER bore your audience.

If you lose their attention & interest, even for a minute, you are toast.

This could never be truer than right now.

With the dopamine addicts scrolling for their next quick fix on TikTok, FB, Insta, etc. it’s mega important to grab them by their throats & keep them engaged.

If you want to survive as a copywriter, you pique your reader's interest, and keep them interested, in every piece of copy you write.

However, believe it or not, keeping your readers interested, all the way to a sale, is freakin easy.


Dirty tricks.

Jk. Jk. Jk.

Simply talk about what THEY are INTERESTED in.

In the wise words of Jim Camp (world’s most feared negotiator):

“Once inside your prospects world, you will never bore them.”

So, crawl inside their world and STAY inside.

I go into the deep end on this concept inside my membership - Copy Kings:

I show you how to grab attention with mike Tyson like force & keep em hooked like a crack addict to every word you write, itchin to press "buy now."

The more readers do this, the higher you can charge for your copywriting services.


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Guilt Free Selling

May 20, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Here’s the dog honest truth:

Not 1 day in my 4-year copywriting career have I ever felt guilty about selling my copywriting services (or selling my client's products & service).

I’ve sold products in more niches than I can count on hand and I’ve always felt good about what I do.

Now, I know this is a big issue for a lot of copywriters.

Since the dawn of time, salesmen (aka COPYWRITERS) have had a not-so-great perception by the public.





Are some words that come to mind.

However, I’m here to tell you that there’s an easy way to sell - 100% guilt-free.

In fact, once you absorb this secret, you will not only have a squeaky clean conscious when selling through your writing, but you will also feel GREAT about selling, because you have helped tons of people in the process.

So, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to share the motto I live by for selling anything.

Goes like this:

View yourself as a trusted advisor for your clients.

It is your moral and ethical duty to get your copywriting service into the hands of as many QUALIFIED CLIENTS as possible.

For example:

Let’s say you are selling a new cure for migraines.

And you are 100% confident that this product helps those who are suffering from migraines.

Now, if you were to shy away from selling, to not do the very best selling job you’re capable of, you would be doing yourself AND your customers a HUGE DISSERVICE.

It’s like a doctor refusing treatment needed to relieve your backpain… or diabetes... or CANCER.  

Now, there are some requirements.

You need to KNOW your clients PROBLEMS and you need to provide them a REAL SOLUTION.

Knowing their problems takes some dirty work.

Because you must uncover their REAL problems, pains, fears, wants, needs and so on.

After you know this do or die info, you’ll use it to attract them to you, negotiate new copywriting gigs and provide them tremendous value so they refer everyone they know to you.

I talk more about this in my exclusive membership for serious copywriters, Copy Kings:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy Mac

Shows aspiring & struggling copywriters how to break into copywriting, feel confident in their copywriting skills and get a steady stream of high-paying clients - WITHOUT the confusion, hassle or guesswork

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