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The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Copywriting Rates in 2024 (How Much Should YOU Charge?)

Nov 07, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

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Are you a freelance copywriter scratching your scruffy head over how much to charge for your copywriting services?

When I first started my freelance copywriting business in 2020, I struggled like a crab in a bucket to come up with my copywriting fees.


After doing a LOT of cold hard research and tweaking my copywriting rates over the years, I’ve come up with a fool proof way to price your copywriting services.

This is THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to freelance copywriting rates in 2024.

This pricing guide will clear your fog of confusion and give you a clear path to follow so you can charge fair, top rates for your work.

In this comprehensive guide, I cover all the bases on how to price your copywriting services…


The new copywriting rates for 2023, all the specifics that influence copywriting fees, how to determine your own pricing strategy and how to increase your rates so you can earn 6 figures (or more) as quickly as possible.

This guide is perfect for beginners who are stuck… and also… for seasoned freelancers who want to check to see if they’re charging the right rates and gain insider tips to increase their current copywriting prices.


New Copywriting Rates for 2024

If you're a freelance copywriter, you're probably wondering how much you should charge for your services in 2023.


The truth is…

Copywriting prices can vary widely depending on a number of things, like…

Your niche

Your experience level

The type of copy you specialize in…

And so on.

According to the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) the average freelance copywriting rate for 2024 is around $0.70 per word.


These rates can vary GREATLY depending on the type of copy you're writing for clients.

For example…

Email copywriters charge between $300 and $500 per email, while SEO copywriters charge between $0.20 and $0.50 per word.

To give you a better idea…

Here's a breakdown of the average copywriting rates per niche and types of copy in 2024:


Type of Copy

Average Rate


White papers

$3,000 - $6,000


Case studies

$1,500 - $3,000


Blog posts

$500 - $1,500


Product descriptions

$50 - $200 per product


Landing pages

$500 - $1,000 per page


Email campaigns

$250 - $500 per email


Blog posts

$0.15 - $0.50 per word


Website copy

$1.00 - $2.00 per word



These rates are just averages.

How much you can charge for your copywriting services depend on your experience, your skills and most importantly – your niche (WHO you are selling your copywriting services to).

However, this guide should give you a good starting point for determining how much you should charge for your copywriting services in 2024 – so you can earn as much as possible without offending potential clients.


How to Determine Your Copywriting Rates Like a Pro

Determining your freelance copywriting rates can be a daunting task, especially if you're just starting out.


It's important to charge a fair rate for your services that reflects your experience and the value you bring to the table.

One way to determine your rates is to consider industry standards and what other freelancers are charging.

Beginner copywriters can charge around $27 per hour, while experienced copywriters can earn around $100 per hour.

However, it's important to note that your copywriting fees can vary depending on your niche, and the type of project you're working on.

Another way to determine your rates is to consider your expenses.


Overhead costs such as rent, utilities, software subscriptions and so on.

You should also factor in the time it takes to complete each project. As well as any revisions or edits that may be required.

It's also important to consider the value you bring to the table.

If you have a unique skill set or specialized knowledge, you may be able to charge a higher rate than someone with less experience or expertise.


If you're able to deliver high-quality work, quickly, you can charge a premium for your services.

Ultimately, the key to determining your rates is to find a balance between what you need to earn to make a living and what your clients are willing to pay.

By doing your research, considering your expenses and value, and being confident in your copywriting abilities, you can set profitable rates that reflect your worth as a freelance copywriter.

4 Key Factors That Influence Your Copywriting Rates

When setting your freelance copywriting prices, there are 4 MAJOR factors to consider that can influence how much you charge for your services.

    #1: Experience Level

      Your experience level is one of the most important factors that can impact your copywriting rates. As a raw beginner, you can expect to charge lower rates than someone with more experience. According to, novice copywriters can charge between $26 and $29 per hour, while experienced writers with five or more years of experience can charge between $75 and $125 per hour.

        #2: Project Complexity

          The complexity of a project can also impact your copywriting rates. Projects that require extensive research, multiple revisions, or specialized knowledge may require a higher rate than simpler projects. For example, a website copywriting project that requires extensive keyword research and optimization may take more time and effort than a simple product description.

            #3: Market Demand

            demand and supply

              The demand for copywriting services can vary depending on the market and industry. If you're working in a highly competitive niche, you will be able to charge MUCH HIGHER RATES than if you're working in a less competitive industry. It's important to research the market demand for your services and adjust your rates accordingly.

              Want to learn the top copywriting 10 niches in 2023? Go here:

              The 10 Highest-Paying Copywriting Niches in 2023 (How to Pick the Best One for YOU)

              This post will give you everything you need to choose a Lava-hot copywriting niche. Without a hot niche, you will not be able to charge top rates for your copywriting services, no matter how many years of experience you have or how skilled you are at writing copy.

              I HIGHLY recommend all freelance copywriters to study this post BEFORE going all in with a copywriting niche.

                #4: Client Budget

                  Finally, your client's budget can also impact your copywriting prices. Some clients may have a limited budget and will need to negotiate a lower rate, while others may have a more flexible budget and be willing to pay more for high-quality work. It's important to have a clear understanding of your client's budget and expectations before setting your rates.

                  This is another important reason to choose the right copywriting niche.

                  In summary…

                  When setting your copywriting rates, it's important to consider your experience level, project complexity, market demand, and client budget.

                  By taking these factors into account, you can set rates that are competitive, fair, and reflective of your skills and expertise.


                  How to Set Your Copywriting Prices

                  pricing strategy

                  Here are some common ways to set your rates:

                  Hourly Rates

                  One common way to set your rates is to charge an hourly rate. This can be a good option if you're just starting out and don't have a lot of experience. According to, novice copywriters can expect to earn around $27 per hour, while experienced copywriters can earn around $100 per hour.

                  Per Word Rates

                  Another way to set your rates is to charge per word. This can be a good option if you're experienced and can write quickly. According to Elna Cain, for a copywriter with over seven years of experience, the rate for 2023 is between $.50-$.80/word with a max of 2,000 words. However, keep in mind that this rate can change over time as you gain more experience and pick up more clients.

                  Project Based Rates

                  Another option is to charge a flat fee for a project. This can be a good option if you're working on a larger project that will take several weeks or months to complete. When setting your project-based rates, make sure to take into account the amount of time you'll spend on the project, as well as any additional expenses you may incur.

                  Copywriting Royalties

                  Finally, some copywriters may choose to charge royalties for their work. This means that you'll receive a percentage of the sales generated by your copy. This can be a good option if you're working on a project that has the potential to generate a lot of sales, such as a sales page or product launch.

                  When setting your rates, it's important to take into account your experience, the amount of time you'll spend on a project, and any additional expenses you may incur. By setting your rates in a way that is fair to both you and your clients, you'll be able to build a successful freelance copywriting business.


                  Negotiating Your Copywriting Rates

                  hand shake

                  Once you've determined your copywriting rate, it's time to negotiate with potential clients.

                  Negotiating your rates can be intimidating, but it's important to remember that you are providing a valuable service and deserve to be paid fairly for your work.

                  To negotiate your rates effectively, consider the following tips:

                  • Evaluate your skills and experience: Before negotiating your rates, take some time to evaluate your skills and experience. Consider your education, training, and past work experience to determine your worth as a copywriter.
                  • Research the market rates: It's important to research the current market rates for copywriting services in your niche. This will give you an idea of what other copywriters are charging and help you determine a fair rate for your services.
                  • Decide on your rate structure: There are several ways to structure your copywriting prices, including hourly, per-word, per-project, or retainer. Consider which structure works best for you and your clients.
                  • Communicate your rates effectively: When communicating your rates to potential clients, be clear and confident. Explain the value of your services and why you charge what you do.
                  • Negotiation techniques: Use negotiation techniques such as anchoring, framing, and bundling to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with your clients.
                  • Handle client objections: Be prepared to handle client objections, such as budget constraints or skepticism about your rates. Address these objections with confidence and professionalism.
                  • Raise your rates with existing clients: As you gain more experience and expertise, it's important to periodically raise your rates with existing clients. Communicate the reasons for the increase and the value you provide.

                  Remember, negotiating your rates is a normal part of the freelance copywriting process. By following these tips and being confident in your skills and worth, you can successfully negotiate fair rates with your clients.


                  How to Charge More For Your Copywriting

                  Everything mentioned above is meant to cover the basics of pricing your copywriting services.


                  There really is NO limit to how much you can charge for your copywriting services.

                  Here are the most important tips to make as much money as possible with your copywriting...

                  7 Tips for Charging More For Your Copywriting Services:

                  1. Improve your copywriting skills

                  The better your writing skills, the more you can charge for your services. Always strive to improve your marketing, sales, lead gen and copywriting skills. The best ways to improve your skills are to WRITE, PRACTICE and LEARN daily. The day you stop improving is the day you die. To be paid like a king or queen, you gotta outwork your competition.

                  2. Specialize in a niche

                  It’s no secret, specialists are paid more than generalists. If you want to make 6-figures or more you MUST choose a copywriting niche. But not just any niche, you must choose a niche that is filled with thousands of potential clients who are ACTIVELY hiring freelance copywriters and who can pay top dollar for their services. I cover everything you need to know about choosing a copywriting niche here: The 10 Highest-Paying Copywriting Niches in 2023 (How to Pick the Best One for YOU)

                  3. Write faster

                  The faster you can write high-quality, money-oozing copy, the more you can earn. Because the more projects you submit, the more money you make. Simple math. Here’s the BEST way to write faster… Write more words each day than you currently are now. Plus, write within STRICT DEADLINES. I like to use Euguene Shwartz’s 33.33 method which I cover in full detail here (see bonus #4 – How to 10x Your Productivity)

                  4. Offer more services

                  What else can you sell to clients? Here’s a hint: Take a look at what they’re ALREADY BUYING. Like… consulting, content strategy, done-for-them services like setting up and running Google ads, etc. The key to making more money is on the back-end (I.E. selling more services to existing customers).

                  5. Improve your copywriting portfolio

                  A strong portfolio can help you command higher rates like a king. I show you how to create a successful portfolio in this ultimate guide. TIP: make your copywriting portfolio SUPER RELEVANT to your clients’ needs (only add niche examples, make your copy call out your target audience, add specific samples they’re currently hiring for, etc.)

                  6. Upsells

                  Another bullet-proof way to earn more money from freelance copywriting is to add a ho’ bunch of upsells to your main offers. For example, say you offer to write 5 emails for $1,000. You could throw in an additional email for half the normal price ($100). Or… a whole stack of emails at a ridiculously generous price. Or… you could add on an hour of consulting on top of your main service. The possibilities are endless and so is your earning potential when you add upsells.

                  7. Sell money at a discount

                  Probably the biggest mistake freelance copywriters make is they frame their offer as the mere words they’re writing for clients. HUGE MISTAKE. Instead, frame your offer as the VALUE you’re providing to your clients. My favorite way? Offer money at a discount. Here’s what I mean… say you write emails for real estate investing companies. You can frame your service like this “I guarantee my emails will make you DOUBLE your investment back in 30 days or I’ll refund you every cent.” When you can confidently get your clients a positive return on investment (ROIcop) you can charge ANY price you desire – as long it’s less than what you make your clients via products sold.




                  That was a lot of information.

                  Take some time to digest it and then APPLY it to your own freelance copywriting business.

                  You now have everything you need to confidently set your own copywriting rates.

                  Use this guide as a reference but remember – there really is NO LIMIT to how much you can charge AS LONG AS the value you provide your clients is greater than your fees.

                  Want more tips to become a 6-figure copywriter?

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                  How to Become a Successful Freelance Copywriter in 2024 (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

                  Nov 06, 2023 by Jeremy Mac


                  Back in 2020, I went all in with freelance copywriting.

                  Believe it or not…

                  I did NOT become a freelance copywriter because I enjoyed writing.


                  I became a freelance copywriter because I realized that this profitable and RARE skill would allow me to live the ultimate freelancer dream life.

                  I could have total freedom and control over my work while making as much money as I desiredwriting from anywhere in the world.


                  This is only possible when you can provide your clients SUPREME value.

                  Once you can provide real value, the possibilities are endless for your freelance copywriting career.

                  Over the last 3 years, I’ve secured hundreds of paying clients, worked in dozens of different niches and have written copy for the most popular mediums (emails, ad copy, websites, landing pages, SEO blogs, etc.).

                  I’ve learned a lot during this time.

                  And I’m going to share my best tips & secrets with you to help YOU become a successful freelance copywriter in 2024.

                  In this post…

                  I’m going to cover what freelance copywriting is, what a day in the life of a freelance copywriter looks like, how much you can realistically earn, and hand you a step-by-step gameplan on how to become a successful freelance copywriter in the fastest amount of time possible – EVEN if you have ZERO copywriting experience.


                  What is Freelance Copywriting?

                  man holding question mark in front of face

                  First, before you learn how to become a freelance copywriter…

                  It’s important to understand what COPYWRITING is.

                  Forget all the mumbo jumbo you’ve heard online.

                  Copywriting is simply salesmanship in print (or on the web).

                  Its salesmanship multiplied.


                  Instead of selling face-to-face, to only one person at a time…

                  You are selling to hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of people, all at once, through the words you write.

                  The ONLY goal of writing copy is to get results (either more leads or more sales).

                  And FREELANCE copywriting is simply writing copy for your own clients vs writing for one company, as their employee.

                  The only real difference with freelance copywriting, as opposed to working as an in-house copywriter or at an agency (9-5 type roles), is that you are your own boss.

                  Yes, as a freelance copywriter, you are a business owner.

                  Your success as a freelance copywriter has just as much to do with how well you market yourself, as the words you write for clients.

                  Because in order to write for clients, you must get them first.

                  This requires marketing AND sales skills.

                  However, there are many benefits to being a freelance copywriter…

                  Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Freelance Copywriter

                  NUMBER #1: You can work from anywhere

                  The beach, Starbucks, from your couch wearing SpongeBob PJs.

                  It doesn’t matter.

                  You can write from ANYWHERE your heart desires.

                  NUMBER #2: You have TOTAL freedom over your work

                  You are your own boss.

                  You set your own hours.

                  You choose how many hours you want to work, WHO you want to work with, what kind of copy you want to write, etc.

                  Only entrepreneurship allows you this much freedom.

                  NUMBER #3: You can earn 7 figures or more

                  Unlike working for a company, there really is no limit to your earning potential.

                  The only limit is how many clients you can get and how much you can write in a day.

                  NUMBER #4: YOU can become a freelance copywriter TODAY

                  You don’t need a degree…

                  You don’t need “5 years of experience” just to get your foot in the door…

                  You don’t need to climb the corporate ladder…

                  The truth is…

                  Anyone can become a successful freelance copywriter… if they put in the work and constantly improve their marketing, sales and copywriting skills.


                  What Does a Freelance Copywriter Do?

                  So, what does a freelance copywriter actually do?

                  As a freelance copywriter…

                  Your daily tasks will include finding clients and writing for them.

                  Woman typing

                  That’s it.

                  When starting out…

                  You will focus more time on finding clients, than writing.

                  Then, once you have a steady stream of clients, you can spend the majority of your time writing about topics you enjoy, for brands you love.


                  How Much Does a Freelance Copywriter Make?

                  hundred dollar bills

                  According to Zip Recruiter…

                  As of today (Nov 6, 2023), freelance copywriters earn around $45 per hour (or… around $90,000 per year).

                  However, going by the average copywriting rates you see online is FOOLISH.

                  It is VERY misleading.

                  Because as a freelance copywriter, it’s 100% up to you on how much (or how little) you make.

                  You can make $2,000,000 in one year… or… you can make less than $1,000.

                  You are a business owner. There is virtually no limit to how much you can earn. The only limit is your own marketing, salesmanship and copywriting skills.

                  If you get good at marketing yourself, selling your services and getting results for your clients, you can earn a FORTUNE.

                  Freelance copywriters can make WAAAAY more money than in-house or agency copywriters (working as an employee).

                  So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to averages.

                  You CAN earn as much as you desire…. IF you put in the work and become a master at this life-changing skill.


                  How Much Should a Freelance Copywriter Charge?

                  How much you can charge as a freelance copywriter varies greatly depending on WHO you’re writing for.

                  For example…

                  If you choose a hot niche filled with companies looking to hire copywriters, you can charge $100 per hour (or more).

                  But, on the other toe, if you don’t have a niche or you choose a niche that doesn’t understand the value copywriters bring to the table, you won’t be able to charge much at all.

                  In the next section, I’ll cover how to find the perfect niche for you.


                  When starting out with no clients, you should charge VERY LOW FEES.

                  When I started out, I did not choose a niche.

                  I went broad. And accepted any and every client I could get.

                  And I charged VERY LOW RATES per gig.

                  I did this because I wanted to get a shit ton of experience, in the shortest amount of time possible.


                  So I could build an impressive portfolio.

                  I knew that without a portfolio, with a bunch of copywriting samples & testimonials, I wouldn’t be able to get top-paying clients.


                  If you’re just starting out and don’t have many clients (or zero), I’d recommend charging VERY LOW fees and going broad (not choosing a niche).


                  How to Become a Freelance Copywriter with NO Experience

                  Here are my 5 steps for becoming a successful freelance copywriter.

                  This is what I personally did and recommend you do too.

                  Use these 5 steps as a roadmap to breaking into freelance copywriting and growing a successful freelance copywriting business.

                  #1) Git Gud

                  The first step to becoming a kickass freelance copywriter is…

                  Learn how to write copy.

                  In order to make money as a copywriter, you need to provide your clients extreme value.


                  Here’s how to learn copywriting extremely fast…

                  Fast runner

                  Read the top 5-10 books on direct response copywriting.

                  Strive to read 20-50 pages, each day.

                  As you read these books…

                  You also want to practice your copywriting skills.

                  I’ve written a very detailed blog post on how to practice copywriting – How to Practice Copywriting for Free (5 Exercises to Improve Your Skills TODAY)

                  However, here’s the gist of it…

                  Read, handwrite and study successful ads (I list which ads to study here.


                  Turn features to benefits, by finding products on Amazon, pasting their features to an Excel document and adding your own benefits.


                  Improve headlines you find online.

                  I like to improve headlines from online articles displayed on Firefox’s home page.

                  Like this:

                  firefox online articles

                  Write 4 new headlines using the 4 U’s headline technique.

                  Write a headline that is:




                  And Urgent.

                  Do this copy practice every day (along with reading 20ish pages per day)

                  This should all take you no longer than an hour.

                  If you do this each day, you will become a copywriting wizard in a few short months (this can be done in weeks if you don’t work full-time).

                  After a few months, you’ll be ready to provide REAL VALUE to potential clients via writing for them.


                  #2) Where to Find Copywriting Clients

                  I’ve created a detailed blog post covering my 10 favorite methods for getting freelance copywriting clients called... How to Get Copywriting Clients in 2023 With No Experience (Get New Clients TODAY)

                  You can read it here.

                  However, when starting out, the goal is to get rapid-fire experience.

                  You want to write for a wide variety of clients (in different industries) and, also, write for the most popular types of copy (emails, landing pages, blog posts, ads, etc).

                  Limiting yourself to a specific niche or a specific type of copy (when just starting out), will handicap you from getting clients fast and breaking into this field.

                  Beginners should strive to write a LOT of copy for paying clients, for a VARIETY of different industries & mediums.

                  The 2 fastest ways to get freelance copywriting clients (as quick as TODAY):

                  1. Post on Facebook

                  Simply create an offer and post it to your feed.

                  I got my first copywriting client doing this - within 24 hours.

                  It works extremely well and takes about 10 minutes to whip up.

                  Again, see my blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

                  2. Fiverr

                  Create a Fiverr account and post gigs.

                  This is another way to get clients within days.

                  I’ve gotten dozens of freelance clients from Fiverr within my first few months as a copywriter.

                  AFTER you’ve gotten a lot of experience writing for different industries and types of copy….

                  You should niche down.

                  Scratch that…

                  If you desire to earn “6-figures” or “10k per month” (or much more), then you MUST choose a freelance copywriting niche.

                  You will never earn much money by staying a generalist.


                  #3) Choose a Copywriting Niche


                  Once you’ve gotten experience and can demonstrate your expertise to potential clients, you’ll be ready to choose a copywriting niche.

                  I’ve written over 3,000 words on how to choose a copywriting niche, with step-by-step instructions, in this ultimate guide – The 10 Highest-Paying Copywriting Niches in 2023 (How to Pick the Best One for YOU).

                  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND reading this ENTIRE post BEFORE choosing a niche (or even if you already have a niche)…

                  Because I reveal the must-haves and secrets for maximizing your success as a freelance copywriter via the niche you choose.


                  You want to find a WEALTHY niche that you are passionate about writing for (filled with thousands of potential clients who understand the importance of copywriting, are actively hiring freelance copywriters and have unlimited money to spend).

                  Here are the top 10 freelance copywriting niches in 2023:

                  1. Health and Fitness
                  2. Finance
                  3. Tech
                  4. Ecommerce
                  5. Real Estate
                  6. Travel
                  7. Pet
                  8. Self Improvement
                  9. Academic Education
                  10. Fashion and beauty


                  Here are the top 5 copywriting services to specialize in:

                  1. Email copywriter
                  2. Website copywriter
                  3. SEO copywriter
                  4. Direct response advertising copywriter
                  5. Landing page copywriter

                  After you choose your niche, you MUST do something FIRST before getting clients within your new niche.

                  You must…


                  #4) Create a Copywriting Portfolio


                  After you gotten a bunch of samples and testimonials, you’ll want to create a copywriting portfolio.

                  Believe it or not…

                  There’s a way to create a copywriting portfolio that impresses clients – 100% FREE – in 10 minutes or less.

                  This is the same way that I created my portfolio (I still use this exact same portfolio - 4 years later).

                  This method is perfect for beginner copywriters because you don’t need to pay a dime, it takes 10 minutes to create and you don’t have to have any tech or design skills.

                  Once you’re ready to create a freelance copywriting portfolio, follow this step-by-step crash course here.


                  #5) How to Get Freelance Copywriting Clients

                  After you’ve picked a copywriting niche and have created your copywriting portfolio, now the real fun begins…

                  I recommend freelance copywriters to start with prospecting.

                  There’s really no way around this.

                  Especially when starting out.

                  The best ways to prospect are through networking, cold email outreach and LinkedIn outreach.

                  I cover these 3 ways to get freelance clients in great detail here.

                  Prospecting will get you clients ASAP – in as quick as 24 hours.


                  Prospecting is tough work.

                  And there’s a limit to how many clients you can get because it requires time and energy.

                  If you aren’t reaching out to new clients frequently, you won’t be earning too much money.

                  However, there is a way to grow your freelance business WITHOUT prospecting.

                  There is a way to get new clients WHILE YOU SLEEP.

                  Which brings me to the last tip in this freelance copywriting crash course:

                  Content marketing

                  In the beginning…

                  You’ll need to pitch, apply and network to get copywriting clients.

                  It requires a lot of time and energy.

                  And you need to keep doing this until you get steady repeat business and referrals (which can take a while).

                  However, while you do this work to get immediate clients, you should also invest some time and energy into content marketing.

                  This can include:

                  • Blog posts
                  • YouTube channel
                  • Podcast
                  • Social media: Facebook, Insta, Twitter, TikTok

                  However, it takes a lot of time and effort and a long time to notice any results.

                  It is much more of a long-term strategy to gain clients.

                  But once you do build momentum, it builds and builds and builds upon itself

                  You can get so many clients over time that you’ll never need to cold outreach again and you’ll even need to reject a lot of requests because you’ve got so much work.



                  You now have everything you need to start your freelance copywriting business.

                  For more tips on how to create a successful freelance copywriting business, enter your email here:



                  25 Copywriting Tips for Beginners (Improve Your Skills TODAY)

                  Nov 05, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                  Helpful tips


                  Over the last 4 years, I’ve picked up a lot of valuable tips on copywriting.

                  I’m about to reveal 25 of my favorite copywriting secrets.

                  These are not your ordinary copywriting tips and tricks

                  You won’t find them in a generic blog post, YouTube video or from asking ChatGPT.

                  These tips on copywriting pack BIG “ah-ha!” moments that’ve made me chunks of money from my own in-the-trenches copywriting experience.

                  Each tip is designed to be read in under a minute & APPLIED to your writing & marketing RIGHT AWAY.

                  These tips cover a wide range of copywriting & marketing topics – research, writing, specific elements of copy (like headlines), lead gen, sales psychology and so on.


                  How Can a Beginner Learn Copywriting?

                  Understand this…

                  No copywriting tips and tricks you find in a book, blog or course will help you become a great copywriter… IF…. you don’t already know the basics.

                  The most important thing for beginner copywriters is to build a solid foundation for writing successful copy.

                  You need to know what makes good copywriting.

                  You do this by studying the best copywriters who’ve ever lived (most of them are dead or retired.)

                  Because you need to have a solid grasp on the ever-green, never-changing direct response fundamentals, principles, strategies, sales psychology, etc.

                  This is what sets you up for success.

                  Without this rock-solid foundation, you will always struggle to write effective sales copy.

                  And even if some decent copy slips out of your brain, you won’t know why, what caused it or how to do it again.


                  How to Become a Better Copywriter – Very Fast

                  Fast typer

                  I recommend every raw beginner to read the top 5-10 books on direct-response copywriting.


                  Practice every day. (I wrote an entire post on how to quickly improve your copywriting skills via practicing daily – you can read it here - How to Practice Copywriting for Free (5 Exercises to Improve Your Skills TODAY).


                  Of course…


                  Every day.

                  As you learn, practice and write copy, apply these 25 copywriting insider secrets that have made me a small fortune…


                  25 Copywriting Tips for Beginners

                  TIP 1: Research, Research, Research

                  The real secret to writing money-making copy has NOTHING to do with writing.

                  It all has to do with what you do BEFORE you ever sit down to write.

                  I’m talkin’ about…


                  As a good rule of thumb, spend 80% of your time researching and only 20% writing.

                  Top 3 things to research:

                  1. Your market
                  2. Your product
                  3. Your competition


                  TIP 2: Talk As You Write

                  Matt Furey, the Emperor of Email, revealed the secret to writing killer sales copy EXTREMELY FAST.

                  His secret?

                  Talk out loud whenever you write.

                  I’ve been doing this for years and write 5x faster as a result.


                  TIP 3: Put Your Copy Under The “So what?” Microscope

                  Readers only care about one thing…

                  What’s in it for them.


                  To keep them reading your copy, from headline to close, put your copy under the “So what?” microscope.

                  As you read your claims, benefits, features, etc.… ask yourself - “so what?"

                  Do this for every sentence you write.

                  If you do, you will whip up extremely persuasive copy that opens wallets faster than a cheetah.


                  TIP 4: The Market Research Goldmine

                  Gold bar

                  This tip is worth Blackbeard’s treasure chest.

                  Because it holds the single best place to find ALL your copywriting hooks, angles, headlines, benefits, etc.

                  The hidden location?


                  Here’s what you do…

                  Simply search for your market’s subreddit (very good chance there’ll be thousands if not millions of members.)


                  Study their unfiltered conversations like a geeked-out college student during finals week.


                  Add the golden nuggets you find to your copy.

                  You’ll be SHOCKED at the shiny gold just lying there in the open waiting to be snatched up by a wise copywriter.


                  TIP 5: The 10x Rule

                  Want to know the BEST way to edit your copy?

                  I learned this handy tip from Ben Settle (email legend).

                  He explained his process for revising copy.

                  It’s very simple and very effective.

                  But it requires some HARD work.

                  Here’s what you do…

                  Read your copy, out loud, 10 times.

                  After the 10th merry-go-round, your copy will read clearer than a crystal and be ready to make you and your clients a whole heap of money.


                  TIP 6: The One Thing

                  Gary Keller (author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent) wrote a book called The One Thing.

                  It’s all about finding the one thing that is most important to your success.


                  Spending the majority of your time working on this ONE thing… before you work on anything else.

                  Copywriting is your ONE thing.

                  (I write copy for the first hour of each day, first thing in the morning.)

                  This reigns priority.

                  You can do all the other less important tasks AFTER writing copy.

                  The beauty of this is, even if you get nothing else done for the rest of your day, you will still have a successful day because you are doing what matters most – bringing in the DOUGH through the copy you write.


                  TIP 7: Consistency is King

                  There’s a mountain-wide, very successful section of self-help best-sellers teaching the power of habits.


                  Because consistency (power of creating habits) is one of the most important skills a business owner can have in their arsenal (yes, as a freelance copywriter you ARE a business owner?

                  So many copywriters fail miserably simply because they do not stick with it, for long enough.


                  Writing consistently, every day, is the BEST way to improve your writing skills.


                  TIP 8: Money is Attracted to Speed

                  One of the greatest marketers of all time, Dan Kennedy, taught and lived by this simple yet powerful concept.

                  Money is attracted to SPEED.

                  Kennedy pounded out hundreds of products, newsletters, books, seminars…  and made far more money than more talented copywriters and marketers… simply because he realized that money is attracted to speed NOT perfectionism.

                  Indecision is the death of sales.

                  So, with all your copywriting projects, set strict deadlines and stick to them.

                  When you give yourself strict deadlines, you will write better copy, in less time, without getting stuck.

                  Oh, one last thing…

                  Ingrain this golden nugget deep inside your noggin - work expands the time given.

                  The solution…


                  Set strict deadlines to get more done, in less time.


                  TIP 9: Win on Superior Service

                  You’ve probably heard of the term – USP.

                  If not, it stands for… unique selling proposition.

                  This is what separates YOU from your competition and why clients should choose you over the vast sea of options.

                  The best way to grow a ridiculously profitable, LONG-TERM copywriting business (or career) is to provide superior service to your clients.

                  Always put your clients first.

                  Always look for ways to go above and beyond for THEM.

                  Being the best at superior service is the easiest and most effective way for you to stand out amongst other freelancers.

                  Plus, it helps you get repeat work & referrals sent to you on a silver platter - year after year.


                  TIP 10: Build a Prospect-to-Product Bridge

                  One of the greatest living copywriters, Doug D’anna, said:

                  “You always start with your prospects and build the bridge to your product. Not the other way around.”


                  Talk about your prospect BEFORE ever mentioning a product and it s features & benefits.

                  You start with your prospect by getting inside their world.

                  Understanding their pains, problems, desires, wants… then… you simply build the bridge to your product.

                  I.E. Tie in how your client’s product will help your readers solve their problems & achieve their goals.


                  TIP 11: Find Your Starving Crowd

                  There’s an infamous story about Gary Halbert (one of the most successful copywriters & marketers who ever lived) who held a seminar for aspiring writers and asked them.

                  “Imagine you’re opening a hamburger stand —what advantages would you need most to succeed?’”

                  The students shouted:

                  “Secret sauce”

                  “The best location”

                  “The highest quality meat”

                  And so on.

                  Gary’s reply?

                  “I’ll grant you all these things, and in return, I only want one thing - A STARVING CROWD.”

                  This is, by far, the most important lesson that any freelance copywriter can ingrain in their brain and live by.

                  Listen up:

                  Your market is EVERYTHING.

                  When you’re able to pick a market (niche) you’re passionate about, that is filled with high-quality and high-income clients who are STARVING for what you have to offer, you simply can’t lose.

                  Your job is to find this “starving crowd” and know them better than they know themselves.

                  This post will show you how to find your own “starving crowd” – LINK TO BLOG POST


                  If you don’t find a starving crowd to sell your copywriting services to, you will never make any real money… EVEN IF… you have elite copywriting skills.


                  TIP 12: Relentless as a Lion Follow Up


                  This one’s for my freelance copywriters looking to gain more clients…

                  Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, was rejected by over 200 investors before his business took off.

                  Point is:

                  It’s rare as a flying pig to convert new leads into copywriting clients with only 1 (or even a few) follow-up attempts.

                  You must CONSTANTLY be in contact with them.

                  Constantly sending them emails, texts, phone calls, DMing & interacting on social media.

                  The more communication you have with them, on a regular basis, the more likely they’ll work with you.

                  Realize this…

                  The contact NEVER ends.

                  You want to stay in communication with them, ESPECIALLY after they do business with you.

                  Because they can always order again & refer new clients to you!


                  TIP 13: The Marketing triangle

                  Something to keep in mind with all your marketing efforts is to MASTER Dan Kennedy’s marketing triangle:

                  You want to deliver the right MESSAGE, to the right MARKET, on the right MEDIA (advertising platform).

                  The tighter you get these three elements, the more successful you’re marketing (lead gen) will be.

                  Here’s a quick example of a super-tight marketing triangle:

                  Market: left-handed bowlers

                  Message: for left-handed bowlers who want to roll strikes every time and make their friends jealous

                  Media: placing this ad in a magazine for bowlers

                  Now, if you’re a left-handed bowler who’s tired of losing to friends and are currently reading a magazine for bowlers and stumble across this advertisement, you are FAR more likely to respond than if you were to see a bland ad on TV on “how to be a better bowler”.

                  Understand the power of this?

                  Keep this marketing triangle in mind when reaching out to clients & writing copy. Constantly think of ways to tighten this triangle (by making it sniper SPECIFIC to your target market).


                  TIP 14: Tell Engaging Stories

                  We are hardwired to be persuaded, entertained and educated by stories.

                  In fact, entire religions are created by storytelling – I.E. parables about Jesus.

                  Stories cover all the bases of creating powerful copy - solves problems, persuades, educates, entertains, taps into emotions, etc.

                  5 types of stories to tell:

                  • Cautionary tales (of what not to do, mistakes to avoid)
                  • Stories about celebrities
                  • Stories about historical figures
                  • Inspirational stories
                  • Rags-to-riches stories – related to your market.

                  BONUS TIP:

                  The more dramatic and tension-filled your stories are, the more of an impact they’ll have on your audience.


                  TIP 15: Metaphors and Analogies

                  Like stories…

                  Metaphors and analogies tap into our psychology faster than a lightning bolt.

                  We are wired to be entertained and educated by them.

                  Some of the most influential and historical figures have used metaphors and analogies to influence their crowd, instill belief and motivate them to take action.  

                  Here’s a few examples:

                  “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” - Albert Einstein

                  “If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” - Mother Teresa

                  “A good conscience is a continual Christmas.” - Benjamin Franklin


                  TIP 16: The “Late to Work” Mindset for Writing Killer Headlines

                  Here’s one of my favorite “mindsets” to get into when writing copy.

                  Imagine you are cold calling someone who is your DREAM CLIENT.

                  You’ve never spoken to them before BUT you KNOW they are in need of your services and that you can provide them value.

                  Your prospect is frantically driving in his car, late to work.

                  You only have a sentence to get them to not only not hang up on you, but to get them to pull over to the side of the road and BEG you to tell them more.

                  What would you say?

                  (HINT: what you say is FAR more important than how you say it.)  


                  If you spent the time and energy to study your market, you should have a bunch of ideas to get them to pull over and beg you to keep talking. Simply write down EXACTLY what you would say.


                  TIP 17: The “Day in the Life” Headline

                  Another mindset to get into before writing killer headlines is to picture yourself as your target audience.

                  Slip into their shoes.

                  Live a day in their life.

                  What are they currently feeling, thinking, going through… when they stumble across your copy?

                  One of the greatest copywriters of all time – Robert Collier – said:

                  “You want to enter the conversation your prospect is already having inside their mind."

                  BECOME your prospect.

                  Picture yourself as your prospect…

                  You are bored and mindlessly scrolling through social media (or whatever platform you’re writing for)… what’s the ONE thing you could read that would snap you out of your daze and get you to stop scrolling?


                  TIP 18: The Magic Pill Solution

                  Magic pill

                  Everyone wants the instant, effortless, no-thoughts-required way of doing things.

                  Everyone wants to take the magic pill.


                  Stress how easy and instant it is to overcome their problems and achieve their fantasies.

                  Make this more persuasive by adding SPECIFIC DETAILS.

                  For example:

                  Don’t say… “Fall asleep faster”

                  Do say… “Fall asleep in 5 minutes TONIGHT or you don’t pay a single penny.”


                  TIP 19: What’s the REAL Benefit?

                  Believe it or not…

                  Losing weight is NOT the main benefit that attracts people to get on a diet.


                  The REAL benefit is what the loss in weight will DO for them…

                  Make them more attractive to the opposite sex… or…

                  Feel more confident when going to the beach… or…

                  Be showered with compliments from friends, family and strangers.

                  Find out what your client’s product DOES for their audience and display it front and center in your copy (headline).


                  TIP 20: Shower Your Copy with Curiosity

                  Curiosity killed the cat.

                  Curiosity also reached out and grabbed your reader’s throat, got them to read your entire ad and click “buy now.”

                  Sprinkle curiosity into EVERY piece of copy you write.

                  Think clickbait headlines on social media….

                  Everyone KNOWS that the article they click on will disappoint them, but they just can’t help to click because of curiosity.

                  (NEVER clickbait in your copy. This makes readers angry. Always pay off your headline very quickly by making whatever comes next RELEVANT).


                  TIP 21: The Emotional Headline

                  Smiley faces

                  What’s the biggest pain point, problem or frustration your audience is dealing with when stumbling across your ad?

                  Feature it in your headline, in a dramatic way.

                  Do this and you’ll grab their undivided attention and get them to keep reading.


                  TIP 22: Ask More Questions

                  Questions act as giant red stop signs on our brains. 

                  Ask a question that your reader can empathize with or would like to see answered.

                  The questions you ask should always focus on your reader’s self-interest.


                  TIP 23: The Power of Contrast

                  Like questions, contrast gets us to stop and pay attention.

                  Paying attention to what’s contrasting is programmed deep into our psychology and neurology.

                  Believe it or not…

                  This goes way back to when humans roamed the jungle.

                  If we noticed something different in our surroundings, we’d spring into survival mode (fight or flight) because it could be a predator trying to eat us.

                  Contrast still has a BIG effect on our brains.

                  And you can use this sales phenomenon to stop your target audience dead in their tracks and drag them into your copy.

                  To reap the ripe benefits of contrast, add polar opposites to your copy.

                  For example:

                  obese … anorexic.

                  Poor … rich.

                  Heaven … hell.


                  TIP 24: Geek Out on NUMBERS

                  Humans LOVE numbers.

                  Humans love LISTS.

                  Humans love EXACT instructions.

                  Suck your reader’s eyeballs into your copy and keep em glued by listing the number of benefits, mistakes to avoid, reasons why to take act NOW, and so on.


                  Tip 25: The PAS Formula




                  This is a tried n true copywriting formula used by some of the most successful copywriters and advertisers in the game.

                  It's very simple and super effective.

                  Here’s how ya do it…


                  Bring up the biggest problem your prospect is currently facing.


                  Agitate their problem by tapping into their EMOTIONS.

                  Tap into their anger, resentment, guilt, embarrassment, fear, insecurity, greed - any and every negative emotion you can muster.

                  Make the problem larger than life, worse than death.

                  Get them stomping around their house saying “This has got to stop! I’ve got to do something about this. RIGHT NOW!”


                  Then, offer the (instant, effortless, magic pill) solution to their problem!



                  There ya go, my friend.

                  25 copywriting tips for beginners to help you write more persuasive copy.

                  Apply one or more of these tips TODAY to multiply your sales and grow your freelance copywriting business to Jupiter (and BEYOND!)

                  If you want more insider secrets to make you more green stuff, drop your email here:


                  The 10 Highest-Paying Copywriting Niches in 2024 (How to Pick the Best One for YOU)

                  Nov 04, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                   Find a niche


                  4 years ago, when I first decided I wanted to become a copywriter, I took up any work I could get my dirty hands on.

                  I wrote for clients in tech, health supplements, weight loss, SaaS, real estate investing, public speaking, home loans, healthcare, cosmetics, career advice and dozens of other industries.


                  I wrote for a wide variety of copywriting services.

                  Like: emails, product descriptions, website copy, sales pages, Facebook ads, Google Ads, SEO blog posts and so on.

                  Yes, I got a lot of work by going broad and being a generalist, but I did NOT make much money (a few thousand per month).

                  It wasn’t until I chose a copywriting niche and specialized in a specific type of copywriting (emails) that I started to earn a LOT more money from my copy.

                  If you are a beginner copywriter and just getting your first few clients, I would NOT recommend choosing a niche.

                  Because it severely limits the number of clients you can get.

                  Go broad until you have a lot of experience writing for different industries and different types of copy (blog posts, emails, etc.)


                  After you’ve gotten a lot of copywriting experience, and have a feel for what you like & dislike, you’ll be ready to choose a copywriting niche and make a small fortune (talking 10k per month… or… much more!)

                  If you’re past the beginner phase and are ready to choose a copywriting niche, then this blog post will show you how.

                  I’ll cover what a copywriting niche is, why you should niche down, the 10 highest-paying copywriting niches in 2024 and my secret method for choosing the perfect niche for you (based on your passions and personality).

                  Let’s get it on…


                  What Exactly is a Copywriting Niche?

                  A niche is a specific segment of an industry.

                  Think in terms of:

                  Types of businesses (ecommerce) or large groups (golfers) & copywriting services (email, landing pages)

                  Here’s an example of both to sharpen my pencil tip:

                  Types of businesses:

                  Finance, Tech, real estate, life coaches, career development, ecommerce, etc.

                  Copywriting services:

                  Email copywriting, long-form blog posts, Landing/sales pages, Social media, product descriptions, etc.


                  Should You Pick a Copywriting Niche?

                  As mentioned above, I would NOT recommend beginners to pick a niche.

                  However, if you’ve got a handful of clients and a wide variety of copywriting experience, you should ABSOLUTELY choose a niche.

                  Why You Should Choose a Copywriting Niche

                  The secret to becoming a wildly successful freelance copywriter is choosing a niche.


                  Because choosing a niche helps you identify your ideal clients.

                  When you know exactly WHO you want to work with, it is much easier to find and attract them.

                  You want to be fishing in a small pond with big trophy fish (niche) vs a large ocean filled with millions of less-than-ideal fish (general market).

                  Another benefit of choosing a niche is…

                  You will be seen as a specialist, rather than a generalist.

                  Imagine this...

                  Imagine you are experiencing explosive heart palpitations.

                  Who would you rather go see – a primary care physician or a cardiologist?

                  You would obviously want a cardiologist.

                  Someone who SPECIALIZES in the SPECIFIC problem you’re experiencing.

                  This is the power of a specialist vs a generalist.

                  You want to be perceived as a specialist for a number of reasons:

                  1. Specialists are able to charge much higher fees...
                  2. Position themselves as the go-to expert for a specific group of people...
                  3. Have a much easier time standing out from competition...
                  4. More effective at attracting their ideal clients, because people seek specialists, not generalists...
                  5. Provide higher perceived and real value to their clients because you are the expert for  THEM and only them...

                  Plus, by being a specialist, your work is much easier because you only focus on ONE copywriting niche.

                  You only have to research one industry.

                  You can quickly become an expert and write great copy with less research than if you continue to have to study and learn new markets, products, etc. (like you have to do when going broad).


                  The 10 Highest Paying Copywriting Niches in 2024

                  Woman throwing money

                  There are boatloads of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right niche for you.

                  But you want to choose a niche you are interested in, passionate about and has endless opportunities for unlimited wealth and lots of paying copywriting clients who need your copywriting services.

                  Here are the top 10 ever-green niches to fill your mind with possibilities...

                  1. Health and Fitness

                  Sub niches:

                  • Gyms
                  • Fitness brands
                  • Nutrition products
                  • Wellness centers
                  • Fitness creators

                  2. Finance

                  You can never go wrong with the finance route if you’re looking for the BIG bucks as it’s one of the most profitable copywriting niches.

                  Targeting Banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. 

                  Topics in need in the finance writing niche include:

                  • Personal Finance
                  • Accounting
                  • Financial stocks
                  • Cryptocurrency
                  • Budgeting/frugality

                  3. Tech

                  Tech is one of the FASTEST growing industries today. 

                  Sub niches:

                  • SaaS startups
                  • Cybersecurity companies
                  • Mobile and computer hardware stores
                  • Apps
                  • Gaming

                  These companies CRAVE good copywriters to promote their products.

                  4. Ecommerce

                  More businesses want to launch their businesses online. Thanks to the internet’s worldwide reach.

                  Sub niches:

                  • Pet supplies
                  • Home office
                  • Home fitness
                  • Skincare

                  Here are some of the few: 

                  • Product descriptions
                  • Blog posts
                  • Email campaigns
                  • Social media copy
                  • Sales pages

                  5. Real Estate

                  The real estate industry is another goldmine for copywriters.

                  All those businesses and salespeople need content for their websites, ads, property descriptions, email campaigns, etc.

                  writing web content. 

                  Real estate companies also need copywriters to write engaging property descriptions and marketing materials (E.g. social media posts and video script

                  Sub niches:

                  • Real estate investing
                  • Brokerages
                  • Luxury real estate
                  • Rentals

                  6. Travel

                  Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and tourism boards will need talented copywriters to craft enticing travel descriptions, brochures, website content, and social media campaigns.

                  7. Pet

                  Pet suppliers, E-commerce brands, trainers, groomers, etc., need copywriters to sell products and services to this lucrative market.

                  Sub niches:

                  • Ecommerce
                  • Trainers
                  • Pet books and courses
                  • Pet suppliers
                  • Pet stores (like Petco)

                  8. Self Improvement

                  • Productivity

                  • Time management

                  • Vitamin supplements for mindset

                  • Info-marketers

                  9. Academic Education

                  • Colleges
                  • High school
                  • Private school
                  • Vocational

                  10. Fashion and beauty

                  • Ecommerce
                  • Luxury brands
                  • Makeup
                  • Skincare

                  Types of Copywriting Services to Specialize In:

                  Here are a bunch of different types of copywriting that are in demand for 2023:

                  1. Emails
                  2. Websites
                  3. Landing pages
                  4. Blogs
                  5. Brand copywriting
                  6. Direct response copywriting
                  7. Social media copywriting
                  8. B2C copywriting
                  9. B2B copywriting
                  10. SEO copywriting
                  11. Video scrips
                  12. Press releases
                  13. Ebooks
                  14. Ghostwriting
                  15. Technical writing
                  16. Case studies
                  17. Product descriptions – amazon listings

                  The most in-demand & highest-paying copywriting services included:

                  1. Emails
                  2. Websites
                  3. SEO
                  4. Direct response advertising
                  5. Landing pages


                  You can also combine a niche (or a sub-niche) with a specific copywriting service from the above list to get even more laser-focused.

                  For example…

                  You can be the go-to guy or girl for writing SEO blogs for the real estate industry. And you can get even more specific by choosing a sub-niche. For example, writing emails for SaaS start-ups (sub-niche within tech).

                  Think shotgun vs sniper.

                  The more sniper-focused your niche is, the better you’ll be able to attract them to you with VERY targeted messaging and positioning.

                  Now that you understand the importance of choosing a niche and, the different types of niches available, here are the essentials for how to choose the right niche for you.


                  How to Choose the Best Copywriting Niche for YOU

                  Here is my favorite way to choose a copywriting niche.

                  This method ensures you will make the most amount of money possible while feeling fulfilled and passionate about what you are writing, who you are writing for, and the lives you are changing through your copy.

                  What are you passionate about?

                  The money is where your enthusiasm is.

                  The first step is to choose a niche based on your passion.

                  Passion is the key to happiness in business.

                  When you are passionate about what you do, and passionate about the people you help, you will feel very fulfilled.

                  This passion will spill into everything you do.

                  People are naturally attracted to those who are passionate about their job.

                  Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

                  It will spill into every conversation you have, every piece of content you create, every ad you write, every negotiation you have, every presentation you give... and so on… All contributing to how successful you market yourself and how convincing you are to get clients to work with you.

                  Your Step-by-Step Plan for Finding a Niche You’re Passionate About:

                  Create a list of all the stuff you enjoy doing....

                  All you’re skills...

                  And everything you’re knowledgeable about (related to copywriting and in general).

                  Spend some time with this now.

                  Write down any and everything that comes to mind.

                  7 questions to help you get started:

                  • Why did you get into copywriting?
                  • What types of copy do you enjoy writing most?
                  • What subjects or hobbies do you enjoy spending time in and talking about? What types of people do you enjoy hanging out with?
                  • Who are you most passionate about helping?
                  • What specific knowledge and/or experience do you have?
                  • What are your 3 biggest skills?

                  The combo method for choosing a niche

                  An easy way to choose a niche is to combine one of your hobbies, skills or past jobs with the type of industry and/or copy you want to write.

                  For example…

                  If you’re interested or knowledgeable about golf, then, you can go after the golf market – for example: write websites for golf trainers.

                  A great way to choose a niche is to write for an industry you already have experience in.

                  For example, if you worked at a hair salon in the past, you could write advertising, social media, blog posts, etc. for local salons.

                  This would be very beneficial for you because you probably already have connections in this field, you have years of experience, knowledge and expertise in this field, and it would be a lot easier to know the market and also prove you are an expert in this industry (without ever writing a single piece of copy related to this industry yet).

                  Bang out some research and you will quickly find a niche that aligns with your passions, personal experience, strengths & skills.

                  5 Stealthy Tools for Finding a Money-Oozing Copywriting Niche You Enjoy:

                  1. Google Trends – be on the lookout for market trends.
                  2. Industry trends – see which industries are predicted to grow in the next 5-10 and which are predicted to decline. Type into Google [industry] + growth trends
                  3. Job sites – see what types of companies are actively hiring copywriters. See what they are looking for. What types of copy, what their goals are, etc. 
                  4. Competition – competition is a GOOD thing. Because it means there’s money to be made. Research what the top copywriters are doing, what niche are they targeting, what types of services are they offering, etc.
                  5. Advertisements – get a sense of the types of niches that are already spending money on advertising. See what kind of advertising they use. Get on their email lists. See what types of copywriting/content they’re already using.



                  Spend a lot of time with this.

                  Choosing the right market is like building the foundation of your home.

                  Without a stable foundation to build upon, it’s only a matter of time until your freelance business comes crumbling down.

                  From here on out...

                  Everything else you do in your freelance copywriting business hinges on the niche you choose.

                  If you choose a hot niche that you’re passionate about writing for, you will greatly increase your chances of being a successful copywriter and have a long, happy and REWARDING freelance copywriting career.

                  If you found this post valuable and would like more insider tips to become a top-paid copywriter, enter your email below:

                  How to Practice Copywriting for Free (5 Exercises to Improve Your Skills TODAY)

                  Nov 03, 2023 by Jeremy Mac




                  Back in 2018, I decided I wanted to become a copywriter.

                  I went at it for almost a year.


                  I threw in the towel because I struggled to learn the essential copywriting skills and could not get enough work to support myself.

                  Then, in 2020 (when the first COVID lockdowns hit), I jumped back into copywriting and took off like a SpaceX rocket.

                  I had a lot of early success – over 50 clients in my first few months. And have been working as a full-time copywriter for the last 3 years.  

                  One BIG reason why I was able to break into copywriting so fast and get steady work, is because I practiced my copywriting skills EVERY DAY.

                  For the first 3 months…

                  I read 15 copywriting books (around 50 pages a day) and did 5 specific copywriting practice exercises – DAILY.

                  I believe that daily copywriting practice is the NUMBER ONE way to improve your copywriting skills.

                  This blog post will cover the importance of copywriting practice, how to practice copywriting for free (without clients) and my 5 favorite copywriting practice exercises to help you become a better copywriter lickity split.


                  Why Is Copywriting Practice Important?

                  It’s not secret…

                  The key to mastering a skill is PRACTICE.

                  This is no different with copywriting.

                  When you practice copywriting, you will inevitably improve your writing and persuasion skills.

                  However, the key to getting the most out of your copywriting practice is to practice DAILY.

                  It doesn’t have to be long.

                  Many of the valuable exercises I reveal take just a few short minutes to complete.

                  When I practiced copywriting as a beginner, I only practiced for 30ish minutes each day.

                  You too can experience tremendous results from simple, DAILY practice.


                  How to Practice Copywriting for FREE Without Clients (Perfect for Beginners)

                  When I discovered these copywriting practice exercises, I was a complete beginner and had ZERO clients.

                  All the exercises I did were 100% FREE.

                  However, you will need a computer & a notebook.

                  But you DO NOT need clients, pay expensive monthly fees or any prior copywriting experience.

                  I recommend ALL beginner copywriters to do these 5 exercises


                  5 Copywriting Practice Exercises to Instantly Become a Better Copywriter

                    #1: Handwrite Successful Direct Response Ads

                      Perhaps the best way to get EXTREMELY good at copywriting is to write PROVEN successful ads by hand.


                      Because Gary Halbert tells you to.

                      Gary Halbert, the Michael Jordan of copywriting, preached this method (this is where I learned it from and WHY I continue to do this practice exercise for 3 years & running).

                      He said that the best way to become a better copywriter, fast, is to find great direct response ads and write them out by hand.

                      Because, by doing so, you will internalize the writing process and understand what makes good copy – the structure, selling psychology, what to say, how to say it – on a very deep level that you can ONLY get from writing ads out by hand.

                      Want to gain 10 of the most successful ads of all time to write out by hand?

                      See my previous post – 10 Best Ad Copy Examples that will Make YOU a Better Copywriter

                        #2: Read Ads Out Loud

                          Another great way to improve your copywriting skills is to read great ads OUT LOUD.


                          Because you will pick up “the flow” & rhythm of great copy.

                          Successful copy is very conversational.

                          It reads like you’re talking 1:1, to your best friend.

                          As you read successful copy out loud, notice how you barely stumble.

                          It’s very easy to read out loud because it’s written in a very down-to-earth, conversational tone.

                          BONUS TIP:

                          You can use this practice exercise to improve your copywriting.


                          By reading your copy out loud.

                          I do this during the editing phase.

                          Whenever I stumble over a word or a confusing sentence or phrase, I go back and simplify it.

                            #3: Analyze the Top Ads

                              In addition to writing the best ads out by hand and reading them out loud, you should also STUDY THEM.

                              Do so by analyzing each sentence.

                              Break the copy down, line by line, to uncover WHY it worked so well.

                              Uncover the hidden psychology, sales techniques, emotional triggers, irresistible offers, biggest benefits, etc., that are going on “behind the scenes”.

                              When I practice copy, I do these 3 steps all at once.

                              I start by reading a successful ad out loud, then write it out by hand, and then break it down to find out WHY it worked so well.

                              This is the only copy practice I do now.

                              I find it to be the BEST way to quickly improve your copywriting skills.

                              This all takes about 30 minutes to do (Depending on how long the ad is. Some can take days to write out by hand).

                                #4: Turning Features, to Benefits, to REAL Benefits

                                  Benefits are one of the most important elements of copywriting.

                                  To become a top copywriter, you must be a master at finding and dramatizing the TOP BENEFITS of your client’s products/services.

                                  Here’s how to get scary good at turning boring features into irresistible benefits that force your readers to hand over their hard-earned cash…

                                  Step 1:

                                  Go on

                                  Search for any product you want to write about.

                                  Then, open up an Excel spreadsheet (you can use Word or Notepad but Excel is more organized).

                                  AND Create 3 sections at the top labeled – Feature, Benefit, Ultimate Benefit.

                                  Like this:

                                  features, beneft practice


                                  Step 2:

                                  Then, add the product’s name to the left-side column.

                                  And add in 3-5 features from the Amazon product listing, below the column labeled “feature.”

                                  When you’re done it should look like this:

                                  screen shot of copy practice in Excel


                                  Step 3:

                                  Now, turn each bland feature into a benefit.

                                  Write each benefit under the “benefit” column.

                                  Step 4:

                                  Then, take the benefit you just created and dig deeper.

                                  Find the ULTIMATE benefit of what the customer gets by USING the product.

                                  I like to find this by saying “So what?” – until I uncover the REAL benefit.

                                  Here’s an example:

                                  Let’s say you’re doing this practice for a car.

                                  The car is the product.

                                  The feature you are turning into a benefit is - “oncoming car sensor.”

                                  A benefit of this feature could be… to avoid crashes and fender benders.

                                  But, so what?

                                  So what that you can avoid crashes?

                                  What’s the REAL benefit of this?

                                  The ULTIMATE benefit (which you’d add under the last column in Excel) is that you’ll protect yourself and your loved ones from deadly accidents.

                                  That’s the REAL benefit.

                                  That’s what this feature DOES for the customer.

                                  It’s WHY they would buy this product.

                                  They wouldn’t buy this product to simply avoid crashes.

                                  But they WOULD buy it to protect their children and ensure they are safe when driving.

                                  To do this copy practice exercise…

                                  I recommend doing one product and turning 3-5 of its features into benefits, each day.

                                  This is super easy and very effective.

                                  You can complete this in 10 minutes or less.

                                    #5: The 4 U’s Headline Practice

                                      The last copy practice that I did as a beginner to quickly feel confident in my copywriting skills was practicing headlines.

                                      Here’s what I did:

                                      I opened a new window in Firefox and looked at the clickbait headlines from online articles.

                                      Like this:

                                      Firefox window
                                      Firefox window online article headlines

                                      Most web browsers have this as a default. If you don’t see it, use Firefox or Google Chrome.


                                      I copied and pasted headlines into a Word document.

                                      And would improve upon them with my copywriting chops.

                                      I made each headline better by using….

                                      The 4 U’s headline formula:

                                      Ultra-specific – specifics are more believable and interesting.

                                      Unique – what’s unique grabs our attention. This is why clickbait articles get read, even though we KNOW they are going to disappoint us. (don’t clickbait your readers but you can write unique headlines as long as you pay it off early in your copy).

                                      Urgent – urgency makes us take ACTION NOW (and read from headline to CTA).

                                      Useful – the biggest benefits of your client’s product or service.

                                      I wrote a few headlines for each U headline.

                                      The reason why you want to improve existing headlines using the 4 U’s technique is because each “U” makes your headlines more attention-grabbing and persuasive.

                                      Here is an example to help you understand how to do this copy practice exercise:

                                      I just jumped on Firefox and found this headline…

                                      "Book a free trip with our new card"

                                      Here’s how I would improve upon it using the 4 U’s headline technique:


                                      BREAKING: For the first time ever… New “mystery” card allows you to travel anywhere in the world - for FREE


                                      Spice up your love life by taking your spouse to a sexy tropical getaway – without spending a single dime! Here’s how….


                                      10 vacation spots you can travel to for FREE this summer


                                      Use this card to book your next trip for FREE – only good until the 30th

                                      Do this each day and you’ll get muy bueno at writing attention-grabbing headlines.

                                      This takes no more than 10 minutes to do.



                                      If you want to become a better copywriter fast, then practice these 5 copywriting exercises.

                                      The key to becoming a better copywriter is to practice these exercises (along with learning from the top copywriting books and writing for clients) EVERY SINGLE DAY.

                                      The copywriter who is CONSISTENTLY improving their skills will be able to earn the most amount of money WITHOUT having to work crazy hours.

                                      If you’d like more copywriting tips to help you sharpen your skills, enter your email below:


                                      How to Get Copywriting Clients in 2024 With No Experience (Get New Clients TODAY)

                                      Nov 02, 2023 by Jeremy Mac



                                      When I was a total beginner copywriter, I was able to get over 50 paying clients within my first few months.

                                      I had no connections, no copywriting portfolio and no real clue what I was doing.

                                      However, after a few weeks of stumbling around, I landed my first client.

                                      This momentum built extremely fast.

                                      4 years later, I’ve written for hundreds of freelance clients and have worked as an in-house & marketing agency copywriter for a couple of companies.

                                      You are about to learn how I broke into freelance copywriting with lightning speed and how I secured dozens of clients - in my first few months.

                                      This post is ideal for beginner copywriters who are struggling to get a steady stream of copywriting clients.

                                      I am going to reveal where to find clients, my top 10 favorite ways to get copywriting clients and EXACTLY what to say when reaching out to them.


                                      Where to Find Copywriting Clients Online


                                      magnifying glass 

                                      Understand this…

                                      There are dozens, if not HUNDREDS, of ways to get copywriting clients online.

                                      But the best way to get a consistent flow of clients is to choose a few methods that work best for you… and… stick with them.

                                      The key is consistency.

                                      Because the real results come from the built momentum of putting yourself in front of new opportunities and showing up each day.


                                      You want to learn the ins and outs of whichever method you choose and become a master at getting clients this way.

                                      So, with that said, here are my 10 favorite places to find copywriting clients online FAST.


                                      The 10 Best Places to Find Copywriting Clients Online FAST

                                      I have personally used each method below to secure 1 or more copywriting clients.

                                      I will cover them all briefly and give you insider tips to maximize your success with each one.

                                      Plus, I’ll share the biggest pros and cons to help you decide which is best for you.

                                        NUMBER 1: Facebook Feed

                                          Facebook is where I got my very first copywriting client.

                                          I got a client by writing a post to my feed.

                                          It took me 10 minutes or so to whip up this post. And within 24 hours a friend DM’d me and eventually took me up on my offer.

                                          Here is the post I used:


                                          Facebook post


                                          Use this post as inspiration. You can tweak it if you like.

                                          This is probably the fastest and easiest way to get your first (or your next) copywriting client.

                                          You can post this in minutes and potentially gain new clients TODAY.

                                          Pros & Cons


                                          • Extremely fast – takes 10 minutes or less to write and post
                                          • Easy to use
                                          • Clients come to you – you simply send out a post and wait for replies



                                          This would be my recommendation for beginner copywriters looking to get their first client.


                                            NUMBER 2: Facebook Groups

                                              Numero dos is also Facebook.

                                              But instead of posting on your feed, you post in copywriting groups.

                                              There are several copywriting groups on Facebook DESIGNED to connect companies (in need of copywriters) to hungry copywriters looking for work.

                                              Plus, a lot of these groups are tailored to beginner copywriters.

                                              I’ve gotten dozens of clients in these Facebook groups.

                                              Here are my favorites to find new copywriting clients:

                                              • Cult of copy
                                              • Copywriting jobs
                                              • Freelance copywriter collective
                                              • Copywriting unleashed job board

                                              Pros & Cons:


                                              • Easy to use
                                              • Extremely fast – you can post in minutes and get responses very quickly
                                              • You don’t have to search for clients – you either create a post of what you have to offer or reply to job posts


                                              • Lots of competition
                                              • Low pay – typically the pay is not very high in these groups. However, I’ve got clients who’ve paid over 50/hr. But you probably won’t ever make “6-figures” solely from this method alone.
                                              • Scams – I’ve encountered a decent number of scammers on here looking to take advantage of beginner copywriters and get free work out of them. Be wary of this. The best way to avoid getting taken advantage of is to NEVER write anything for free & have the client pay you BEFORE writing for them.


                                                NUMBER 3: Post on ALL Social Media Platforms

                                                  You can also take the same post you used on Facebook and post it to ALL of your social media profiles.


                                                  LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

                                                  Plus, you can get clients on social media platforms by…

                                                  Posting regularly with helpful copywriting tips for business owners.

                                                  Make sure you use relevant tags like #copywriting or #copywritingtips, so that your content will show up for relevant users.

                                                  The key to success with social media is to post consistently (daily if possible) and to post valuable content that solves business owners’ problems and DEMONSTRATES your copywriting skills and expertise.

                                                  As you build a following and build connections with business owners & entrepreneurs, you can connect via direct message and discuss your services, rates, etc.


                                                    NUMBER 4: Fiverr

                                                      I’ve probably gotten the most clients using Fiverr.

                                                      I got clients within 48 hours of setting up my account and dozens of clients within the first month or so.

                                                      Fiverr is a freelance platform that connects companies with freelancers.

                                                      At the time of writing this post, there are currently over 8,000 copywriting services available to businesses on Fiverr.


                                                      Because copywriting is ALWAYS in demand.

                                                      Plus, this proves that companies are currently using Fiverr to hire copywriters.

                                                      Like Facebook, Fiverr is ideal for beginners looking to get their first handful of clients.

                                                      Pros & Cons:


                                                      • Fast – you can get clients within 48 hours after posting your gigs
                                                      • Clients come to you – one thing I like about Fiverr is that all you have to do is create a gig (copywriting services you offer) and then sit back and relax. Because clients will search for you and reach out to you. Oh, and you don’t have to EVER get on a sales call or Zoom meeting with copywriting clients using Fiverr. Everything is done through the app (This is a great option for introverts).


                                                      • Low pay – the pay is VERY low on this site. Yes, you can eventually make some decent dough, but it takes a while. You’re also competing against freelancers from second and third-world country who can afford to charge very low copywriting rates.
                                                      • High competition – like I just said, there are over 8,000 copywriting services available to choose from. So, you’ll need to use your copywriting chops to post an irresistible gig.


                                                        NUMBER 5: Freelance Job Sites

                                                          Like Fiverr, there are TONS of freelance job sites available for freelance copywriters looking for work.

                                                          They all have their own unique platform rules and best practices but are pretty similar to each other - in the quality of clients and amount of money you can make on them.

                                                          Here are the top freelance job sites to find copywriting clients on:

                                                            1. The ProBlogger Job Board
                                                            2. The Writer’s Job Board
                                                            3. Coroflot
                                                            4. Mediabistro
                                                            5. Freelance Writing Job Board
                                                            6. Krop
                                                            7. Creativehotlist
                                                            8. VentureFizz
                                                            9. Behance
                                                            10. Upwork
                                                            11. Flexjobs

                                                              Apply for as many relevant gigs as possible.

                                                              The more job sites you use, and the more job posts you apply to, the more likely you’ll experience positive results.

                                                              The pros and cons of these job sites are the same as Fiverr.

                                                              However, the only real difference is, that you have to find and reach out to clients on many of these sites, instead of posting a gig and having clients reach out to you.


                                                                NUMBER 6: Email Outreach

                                                                  This one requires more work than the others listed above.

                                                                  However, you can earn a LOT more money.

                                                                  You can realistically make $10,000/month (or more) by doing this.

                                                                  Or you could make NOTHING.

                                                                  It really depends on WHO you email, WHAT you say and what you have to OFFER.


                                                                  I would NOT recommend newbies doing this because it’s very time-consuming and does not work well if you do not already have a copywriting niche or specialize in a specific copywriting service – like email copywriter.

                                                                  Here’s a very quick crash course on how to get copywriting clients using email:

                                                                  Step one:

                                                                  Make a BIG LIST of companies you want to write for.

                                                                  Here’s 3 ways to find companies within your niche - in minutes:

                                                                  1. Type into Google - “top 50 [NICHE] companies 2023.”
                                                                  1. Use business directories like CrunchBase & AngelList.
                                                                  1. Use LinkedIn. Search your niche and browse the companies within it.

                                                                  Step two:

                                                                  Once you have a big list of companies you’d like to work for, you need to get some contact info.

                                                                  Whose contact info?

                                                                  You want to reach out to relevant people in charge of hiring copywriters.


                                                                  CEO’s, COO’s, Marketing directors, Content Managers, etc.

                                                                  Find these people by going to the company’s LinkedIn page and clicking on the “people” tab.

                                                                  Then, you can use a Chrome extension, like GetProspect, to extract their email address.

                                                                  Step three:

                                                                  Once you have their email…

                                                                  Send each prospect a PERSONALIZED email.

                                                                  Make these emails VERY short and straight to the point.

                                                                  Do NOT write a long email filled with sales copy.

                                                                  You just want to introduce yourself and see if they need of a copywriter.

                                                                  Plus, you can improve open rates and get more responses by making each email personal.

                                                                  The key is finding personal/unique information about the prospect (life events, work events, promotion, new projects, awards, etc.) and adding that into your message when reaching out.

                                                                  It’s easy!

                                                                  Just click on their LinkedIn profile and look for:

                                                                  • What awards they’ve won
                                                                  • What certifications they have
                                                                  • Where they went to school.
                                                                  • Where they’ve volunteered.
                                                                  • Projects they’ve worked on.
                                                                  • If they got any recent promotions
                                                                  • Recent life changes
                                                                  • What their favorite sports teams are.
                                                                  • What hobbies they enjoy.

                                                                  Take notes on any work or personal-related things you can find and mention them in your message to make it more personal and sincere.

                                                                  Here’s an example of a cold email I’ve sent out:


                                                                  My name is {Your name}, and I’ve worked with {Brand names - within same niche if possible}.

                                                                  I help [niche] companies turn leads into happy customers through copywriting… [Add the service you provide/ultimate benefit of what your copy will do for them].

                                                                  {Custom compliment} and I was curious if you needed any help writing copy at the moment.


                                                                  {Your name}


                                                                  Step four:

                                                                  Send multiple follow-up emails over the following weeks

                                                                  The real results come from multiple follow-up attempts.

                                                                  Follow-up email example:


                                                                  Hey [name], I’m following up with you on the below email.

                                                                  Do you have some time next week for a quick 15 min chat on how my [ADD YOUR SERVICE] can quickly convert more customers and grow your business?


                                                                  This is a rough plan, but these are the essential steps to creating a successful cold email campaign that gets new copywriting clients.

                                                                  Pros & Cons:


                                                                  • This can pay VERY well.
                                                                  • You can get VERY high-quality clients and brands doing this.


                                                                  • It takes a lot of leg work before you’re ready to send an email
                                                                  • It can take a while until you get a client
                                                                  • Not ideal for beginners


                                                                  NUMBER 7: LinkedIn

                                                                    This is very similar to email outreach.

                                                                    You can use LinkedIn to find companies you want to write for and send them messages directly on LinkedIn.

                                                                    This is usually better than sending cold emails, for a few reasons:

                                                                    1. You’ll likely get higher open & response rates because it’s more social and accepted. People like getting new connection requests and networking for business opportunities.
                                                                    2. The people you reach out to are much more likely to engage with you because there is less competition in their LinkedIn inbox than email (people get way more emails each day)
                                                                    3. You can connect directly with clients and brands you want to write for.

                                                                    Here’s how to get new copywriting clients using LinkedIn

                                                                    Step 1: Search for position-related keywords

                                                                    Search the company you want to write for.

                                                                    Then, find the right people to connect with (content managers, marketing directors, etc.) by clicking the “People” tab.

                                                                    Step 2: Do some digging

                                                                    Once you have found a potential prospect, it’s time to do some research.

                                                                    The key is finding personal/unique information about the prospect (life events, work events, promotion, new project, awards, etc.) and adding that into your message when reaching out.

                                                                    Click on their profile & look for: awards they’ve won, certifications they have, where they went to school, recent promotions, etc.


                                                                    You can go on the company page (that they work for) and look for things to mention in your message:

                                                                    • Recent awards/achievements
                                                                    • If they were mentioned in any news/industry articles
                                                                    • New products or services
                                                                    • New hires

                                                                    Step 3: Send a customized message

                                                                    Same concept as sending a personalized email.

                                                                    The goal of your first message is to introduce yourself and give details about what you offer.

                                                                    It should be quick, direct and personal.

                                                                    The ENTIRE GOAL is to get them on a sales call to discuss future work.

                                                                    Follow up multiple times.

                                                                    Same idea as with email.

                                                                    Same pros and cons as email outreach.


                                                                      NUMBER 8: Networking Events

                                                                        Networking events are a great way to meet potential clients.

                                                                        You can make valuable connections with people within the niche/industry you want to write for (or already write for).

                                                                        It’s a great way to spread your name around & meet potential clients face-to-face.

                                                                        Where to find networking events to attend:

                                                                          1. Meetup

                                                                            Meetups are my favorite way to network.

                                                                            There are so many interests and hobbies available.

                                                                            Simply search relevant keywords and join relevant groups to get notified of upcoming events.

                                                                            This is a very stress-free, comfortable and fun way to network

                                                                              2. Eventbrite

                                                                                Eventbrite has a HUGE directory of events happening nearby.

                                                                                It’s filled with organizations looking to promote networking events.

                                                                                Simply click “find events” at the top of the homepage and browse the categories.

                                                                                There are networking-specific events and also niche-related events like… classes, business events, conferences, etc.

                                                                                You can also attend relevant social events (hobbies).

                                                                                  3. LinkedIn Events

                                                                                    LinkedIn has networking events on its site.

                                                                                    Just go to the LinkedIn Events page.

                                                                                    Then, choose your industry/the niche you want to target, pick the closest location and see what events are happening nearby that you can attend.

                                                                                    This is a great way to meet your LinkedIn connections in person (and people you’ve reached out to on LinkedIn) and extend the relationship.

                                                                                      4. Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                        Your local chamber of commerce usually has tons of networking events near you to choose from.

                                                                                        How to network effectively to get more copywriting clients:


                                                                                        You’re not looking for events with copywriters/freelancers, you’re looking for events with your DREAM CLIENTS (business owners & entrepreneurs in need of your copywriting services).

                                                                                        The key to getting new copywriting clients through networking is…

                                                                                        Building relationships FIRST.

                                                                                        If you attend networking events where your target audience is, and you focus on building the relationship FIRST, then you can get a lot of new copywriting clients this way.

                                                                                        Then, AFTER you’ve made a connection and know that they need your copywriting services, offer your services.

                                                                                        Make sure you get their contact info before you leave.

                                                                                        The goal is to get the contact info of the people you network with so you can further discuss the services you’ll provide.

                                                                                        Pros & Cons:


                                                                                        • Low cost – most of the time you can find free networking events
                                                                                        • Great way to meet potential prospects
                                                                                        • Extremely fast – only takes a few hours out of your day
                                                                                        • Very effective way of getting QUALITY copywriting clients


                                                                                        • Can be a learning curve to networking effectively


                                                                                          NUMBER 9: Your Sphere of Influence

                                                                                            If there’s one type of lead generation that ALL copywriters should focus a BIG chunk of their time on, it’s their - sphere of influence.

                                                                                            A huge battle is getting people to like, know and trust you and, these people already like & know you... now all you have to do is get them to trust you (that you’re a copywriting expert and can help them grow their business.)

                                                                                            Your sphere of influence is where most of your copywriting clients will come from.

                                                                                            Because these WARM leads are the easiest to convert and the most valuable to you.

                                                                                            Make a BIG list

                                                                                            Write down everyone you know:

                                                                                            • Local business you are a regular at
                                                                                            • Service providers you use – hairdresser, doctor, dentist, plumber, etc.
                                                                                            • Friends
                                                                                            • Family
                                                                                            • Neighbors
                                                                                            • Neighborhood organizations
                                                                                            • Volunteer organizations
                                                                                            • Former Classmates – college, high school
                                                                                            • People from church
                                                                                            • Sports/Recreation team – in school or out of
                                                                                            • Online Networks and Hobby Communities – whichever you’re a part of

                                                                                            You likely have most of your sphere of influence’s contact info already.

                                                                                            If not…

                                                                                            Find it.

                                                                                            Then, contact them either by text, email or social media.


                                                                                              NUMBER TEN: Online Forums

                                                                                                There are tons of online forums with communities of entrepreneurs and business owners.

                                                                                                This is a great way to get new copywriting clients because your ideal clients ALREADY congregate here.

                                                                                                Here’s how to get copywriting clients from forums:

                                                                                                You should strive to become a regular in one or more of these related groups.

                                                                                                Simply provide value.

                                                                                                The more value you provide and the more well-known you are in these groups, the more connections you’ll make.

                                                                                                You can usually direct message your new connections through the forum.

                                                                                                Like with all these methods…

                                                                                                The goal is to get these “leads” on a sales call where you can discuss your services in detail.


                                                                                                Make sure you abide by the rules of each group you post in.

                                                                                                Ask the owners if you can post this type of content there.

                                                                                                You do not want to piss them or their audience off.

                                                                                                However, you should be safe because you are not selling anything... you are providing valuable information to their group.

                                                                                                Here are some forums to get clients from:

                                                                                                Reddit – Reddit has dozens of communities of business owners gathered together

                                                                                                Facebook groups – not copywriting groups… But groups for business owners

                                                                                                To find more forums dedicated to business owners, simply type into Google: “Top forums for business owners”

                                                                                                Viola - you’ll have dozens of forums to choose from.


                                                                                                The Single Quickest Way to Get Copywriting Clients (Perfect for Beginners Looking to Get Their First Copywriting Client)

                                                                                                If I had no clients and wanted to get some work within the next 24 hours, I would do tip #1…

                                                                                                Create a Facebook post (and all other social media accounts).

                                                                                                This is probably the quickest way to get copywriting clients.

                                                                                                You can post within minutes and potentially get flooded with new clients reaching out to you, interested in learning more about what you have to offer.  

                                                                                                Plus, these “clients” are already within your sphere of influence.

                                                                                                They are your peers.

                                                                                                And depending on your relationship with them, they already like, know and trust you.

                                                                                                So, it’s usually much easier to take them on as clients.

                                                                                                If you don’t have any clients yet, post on Facebook TODAY.


                                                                                                How Do You Pitch a Copywriting Client?

                                                                                                A lot of these methods require you to “pitch” your services to a cold audience (people you’ve never connected with before).

                                                                                                There is an art and science to this.

                                                                                                And if you want to be able to get more copywriting clients fast and grow your freelance copywriting business, you MUST write effective cold outreach messages.

                                                                                                Here are my top tips for creating cold outreach messages that get opened, replied to and win new copywriting clients.

                                                                                                7 quick tips on what to say to clients when reaching out:

                                                                                                • Keep your messages very short & straight to the point – 2-3 sentences MAX.
                                                                                                • Make your messages personal & sincere – do not copy and paste messages and blast them out to hundreds of business owners. Take 5-10 minutes to research their LinkedIn profile, social media accounts, etc. and make them PERSONAL.
                                                                                                • Compliment them right away (within the first 1-2 sentences).
                                                                                                • Add a few relevant niche samples (can be spec work).
                                                                                                • Do NOT hard sell. Just quickly introduce yourself and get a conversation going.
                                                                                                • Respect their time - executives are busy people and don’t have time to read a lot of text. A concise and straightforward email respects their time and allows you to sum up your message quickly.
                                                                                                • The goal of your first message is to introduce yourself and give context about what you offer. It should be quick, straight to the point and personal.

                                                                                                Plus, remember, the REAL results come with follow-up messages.

                                                                                                The odds of landing a client from the first cold email/message you send out are EXTREMELY RARE.

                                                                                                I usually send 3-5 emails before I get replies.

                                                                                                You should send a follow-up email every other day for the next week.

                                                                                                Then 1 or 2 emails/week for the next month.

                                                                                                Your goal with cold outreach is to get them on a call with you.

                                                                                                As soon as they respond, ask them which day/time works best for them (or send them your calendar link to schedule a call)

                                                                                                The relentless as a lion follow-up approach:

                                                                                                Once you have your potential client’s contact info, you want to be in contact with them as soon (and as often) as possible.

                                                                                                The more you communicate with them, the more likely they’ll respond and get on a call with you.



                                                                                                You are now ready to get copywriting clients TODAY.

                                                                                                And take your freelance copywriting business to the next level.

                                                                                                Choose a few methods that you want to try first and go all in with them.

                                                                                                Remember, the real results come over time, from built momentum.

                                                                                                So, start with one method TODAY and stick with it.

                                                                                                Be consistent.

                                                                                                In no time, you’ll have more copywriting clients than you can handle.

                                                                                                Want more tips to help you become a 6-figure copywriter?

                                                                                                Enter your primary email below and I'll send you the best tips I've got:



                                                                                                10 Best Ad Copy Examples that will Make YOU a Better Copywriter

                                                                                                Nov 01, 2023 by Jeremy Mac




                                                                                                Want to become a better copywriter?

                                                                                                Here’s one of the best ways to instantly improve your copywriting skills…

                                                                                                Study the best ad copy, from the most successful copywriters on the planet!

                                                                                                This is what I did when I was a complete beginner.

                                                                                                I would study the best advertising copy examples.

                                                                                                I would read each ad out loud, write them out by hand and break them down, line by line, to figure out WHY they wrote this word, WHY they added this benefit, WHY they used this particular angle, and so on.

                                                                                                I dug deep into each ad to uncover the salesmanship and psychology hidden “between the lines”.

                                                                                                Doing this has improved my copywriting skills tremendously and it can for you too.

                                                                                                In my opinion, this is THE best way to become a kickass copywriter – in record time (along with WRITINGevery single day).

                                                                                                I still do this “copy practice” - reading, handwriting & studying the best ad copy examples – almost every day (for over 4 years). Because it works like MAGIC.

                                                                                                If you want to become a better copywriter who gets paid like a king to write for brands you love, you MUST study the best advertising copy, from the best copywriters in the world.


                                                                                                What is Advertising Copy?

                                                                                                Advertising copy (aka sales copy & direct response copy) is the text you see in ads.

                                                                                                It’s designed to sell.

                                                                                                To get readers to take IMMEDIATE action. Usually, to buy a product or get prospects to enter their contact info for something free in exchange (lead magnet).

                                                                                                Back in the day, long-form direct mail ads were extremely popular.

                                                                                                Now, you’ll find advertising copy on dozens of different media, including online, like Facebook ad copy, Google ads, YouTube, LinkedIn ads and so on.

                                                                                                Advertising copy is one of the most in-demand copywriting services. Thousands of companies are actively hiring copywriters to write their ads for them.

                                                                                                If you master this style of copywriting, you can command top fees and make a small fortune.


                                                                                                Why Studying These 10 Ad Copy Examples Will Make You a Better Copywriter - Almost Overnight

                                                                                                Studying the best ad copy makes you a better copywriter because you are internalizing the process and structure of what makes a successful ad.

                                                                                                However, this only works when you study successful ads that have made millions for the advertiser/company.

                                                                                                So, you want to ONLY study DIRECT RESPONSE advertisements, from the best copywriters who have ever lived.

                                                                                                I’ve carefully selected 10 of the best advertising copy examples from the best copywriters of all time.

                                                                                                Each ad you read has made MILLIONS upon MILLIONS for the company.

                                                                                                I will provide links to each ad and give a brief background and explanation of WHY each ad worked so well.


                                                                                                The 10 Best Advertising Copy Examples from the Best Copywriters of All Time

                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #1 – “Coat of Arms Letter” by Gary Halbert

                                                                                                Gary Halbert's Coat of Arms Letter


                                                                                                Gary Halbert is probably the most famous copywriter of all time.

                                                                                                He’s written dozens of million-dollar ads and is widely considered the Michael Jordan of copywriting.

                                                                                                This letter is the MOST mailed letter of all time.

                                                                                                Over the last 30 years, it’s been mailed to over 600,000,000 PEOPLE.


                                                                                                A few reasons:

                                                                                                1. It’s personal

                                                                                                Gary uses the family’s last name to start the message - Dear Mr. Macdonald.

                                                                                                Plus, he uses VERY friendly, conversational, 1:1 copy.

                                                                                                It makes you feel like he’s talking to you and only you.

                                                                                                2. Scarcity

                                                                                                “If you are interested, please let us know right away as our supply is pretty slim.”

                                                                                                Gary uses scarcity in the call to action (CTA) to put some urgency in his readers’ brains and force them to take action – right now (purchase).

                                                                                                3. Upsell/discount

                                                                                                In the P.S., Gary offers a discount if you order 2 or more letters ($1 for two or more letters, instead of $2 per letter).

                                                                                                This simple upsell can MULTIPLY your sales overnight (yes, you too can use this upsell concept to make more mula with your copywriting services.)


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #2 – “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play!” – By John Caples


                                                                                                “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play!” – By John Caples 

                                                                                                This ad was written almost a century ago and is STILL one of the most swiped ads of all time.

                                                                                                It’s so effective because the entire ad is tied around a dramatic story that is VERY relatable.

                                                                                                The main psychology behind this ad is the need to fit in, to be accepted by the group and to prove our cynics wrong.

                                                                                                As you study this ad…

                                                                                                Pay close attention to how it grabs your attention and keeps you interested through the storytelling and how it paints a vision of the pain of being embarrassed in front of peers and the joy of proving your haters wrong & getting praised for your talent.

                                                                                                John paints this vision very brightly in the reader’s mind and gets them to picture how they can achieve similar results… IF they take action now, by getting the free book.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #3: "Do you make these mistakes in job interviews?” By Gary Bencivenga


                                                                                                Ad by Gary Bencivenga


                                                                                                Gary Bencivenga is labeled the greatest living copywriter of all time.

                                                                                                This ad is one of his most successful ads.

                                                                                                It’s a great example of how to arouse your reader’s curiosity.

                                                                                                Notice how Gary teases his readers throughout the ad with things they want to know and common mistakes to avoid… but… they can ONLY uncover the answers by BUYING the product.

                                                                                                Also, Gary spends about half the ad talking about the 5 bonuses.

                                                                                                Often, you can sell a product from the bonuses alone.

                                                                                                These bonuses (and the persuasive bullets) make this offer almost irresistible.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #4 - “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”By David Ogilvy

                                                                                                 “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock” – By David Ogilvy


                                                                                                David Ogilvy (The Father of Advertising) created THE most successful Rolls-Royce ad of all time.

                                                                                                It’s also considered to be one of the greatest advertisements ever written.

                                                                                                This ad is loaded with features and benefits of the Rolls-Royce.

                                                                                                The headline is very successful because it is specific - “60 miles an hour”, it features the “NEW”, and, most importantly, it gets you to imagine yourself sitting in a Rolls-Royce and experiencing the peace & quiet from the daily destruction going on around you.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #5 – “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?” – By Max Sackheim


                                                                                                Ad by Maxwell Sakhiem


                                                                                                This ad ran unbeaten for decades and was swiped by the world’s greatest living copywriter, Gary Bencivenga (see ad example #2).

                                                                                                It works so well because of the headline and main theme.

                                                                                                The headline grabs your attention by asking you a relevant question that piques your curiosity.

                                                                                                Naturally, you’ll want to know if you too make these mistakes in English. Because humans naturally want to escape embarrassment from mistakes.


                                                                                                Notice all the proof elements and specificity sandwiched between the claims.


                                                                                                This ad really stresses how easy and achievable the claims are, which makes them more believable.

                                                                                                Gary Halbert explained how one of the biggest reasons why readers DON’T buy, even though they want to, is because they don’t believe they are good enough to use the product and achieve the result.

                                                                                                By stressing how easy it is and giving specific examples and proof, you remove this common “buyer’s block” and open the floodgates to more sales.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #6 – The One-Legged Golfer Ad – By John Carlton


                                                                                                The One-Legged Golfer Ad – By John Carlton


                                                                                                Like John Caples’ piano ad, this ad has one of the most famous and swiped headlines of all time.


                                                                                                Because of the unique “hook” John Carlton (“the most ripped-off writer on the Web”) uses to grab his readers by the throat & keep them engaged, with a fascinating and unique story.

                                                                                                Hook = “one legged golfer

                                                                                                This is probably the most successful golf ad ever written and it all has to do with the fascinating hook and story that sucks you into the copy until the very end.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #7 - The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches – By Joe Karbo


                                                                                                 The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches – By Joe Karbo


                                                                                                This classic ad made Joe Karbo an overnight success.

                                                                                                Over time, it’s sold over 3 MILLION copies.

                                                                                                For years, this ad ran in hundreds of magazines, including every major newspaper.

                                                                                                This is one of the original “get rich quick without effort” ads and was extremely successful because of this appeal – we want to get rich without all the hard work.

                                                                                                There’s a lot at play here.

                                                                                                Here are the main takeaways:

                                                                                                Karbo tells a “rags to riches story” that the audience can identify with, he raises and handles objections like a true pro, and gives tons of social proof to make his BIG CLAIMS believable.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #8 - "Now! Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes!" – By Eugene Schwartz


                                                                                                "Now! Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes!" – By Eugene Schwartz


                                                                                                Eugene Shwartz made Boardroom an overnight success.

                                                                                                They have sold hundreds of millions of newsletters and books and are one of the most successful publishing companies of all time - thanks to this ad written by a true legendary copywriter.

                                                                                                You should spend a lot of time reading and analyzing this ad because there’s a lot of psychological principles hidden between the words.

                                                                                                The most notable is the BIG promise in the headline – read 300 magazines in 30 minutes.

                                                                                                Schwartz came up with a grounding BIG idea for this ad – that you can “download” the insider investing tips and secrets - in minutes. Time-sensitive information that you cannot get anywhere else (and can’t afford to miss out on).


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #9  - "Vision Break-through" - By Joseph Sugarmen


                                                                                                 "Vision Break-through" - By Joseph Sugarmen


                                                                                                This ad made BluBlocker sunglasses a FORTUNE – over 20 million pairs sold.

                                                                                                Joe grabs your attention and pulls you into his ad with his fascinating headline and sub-head, and keeps you glued to your seat with his exciting story.

                                                                                                He also brings up some very serious health problems associated with normal sunglasses and offers a very strong risk-free guarantee at the end.

                                                                                                Like most of these ads, a big reason why this ad was so successful has to do with the revolutionary BIG IDEA behind it.


                                                                                                AD COPY EXAMPLE #10 - How to Win Friends & Influence People - By Victor Schwab


                                                                                                 How to Win Friends & Influence People - By Victor Schwab


                                                                                                This self-improvement classic has sold over 30 MILLION copies.

                                                                                                This advertisement from copywriting legend – Victor Schwab, is the reason for its HUGE success.

                                                                                                A big reason why this ad is successful is because of the irresistible headline:

                                                                                                “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

                                                                                                These are two psychological appeals that EVERY human wants:

                                                                                                We all want friends, and we all want to influence people.

                                                                                                Schwab tapped into this common psychological appeal and ran all the way to the bank with it.

                                                                                                Where Can You Find More Advertising Copy Examples?

                                                                                                For a golden library filled with hundreds of successful ads to study, go to

                                                                                                It’s 100% free and has a wealth of classic direct response ad copy examples.



                                                                                                There you have it. 10 of the most successful advertisements of all time.

                                                                                                To get the most out of these 10 advertising copy examples…

                                                                                                Read them out loud, write them out by hand and STUDY them intensely.

                                                                                                Break them down, line by line, and uncover the psychology, benefits, hooks, emotional triggers, etc. that are baked into these ads.

                                                                                                Want more insider tips to become a top-paid copywriter?

                                                                                                Enter your email below:


                                                                                                How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio with NO Experience (In 10 minutes or Less)

                                                                                                Oct 31, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

                                                                                                Picture of portfolio



                                                                                                If you type into Google...

                                                                                                “How to create a copywriting portfolio”

                                                                                                You’ll get bombarded with generic, almost-identical blog posts filled with fluffy nonsense from “experts” who have never created a copywriting portfolio before in their lives or used one to get copywriting clients.

                                                                                                Instead of adding to this cesspool of time-wasting nonsense...

                                                                                                I’m going to reveal the single FASTEST way to create a successful copywriting portfolio that’ll get you flooded with potential clients reaching out to you and begging you to write for them.

                                                                                                This post is perfect for beginner copywriters who are looking to create an impressive portfolio that gets results – even if you have NO experience or work to show.

                                                                                                Because I’m about to reveal how I personally created a copywriting portfolio from scratch, and how I filled it with copywriting samples...

                                                                                                BEFORE I ever wrote for any clients.


                                                                                                3 Reasons Why This Copywriting Portfolio Guide is Ideal for Beginner Copywriters  

                                                                                                #1: It’s stupidly simple

                                                                                                  This takes all the confusion and mystery out of creating an impressive copywriting portfolio that gets you instant results. Soon, you’ll know exactly what to include, which copywriting samples to add (and how many), and how to structure your portfolio.

                                                                                                  #2: It’s 100% FREE

                                                                                                  With no sneaky add-ons or limited "free" tiers. 

                                                                                                  #3: It’s FAST
                                                                                                    You can realistically have your new copywriting portfolio running “live” in as quick as 10 minutes.


                                                                                                      How Does a Copywriting Portfolio Help You? 

                                                                                                      If you don’t already have a portfolio, you need to create one TODAY.  

                                                                                                      Without a copywriting portfolio, you are at a DEADLY DISADVANTAGE to your competition.

                                                                                                      Because a copywriting portfolio helps you build authority, demonstrate your expertise and gain new clients.


                                                                                                      ONLY if you create your portfolio the RIGHT way.

                                                                                                      However, before we get into the nitty-gritty of what to include in a copywriting portfolio, I’m going to reveal the single best platform to use to create and host your portfolio.

                                                                                                      This platform is 100% free, super easy to use and you can create your portfolio in minutes.


                                                                                                      The Best FREE Copywriting Portfolio “Website” 

                                                                                                      Should you use a website builder to host your portfolio?

                                                                                                      Like: WordPress… Shopify… Wix… Squarespace, etc.


                                                                                                      When starting out, the only goal is to create a solid portfolio to show potential clients right away.

                                                                                                      In order to create a bullet-proof portfolio, in the shortest amount of time possible, you must keep things SIMPLE.

                                                                                                      Simple is the name of the game.

                                                                                                      And website platforms can be VERY complicated (and expensive.)

                                                                                                      Why you should NOT use a website platform to host your portfolio

                                                                                                      If you create a website, you’ll need to do a BUNCH of expensive and time-sucking chores, like:

                                                                                                      Create & pay for a domain, weigh out the pros and cons of the bajillion different website platform options, watch a gang of tutorials on how to use the website builder, spend a ton of time & energy on graphic design or spend a fortune to hire a designer and a whole bunch of other complicated, time-wasting things.


                                                                                                      Website builders are not cheap. They usually cost $30+ per month to use.

                                                                                                      This is why you want to stay away from website platforms, at least for now. (However, I’ve been in this copywriting game for over 4 years and have never switched to a website platform.)

                                                                                                      So, with that out of the way…

                                                                                                      What you want to do is, you want to create a copywriting portfolio using - Google Docs.

                                                                                                      Google Docs


                                                                                                      3 Reasons Why Google Docs is the Best Tool for Creating & Hosting Your Copywriting Portfolio:

                                                                                                      1) It’s free

                                                                                                        There are no monthly charges or hidden fees.   

                                                                                                        2) It’s already self-hosted

                                                                                                          Meaning, you don’t need to create a domain name or any complicated tech stuff like coding.

                                                                                                          Google docs is already running live.

                                                                                                          Whenever you apply for a gig or send an email to a potential client, you simply copy and paste the link to your portfolio.

                                                                                                          Plus, you can quickly download a PDF version of your copywriting portfolio (lots of companies prefer a PDF copywriting portfolio.)

                                                                                                          3) It’s easy to fill out

                                                                                                            Unlike website platforms…

                                                                                                            Google docs is extremely easy to add pictures, content & samples to.


                                                                                                            How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio Using Google Docs (step-by-step):

                                                                                                            The easiest way to create a copywriting portfolio in Google Docs is to make a copy of my copywriting portfolio (I still use Google Docs for the benefits mentioned above) and then fill it in with your own content and samples.

                                                                                                            Here’s how:

                                                                                                            Click the link below...


                                                                                                            (This is my copywriting portfolio I created 3 years ago using google docs.)

                                                                                                            Make a copy by clicking: File -> Make a copy.

                                                                                                            Then, add in your own work

                                                                                                            After you’ve made a copy, it’ll open in a separate tab.

                                                                                                            Now, you’ll be able to edit everything.

                                                                                                            Simply tweak the style (colors, font, picture, etc.) and add your own writing samples


                                                                                                            Do NOT mindlessly copy my portfolio word for word (or any other copywriter’s portfolio).

                                                                                                            Change all the content.

                                                                                                            Make it unique. Make it your own.


                                                                                                            What Should Your Copywriting Portfolio Include? 

                                                                                                            Now that you know the benefits of using Google Docs to create a portfolio and you know how to set it up, what should you include in it? 

                                                                                                            What should you say?...

                                                                                                            What types of copy samples should you add?...

                                                                                                            How should you structure your copywriting portfolio?...

                                                                                                            I’m going to cover all that good stuff right now.

                                                                                                            By giving you a “behind-the-scenes” look at my portfolio (with included images and explanations).


                                                                                                            The 5 Main Sections to Include in Your Copywriting Portfolio 

                                                                                                            SECTION 1: Image and Title



                                                                                                              Add a professional-looking image of yourself.

                                                                                                              If you have a professional profile pic on LinkedIn, you can use that.

                                                                                                              Here are some quick tips for creating the perfect image for your copywriting portfolio:

                                                                                                              1. Smile

                                                                                                              Say cheese. A natural smile radiates warm, friendly and welcoming vibes.


                                                                                                              1. Look at your reader

                                                                                                              Whenever a potential client opens your portfolio, you want to lock eyes with them. 


                                                                                                              Because this grabs attention.

                                                                                                              So, when taking a picture, look straightforward.


                                                                                                              1. Dress business casual

                                                                                                              You don’t need to wear a suit and tie but you want to look professional.

                                                                                                              You should dress business casual (at the minimum, but you can get more dapper if that’s your style.) 

                                                                                                              However, do NOT wear plain jane clothes like a T-shirt, jeans, sweatshirt, sweatpants and so on.


                                                                                                              1. Compress your image

                                                                                                              You can use a tool like to compress the file size of your image.

                                                                                                              Why should you do this?

                                                                                                              Because this will help improve your page speed and ensure your page loads FAST.

                                                                                                              This is another benefit of using Google Docs vs a clunky website builder – your page will load much faster and not miss out on any potential clients due to a long loading time. 


                                                                                                              1. Make it stand out

                                                                                                              A nice smile while looking at your viewer helps grab attention.

                                                                                                              Another way to grab attention is to add a background with contrasting colors or wear a shirt with bright colors to stand out from the rest of your portfolio.

                                                                                                              You can view my image to see what I mean:


                                                                                                              How to create the perfect title for your portfolio:

                                                                                                              In addition to a picture of yourself, you’ll also want to add a quick intro.

                                                                                                              This should be really simple and direct. 

                                                                                                              Simply introduce yourself, explain what you offer and who you are for.

                                                                                                              For example, check out my title:


                                                                                                              However, if you already have a copywriting niche or specialize in a specific type of copy (like email), then you should add this in to make it more specific for your target audience.

                                                                                                              For example:

                                                                                                              Let’s say you specialize in writing SEO blog posts for real estate investing companies.

                                                                                                              You could write something like this... 

                                                                                                              “Hey! I’m Jeremy. I specialize in writing engaging SEO content for real estate investing companies. I am here to help you rank on the 1st page of Google.”

                                                                                                              But, if you are a beginner, I recommend starting broad and writing for a variety of clients & different types of copy.


                                                                                                              SECTION 2: What I Can Do for You 

                                                                                                              This is an extremely important section that I see a lot of copywriters leave out of their portfolios.

                                                                                                              Understand this…

                                                                                                              Copywriting is all about what you can do for your client.

                                                                                                              When your client is reading your portfolio – their mind is constantly “scanning” for:

                                                                                                              “What’s in it for me?”

                                                                                                              “Why should I care?”

                                                                                                              “What does this mean for me?”

                                                                                                              “So what? So what? So what?”

                                                                                                              All clients care about is what’s in it for them.

                                                                                                              So, right after you introduce yourself, add a section that is dedicated to what you can provide for them.

                                                                                                              I’ve labeled this section:

                                                                                                              “What I can do for you”

                                                                                                              You can tweak this if you want and make it more specific to your niche/specialization. 

                                                                                                              For example:

                                                                                                              You could say – “How my SEO expertise will benefit you:”

                                                                                                              Then, add a paragraph or 2 that lays out your credentials and expertise and clearly explains HOW your copywriting will benefit your client. 

                                                                                                              Sprinkle this section with key benefits.

                                                                                                              Here’s what I wrote:



                                                                                                              Notice how I say that my copy will help companies attract leads and convert more customers?

                                                                                                              I included this because this is what every company wants.

                                                                                                              Companies hire you because they want to make more sales & grow their business.

                                                                                                              This is what your copy will do for your client.

                                                                                                              This is the ultimate benefit of hiring you.

                                                                                                              Then, after you clearly explain how you can help them (highlighting your experience and key benefits of what your copy will do for them), you want to add the specific services you provide.

                                                                                                              You can add in whatever services you like. 

                                                                                                              If you have experience with or specialize in one or more types of copywriting, add that in.

                                                                                                              However, if you are just starting out and haven’t written for clients yet, you should add in a variety of different types of copy.

                                                                                                              Which leads me to…


                                                                                                              The 5 most important types of copy companies are currently hiring for

                                                                                                              The 5 most in-demand copywriting services include:

                                                                                                              1. Promotional emails
                                                                                                              2. Website copy (about pages, home pages, product pages, etc.)
                                                                                                              3. Direct response sales/landing pages (long-form sales letters)
                                                                                                              4. SEO blog posts
                                                                                                              5. Advertisements (mainly Google Ads and Facebook Ads)

                                                                                                              If you don’t have any experience yet, you can add these 5 most popular types of copywriting services.

                                                                                                              Then, before you write for clients, you can practice writing these different types of copy and add impressive samples by using a fool-proof technique (I discuss this soon. This is the BEST way for beginners with no experience to fill their portfolio’s with impressive work - in minutes!)


                                                                                                              SECTION 3: Testimonials

                                                                                                              After you clearly state what you can do for your clients, slap on some more INSTANT credibility and authority by adding in your top 3-5 testimonials.

                                                                                                              You want these to be short and straight to the point, highlighting the main benefit your client got from using your copy.

                                                                                                              Add the person’s and company’s name below your testimonial like this…

                                                                                                              Adding testimonials to your copywriting portfolio is important because it adds powerful credibility and authority.

                                                                                                              They show potential clients that you’ve gotten impressive results for other companies, like theirs, and that you can do the same for them.

                                                                                                              If you don’t have any testimonials yet, reach out to past clients and ask for them.

                                                                                                              Make your message simple and straight to the point.

                                                                                                              It can look something like this:

                                                                                                              “Hey! How is your new website? (make this relevant to whatever service you provided) If you found my writing valuable, would you be willing to give me a testimonial? I’d really appreciate it.”

                                                                                                              Nothing fancy. Just get straight to the good stuff.

                                                                                                              Don’t have any clients yet?

                                                                                                              No worries.

                                                                                                              Add testimonials once you get some. (add a blurb about your copy kings membership and bonus they get to help them get clients).


                                                                                                              SECTION 4: Writing Samples

                                                                                                              This is the crème de le crème of your copywriting portfolio.

                                                                                                              Your writing samples are what makes or breaks your portfolio.

                                                                                                              The samples you add are what companies will (or will not) hire you for.

                                                                                                              This is where you add in the top pieces of copy you’ve written for clients.

                                                                                                              Add in relevant samples for services you are offering.

                                                                                                              Here are some powerful tips for adding writing samples that get results:

                                                                                                              1. Add a variety of different types of copy you’ve written

                                                                                                              Unless you are in a niche, you want to attract as many potential clients as possible. So, add in a wide variety of copywriting examples to increase the chances of impressing clients.

                                                                                                              1. Organize your samples

                                                                                                              Make it easy for potential clients to find what they’re looking for.

                                                                                                              You can achieve this by adding separate sections for different types of copy you’ve included.

                                                                                                              For example 

                                                                                                              Website Examples: 

                                                                                                              Then list 3-5 samples…

                                                                                                              Email Examples:

                                                                                                              List 3-5 email examples…

                                                                                                              And so on.

                                                                                                              Also, make it easy for viewers to access your samples.

                                                                                                              I like to include 3-5 samples within each section. Like this:


                                                                                                              Notice how I’ve included titles for each sample explaining what I wrote and who I wrote them for.

                                                                                                              You can easily add a link to your sample by using a hyperlink, link this:



                                                                                                              Also, if your copy is living on your client’s website, you should add the link to the live page.

                                                                                                              If not, no worries!

                                                                                                              Simply add a link to a Word document or whatever app you used when you wrote the gig.

                                                                                                              1. Include samples of the 5 most popular types of copy.

                                                                                                              As mentioned above, the most in-demand copywriting services are:

                                                                                                              1. Promotional emails
                                                                                                              2. Website copy
                                                                                                              3. Sales pages
                                                                                                              4. SEO blog posts
                                                                                                              5. Social Ads

                                                                                                              Include as many of these sections as possible to attract more clients.

                                                                                                              4. Intro + reason why behind your work

                                                                                                              You should also add a brief explanation for each sample.

                                                                                                              For example:

                                                                                                              Explain the copywriting assignment, the main objectives and the outcomes (results your copy got) if possible. I.E. “This email got a 42% open rate.”

                                                                                                              Then, as another way of demonstrating your expertise and knowledge, add in a short paragraph explaining why you wrote this piece the way you did.

                                                                                                              This is a great way to prove you know your stuff and it demonstrates your expertise.

                                                                                                              If you are a niching down and specialize in one specific type of copywriting – EX: email copywriter. Then, just show samples for the top 5-10 emails you’ve written for clients.

                                                                                                              This is a super easy way to showcase your most impressive work in an organized structure.


                                                                                                              SECTION 5: Call to Action


                                                                                                              The last thing you need to add to your portfolio is a call to action (CTA).

                                                                                                              This is where you tell clients what to do next.

                                                                                                              You want potential clients, who’ve just read your portfolio, to reach out to you either by email or phone.

                                                                                                              This is the ultimate goal of creating a successful copywriting portfolio – to get potential clients on a sales call so you can see if you’re a good fit and start writing for them.

                                                                                                              Keep this very simple and to the point. Tell them EXACTLY what to do.

                                                                                                              Like this:



                                                                                                              How Many Pieces Should be in a Copywriting Portfolio?

                                                                                                              You should add a wide variety of different types of copy and different industries you’ve written for.

                                                                                                              A good rule of thumb is to add 3-5 of your best writing samples per type of copy.

                                                                                                              Like this:



                                                                                                              The goal is to show potential clients that you have a wide range of copywriting experience and expertise. That you can provide value to ANY company looking to hire a copywriter (only add relevant samples if you have a niche). 


                                                                                                              How Do I Create a Copywriting Portfolio with No Experience?

                                                                                                              “Okay, this is great and all. But what if I am a total beginner and have NO copywriting experience?”

                                                                                                              “What if I’ve never written for a client & have ZERO work to add to my portfolio?”

                                                                                                              No worries, muchacho.

                                                                                                              Because I’m going to reveal the BEST way to add dozens of copywriting samples to your copywriting portfolio – TODAY.

                                                                                                              It will take you only a few minutes to create each sample.

                                                                                                              And yes, these “made up” samples DO IMPRESS CLIENTS.


                                                                                                              Here’s how to make a copywriting portfolio with no experience:

                                                                                                              Believe it or not, there’s a way to create loads of copywriting samples, without writing for clients or companies.

                                                                                                              You do so by creating “spec work” (also known as mock work).

                                                                                                              Spec work is where you take existing copy from a brand’s website (or ads or emails), and you improve upon it.

                                                                                                              You make it BETTER. 

                                                                                                              You make it your OWN.

                                                                                                              The best way to create spec work is to use a Chrome extension app called – Edit Anything

                                                                                                              With this app, you can edit ANY text on a company’s website or social media ads or even email (if you open Gmail in your Chrome browser.)

                                                                                                              This tool is insanely valuable because it allows you to show potential clients what their website or ad would look like if they hired you.

                                                                                                              This gives them a very “real” experience. They can literally see what their website could look like IF they hired you.

                                                                                                              You can use this extension to write on as many websites, ads, emails, product descriptions, as you like.

                                                                                                              Then, simply take a screenshot, or record your screen as you scroll, of your changes. And add these to your portfolio.

                                                                                                              Add them just like you would if you had real examples from clients.


                                                                                                              Just like I explained above... 

                                                                                                              Add brief explanations for your changes.

                                                                                                              Explain WHY you changed the copy and HOW it is an improvement from the original copy.

                                                                                                              This is one of the best ways to DEMONSTRATE your expertise because you’re giving “before and after” examples and showing clients how much you improved REAL COMPANIES’ COPY, with your own copywriting skills. 

                                                                                                               See this image below for inspiration:




                                                                                                              Make sure you explain that this is spec work.

                                                                                                              Do not lie and say you wrote for this client.

                                                                                                              When I just started out, I created a lot of spec work and I added it to my portfolio.

                                                                                                              I left an entire section of spec work in my portfolio (4 years later) EVEN AFTER I got 100s of gigs from paying clients.


                                                                                                              Because this before and after style of spec work (with screenshots of your improvements on REAL SITES) is EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

                                                                                                              I’ve had a few companies reach out to me BECAUSE of this spec work (they said that my explanations for my improvements really demonstrated my expertise)

                                                                                                              If you have no work to show, create a ton of spec work using this technique for ALL of the most popular types of copy (and different brands).

                                                                                                              In just a few hours, you can have a very impressive copywriting portfolio filled with dozens of samples for the most popular types of copy that clients are hiring for…. Without ANY writing experience. 

                                                                                                              It’s a true cheat code – without being called out for cheating.



                                                                                                              You now have everything you need to create a successful copywriting portfolio that impresses clients - TODAY.


                                                                                                              The goal is to create a copywriting portfolio as quickly as possible. So you can start turning prospects into copywriting clients.

                                                                                                              You can get this portfolio up n running TODAY (in as fast as 10 minutes from NOW).

                                                                                                              Simply use my copywriting portfolio template and fill in the blanks with your own content, experience and samples.

                                                                                                              Go here:


                                                                                                              Make a copy by clicking: File -> Make a copy.

                                                                                                              Then, add in your own unique details.

                                                                                                              Also, I recommend saving this as a PDF file. Then, simply send this copywriter portfolio PDF to potential clients via email, on LinkedIn, when applying for gigs or jobs, etc.

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