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10 Best Copywriting Apps in 2024 for Copywriters (Work Smarter, Not Harder)

Nov 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
Work smarter, not harder


One of my favorite copywriters is Ben Settle.

He’s labeled a “slacker.”

Not because he’s lazy, but because he finds innovative ways to work smarter, instead of harder.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs & copywriters are also “slackers.”

They’ve ditched the old, ineffective ways of marketing, writing copy, creating products, etc. and discovered shortcuts to make their workday easier and more profitable.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever before to work smarter.

There are so many AI tools out there for copywriters to write faster, edit more effectively, and improve their copy, without wasting a lifetime behind a screen with blood-stained eyes & a throbbing headache.

In this blog post…

I’m going to reveal the 5 main benefits of using copywriting apps and the 10 best copywriting apps to help you make more money, in less time.


5 Main Reasons Why You Should Use Copywriting Apps

#1. Improve clarity

One of the most important things in copy is to make your message crystal clear to your target audience. Use simple, easy-to-understand language that anyone can quickly grasp. Many copywriting apps can help you achieve this. They act as a fresh pair of eyes and give you tips for simplifying your message.

#2. Save time

piggy bank with clock in it

I don’t use AI to write copy, however, I do use copywriting apps to edit. Copywriting apps have saved me hours (per project) on the tedious and time-sucking editing process. These apps help you with grammar, punctuation, and sneaky writing errors. Without these editing tools, you could waste days editing copy for every assignment.

#3. Write on-the-go

Cloud-based copywriting apps let you access your work from anywhere, making it convenient for you to work on the go. This convenient accessibility ensures that you can stay productive whether you're in the office, at home, or your local coffee shop.

 #4. Aspirin for copywriting migraines

Man with headache touching head

These copywriting apps help relieve common copywriting frustrations, like: running out of ideas, editing grammar, trying to find the “perfect” words to use, etc. After using them, you will no longer have the urge to smash your laptop against the wall.

#5. Maximum profit, in minimum time

These copywriting apps are designed to help you write more successful sales copy, in far less time than it currently takes you.


10 FREE Copywriting Apps to Instantly Improve Your Writing

#1. Grammarly


This copywriting app is a godsend.

It completely eliminates the grueling editing process.

Instead of editing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors… I simply copy and paste all my writing into Grammarly.

In seconds, it shows grammatical errors, suggests better word choices, and gives tips on writing in a more engaging tone.

Grammarly text editor

This copywriting app is your personal copy editor.

In addition to grammar, it helps you with clarity, engagement and delivery.

It takes me about 5 minutes to edit THOUSANDS of words – whether it’s emails, landing pages, Facebook ads, and so on.

If you aren’t already using Grammarly, you’ll want to fix that – TODAY.


#2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway editor

It’s no secret…

Your writing must be easy to understand by the majority of your readers.

If not, nobody will read your copy.

The goal is to make your writing readable to a 5th grader.

The Hemingway App is the easiest way to achieve this.

Simply copy and paste your text into the app.

In seconds, you’ll get helpful tips and advice on how to make your message clearer, more engaging and easier to understand.

Hemingway improves the readability of your copy, by highlighting complex sentences, suggesting simpler alternatives, and offering a readability score to help you hit that 5th-grade level.


#3. ProWritingAid


This is another great tool for the editing process.

ProWritingAid is an all-in-one writing tool that checks your grammar, style, and readability.

I like the in-depth reports and analysis it offers.

This tool helps you write more engaging copy for your target audience.

It helps you turn decent writing, into irresistible copy that gets read and acted upon.


#4. Scrivener

If you're writing long-form copy like ebooks, whitepapers, or reports, Scrivener is your trusted alley.

It's a powerful organizational tool, designed to make the writing process smoother than a baby’s forehead.

This copywriting app helps you structure your work, manage research, and keep everything in one place.


#5. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines are probably the most important element of copywriting.

A good rule of thumb:

Focus the majority of your time on writing headlines. I write dozens before whittling down on the winner.

However, you can spend less time, and remove guesswork, by using this handy copywriting app.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer helps you crank out attention-grabbing headlines with ease.

It evaluates your headlines based on key factors like persuasiveness, length, and language. And gives you helpful tips and insights on how to improve your headlines.

In no time, you can create attention-grabbing headlines that reach out and grab your audience’s eyeballs and suck them into your writing.


#6. Evernote

For copywriters, ideas are worth a king’s castle.

Unfortunately, ideas are like slippery fish.

If you do not write them down, the moment they pop into your noggin, you’ll likely lose them FOREVER.


A digital notepad.

With a notepad app, you can write down ideas the moment they strike and carry your ideas with you, everywhere you go.

I like Evernote the best.


It is extremely easy to use.

It keeps your ideas and thoughts organized and easily accessible for later use for copywriting projects.


It’s easy to edit the layout and design to your personal preferences.

You can easily sync this app across your devices (desktop, laptop and phone) to ensure you never miss a creative moment or lose a breakthrough idea.


#7. OneLook Reverse Dictionary


Stuck searching for the right word to use?

OneLook Reverse Dictionary helps you discover million-dollar words, like clockwork.

Simply type in the word you want to improve and viola:

You now have hundreds of adjectives, nouns, verbs, slang, adverbs, at your fingertips.

This app guarantees you will never be stuck with boring, repetitive words.

The result?

Engaging, persuasive copy that paints a bright vision in your reader’s minds and motivates them to buy.


#8. WritingHabit

Want to become a better copywriter?

Write more copy.

Even better…

Make a habit of writing daily.

WritingHabit is your personal writing habit coach and accountability buddy.

It sets goals, tracks your progress, and hands you helpful insights into your writing habits over time, pushing you toward a consistent and productive writing routine.


#9. Readable


Want to make your writing more engaging and readable to your core readers?

Readable will help you achieve this with ease.

Readable helps you fine-tune your content, making it engaging and understandable across various reader demographics.

It analyzes sentence length, syllable count, and overall structure.


#10. Canva

This is probably the easiest and most fun app I’ve ever used.

A major key to writing effective copy is providing your readers with eye relief.

A great way to provide eye relief is to break up your text with captivating images.

Suck at graphic design?

Canva to the rescue!

You can craft eye-grabbing images with simple drag-and-drop features.

Plus, Canva gives you thousands of copyright-free images. 

In minutes, you can create impressive images to use in your copy.



Work smarter, not harder.

Use these 10 copywriting apps to improve your writing and earn more money, in less time.

Speaking of earning more, in less time…

If you want to become a top-paid copywriter in months instead of years (or decades), enter your email below:


13 Best Tools for Copywriters to Make More Money, In Less Time

Nov 29, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
Sign says "shortcut"


Over the last 4 years, I’ve tried HUNDREDS of different copywriting tools.

Some have made my life easier.

Others have pierced big splinters in my round buttocks.

After lots of trial & error, I’ve discovered some of the best tools for copywriters.

More specifically, 13 tools that have made a BIG difference in my writing.

FOUR reasons why you should use these copywriting tools.

#1. Save time

These copywriting tools can shave hours off your writing. You can shortcut the researching, writing and editing process – saving you bundles of precious time.

#2. Improve your writing

Each copywriting tool is designed to quickly improve any piece of copy you write. By using them in your writing, you can turn a dull message into a persuasive sales machine.

#3. Removes headaches

These tools for copywriters act as aspirin for common copywriting headaches. Like: editing grammar, coming up with big ideas, market research, etc. After using them, you will no longer want to smash your head against your keyboard.

#4. Boost your income

These little-known tools for copywriters will help you write more effective copy, in less time. Which will open up glorious opportunities to earn more money.

This post is valuable because I reveal the exact tools I use when writing copy. I’ve broken down each step in the copywriting process and have provided useful tools to help you maximize your success during each phase. All of these copywriting tools are free.


6 Free Copywriting Tools for the Research Phase


Believe it or not, I spend 80% of my time on research for every copywriting project I take on.


Because you do not write copy, you assemble it.

But first, you must find the right “building blocks” to assemble.

Research is the first crucial step to writing killer copy.

Here are the exact tools I use for researching my products, markets and competition.

#1) Conduct online surveys

Online surveys are your best friend. You can find invaluable answers straight from your market’s mouth. They will often tell you EXACTLY what they want you to write about.

Here are my 3 favorite survey sites to use:

Simply copy and paste your market research questions and uncover the gold that awaits.


#2) Reddit


This is my favorite market research tool for uncovering the emotional hot buttons of my market.

You can usually do all your market research on alone.

Simply type your market’s keyword into Reddit’s search bar.

I.E., if you’re market is golfers, type in “golf”.


Reddit is a copywriter’s dream come true because your target market is already gathered together and communicating with each other.

The real reason why Reddit is a superior market research tool is because users often talk “un-filtered” about their problems, fears, desires, etc.

I’ve created successful ads, headlines, and sales pages, solely off the comments from Reddit groups.


#3) Google search


You can also dig up gold by typing a market research question into Google.

Simply search a question and add your niche

For example:

 “What makes golfers angry?”)

Click on relevant answers. Pay special attention to answers from your market and not some random blogger.


#4) Google Keyword Planner

What is your market searching for online? What are they interested in? What problems are they trying to solve?

Google Keyword Planner holds the answers.

Type in relevant keywords and keyword phrases into this tool.

Look at the monthly search volume (set it to most popular searches). This will give you a good idea of what your market is searching for and interested in.

Google keyword planner


#5) AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a great copywriting tool because it gives you dozens of the most popular questions your market is asking online.

Simply type the keyword into the search bar.

In seconds, you’ll have hundreds of questions your market is asking.

answer the public

#6) Facebook ad library & Google ads

Study your client’s competition.

What offers are they using? What is their USP? What emotional triggers are they using? What key benefits are they targeting?

Get inspiration from the competition and see if you can add/improve upon what they have.

My 2 favorite tools for copywriters studying their competition are Facebook Ad Library and Google Ads.

Facebook Ad Library:

Go to Facebook Ad Library.

Type your competition’s company name or a relevant keyword. You will find a bunch of ads run by your competition. Study them and get ideas.

Facebook ads library

Google ads:

Go to Search relevant keyword phrases, topics or your competition’s brand. Then, Browse the first 2-4 promoted links at the top. Study their copy and get inspiration from them.

google search


2 Free Copywriting Tools for Getting BIG IDEAS:

Woman with lightbulb above head

    #1) Swipe files

      A copywriting swipe file is a “virtual library” where you store proven sales, marketing and copywriting pieces.

      Use copywriting swipe files as inspiration. is my favorite copywriting swipe file because it’s extremely easy to use and has tons of great direct response copywriting examples (new and old).

      Plus, it provides helpful tips & insights on most of the ads.

      Use this copywriting swipe file to get big ideas to use in your writing.


        #2) The news


          The news is another great resource for getting big ideas to use in your writing.

          I use the Apple News app.

          Use whatever news app makes sense for you.

          The reason why news is great for getting ideas to write about, is that it covers the latest current events.

          When you use current events in your copy, you are “entering the conversation in your prospect’s mind.”

          Big news stories or industry news are currently on your readers’ minds.

          They are “water cooler” conversations with coworkers, friends and family.

          By tapping into what your readers are already thinking and talking about, you can grab their attention and keep them interested throughout your copy.


          5 Free Copywriting Tools for the Writing Process

          Writing on paper

            #1) Alarm clock app

              Whenever I write, I set a 33.33-minute timer on my phone.


              Because setting strict deadlines forces you to write FAST.

              I learned this trick from Eugene Schwartz (copywriting legend).

              I write until my timer goes off. Take a 5-10 minute break. Then, repeat the process until I’ve finished my writing assignment.

              Try it out, you’ll be shocked by the results.


                #2) Grammarly

                  Believe it or not, I SUCK at grammar.

                  My Word document is flooded with red error marks in just about every paragraph I write.

                  Doesn’t matter.

                  Because I can simply copy and paste all my work into Grammarly.

                  Then, it shows me all the grammatical errors I’ve made, plus quick fixes (with a click of a button).

                  This tool is a godsend. Without it, I’d need to hire a copy editor.


                  Don’t blindly follow everything Grammarly suggests. Use your own judgement as a copywriter. I always change the red grammatical errors (blatant spelling errors). However, I am cautious with the other suggestions it gives me. Why? Because I prioritize the flow and sales message over perfect grammar.


                    #3) Hemingway app

                      Copywriting greats like Joseph Sugarman recommend that you write at a 5th grade level.


                      Because you want to make your message simple, clear and easy to understand to the majority of your readers.

                      Right before I submit my work, I run it through the Hemingway App.

                      Simply copy and paste your writing into this app.

                      It will give you suggestions on how to simplify your writing.

                      Hemingway app


                        #4) Canva

                          I usually don’t design ads or websites.


                          I’ll use Canva to quickly create images, lead magnets and ebook covers.

                          This app is magic.

                          You can quickly create impressive designs and graphics with a click of a button.

                          No design skills or artistic abilities needed.

                          Having graphic design skills can give you a big advantage for copywriting jobs and freelance gigs.

                          By taking a few tutorials on Canva and playing around with it, you can whip up impressive designs in no time.



                          I use this copywriting tool all the time. It is helpful for finding power words to replace boring, overused words.

                          I like to use the synonyms feature to switch up the language and make it more impactful.

                          Simply type in the word you want to change, and you’ll find lots of helpful suggestions.


                          WAIT! No AI tools for copywriters?! What about [Include long list of robots]??


                          On the rare occasion, I’ll use ChatGPT to help me whip up some content.

                          However, I do not use it for writing ANY copy.

                          I have tried it in the past and was horrified by the results.

                          I strongly suggest YOU stay FAR away from AI writing tools (any tools where you have a robot write for you).

                          This has nothing to do with pride or ego as a writer.

                          Frankly, I’d use a robot to write my copy in a heartbeat IF it would help me sell more effectively.

                          Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever be the case.


                          Because selling is a human & emotions sport. It requires connecting with your customers on a deep level. Bonding with them. Understanding them. Uncovering their deepest darkest secrets. And hitting all the right emotional triggers. Robots don’t have emotions… empathy… or a heart.

                          I believe that copywriters who do NOT use AI, will have a SERIOUS advantage over their competition (now, and even moreso in the near future).

                          You see, the vast majority of copywriters and companies are locking their imagination, creativity and critical thinking in a dark steel cage.

                          When you are one of the few copywriters left who doesn’t mindlessly plug in prompts to a robot, you will stand out from the crowd and attract clients to you like a steel magnet.

                          If you take the time to learn, practice and write direct response copy, and continuously improve your skills & knowledge, you will be so far ahead of everyone else it won’t be funny.



                          Alright, slugger.

                          These are the exact copywriting tools I use whenever I take on a new copywriting project.

                          Over the years, they have saved me thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars and many heart attacks and migraines.

                          Use them TODAY to improve your copywriting.

                          If you want to write copy like a pro and get paid like a king, enter your email below:


                          Features vs Benefits Copywriting: How to Turn Features into Benefits like a Pro Copywriter

                          Nov 28, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
                          Jay Abraham

                          A disgusting mistake companies blindly make all the time is piling their websites, social media and ads with boring features.

                          This is a DEADLY copywriting sin.

                          Nobody buys based on the features of a product.

                          They buy from the emotional benefits.

                          What the product can DO for the customer.

                          One of the top copywriting skills you can have, is the ability to turn painfully dull features into irresistible benefits.

                          If you want to become a top copywriter and have a long rewarding career, you must be a master at uncovering and emphasizing the top benefits of your client’s products & services.

                          In this post…

                          I’m going to explain the difference between features vs benefits, give 5 examples of features vs benefits of products from famous brands and hand you my little-known “method” for turning features into powerful benefits.


                          What is the Difference Between Features and Benefits of a Product?

                          Woman with question marks above head

                          It’s very simple…

                          A feature is the characteristic & attribute of a product or service.

                          They describe what the product is and what it is made of.

                          For example, here are some features of the new iPhone 15 Pro:

                          Iphone 15 pro

                          • 100% recycled aluminum internal frame
                          • Titanium band
                          • Ceramic shield
                          • Splash, water and dust resistant material
                          • Super retina XDR display with promotion

                          Boring, huh?

                          On the other hand…

                          Benefits explain how the features of a product or service directly translate into something positive for the customer.

                          They answer the question playing 24/7 in your prospect’s mind - "What's in it for me?"

                          For example, let’s turn the iPhone 15 Pro’s boring features into exciting benefits:

                          Feature: 100% recycled aluminum internal frame

                          Benefit: Make the world a better place for your children


                          Feature: Titanium band

                          Benefit: A phone that’s built to last. Or… a stunning design to impress your friends.


                          Feature: Ceramic shield

                          Benefit: Protect your phone’s screen from devastating cracks


                          Feature: Splash, water and dust resistant material

                          Benefit: Use freely without worrying about damaging your phone


                          Feature: Super retina XDR display with promotion

                          Benefit: Watch your favorite videos in crystal clear quality without killing your battery


                          Always think in terms of what the feature will DO for your prospect.

                          What is in it for them?

                          Now that you know the difference between features and benefits of a product, let’s look at some specific examples…


                          5 Examples of Copywriting Features vs Benefits in Products from Famous Brands

                          #1. Allbirds Wool Runner 2

                          Allbirds Wool Runner 2


                          Allbirds Wool Runner 2 description


                          The feature is the ZQ Merino Wool.

                          The benefit is how it delivers lasting comfort from morning till night.


                          #2. Ridge Wallet


                          Ridge wallet

                          Ridge wallet feature


                          The feature is military-grade material.

                          The benefit is a wallet that’ll last a lifetime guaranteed.


                          #3. Under Armour Hustle 5.0 Backpack


                          The feature is a water-repellent finish.

                          The benefit is that it keeps your gear dry when it’s raining outside.


                          #4 Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls


                          The feature is the TruFlex cover.

                          The benefit is improved feel and control for your shots around the green… you have “all the control.”


                          #5 Crossrope Get Lean Set

                          Crossfit jump rope description

                          The feature is the Fast Clip System.

                          The benefit is that you can quickly and easily switch ropes to adjust the intensity of your workouts and the effectiveness of your training.


                          How to Turn Features into Benefits Like a Copywriting Wizard (Insider Technique)

                          3 years ago, when I was a newbie copywriter, I discovered a foolproof method for turning features into benefits.

                          In no time, I became a pro at finding the main benefits of my client’s products and leveraged these benefits to write persuasive copy that hooked my readers, piqued their interest and motivated them to respond to my ads.

                          Here’s how to get insanely good at turning “snooze-fest” features into action-packed benefits that force your readers to dig for their wallets and pull out their credit cards…

                          Turning Features, to Benefits, to REAL Benefits

                          Step #1:

                          Go to

                          Search for a product.


                          Open up an Excel spreadsheet (you can use Word or Notepad but Excel is more organized).

                          And then…

                          Create 3 sections at the top. Label them– Feature, Benefit, Ultimate Benefit.

                          Like this:



                          Step #2:

                          Now, add the product’s name to the left-side column. And add in 3-5 features from the Amazon product listing, below the column labeled “feature.”

                          When you’re done it should look like this:



                          Step #3:

                          Okay, now, turn each bland feature into a benefit.

                          Write each benefit under the “benefit” column.

                          Step #4:

                          Then, take the benefit you just created and dig deeper.

                          Find the ULTIMATE benefit of what the customer gets by USING the product.

                          I like to find this by saying “So what?” – until I uncover the REAL benefit.

                          Here’s an example:

                          Firefox articles

                          Let’s say you’re doing this practice for a car.

                          The car is the product.

                          The feature you are turning into a benefit is - “oncoming car sensor.”

                          A benefit of this feature could be… to avoid crashes and fender benders.

                          But, so what?

                          So what that you can avoid crashes?

                          What’s the REAL benefit of this?

                          The ULTIMATE benefit (which you’d add under the last column in Excel) is that you’ll protect yourself and your loved ones from deadly accidents.

                          That’s the REAL benefit.

                          That’s what this feature DOES for the customer.

                          It’s WHY they would buy this product.

                          They wouldn’t buy this product to simply avoid crashes.

                          But they WOULD buy it to protect their children and ensure they are safe when driving.

                          To do this copy practice exercise…

                          I recommend doing one product and turning 3-5 of its features into benefits, each day.

                          This is super easy and very effective.

                          You can complete this in 10 minutes or less.



                          Now that you know the difference between features vs benefits, use your newfound knowledge to write more persuasive copy.

                          Use the technique above to instantly turn dull features into irresistible benefits.

                          Practice this regularly.

                          If you do, you can quickly climb the copywriting ranks and become an elite copywriter in no time.

                          Want more delicious copywriting tips? Enter your email below:

                          The Ultimate CTA Copywriting Guide for Copywriters Who Want to Boost Sales

                          Nov 27, 2023 by Jeremy Mac



                          In Gary Halbert’s brilliant copywriting book, The Boron Letters, he revealed the power of call to actions (CTAs),

                          He explained how if you DO NOT light a fire under your readers and get them to take a specific action, you have failed as a copywriter.


                          Because copywriting is all about getting a direct response from your readers (usually a sale).

                          If you can’t motivate your readers to take action, you will never earn much as a copywriter, even if you ace everything else.

                          You can have a great headline, tell a persuasive story and hit all the right benefits & emotional triggers, but if you leave out a CTA (or have a weak one) your copy will flop like a deranged seal.

                          A strong call to action is what separates the copywriting cubs from the lions.


                          However, it’s not hard to write powerful copywriting CTAs.

                          There are many tried & true methods to “force” your readers to respond to your ad – ASAP.

                          Once you know them and tap into their power, you will explode your sales.

                          In return, you will be able to command top rates from your clients.

                          In this blog post…

                          I’m going to explain what a CTA in copywriting is, how to write persuasive CTA’s, 7 little-known tips for boosting your response and 10 kickass CTA copywriting examples from million-dollar ads to write better CTA’s overnight.


                          What is a CTA in Copywriting?

                          Notepad says "call to action"

                          A CTA in copywriting stands for:

                          Call To Action.

                          Copywriting call to action’s are usually at the end of your sales message.

                          Their number 1 purpose is to get your readers to take a specified action (usually to purchase a product or join an email newsletter.)

                          CTA’s either include a link to click or a CTA button.

                          Like this:

                          Call to action button


                          Many websites have multiple CTAs throughout. Most commonly found on the banner, side banner and pop-ups.

                          CTA copywriting banner:

                          Banner CTA


                          CTA copywriting side banner:

                          Side banner CTA


                          CTA copywriting pop-up:

                          CTA pop-up


                          How to Write Persuasive CTAs that Force Your Readers to Respond RIGHT NOW

                          The primary goal of your CTA is to get your readers to take action… NOW.


                          Before we discuss the specifics of how to write powerful CTAs, it’s important to understand something…

                          The copy you write BEFORE your CTA largely dictates your response rate and ad’s effectiveness (how many people will take action).


                          You want to do a complete selling job before readers get to your copywriting call to action.

                          Before readers are ready to buy…

                          You must grab their undivided attention, pique their interest, hit on all the right emotional triggers and hot buttons, demonstrate what your product or service can do for them (main benefits), and so on.

                          You want your readers to be foaming at the mouth, with credit cards in hand, by the time they reach your CTA.


                          When they do…

                          You want to give your readers instructions on what to do next.

                          The best CTAs command readers exactly what to do.

                          They make it very easy for readers to take action.

                          Whenever you write a call to action, make sure you provide very specific, clear and exact, step-by-step instructions on what to do now (click link or button).

                          Never assume your readers know what to do.

                          Imagine you’re writing to a child.

                          Lead them by their hand and walk them through each step along the way.

                          Understand this:

                          Humans are natural slackers.

                          Man laying on couch eating snacks

                          If you do not give them a definite action to take, at a specific time (NOW), they will procrastinate.

                          You need to push them to take action!


                          7 Insider Secrets to Instantly Boost Your Response Rates

                          Top secret

                          #1. Add a risk-free guarantee

                          The best ads do not tell readers to buy.

                          They only ask readers to “try.”

                          You want to remove ALL risks on your reader’s end.

                          Do this by offering them a risk-free guarantee.

                          My favorite way to do this is…

                          Tell readers that they can try my product today and if at any time they feel as if they can’t achieve the results I’ve promised, they can return anytime, no questions asked. Even 10 years from now.

                          Believe it or not, this type of guarantee actually reduces refund rates. Most customers will not take advantage of you if you fulfill your promises and provide them value.


                          Study your competition’s guarantees.

                          Make a list of them.

                          Then, figure out ways to make your guarantee more desirable, more dramatic and more irresistible.

                          For example:

                          If the norm in your industry is a 30-day money-back guarantee, offer a 365-day money-back guarantee.

                          You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


                          #2. The Takeaway

                          A powerful way to boost response rates is to qualify your customers, right before they buy from you.

                          For example:

                          Add a “who this product is not for” section.

                          List types of customers who do not fit your ideal buyer (could be customers you want to repel or people who would not benefit from your product/service).

                          I do this all the time in my copy.

                          For example, check out the CTA on my website:


                          By adding a takeaway, you are adding exclusivity to your product (which makes your product more desirable) and removing need (need is the death of sales).


                            #3. The Power of Urgency

                               Urgent button

                              Add urgency to your copywriting call to action to boost response rates.

                              Urgency forces your readers to respond NOW.

                              Best ways to add urgency:

                              • Limited availability (for products, lead magnets, webinar seats, etc.)
                              • Strict deadlines
                              • Special discounts

                              Make these believable by adding in specific dates/times that readers must respond by to get the discount and give a reason WHY you are offering a discount.


                                #4. Bonuses

                                  Signs saying "bonus" 

                                  I recommend every copywriter adds a bundle of bonuses to their ads and sales pages.


                                  Because bonuses boost the perceived value of your offer.

                                  Often, people will buy a product for the bonuses alone.


                                  Add bonuses that solve immediate problems. Make them seem easy, effortless and instant to experience desirable results. Also, load your copy for these bonuses with curiosity-piquing bullets.


                                    #5. The killer mindset


                                      This is from Dan Kennedy’s Ultimate Sales Letter book. I highly recommend reading it (multiple times)...

                                      “Imagine your letter being read by a guy in an apartment in Cleveland, in the midst of a ferocious winter storm, with gusting winds and snow outside at thigh height. You’ve got to get him so excited that he’ll get out of the chair in front of the fireplace, bundle up, slog through the snow, go out to his cold car, and drive down to the post office to get a money order and a stamp to send his order in - rather than take the risk of waiting until tomorrow.”

                                      This is the mindset you want to have when writing CTAs.

                                      Always strive to create an immediate response from your readers.

                                      Understand this…

                                      Your readers are busy.

                                      They face tremendous temptation to slack and buy later (later usually never comes).

                                      Your job is to get them to respond NOW, while reading your copy.


                                        #6. Two paths

                                          Clearly explain what your reader gains by purchasing your product TODAY AND what he loses by procrastinating.

                                          How to:

                                          Paint a bright vision of your reader’s new life after buying your product. Express how it will change their lives and all the wonderful things that will happen to them after using it.  


                                          On the other side…

                                          Paint a gloomy hell their life will be if they procrastinate and do NOT purchase your product. Agitate current problems they’re facing and trying to overcome (which your product will help them solve).


                                            #7. The 10x offer

                                              I learned this nifty trick from Russel Brunson.

                                              He taught a group of entrepreneurs how you want to make your offer 10x more valuable than the cost of your product.

                                              2 ways to do this…

                                              1. Selling money at a discount

                                              You can say something like: “I guarantee you will earn 10x more money, in [x number] of days, than your investment today.

                                              This works so well because you are literally selling money at a discount. Your customers are making an investment.

                                              This type of offer works well if you’re product or service is designed to make or save money.

                                              2. Sum total of bonuses = 10x more than cost

                                              You can add a bunch of bonuses and make their cost 10x more than the cost of your product.

                                              Either one works wonders. The key is to boost the perceived value of your offer to make it a no-brainer to buy from you – TODAY.


                                              10 CTA Copywriting Examples to Swipe From That’ll Instantly Improve Your Copy

                                              A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post titled:

                                              10 Best Ad Copy Examples that will Make YOU a Better Copywriter

                                              Inside, I revealed 10 of the most successful ads of ALL TIME.

                                              Each ad has made its company rich, resulting in MILLIONS worth of products sold over the years.

                                              A big reason why these 10 ads are so successful is because of their call to actions.

                                              Read them, study them and write them out by hand.

                                              By doing so, you will internalize the process of writing powerful CTA’s that tap into your reader’s psychology and push them to take immediate action.

                                              You can read this valuable blog post here


                                              Click the titles of each ad below:

                                              1. “Coat of Arms Letter” by Gary Halbert

                                              2. “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play!” – By John Caples

                                              3. "Do you make these mistakes in job interviews?” By Gary Bencivenga

                                              4. “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”By David Ogilvy

                                              5. “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?” – By Max Sackheim

                                              6. "The One-Legged Golfer Ad" – By John Carlton

                                              7. "The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches" – By Joe Karbo

                                              8. “Now! Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes!" – By Eugene Schwartz

                                              9. "Vision Break-through" - By Joseph Sugarman

                                              10. "How to Win Friends & Influence People" - By Victor Schwab

                                              Use these ads as inspiration for writing your own CTA’s.

                                              You can swipe them to get ideas and follow their format (however, do not blatantly copy & paste).



                                              You now have a nuclear weapon in your copywriting arsenal.

                                              Use these tips when writing your CTAs to boost response and explode sales.

                                              When you boost sales for your clients, you can charge higher rates. Plus, clients will likely seek your services again if you got them desirable results.

                                              Want help attracting copywriting clients? Want to earn more $$$ as a copywriter? Want more insider tips to improve your writing skills? Enter your email below:


                                              Is Copywriting a Good Career for YOU? (7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Copywriter)

                                              Nov 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                              Sign that says "dream job ahead"


                                              After graduating college in 2018, I was as lost as a kid in a corn maze.

                                              I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

                                              I bounced around crappy jobs like a pinball for years before discovering copywriting.

                                              4 years later, I’m still writing copy every single day and loving every minute of it.

                                              Becoming a copywriter was the best decision I’ve ever made.

                                              I truly believe that ANYONE who is unhappy with their current work situation, not sure what they want to do for work, or interested in entrepreneurship, should learn copywriting and start writing ASAP.

                                              Main reason:

                                              With this rare skill, you can create a profitable lifestyle around whatever you’re most passionate about.

                                              When you are able to sell through the words you write…

                                              Doors open up, opportunities surround you, and the possibilities are endless.

                                              In this blog post…

                                              I’m going to cover copywriting as a career choice, the top 7 reasons why copywriting may be the perfect career for you and the best way to get started as a beginner copywriter in 2023.


                                              Is Copywriting in Demand in 2023?

                                               Pondering woman

                                              Believe it or not, copywriting is currently in red-hot demand.

                                              There are currently 8,000+ job listings for copywriters on and over 28,000 listings on LinkedIn.

                                              Plus, there are dozens of dedicated job sites for freelancers with thousands of clients actively hiring copywriters.

                                              The demand for skilled copywriters will only rise in the upcoming years due to the number of companies switching from brick & mortar (physical location) to selling their products and services online.

                                              Every online company uses copywriting.

                                              Website copy, social media copy, email copy, advertising copy, and so on.

                                              The smart CEOs and business owners who want to grow their business, will hire experts to write their copy and content for them.


                                              No matter how many fear-mongering articles you see about AI, it will never replace copywriters.

                                              At least copywriters who can get results for their clients.

                                              Copywriting only has one purpose – to make sales.

                                              Selling requires human connections and tapping into emotions – AI will NEVER do this better than humans.

                                              If you can produce results for your clients (mainly sales & leads) you can always make a king’s fortune with copywriting.


                                              Is Copywriting Oversaturated?

                                              Another deadly myth spreading like wildfire across the web is…“copywriting is oversaturated.”

                                              As of writing this (11/26/2023), there are around 130,000 working copywriters in the US. Compare that to over 33 MILLION active businesses in the US.

                                              Let’s break this down…

                                              For every copywriter, there are 250+ companies!

                                              Now, not every company is aware of the power of copywriting or is actively hiring copywriters, but I’d bet my lucky stars that of the 250 companies per copywriter, at least half of them ARE using copywriters.

                                              Point is…

                                              There will always be more companies who are in need of copywriting services than there are copywriters.


                                              Do Copywriters Make Good Money?

                                              Kids holding money

                                              If you look online, you’ll find some generic averages for copywriting salaries.

                                              Around $60k for beginners and $80-100k for experienced copywriters.

                                              However, these numbers are bogus.


                                              Copywriting is salesmanship multiplied.

                                              There is virtually no cap on how much a salesperson can earn.

                                              It’s up to them.

                                              This goes triple for freelance copywriters because as a freelancer you run your own business.

                                              You are in full control over how much you can or cannot earn.

                                              I earned close to 6-figures my first year.

                                              Many copywriters have broken the 6-figure mark within their first few years and many have achieved 7 figures+ throughout their careers.

                                              This is not a career where you are locked into low wages or have to climb corporate ladders, even when starting out.

                                              You run your own ship and control your destiny.

                                              If you’d like to learn how to create a successful freelance copywriting business, and start off on the right foot, see this detailed blog post.


                                              Is Copywriting Hard to Break Into?

                                              Kid breaking through wall 

                                              Compared to other professions, copywriting is very easy and fast to break into.

                                              You can realistically learn the basics, feel confident in your writing abilities and secure writing jobs within a few short months.

                                              When I first started out, I took 3 months to learn copywriting.

                                              By reading 10 copywriting books and practicing daily.

                                              After I had a solid education in direct response copywriting and felt confident in my writing abilities, I started to get clients.

                                              Within my first 3 months of trying to get clients, I got over 50+ paying copywriting gigs. Then, I got a copywriting job at a marketing agency. Around the 11-month mark, I secured a senior copywriting position as an in-house copywriter (working for a company).


                                              I do not think it’s hard to get a job as a copywriter. I believe anyone reading this can experience similar results to my own.


                                              ONLY IF…

                                              You build your knowledge and skills BEFORE trying to get clients.

                                              Once you are confident that you can provide clients value, you can, and should, apply for freelance gigs or a 9-5 copywriting position with a company.

                                              If you want more tips on how to become a freelance copywriter – in record time, read this crash course I created:

                                              How to Become a Successful Freelance Copywriter in 2023 (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)


                                              7 Reasons Why Copywriting May be the Perfect Career for YOU (7 Biggest Pros)

                                              #1. You can Work from Anywhere in the World

                                              Man writing on beach

                                              It’s true.

                                              You can write from ANYWHERE your heart desires.

                                              While traveling the world, from your couch, sitting on a beach, etc.

                                              It doesn’t matter.

                                              Freelance copywriting is usually 100% remote.


                                              9-5 copywriting jobs usually offer hybrids (half remote, half in office) or fully remote positions as well.

                                              So, if you enjoy working from home or despise the office and daily commutes, then copywriting could be a great career for you.


                                              #2. You Have TOTAL FREEDOM Over Your Work

                                              Hands broke free from handcuffs

                                              As a freelance copywriter…

                                              You are your own boss.

                                              You choose how many hours you want to work, WHO you want to work with, what kind of copy you want to write, and so on.

                                              Only entrepreneurship allows you this much freedom.

                                              If you want to get a copywriting job, you will have similar freedom to any other office job for creatives. But it really just depends on the company and their policies.

                                              However, I’ve worked for very flexible and “chill” companies where I was basically living the freelance lifestyle but only writing for one client and getting paid consistently each week.


                                              #3. You can Earn 6 Figures+

                                              If you work for a company, you can expect to earn $50,000-60,000 on the low end and around $80,000-$100,000 on the high end. Not too shabby. But you can earn a LOT more as a freelance copywriter.

                                              Unlike working for a company, there really is no limit to your earning potential as a freelance copywriter

                                              The only limit is how many clients you can get, what you charge per service, and how much you can write in a day.

                                              Want to learn the 3 best ways to make more money as a freelance copywriter? Check out this post:

                                              3 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Freelance Copywriting Business in 2023 (Make 6-figures This Year)


                                              #4: YOU can Become a Freelance Copywriter TODAY

                                              Woman pointing at reader

                                              You don’t need a degree…

                                              You don’t need “3 years of experience” just to get your foot in the door…

                                              You don’t need to climb any greasy corporate ladders…

                                              Anyone can become a successful freelance copywriter. However, to make decent money you must put in the work, write every day and constantly improve your marketing, sales and copywriting skills.


                                              #5. Always in Flammin Hot Demand

                                              Like I mentioned above…

                                              If you can get results for your clients, you never have to worry about finding work.

                                              Skilled copywriters are ALWAYS in demand.

                                              No AI or futuristic robot will take over your job.

                                              There will always be more companies who need copywriters, than there are copywriters available.

                                              This career is safe for the long term.


                                              #6. One of the Most Valuable Skills You Can Ever Gain

                                              Believe it or not, I did NOT get into copywriting because I loved to write.

                                              I got into this career because I realized early on that if I was a master at copywriting and selling. I could create a desirable lifestyle around whatever I’m most passionate about.

                                              You don’t have to be a full-time copywriter or freelancer to benefit from copywriting.

                                              You can use your copywriting skills to create successful businesses, improve your social skills, supercharge your dating life, run profitable charities, etc.

                                              The possibilities are endless.

                                              When you are able to move people through the words you write, you can accomplish just about anything.

                                              Many copywriters get into this career because they are entrepreneurs at heart and want to create successful businesses.

                                              Lots of successful copywriters have gone into business for themselves, selling their own products and services (like myself).


                                              #7. Perfect for Introverts


                                              This is one reason why copywriting interested me in the first place.

                                              I am as introverted as a hobbit.

                                              Copywriting is ideal for introverts because you can likely find a fully remote position.

                                              Besides client calls, you are writing in solitude from the comfort of your home.


                                              3 Reasons Why You May Want to Avoid Copywriting as a Career

                                               Man jumping over bear trap

                                              Copywriting has a lot of benefits, however, it’s important to be aware of these cons…

                                              #1. If you loathe writing, you should probably stay away

                                              No, you don’t have to love writing or be good at it. But if you hate writing, copywriting probably isn’t the move for you. I’d recommend getting into traditional sales instead.

                                              You ARE going to be writing A LOT. That is your primary job as a copywriter. However, when I started, I didn’t love writing (I do now) and I was certainly not good at writing or had any natural writing talent.

                                              However, with hard work and persistence, anyone can become a great copywriter.


                                              #2. Deadlines

                                              If the world “deadline” shoots an icy chill down your spine, copywriting probably ain’t the career for you.

                                              As a copywriter, you are going to write under strict deadlines… all the time.

                                              I had to adjust to this, but it turned out to be a godsend.

                                              Because deadlines force you to write faster. And the faster you write, the more money you’ll earn.


                                              #3. Not for the lazy

                                              If you’re thinking about getting into copywriting because you heard some guru on YouTube scream about making 6-figures in 2 months, you better keep your day job, chief.

                                              Yes, you can earn a lot of money as a copywriter, but you have to work your ass off (just like any other worthwhile career).

                                              There are no shortcuts.

                                              If you think you’re going to “get rich quick” by next Friday, you’re going to fail miserably.


                                              Is Copywriting a Good Career for YOU?

                                              Dog with question mark above head 

                                              If you are willing to put in the work, copywriting is one of the best careers anyone can get into.

                                              There are TONS of options and paths to choose from as a copywriter.

                                              You can choose what type of copy you enjoy writing (like emails, landing pages, ads), what topics you enjoy writing about most, what brands you want to write for, and much more.


                                              The Best Way to Become a Copywriter with NO Experience

                                              If you’re ready to take the leap into copywriting, make sure you read this crash course I created for beginner copywriters.

                                              You’ll gain everything you need to learn the basics, build your skills and get your first handful of copywriting clients.



                                              If you’re still on the fence and wondering “is copywriting worth it?” I’d recommend reading these 10 copywriting books and doing these copywriting practice exercises.

                                              Read and practice in your free time.

                                              If you enjoy what you’re learning about and enjoy the practice exercises, then work your way into copywriting.

                                              Once you get enough clients or secure a decent copywriting job, then you can leave your current job and go all in with copywriting.

                                              Want daily tips to help you become a kickass copywriter? Enter your email below:


                                              Is Copywriting Still in Demand in 2024? (The Brutally Honest Truth)

                                              Nov 25, 2023 by Jeremy Mac



                                              Is copywriting dead?

                                              Is copywriting in demand?

                                              Has ChatGPT stolen copywriters’ jobs?

                                              Is copywriting still worth pursuing in 2024?

                                              If you’re considering becoming a copywriter but are worried about entering a dying field, I’ve got some fantastic news for you…

                                              Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills to learn in 2024 and will always be in very high demand.


                                              Businesses NEED copywriters.

                                              Copywriting is the fuel for business growth.

                                              Every business relies on copywriting in some way, shape or form.

                                              And if they want to convert more customers and boost sales, they need to hire professional copywriters.

                                              As long as you can get results for your clients (sales), you will always be in high demand and can earn virtually as much as you desire.

                                              In this blog post…

                                              I’ll erase your uncertainties and insecurities about copywriting, reveal the most in-demand copywriting services & industries to write for, and show you how to break into copywriting extremely fast.


                                              Is Copywriting In Demand after ChatGPT?


                                              If you look online, you’ll find dozens of fear-mongering articles, blog posts and videos about how writers are sitting on the edge of extinction.

                                              I believe this is true for some writers.


                                              Technical writers, ghostwriters and pure content writers.

                                              But NOT for copywriters.

                                              Copywriting is still in demand.

                                              Copywriters are (and will always be) safe from AI.


                                              Because copywriting is NOT about writing.

                                              It’s NOT about creativity.

                                              It’s NOT about pleasing your clients or boss.

                                              Copywriting has ONE singular purpose – to make your clients more sales.

                                              It’s simply salesmanship in print.

                                              Companies & entrepreneurs are always seeking ways to get more sales. They will always hire experts who can help them grow their business.

                                              This was true 100 years ago, today and will remain true 100+ years in the future (if aliens haven’t taken over by then).

                                              And ChatGPT or any other AI robot will never sell better than flesh n blood humans.

                                              Selling requires connecting with your readers on an emotional, human level.

                                              Going DEEP inside your reader’s minds, uncovering their biggest problems and desires and painting a bright vision of how your product/service can help them overcome their challenges.

                                              That’s why this skill is SO VALUABLE.

                                              And why it’s SO SOUGHT AFTER by companies who understand its rare power.

                                              If you can pick up this life-changing skill…

                                              You are UNTOUCHABLE from AI.

                                              You truly hold the key to unlimited wealth, freedom and a very healthy work/life balance.


                                              Are Copywriting Jobs In Demand In 2024?

                                              Right now, on Indeed, there are over 1,200+ copywriting jobs (1/04/2024).

                                              What about LinkedIn?

                                              28,000+ copywriting jobs.


                                              Copywriting jobs are in red-hot demand right now.

                                              However, the number of jobs (and pay) varies for different industries and copywriting services.

                                              Which brings me to my next point…


                                              Which Industries & Copywriting Services are in Most in Demand?

                                              Market trend soaring up

                                              Not all copywriting niches or services are created equal.

                                              The top 10 most in-demand copywriting niches in 2024:

                                              1. Health and Fitness
                                              2. Finance
                                              3. Tech
                                              4. Ecommerce
                                              5. Real Estate
                                              6. Travel
                                              7. Pet
                                              8. Self Improvement
                                              9. Academic Education
                                              10. Fashion and beauty


                                              Here are the top 5 copywriting services to offer in 2024:

                                              1. Emails
                                              2. Websites
                                              3. SEO
                                              4. Direct response advertising
                                              5. Landing pages

                                              You can earn a lot more money by specializing in one of the above copywriting niches.

                                              You can niche down by choosing one of the 10 copywriting niches and/or specializing in one particular kind of copy. The more niche you get, the easier it is to stand out and command higher fees.


                                              I do not recommend choosing a niche if you are just starting out. You should start broad and get a bunch of work under your belt before locking yourself into a niche. For more information about why you shouldn’t choose a niche when starting out and how to choose a copywriting niche see this blog post.


                                              Is Copywriting Hard to Break Into?


                                              3 years ago, I broke into copywriting very fast.

                                              I secured over 50+ paying copywriting gigs within my first 3 months. Also, I scored a senior copywriting position, which paid $82,000/yr, within my first year.

                                              Copywriting is one of the fastest careers to break into.

                                              3 reasons why:

                                                #1. You don’t need to go to college

                                                I went to college but majored in a totally irrelevant field (communications). 99% of copywriters are self-taught.

                                                  #2. You can learn the copywriting basics very quickly

                                                  I spent 3 months learning & practicing copywriting before I tried to get clients. You can realistically learn copywriting and feel confident in your writing abilities in just a few short months.

                                                    #3. You don’t have to climb corporate ladders

                                                    There are tons of job boards specifically for copywriters with no experience. You don’t need to climb any bumpy corporate ladders or grease elbows before getting paid to write. You can potentially get paid to write within 24 hours of reading this post. I share how in this blog post.

                                                      Breaking into copywriting can be extremely fast, however, it’s not easy.

                                                      It requires hard work (just like any other profession).

                                                      It can take you a while to break in…  if you do not have guidance.

                                                      However, I’m here to help you break into copywriting as quickly as possible.

                                                      Here are two special resources that will give you everything you need to get started:

                                                      How to Become a Successful Freelance Copywriter in 2024 (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

                                                      How to Get Copywriting Clients in 2024 With No Experience (Get New Clients TODAY)

                                                      IF you follow these step-by-step crash courses to the TEE, I can almost guarantee you can be getting paid to write in just a few short months from today.

                                                      But that’s not all.

                                                      You will also build your copywriting career off the RIGHT WAY.

                                                      You will have a very solid foundation of how to write effective copy and the best ways to grow your copywriting business.



                                                      Copywriting will always be in fiery hot demand for copywriter’s who produce results for their clients.

                                                      It’s a fantastic career to enter if you enjoy writing and can’t stand the 9-5 rat race.

                                                      If you want more tips on how to break into copywriting with Flash speed and potentially earn 6-figures, enter your email below:


                                                      10 Little-Known Copywriting Tips from Gary Halbert (transform your copywriting skills TODAY)

                                                      Nov 24, 2023 by Jeremy Mac
                                                      Gary Halbert


                                                      If you want to become a great copywriter, you have to learn from the greatest copywriters in the world.

                                                      Gary Halbert is without a doubt one of the best copywriters of all time.

                                                      Over the last 4 years, I’ve learned tons of copywriting secrets from the prince of print that have resulted in thousands of dollars.

                                                      His book, The Boron Letters, was the FIRST copywriting book I’ve ever read.

                                                      It’s a big reason why I got into copywriting in the first place.

                                                      To this day, I still study Gary Halbert’s ads and read his newsletters.

                                                      I recommend you do the same.

                                                      Because studying Gary’s work will quickly turn any confused, struggling copywriter into a money-making machine.

                                                      That is what this post is designed to do…

                                                      I’m going to reveal the top 10 lessons I’ve learned from studying Gary Halbert. These action-packed lessons will expand your mind and help you write better copy TODAY… if you apply them.


                                                      Who is Gary Halbert?

                                                      Gary Halbert sitting on a car

                                                      If you don’t know who Gary Halbert is, you are at a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE to other copywriters.

                                                      Gary Halbert is probably the most famous and successful copywriter who’s ever lived.  

                                                      He’s revolutionized the copywriting industry and has birthed thousands of successful copywriters and entrepreneurs through his teachings.

                                                      Halbert began his career in the 60s as a direct response copywriter. He specialized in direct response advertising.

                                                      He has sold billions worth of products through his ads.

                                                      Including, The Coat of Arms Letter, which is the most mailed piece of advertising in US HISTORY.

                                                      Gary has a loooooong success record filled with blockbuster ads, world-famous clients and countless successful business ventures.


                                                      Why Should You Study Gary Halbert?

                                                      The fastest way to become a kickass copywriter is to learn from the elite few copywriters who have achieved the desirable results you seek.

                                                      Gary Halbert has proven his success as much as any other copywriter.

                                                      Not only does he write killa copy, but he is also a great teacher.

                                                      I recommend every copywriter to read The Boron Letters, The Gary Halbert Letters and to study his ads via copy practice (read them out loud, analyze them and write them out by hand – I explain how to do this in this blog post)


                                                      Where to Find Gary Halbert's Ads, Courses and Books

                                                      Over the years, Gary has created tons of books, courses and trainings on copywriting.

                                                      Here are a few of my favorites:

                                                      The Boron Letters

                                                      The Gary Halbert Letters

                                                      This interview he did with Michael Fortin.

                                                      In addition to reading his books, you should also study his ads…


                                                      10 Gary Halbert Ads Every Copywriter Should Study

                                                      • 57-Year-Old Swimsuit Model Ad
                                                      • Attractive Women in Miami Ad
                                                      • The Amazing Black Jack Secret Ad
                                                      • Face-Lift-In-A-Jar Ad
                                                      • Amazing Money Making Secrets Ad
                                                      • Weight Loss Ad
                                                      • Famous Dollar Letter Ad
                                                      • Coat of Arms Letter Ad
                                                      • Government Owes You Ad
                                                      • Social Security Ad


                                                      10 Copywriting Lessons from Gary Halbert to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

                                                        1. Eye Relief

                                                          Putting eye drop in eye

                                                          In The Boron Letters, Gary wrote about the importance of providing your readers with “eye relief.”

                                                          You want your copy to look inviting and make it as easy as possible to read your message.

                                                          If you do not provide eye relief for your readers (hard to read), they will avoid reading your copy.

                                                          6 ways to provide your readers with “eye relief”:

                                                          • Add parenthesis - You can make your copy easier to read by the judicious (when it makes sense to use) use of parenthesis. Parentheses make your copy easier to read, easier to understand and provide sweet “eye relief” for your readers.
                                                          • Use short sentences & short paragraphs
                                                          • Use wide side margins & lots of white space on the page
                                                          • Use large font (18-20px on web)
                                                          • Break up text with sub-heads, images and videos
                                                          • Variety of paragraphs… mix up the length of your paragraphs & sentences. For example, break up a long 8-sentence paragraph with a 2-word paragraph.


                                                            2. How to Murder Writer’s Block

                                                            Woman stabbing man

                                                              One of the main reasons why I’ve never experienced writer’s block in my 4+ years of writing copy is because of what Gary Halbert said in The Boron Letters.

                                                              There is NO such thing as writer’s block.

                                                              It’s not real.

                                                              The cure to this imaginary “disease” is to write.

                                                              Whenever you sit down to write, WRITE.

                                                              Write whatever comes to mind.

                                                              Do not edit.

                                                              Write fast and you’ll quickly pick up momentum. Only edit after you’ve finished your 1st draft.

                                                              This is also the secret to becoming a better copywriter.

                                                              Write lots of copy, every single day.


                                                                3. Storytelling

                                                                  Mom reading story to kids Gary Halbert was a master storyteller.

                                                                  When you study his ads, you’ll notice that 80% of them start with (and are based around) an exciting story.

                                                                  Whenever studying Gary’s work, look for stories.

                                                                  Analyze how he grabs your attention and keeps you glued through the fascinating stories he tells and how he effortlessly ties in his product or service at the end.

                                                                  In Gary Halbert’s magnificent interview with Michael Fortin, he was asked about the power of storytelling to sell products.

                                                                  Gary replied with a wild and engaging story that made me want to buy the imaginary product he used as an example to demonstrate the power of storytelling.

                                                                  Listen to this interview and study how he tells this story. It’s black magic at work.


                                                                    4. A-Pile vs B-Pile

                                                                      Holding trash bag

                                                                      This is one of Gary’s most famous lessons.

                                                                      You see, Gary mostly wrote direct mail ads.

                                                                      He came up with a genius way to get his mail delivered and read by more customers.


                                                                      He broke down the process that people go through when they open and read mail.

                                                                      He figured out that most people open their mail next to a trash bin.

                                                                      And they sort their mail into 2 piles.

                                                                      B-pile: blatant advertisements that get tossed in the trash.

                                                                      A-pile: personal-looking letters that get saved for later.

                                                                      Gary boosted his response rates and made a king’s fortune by writing sales letters that looked personal (from the outside cover to the words written inside)

                                                                      He also wrote in a very conversational tone. How a relative or close friend would write.

                                                                      You can use this concept to improve your response rate on ANY platform (social media, Google, YouTube, etc.)


                                                                      Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

                                                                      Break down the exact process your readers go through on whatever platform you’re writing for.

                                                                      Do so by consuming content on this media.

                                                                      As you do…

                                                                      Ask yourself:

                                                                      What grabs your attention?

                                                                      What kind of content gets you to stop scrolling and read more?

                                                                      What makes you instantly ignore posts and scroll right past them?  

                                                                      Did any content entice you to click a link? If so, why?  

                                                                      Break down this process. Figure out what type of content gets people to stop scrolling, read and click on, then… model your writing off this.


                                                                        5. Curiosity

                                                                          There’s a great interview about Gary Halbert with two copywriting legends, Ben Settle and Scott Haines.

                                                                          Scott Haines (Mongo) worked closely with Gary Halbert. He was one of Gary’s few protégées.

                                                                          Anyway, Ben asked Scott what he learned most from Gary Halbert.

                                                                          Scott’s response shocked Ben (and myself).

                                                                          Gary told Scott that the number one reason why people buy is CURIOSITY.

                                                                          Not self-interest.

                                                                          Curiosity is the single most persuasive sales technique to use in your copy.

                                                                          Curiosity works wonders because it grabs your attention and creates an intense itch that must be scratched. And the only way to scratch this itch is to buy your product.

                                                                          2 best places to add curiosity:

                                                                          1. Headlines/subject lines
                                                                          2. Bullets

                                                                          To get a full course on how to apply curiosity in your copy, and profit from it, study Gary Halbert’s ads.

                                                                          Pay special attention to how Gary piques his reader’s curiosity with his headlines, stories and bullets.

                                                                          Speaking of bullets…


                                                                            6. Bullets


                                                                              Another surprising lesson Gary taught was how headlines are NOT the most important part of your ad.

                                                                              Bullets are.

                                                                              Bullets reign supreme.


                                                                              People often buy from the bullets.

                                                                              In fact, many products have been sold by one bullet (out of dozens) that just “got em” (usually from piquing the reader’s curiosity).

                                                                              Gary’s ads are filled to the bucket with fascinating and curiosity-piquing bullets.

                                                                              I’ve learned so much on how to write great bullets from studying his ads, writing his bullets out by hand and reading these two newsletter issues:

                                                                              "Let's Do The Twist"

                                                                              "Meditation For Miserable People"

                                                                              In this one the first one, Gary breaks down his entire process for creating powerful bullets.


                                                                              In the 2nd, he gives you 100s of bullets to study and write out by hand to improve your bullet writing abilities.


                                                                                7. Keep your message SIMPLE

                                                                                  “No man ever went broke overestimating the ignorance of the American public.”

                                                                                  Gary preached how you should ALWAYS keep your message stupidly simple, clear and easy to understand (at a glance).

                                                                                  It’s not that your readers aren’t intelligent, but their attention runs thin.

                                                                                  Nowadays, we are bombarded by ads on a daily basis.

                                                                                  We have a million different ads, messages, notifications, fighting for our attention at once.

                                                                                  So, to cut through the noise and increase the chances of getting read, make your ad extremely simple to read and understand.

                                                                                  2 ways to achieve this

                                                                                  1. Write at a 5th grade level. Use the Hemingway app. Simply copy and paste your text into this app and it will tell you what grade level it is. If your copy is above a 5th grade level, it’ll provide tips for making it easier to understand.
                                                                                  2. Use simple everyday language. Simply write as if you’re talking to a close friend at a bar.


                                                                                    8. Operation money suck

                                                                                       Money suck

                                                                                      John Carlton (another copywriting legend) worked closely with Gary Halbert.

                                                                                      He shared a BIG lesson he learned from working with Gary…

                                                                                      The two copywriting giants were about to get down to business and start writing copy when Gary’s secretary bursts into the room with a whole bunch of “urgent” problems.

                                                                                      Carlton was disappointed because he was eager to start writing.

                                                                                      However, Gary surprised him.

                                                                                      He told his secretary to deal with the issues herself because he was busy bringing in the money.

                                                                                      The lesson?

                                                                                      You want to spend the majority of your time on the ONE THING that brings in the money.

                                                                                      For you, that’s writing copy for your clients.

                                                                                      Everything else can wait.

                                                                                      Your job as a copywriter is to make your clients rich (which in turn, makes YOU rich).

                                                                                      I’ve taken this lesson to heart.

                                                                                      I write first thing in the morning, for at least 1 hour.

                                                                                      I do NOT look at or reply to ANY messages from clients during this time.

                                                                                      When I write, I write without distraction.


                                                                                        9. The Hidden Reason People Don’t Buy

                                                                                          Gary revealed that there is a hidden reason why people don’t buy offers EVEN when they want the product, can easily afford it & believe all your claims.

                                                                                          The reason…

                                                                                          They don’t believe in THEIR ABILITY to use what you sell.

                                                                                          Maybe it’s a lack of confidence, or they don’t believe they are intelligent enough or whatever… but this poses a BIG problem for us copywriters.

                                                                                          Because this means you can write great copy but STILL get shit poor results.

                                                                                          However, there is a solution to this copywriting conundrum…

                                                                                          Express how easy it is to use your product and ACHIEVE the desirable results.

                                                                                          Give exact, step-by-step instructions and stress how the results are instant.


                                                                                          Motivate your readers on themselves.

                                                                                          The easiest way to do this is through social proof and stories.

                                                                                          Tell stories about people your readers can relate to who have faced similar challenges but have achieved the desirable outcomes your readers seek (despite their setbacks).


                                                                                            10. WHAT is More Important than HOW

                                                                                              Listen up…

                                                                                              This is probably the most important lesson Gary taught...

                                                                                              Your success as a copywriter has everything to do with WHAT you write, and little do to with how you write it.

                                                                                              How you write is the mechanical skill of writing. Your writing style and copywriting techniques –attention-grabbing headlines, listing all the features, adding urgency to your CTA’s, using power words, etc.

                                                                                              WHAT you write is based on what your market wants.

                                                                                              Their emotions, desires, problems, needs, etc.

                                                                                              You are writing to flesh and blood humans.

                                                                                              And the only way to write copy that gets them to read, respond and buy, is to write about WHAT they’re interested in and makes them tick.

                                                                                              You uncover this info from market research.

                                                                                              Oftentimes, if you have the right message to the right market, you can get away with crappy writing.

                                                                                              But you can have the best writing in the world and still flop like a flounder if you do not craft the right message.

                                                                                              For example:

                                                                                              Matt Furey (email legend) tried selling wrestling products to wrestlers. However, they flopped. Was it because of his copywriting? No. They flopped because wrestlers did not want to learn more about wrestling. Most of them were broke college kids who couldn’t care less about learning another wrestling move or technique.

                                                                                              How to apply this…

                                                                                              Find out WHAT your readers want and display it in the most persuasive way.



                                                                                              To get the most out of these copywriting tips…

                                                                                              Read The Gary Halbert Letter, The Boron Letters and study his top ads.

                                                                                              As you do, look for how he applies these 10 lessons.

                                                                                              And if you apply these lessons to your writing, I can almost guarantee you’ll transform your skills and make more money as a direct result.

                                                                                              Want to make more money writing for brands you love, while working less hours? Enter your email below and I’ll show you how:


                                                                                              The "Crab Mentality" that Prevents You From Achieving Your Copywriting Dream Life

                                                                                              Nov 24, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                                                                              Last weekend, I celebrated my 29th birthday with my family at the cheesecake factory.

                                                                                              Had a great time… until… I was saying goodbye to everyone.

                                                                                              Then, out of nowhere, my “cousin” (not gonna mention who it was) pulled me aside.

                                                                                              She had tears in her eyes.

                                                                                              And asked…

                                                                                              “Do you hate me?”

                                                                                              I was flabbergasted.

                                                                                              Had no freakin clue what she was talking about.

                                                                                              Then she unloaded the chamber.

                                                                                              She went on a wild, emotional, and very soap opera dramatic rant about how I don’t text her enough.

                                                                                              She even said that I ignored her the last time we met up for dinner – which is 100% not true.

                                                                                              This pissed me off.

                                                                                              Because I was having a great time and was on my merry way to hang out with some old friends. And, not gonna lie, this kinda killed the mood (for a few minutes, didn’t let this ruin my night dough).

                                                                                              Then, yesterday, my mom said she was really sorry about what my “cousin” had done.

                                                                                              And how she does that to EVERYONE.

                                                                                              She starts fights & drama with almost everyone she’s ever known (including me, my dad, my sister, a handful of cousins, her “friends” and on and on and on)

                                                                                              She focuses on the bad things in life and trys to pull others into her orb of misery.

                                                                                              I’m sure you know people like this…

                                                                                              It’s like a bucket of crabs.

                                                                                              When one crab try’s to escape, the rest of the crabs pull em back down.

                                                                                              This crabby trait is VERY COMMON amongst family members, friends and peers.

                                                                                              When humans see someone they know rising to the top and doing good for themselves, they instinctively try to pull them back down to where they’re at.

                                                                                              I say all this because if you are desperately trying to do better, to live your dream life as a top paid copywriter who commands ultimate power, freedom and riches like a king, then I want you to jump out of the crab bucket, leave the crabs to stew in their own venom, and join a new bucket.

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