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6 Words that Can Make You a 6 Figure Copywriter This Year

Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Would you like to make more mula with each new project you take on?

In as quick as 30 seconds…

Without any extra work…

Most freelance copywriters are NOT aware of this phenomenon.

And, as a result, they are quite literally leaking puddles of money all over their dusty carpets.

But, if you do what I’m about to reveal in the next few seconds, you’ll likely multiply your sales – almost overnight.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Believe it or not, McDonalds does NOT make a profit selling their hamburgers.


They actually LOSE money.

You see, they make their REAL profit AFTER you’ve ordered a greasy, sugary burger. In the next few seconds…

With 6 simple words:

“Would you like fries with that?”

And drinks…

And milkshakes…

And so on.

Point is:

McDonalds became the #1 fast food restaurant (you can spot one in virtually every city and town across the world) all because of these 6 simple words.

And guess what?

You too can profit like a queen from this.


Add “upsells” to your services.

For example:

If you offer blog posts… throw in an additional post for HALF the normal price.

If you offer emails… write an additional email at a discount (or a larger stack of bundled emails at a more generous discounted price).

The upsell opportunities are endless.

And it’s so freakin easy to do.

Because you offer them RIGHT AFTER you’ve just signed on a new project and while you’re still on the phone with your client.

In just a few short seconds you could potentially rake in hundreds, even thousands of extra doll hairs.

Speaking of raking in the big bucks…

If you’d like to be paid like a KING to write for brands you love, I URGE you to join my monthly membership ~ Copy Kings ~ TODAY.

When you do, you’ll also get 7 special bonuses. You can learn more about them here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Focus on What You Can Control

Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Babies being decapitated…

Hospitals blown to the sky…

Violent protests in every major city…

There’s a lot of EVIL happening around us right now.

Unfortunately, most of it is completely out of our control.

However, although it may be hard to escape this 24/7 cycle of war terror, there are a LOT of GOOD things in life that we DO have control over.


The potential to earn more money.  

The potential to provide a better life for our families.

The potential to create a lifestyle around what we are most passionate about.

This is all possible…

And unlike the hellish events going on around us, you DO have control over making these “wishes” and “dreams” into a REALITY.

But this will ONLY happen if YOU step up to the helm and steer your own ship.

If your dream is to become a successful copywriter who earns more than “enough”, works from anywhere in the world and writes for brands you love, then my Copy Kings inner circle can show you how.

Step out of your slumber and run this way:


When you subscribe TODAY… you’ll gain 7 special bonuses.

Notice how I say special.

That’s because they are.


Each bonus is designed to help you sharpen your copywriting skillz, break into this exciting industry and get more clients than you can handle – within weeks… instead of months or even years.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

The Loudest Ones Are Always The Dumbest

Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

This is something I’ve noticed throughout my career…

Especially when it comes to learning copy…

That the “loudest” people (especially on online) are always the dumbest.

You know what I’m talking about…

The whale-mouthed “experts” on Facebook, TikTok (oh gosh), LinkedIn… who love to talk, talk, talk.

Who create videos, go live and give their “expert” advice on everything under the copywriting sun.

Yet, you rarely see them WRITE any copy (usually, their websites are flushed with pretty designs and loud videos, with VERY little text).

9.9 times out of 10 these “experts” are the LEAST helpful people to learn from.

Because the fluff they spew does not transfer to getting clients… or writing money oozing copy… or enhancing your life in any way, shape or form.

No, in fact, listening to them will likely send you down a LONG, lonely path of low paying gigs, mediocre writing and make it nearly impossible to earn “6 figures.”

I know this from first-hand experience…

Because the first time I tried to “break into copywriting,” I failed miserably.

After a year of desperately trying to “crack the code”, I threw in the towel.

But then…

About a year later…

I decided to give copywriting another crack.

This time I knocked it out of the park.

Largely because I did NOT listen to any loudmouth blabbering on Facebook or any other social media hell hole.


I picked up the top 10 books I could find on copywriting, from the REAL OG’s who’ve built the yellow brick road in this field (and proved it through the money their copy has made for themselves and their clients).

I plowed through these books. I studied them intensely. And created very detailed, no-fluff summaries. (I reveal which books I read and give away these “meat & potatoes” summaries as a bonus to Copy King members.)


For daily hands-on practice…  

I read, analyzed and handwrote the most successful advertisements on the plant (only proven ads that’ve produced millions, even billions, in white-hot sales. Certainly not any current ads running on YouTube or Facebook.)

I did all this because I knew if I were to become a wealthy copywriter, I NEEDED to learn from those who have PROVEN their success.

No theory. No fluff.

But REAL results.

Speaking of REAL results…

If you’d like to learn how to get 50 paying clients - in under three months – WITHOUT a portfolio - then I’ll show you EXACTLY HOW I PERSONALLY DID IT.

It’ll take less than an hour to “download” my methodology and unique strategy…

And then…

Less than 24 hours to start reeling in paying clients (you don’t chase, they come to you) – all without a portfolio or any previous experience.

Sound too good to be true?

Go here:

Read the “bonus section” (first one).

Then, plow through this crash course and apply my wisdom.

Do this and I almost guarantee you can get 50 paying clients, in under 3 months, using this “method.”

But that’s not all…

Because when you become a Copy Kings member TODAY, you’ll also pick up 6 other special bonuses.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Mistakes from The Cheesecake Factory

Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Last night, I went to the cheesecake factory to celebrate me & my sister’s birthday (her bday’s the 12th, mine’s 15th).

Anywhoo, I’m always flabbergasted by their menu.

It’s fatter than an obese hippo and has more variety than a mall’s food court.

It must be a PAIN IN THE BUTTOCKS to be a Cheesecake Factory chef.

You’d have to be a real jack of all trades.

Speaking of jack of all trades…

The WORST thing a copywriter can do, especially when starting out, is to wear “multiple hats”.

Yes, I realize so many clients demand you to be an “expert” on so many things other than writing copy. Like: graphic design, SEO, brand voice, blabbity blah blah.

Screw em!

Because you’d be waaay better off by studying and mastering ONE thing.

And that ONE thing is WRITING COPY.

You see, your ONE and ONLY JOB is to make your clients RICHER.

And the only way you can achieve this is by becoming a master at direct response copywriting.

If you’d like to learn from the BEST direct response copywriters on the planet, Ol Jmac’s got a special surprise for you.

The surprise:

9 detailed book summaries.

These are the same 9 books that I read to jumpstart my copywriting career and I attribute my early success from studying and applying the wisdom found inside these books.

When I was studying these books, I took very detailed book summaries. Stripping all the lard and slapping together only the most valuable how-to information from each book.

Normally, it would cost you $45 to get all 9 summaries, but if you become a “Copy Kings” member TODAY, they’re all yours.

But that’s not all. Not by a long shot.

Because, if you subscribe TODAY, you also get SIX other juicy bonuses.

To learn more about em – spread your wings & fly here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

How to "Lure" an Army of Copywriting Clients to You - WITHOUT ANY Cold Outreach

Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Yesterday was trash day.

And as I was digging for the trash (in my room) I was attacked by an army of fruit flies.

Sure enough, there was a black banana at the bottom of the bag O’ trash.

I screwed up BIG TIME.

And, unfortunately, I didn’t have any sticky sheets or bug spray to kill this army of flies, so…

I fired up ol’ reliable YouTube and created a DIY trap.

I added apple cedar vinegar (the bait) and 3 pumps of hand soap to a few clear jars.

Woke up this morning to the left flank drowned in the jars.

Not too shabby, eh?

Well, the best part is, I killed these flies WITHOUT doing any nightmarish grunt work.

I simply set up a trap and attracted them to it.

This is also how I go about getting freelance clients.

You see, there’s a bunch of ways to get clients.

Most involve pitching…

Chasing after prospects…

Bombarding their email inbox & voicemail...

I’m not a big fan of this (for obvious reasons).

I’d rather lay out some bait and “lure” clients to me.

This is what I did to get my first 50 clients.

And I did this WITHOUT a portfolio, a sales call or hopping on Zoom.

In fact, I NEVER met with any of these 50 clients.

Not in person. Not over the phone.

How did I do this?

I reveal my wicked ways inside this 1-hr training I created, labeled – How to Get 50 Paying Clients – In 3 Months – WITHOUT a Portfolio.

How can YOU get your hands on this?


Just become a “Copy Kings” member TODAY and it’s all yours.

But that’s not all!

When you join the copy kingdom TODAY, you will also gain 6 other shiny bonuses (these bonuses are not available anywhere else on the web. You can ONLY get em by becoming a Copy King member).

To learn more about these VALUABLE bonuses, run like forest gump here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac


Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I don’t play video games anymore.

But when I did, my favorite game was NBA 2k.

To be honest, I never really enjoyed playing the actual basketball games.

But I bought over FIFTEEN years’ worth of 2k games (thousands of dollars) because of the franchise mode.

This mode allows you to act as the GM (general manager) of a team.

It gives you TOTAL CONTROL over the NBA, it’s players and you can change NBA history.

This was so enjoyable to me because I could create my own NBA world.

I had all the power in boomtown.

I feel the same way with copywriting.

Because this is one of the only skills on earth that allows you to create your “dream” life.

Believe it or not, I didn’t enjoy writing when I decided to go all in with copywriting (although I enjoy it now).

I became a copywriter because I realized that this skill would allow me to create a profitable and freeing lifestyle around whatever I am most passionate about.

Could be coaching fitness, or creating an 8-figure ecommerce brand, or teaching copywriting to entrepreneur-minded people who want to tap into their full potential (I chose this).

This is possible for YOU too.

You can create the type of life you want… once you master copywriting.

If you’d like to become a top-tier copywriter who unlocks endless doors of possibilities with your writing skills, then join my membership – Copy Kings.

This membership gives you a launchpad for your copywriting career.

When you subscribe, you’ll QUICKLY skip the long lines of struggling and failed copywriters and gain elusive “top of the mountain” positioning where you can command top fees and enjoy total freedom over your new life.

If this sounds muy bueno, skip your rope here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Copywriting Stop, Starts

Oct 26, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

My dog’s never been much of a walker.

But it’s gotten MUCH worse over the last year or so.

She just had her 15 1/2 birthday, 2 days ago.

Now, whenever I take her for walks, she takes a couple steps, then stops.

She’ll sniff the grass, stare down another dog or do her dirty work.

Then, she’ll get a quick burst of energy, take another 10 steps, and stop again.

This repeats like a broken record for the ENTIRE “walk”.

I call em “stop, starts”.

But there’s much more stopping then starting.

It’s frustrating.

It’s also frustrating when copywriters “start and stop.”

They’ll start a blog for lead gen, then shut it down to create a YouTube channel.

They’ll begin a sales letter, then stop whenever they face the slightest resistance & go find some swipe files to mindlessly exploit.

They’ll read a few books & take a few courses, but never put in the work that’s required to reap the benefits.

Could be because of bright shiny object syndrome…. or from too much information at their fingertips… or just good ol’ procrastination.

Whatever it is, I see a lot of beginner copywriters (and business owners) starting up, only to shut down before they ever get momentum.

I used to be this way too.

And these “stops” killed my chances at success.

But now I focus on consistency & mastery of my copywriting skills.

Always striving to improve my skills, by putting in the DAILY work.

Now I never stop (or start) again, because I started 3 years ago and have not let up steam yet.

If you’re sick and tired of the long pauses in new clients and sales, then I URGE you to join my online membership – Copy Kings:

I’ll show you how to succeed in this copywriting marathon without the confusion, guesswork or costly trail & error.


To help you catapult your success to the moon, I’ve included 7 mind-bogglingly valuable bonuses (worth $326 but FREE to Copy Kings members) when you subscribe TODAY.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Garlic Breath Headlines

Oct 25, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Yesterday, I was in the car with my peepaw (dad).

We were driving to a nearby park to walk my 15-year-old puppy, Coco.

Then, all of a sudden, my nostrels were PENETRATED HARD.

I turned down the radio and asked my dad what the fudge was going on.

You see, my dad had eaten a LOT of garlic for lunch.

And this garlic was LOUD.

I couldn’t escape the smell.

It had my FULL undivided attention.

This is what you want your headlines to do.

You want your headlines to grab your IDEAL reader’s undivided attention, snap them out of their haze & pull their eyeballs into your copy.

This is THE most important part of your copy, because if you do NOT grab your ideal prospect’s attention and get them to read your first sentence, they will never hear what you have to say.

They will not scratch the surface of your offer or buy from you (or your clients).

Speaking of clients…

If you’re lost as a baby in a corn maze on how to get clients to pay you to write copy for them, then you’ll want to check this hush puppy out:


Scroll down to the first bonus labelled “How to Get 50 Paying Clients ~ In Under 3 Months ~ WITHOUT a portfolio".

This is a crash course on how to get a gang of clients in record time.

It’s what I personally did, in my first 3 months as a copywriter, to snag over 50 clients.

It works for anyone and you DON’T need a portfolio to start attracting clients to you.

Best part is…

This is only ONE of SEVEN bonuses included when you become a Copy King member.

You can learn more about the rest of the bonuses here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy Mac

Shows aspiring & struggling copywriters how to break into copywriting, feel confident in their copywriting skills and get a steady stream of high-paying clients - WITHOUT the confusion, hassle or guesswork

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Bobby C.


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