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The Doctah of Wall Street

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

The wolf of wall street is one of my favorite movies.

It’s also one of the WORST movies for copywriters.


Because this movie paints the VERY FICTIONAL life of a salesmen (if you write copy, you are a sales(wo)men) and a DEADILY fake depiction of what salesmanship is.

But Jeremy it’s based on a real guy and that guy was a super duper successful salesman!!


But he was also a smelly scumbag who lied through his teeth, scammed hundreds (if not thousands) of innocent people and rotted away in jail for 22 months.

Plus, Jordan Belfort is one of the VERY RARE exceptions to “that” kind of sleazy salesmanship working.

You know what I’m talkin about…

The greezy car salesmen type who aggressively pitches, hypes and bends the truth with zues strength. These types of salesmen do not last long and, if they do, they walk around with boulders of guilt, stress and anxiety.

Not a great (or profitable) way to live.


If you love writing copy & truly care about your clients but feel “dirty” about selling, then my advice to you is, learn REAL salesmanship.

Real salesmanship is more like what a doctor does for his patients.

You want to diagnose your “prospect”.

To get inside their world.

To understand their problems, pains, fears, desires and what they want most… then… simply…  guide them to the solution (aka – signing you as their agent).

Doing so, will remove objections and pre-sell your clients before you even try to “close” them.

In fact, if you sell this way, 9/10 the client will “close” themselves.

Much easier.

Much better experience.

Much more profitable.

Plus, when you sell like a doctahh, you’ll get referrals up the wazzzoo.

Want to get good at THIS way of “selling”?

Want to attract your DREAM clients to you, like a magnet, and scale your freelance copywriting business to new heights?

Then hippity hoppity over here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Murder Competition Like a Narco

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Just finished watching Narcos Mexico.

Oh boy, what a great show. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s about the creation of the Mexican cartel.

Before the cartel, there were dozens of solo gangs, all fighting against each other for power.

Then, one day, a genius by the name of Miguel Felix (The Mexican Godfather) gathered the bosses of these solo gangs and formed a union – the cartel.

The result?

They went on to sell far more drugs, rake in far more money and control far more territories, than ever before, with this partnership.

Now, believe it or not, the same is true with copywriters.

For some reason, copywriters view other copywriters as “competition”.

They fear competition and play victim to “more established” copywriters.

But, the successful copywriters, and successful business owners (no matter what niche), realize that this concept of competition is silly.

Not only silly, but holds them back from scaling their business.

The SMART entrepreneurs look at “competition” as JOINT VENTURE partners.

Lucrative allies they can team up with, to help each other make more sales.

Inside my popular membership - Copy Kings - I teach you how to gain new clients, more referrals and grow your freelance business by simply teaming up with other copywriters.

I give away tons of sneaky secrets for doing so, that you can apply to your freelance business right away.

This is just one of the dozens, if not hundreds, of valuable client-getting secrets I teach to Copy King members.

Discover (and profit) from em all TODAY:


To your success,
Jeremy Mac

Breaking Bad Copywriter Edition

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

My favorite Breaking Bad Quote:

“When dangers at the front door, I’m the one who knocks” - Heisenberg

Walt became the hunter, instead of the hunted, for one simple reason - he was a MASTER at his craft.

He became so good at cooking meth, that he was far too valuable for any of his scary “enemies” or “competition” to get rid of… Even… when he pissed them off.

This guy did things that would get 99.99% of people, even family members, put 6 feet under ground.

You see, he was able to call the shots because he cooked up such a superior product. He provided SO MUCH value to his customers, that he was untouchable from the cartel… and… well… filthy rich.

The lesson?

Become SO VALUABLE at THE ONE THING that matters most to your success.

And this one thing is…

Writing words that attract bushels of money.

If you become the Heisenberg at writing money-drenching copy, you will become successful.

And if you constantly improve your copywriting skills, each day, you will make as much mula as you desire AND actually be able to ENJOY your life in the process.

You’ll be the one calling the shots.

(and not needing to email back clients after hours)

For more info on becoming a shot-caller copywriter, go here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

How to Beat Burnout in 3 Seconds

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Few years ago, I was extremely burnt out.

Was working from the buttcrack of dawn to dark, with virtually no breaks in between.

This took a huge steamy dump on my health, quality of work and, well, my sanity.

Then, one day, while listening to an exclusive training on email copywriting from El Furcatt (aka Matt Furey – one of the greatest living email copywriters), I discovered something shocking.

Something that I’ve continued to use, to this very day, to beat burn out’s bloody red bottom.

But not only burnout.

Because this little trick unlocks creativity & enhances focus better than any drug.

What did I learn from El Furcatt?

Something so simple that ALL humans have access to.

In fact, ALL animals and babies use it. But for some reason, when we grow older, we stop using this valuable “thing”.

And it is perhaps the biggest contributor to why stress, anxiety and depression is at an all-time high in our modern day society.

It has to do with the way we breath.

More specifically, WHAT body parts we use to inhale and exhale.

99% of hoomans do NOT breath the right way (and suffer greatly for it).

I reveal this body part and teach you how to breath away your burnout in a special audio training ONLY available for those who join my exclusive membership for copywriters - Copy Kings.

It's included with your subscription, along with SIX other exclusive bonuses.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Kevin from The Office's Unusual Selling Secret

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Most people think Kevin is dumb as rocks.

However, I think he’d make a terrific salesmen.


Because he is a wizard at “appearing less okay”.

Here’s what I mean:

We enjoy dealing with others who show that they are human. That aren’t afraid to be themselves around us – pimples n all.

On the other side of the biscuit - we despise being around “perfect” people.

You know. The type of people who never let their guard down and always let you know how great they are.

It’s uncomfortable.

The top salesmen and business owners have understood this and have strategically used this “secret” to make moy dinero.

Even Abraham Lincoln used this strategy to win the hearts of his voters.

He would strategically look scruffy and a little “off”… to bring people’s guards down so that they would open up and bond with him.

The opposite is true with so many salesmen.

They dress up in stiff suits, try to impress their clients, and blabber on and on about how great & superior they are.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

You will have a much easier time selling if, you make others feel comfortable around you.

When they are comfortable in your presence, they’ll open up to you about their REAL problems, their REAL reasons for being in the market for a copywriter and what they REALLY want.

When you uncover this, selling your copywriting services to potential clients becomes a piece of pumpkin pie.


You will form very close (and profitable) relationships in the process.

There are many ways to use this sales secret in your freelance copywriting business and in your writing but you can get started right away.

Here's how:

When meeting with clients (in person or over zoom) dress in what you are COMFORTABLE wearing.

Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to dress down a size or 2, depending on what type of people you’re dealing with (SaaS owners – wear business casual. Mom and pop small business owners – wear a crispy tee and some khakis or jeans).

If you'd like more secrets to ramp up your copywriting success and get paid like a king to write for brands you love, go here:

To your success,
Jeremy Mac

Leslie Knope’s Ultimate Lead Gen Secret

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Was watching Parks and Rec last night.

Leslie is one of my favorite characters.

She is a straight up BAWS.

And, although it’s a goofy comedy, it’s inspiring to see her BIG transformation.

She starts as a bumbling parks and rec worker for her dwarf-sized town. But, by the end of the show, she becomes MAYOR of her giant city.

Not too shabby, eh?

Well, you know what’s even more inspiring…

Leslie did not rise to mayor because she was the most skilled at her job, the best communicator, nor was she well connected with other politicians… knope (hehe)… she was able to achieve success for one very simple, yet extremely overlooked (and underutilized) reason.

Something that can be used by ANY copywriter, new or seasoned, to quickly dominate their niche and win new clients.

Her bullet-proof secret:

She put her customers (community) FIRST.


She had a BIG mission and purpose to serve her community.

Everything she did was for the betterment of her community and her employees.

Every action she took was guided by if it was truly in the best interest for THEM.

While back, I was listening to an audio tape on negotiation, from Jim Camp.

Camp taught the concept of mission & purpose.

To win negotiations (and run successful businesses) he always created a mission and purpose.

And he let his mission and purpose guide him in every sales call, negotiation, business decision he made.

But the fascinating thing was…

His mission and purpose was ALWAYS in the world of who he was doing business with (he called them advisories – was a jet fighter pilot in WWII).

He said by creating a mission and purpose in your “advisories world”, you can never go wrong.

I do this too.

As a freelance copywriter, I created a mission and purpose to provide my clients the best experience possible.

Every action I take, is guided by what will benefit my clients.

And the same is true with my business to help y’all succeed as copywriters.

I make sure that every piece of content I whip up, every email I send out, every product I create, is of the most value to YOU.

For example:

Copy Kings was created for copywriters who want to quickly multiply their clients and income.

This membership is an investment.

Each time you apply the lessons, you will likely multiply your ROI.

This is my goal for you…

I want you to be able to click “play”... Consume each training in one sitting... And then immediately go  APPLY the information to make your monthly subscription cost back… ASAP.

And then, keep reaping the rewards for months (even years) down the road, from every single training I send you.

But that’s not all.

I’m constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond for y’all.

So, I've included SEVEN special treats.

Exclusive treats worth $326 normally but are fareee for those who become Copy Kings TODAY.

Go here to learn more:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Don Draper Copywriting Seduction

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

Don Draper, the women-crazed alcoholic protagonist from Madmen, was a master at seduction.

He’d seduce top-notch clients to work with him, truckloads of spicy mamacitas to sleep with him, and even seduced a few coworkers from hating to loving him, without ever arousing suspicion.

Now, Don may be a fictional character, but you’d be foolish to think his seducing characteristics would not work in real life.

They do.

And there’s a treasure chest of gold bricks to learn from him that will multiply your copywriting success.

So, what I’m gonna do, right here in this bodacious post is, list 5 BIG lessons I’ve learned from Donald.

(Things I’m constantly using in my own business and improving on. You’d be wise as a turtle to do the same.)

Here we go:

  1. Remove neediness
The Donald had NO neediness to be found. Especially when dealing with clients. He even walked out of a few meetings when clients disrespected him (or were an obvious bad fit). Neediness is an absolute killer in negotiation. If you have even a wiff of it on your breath, your clients will pick up on the scent, and take advantage of you.
  1. Transparency
The public does NOT trust advertisers, but Draper was ALWAYS brutally honest. This honesty stood out to clients, built trust and won them over. Be brutally transparent with clients and in your sales copy.
  1. Appearance
Even though he was a raging alcoholic with a damaged personal life and severe addiction to putang, he always looked the part. Business casual – nothing flashy, just professional. Your image MATTERS.
  1. Persuasion
Don was a master persuader. To write successful copy and secure a steady flow of gigs, you must always be on your persuasion A-game.
  1. Human psychology

The Don knew what his clients wanted and gave it to them. He was able to do this because he REALLY understood human psychology and strategically used this knowledge when creating his ads and negotiating with clients.

These 5 traits, when understand, used and mastered - can make any struggling copywriter a BIG TIME SUCCESS.

Not only in the words you write, but when selling your copywriting services to clients

However, the most important trait Don possessed, by far, was a deep understanding of HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY.

In the wise words of Dan Kennedy (master marketer & entrepreneur) - successful advertising is half psychology and half math.

Ying and yang.

To be in the top 5 percent of copywriters, you must master both.

Without em, you are leaking money from your pockets.

If you’d like to learn more about how to master human psychology & the numbers that matter most to quickly multiply your freelance business’s success, scurry over here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

You Come First and F##K Everything Else

Apr 30, 2023 by Jeremy Mac

I’m halfway through watching this badass show called ZeroZeroZero.

It’s about the 3 sides involved in distributing cocaine across the country.

Well, one side, the distributors, are a businessman and his 2 kids.

The dads motto:

“You come first and f##k everything else.”

I think this is great advice.

(Including your family, of course… don’t f##k them).

However, when it comes to business, I think someone else reigns king over the business(wo)man…



This does not mean you have to tolerate bullcrap tossed at you by rude clients.

But you SHOULD put your clients on a pedastool.

You should treat them like royalty.

And you should ALWAYS look for ways to go above and beyond for them (mainly by solving their BIG problems).

Do this and you will naturally ATTRACT raving crowds of new clients, and gain endless referrals, without asking or chasing.

Speaking of getting new clients without chasing...

Want to gain 50 paying clients in under 3 months - WITHOUT a portfolio?

Then go here:


To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy Mac

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