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Stuffy College Professor Commits Nasty Copywriting Sin

Feb 07, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

old professor

Lately, I’ve been geekin over astronomy.

So, last night, I muddled along over to a local college to look at their giant telescope. 

Looking at Jupiter was cool.


We only got to look through the telescope for a few minutes.

The other 90 minutes?

We listened to paint drying from a stuffy professor.

He was painfully boring to listen to.

He told no stories, no jokes and had no personality.

Just dry facts, stats and theory. 

This is the exact opposite of what you want to do with your writing.

Because if you do, your audience will tune out much faster than 90 minutes.

No, if you lose their interest for even a hot SECOND, you will lose them for good – guaranteed.

How do you entertain your audience?

How do you pique their interest?

How do you get them to read everything you write and buy from you?

Enter my monthly membership – Copy Kings:

Inside, I hand-deliver all the insider weapons needed for crafting attention-grabbing copy that sparks your readers interest and motivates them to buy from you.


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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Why You Struggle to Gain Copywriting Clients

Feb 07, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Sad person staring at computer


If you search - “copywriting courses” - online, you’ll instantly gain access to hundreds of courses at your greasy fingertips. 

Some are good. 

A few are great.

Most are steaming hot bags of garbage.

But even the good ones spend very little time teaching you how to gain clients.

They leave out the important details:

Where to find clients…

How to approach them…

What to say on sales calls…

How to close the deal…

This is a BIG problem.

You can be a great copywriter but if you don’t know how to generate clients, you will ALWAYS struggle to grow your freelance business.

So, to help you out, I’m going to reveal one of the best ways to approach clients.

If you want a chance, you’ll have to say something that grabs their attention and sparks their interest - right away.

After all, entrepreneurs are busy people.

They have hundreds of “pitches” to sift through from hungry copywriters.

Here’s what you gotta do:

Tell prospects what THEY want to hear.

Often, copywriters will try to impress clients by talking about themselvestheir achievements, their interests, why they NEED the job (ewwww).

Newsflash, clients do NOT give 3 white bird drops about what YOU want.

They only care about what THEY want.

What can you do for them? 

What benefits will THEY gain by hiring you?

Whenever you speak to clients, make sure you put 110% of the focus on them - their needs, interests and desires.

If you’re able to uncover what they want, and clearly convince them that they can achieve what they want (by hiring you), you will be flooded with work for as long as you wish.

You will naturally separate yourself from the jungle of hungry baboon copywriters (because most of them do not do this). 

If you want to stand out from the starving amateurs, smash this blue link below: 

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

9 Fundamentals of Copywriting Every Beginner MUST Know (Learn in 10 Minutes)

Feb 06, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Back to the basics building blocks


In 2020, I was a beginner copywriter.

However, I was able to get clients very quickly.

By the end of my first year, I earned close to 6 figures and wrote for HUNDREDS of freelance clients.

This was only possible because of what I did BEFORE writing for clients.

For 3 months, I learned the fundamentals of copywriting.

I read 10 copywriting books, practiced my skills and wrote daily.

After baking the copywriting fundamentals into my brain, I was able to write for clients with confidence.

This is the golden key for breaking into copywriting FAST.

In this blog post…

I’m going to share what copywriting is, why you MUST learn the fundamentals of copywriting BEFORE writing for clients and 9 copywriting fundamentals every copywriter must learn.


What is Copywriting?


There’s a lot of confusion around what copywriting is.

Let’s end this confusion once and for all.

Real copywriters know that copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print.

Instead of selling face to face, using your tongue, you are selling to thousands of readers through your writing.

This is also why copywriting is much more powerful than traditional sales.

Because you can sell to 10x as many prospects at the same time. And you only have to create your “sales presentation” once.


Copywriters write for many different types of platforms:

  • Social media
  • Advertisements
  • Video scripts
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Website pages
  • And much more

However, the fundamentals of copywriting apply to whichever medium you write for.

Each platform varies with best practices, but HOW to write a persuasive message never changes.

The majority of your time as a copywriter will be spent writing, researching and editing.

To learn more about the 3 main phases of copywriting see this blog post.


Why YOU Must Learn the Fundamentals of Copywriting BEFORE You Look for Clients


The key to success as a freelance copywriter is simple.

Provide REAL value to your clients.

How do you do this?

By getting them results.

The main results clients are looking for are generating leads and sales.

However, the MAIN purpose of hiring a copywriter is to ultimately make more money.

If you can make your clients richer with each gig you submit, you can earn a farmer’s fortune.

You will always be in demand.

Now, 10 years from now, even 100 years (if robots haven’t pulled a Terminator on us by then).

But in order to gain desirable results for your clients, you must learn, study and apply the copywriting fundamentals with everything you write.

You can think of the copywriting fundamentals as the foundation of a house.

If you learn the fundamentals of copywriting as a beginner, you will build a sturdy base for your home.

However, if you do NOT have a solid grasp of the copywriting fundamentals, you will have a weak base. And it’s only a matter of time until your house comes tumbling down.

The safest way to ensure a long, successful copywriting career is to MASTER the copywriting fundamentals.

Never stop improving your knowledge and skills of the fundamentals of copywriting.


9 Copywriting Fundamentals that Will Help You Write Copy That Sells

    1. Know Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves

    target audience

      The most important phase of copywriting is NOT writing.

      It’s research.

      Before you write, you want to spend a LOT of time getting to know your audience.

      Get to know them on a personal and emotional level.

      Here are some smart questions to answer.

      After you uncover the answers, you will know your audience better than they know themselves.

      1. What keeps them awake at night, indigestion boiling up their esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?
      2. What causes them pain?
      3. What humiliates them?
      4. What are they afraid of?
      5. What makes them mad?
      6. What do they worry about most?
      7. What 3 things frustrate them most each day?
      8. What do they want most?
      9. What make them feel insecure?
      10. What is the #1 most URGENT problem they are desperately trying to solve?
      11. What do they COMPLAIN about to their friends over a drink?
      12. What are their VALUES like?
      13. What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?
      14. Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions? (Example: engineers = exceptionally analytical.)
      15. Do they have their own insider language?

      Use the knowledge from these answers in everything you write.


        2. Grab Your Ideal Reader’s Attention

        Grabbing through a wall

          After you know your audience on a deep level, you must grab their attention.

          This is the job of your headline.

          If you fail to grab attention, your audience will NOT read your copy – no matter how amazing it may be.

          To ensure you grab your audience’s attention, make your headlines specifically tailored to them.

          Their interests.

          Their problems.

          Their desires.

          Follow this ultimate guide for writing attention-grabbing headlines.

          This guide gives you 10 sure-fire ways to grab your ideal reader’s attention FAST.


          3. Sell Benefits, Not Features

          A HUGE mistake is to blabber about your product’s features.

          A feature is a characteristic or attribute of your product.

          Wake up, buddy.

          NOBODY cares about these.

          However, people DO care about benefits.

          A benefit explains how your product’s features directly translate into something positive for your reader.

          Get this…

          The #1 way to emphasize benefits is to explain what they will DO for your customer.

          Here’s a quick example:

          Losing 25 pounds is a benefit.

          Lots of weight loss companies will sprinkle their copy with benefits like this.

          But this is NOT what motivates people to buy a weight loss product.


          People buy weight loss products for the NEW LIFE they will live in a skinnier, healthier body.

          Look more attractive, live a longer life, be more active with their kids and so on.

          Uncover the real benefits of your product’s features and emphasize them in a dramatic and emotional way.

          If you do, you will skyrocket sales.


          4. Ask for Action NOW


          Copywriting is all about getting a direct response.

          To do this, you must ask your readers to take a specific action (this depends on what your client’s goal is).

          This is the job of your call to action (CTA).

          CTAs are placed at the end of your copy.

          EVERY piece of copy you write should have a call to action.

          Give readers clear, direct and concise instructions on what to do next.

          3 quick tips to boost response:

          • Make it VERY easy to take action
          • Summarize the main benefits of your product (the main benefits of using your product/service)
          • Give readers a reason to act NOW – discounts, limited number of products available, etc.

          Want more tips on how to write persuasive CTAs? Click here.


          5. Tell Interesting Stories


          Stories are probably the most persuasive tool in your copywriting toolbox.

          Stories cover all the bases for writing copy that sells - solves problems, persuades, educates, entertains, taps into emotions, and all that good stuff.

          5 types of stories to tell in your writing:

          • Inspirational stories
          • Cautionary tales (mistakes to avoid)
          • Stories about celebrities
          • Stories about historical figures
          • Rags-to-riches stories


          The more emotional, dramatic and tension filled your stories are, the more powerful they’ll be.

          If you want to learn how to write engaging stories that sell, devour this guide. LINK


          6. Be Specific

          One of the biggest roadblocks in selling is making your claims believable.

          An easy way to leapfrog over this hurdle is to add specific details throughout your copy.

          Add specific details to your:

          • Features
          • Benefits
          • Stories
          • Testimonials


          You can do so by adding stats, figures, comparisons, number of steps to take, vivid descriptions and so on.

          When you describe something with specific details it is much more believable, engaging and persuasive.


          7. Keep it Simple

          One of the worst things you can do in your writing is to make it complicated.

          You want readers to be able to understand your message at a glance.

          It should be readable at a 5th grade level.

          Here are some tips to help you simplify your writing:

          • Use short sentences, paragraphs and words
          • Use easy-to-understand language
          • Use simple metaphors and analogies
          • Avoid jargon

          The easier it is for readers to grasp your message, the easier it is for you to persuade them.


          8. The Most Important Word in Writing

          Woman pointing at reader





          Victor Schwab revealed the most powerful word in copywriting is - "YOU."


          It’s simple.

          People really only care about themselves (and their families).

          They do NOT care about you, your product or your company.

          All they care about is what’s in it for them.

          So, when you're writing copy, talk directly to your reader.

          Use lots of "YOU" language to show them that you understand them, care about them and that your message is all about THEM.


          9. Proof

          Gary Bencivenga is considered the world’s greatest living copywriter.

          For good reason.

          He’s sold billions worth of products.

          When he retired, he held a $5,000 seminar revealing all his battle-tested secrets.

          His main secret for success?


          You see, to get people to believe you, you need to prove your claims.

          Here are three ways to get the job done:

          1. Social proof – testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc.
          2. Add credentials and authority – like years in business, number of products sold, awards won, etc.
          3. Use the "If…Then" technique. Say if your reader meets a requirement, then they get a big benefit. For example, "If you have 5 minutes per day, then you can lose 10 pounds this month."


          Don't say something unless you can prove it's true.

          Use strong proof to back up your claims.

          You want to sandwich your claims between proof elements.

          Also, never make your claims bigger than your proof.



          Well, my friend, you now have access to 9 of the most powerful copywriting fundamentals on the planet.

          Learn them, study them and, most importantly, APPLY them.

          If you consistently apply the copywriting fundamentals in your writing, you will quickly rise the ranks in the copywriting world.

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          3 Reasons Why You Should Specialize in Email Copywriting

          Feb 05, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

          Typing email


          I’m not lazy by any means.

          However, that being said, I like to work smart instead of hard.

          One Einstein-smart decision I made early in my copywriting career was to niche down with email copywriting.

          3 reasons why:

          1. Emails are SHORT. You can get paid $100+ per email. Average length is less than 200 words.

          2. Emails are QUICK. I write emails in 7-ish minutes (with very little editing or research).

          3. Emails pay the most overtime because of continuity.

          The last reason is my favorite.

          You see, with email, you can often set up retainer contracts.


          You write a set number of emails, each month, with a monthly “salary”.


          After you seal the deal once, you can keep earning money, each month, without having to “sell” your services to that client again.

          As the wise Ben Settle says…

          The real jackpot for freelance copywriters is in continuity services.

          This is why I created my monthly membership for copywriters – Copy Kings:

          Each month, phat checks appear in my bank account, like clockwork.

          I make the initial sale, then get paid for months (even years) in the future.


          This membership can also do the same for you.

          You see, the goal is for you to earn your monthly cost back 2x, 5x, even 10x over.

          And keep profiting from the “mini-courses” I send you each month.

          When you have a copywriting pro in your corner, telling you exactly what moves to make and how to make them, you can knock out competition and earn 6-figures plus, without years of costly trial and error.


          Give it a test drive:

          To your success,

          Jeremy Mac

          Operation Money Suck

          Feb 05, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

          Vacuuming money


          Check out this cool story...

          John Carlton was working with Gary Halbert.

          The two copywriting legends were in Halbert’s office getting ready to write an ad.

          Then, all of a sudden, Gary’s secretary bursts through the doors with a bundle of “urgent emergencies.”

          Carlton was pissed. He was eager to write. But Gary surprised him…

          Gary told his secretary to scram because he’s got more important things to do – make money.

          Moral of this story?

          When your job is to put bacon on the table (as a copywriter, this is your job), you prioritize this over EVERYTHING else.

          Dirty laundry? Chatty family member? Printer busted?

          Push all that shit to the side.

          Don’t focus on it until AFTER you have finished writing.

          Writing copy is your most important task at hand.

          I take this “operation money suck” concept to the extreme…

          I spend the first 4 hours of my day writing.

          During this time, I do not look at my phone, check emails, respond to clients or submit to any other distractions.


          The more I write, the more money I make.

          The less I write, the less money I make.

          Simple as that. 

          If you take nothing else from this email, do this…

          Block off the 1st hour of each day.

          Do nothing else but write during this time.

          If you do this for the next 30 days, I can almost guarantee your life will never be the same.

          Don’t have clients to write for?

          Start here:

          To your success,

          Jeremy Mac

          Greedy Pigs

          Feb 05, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

          Man looking at piggy bank

          Saturday night, I was excited to watch the Dolphins vs Chiefs playoff game.

          When I went to turn on the game, I was hit by a cold reality.

          The only way to watch this game was to pay Peacock (streaming app) $6.

          HUGE buzzkill.

          I’m not a cheaparse but this is ridiculous. THOUSANDS of fans agree (including many sports broadcasters, like Chris Russo, who called the NFL “greedy pigs”).

          What does this have to do with you? 

          A lot.

          You see, writing copy is just a SMALL part of what you do.

          After all, you can only write copy after you find and secure new clients.

          And the BEST clients are repeat clients.

          They pay the most, are the easiest to work with and usually treat you right.

          Truth is:

          You can have a thriving freelance business from only a small handful of clients.

          But the key to making this work is to maintain relationships with them.

          Copywriters always butcher this.

          Listen close:

          You are in the RELATIONSHIP business. 

          Your clients are your most valuable asset.

          Do not do things that will piss them off and tarnish the relationship.

          Don’t have clients to write for?

          Go here:

          To your success,

          Jeremy Mac

          Money is Attracted to Speed

          Feb 05, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

          Magnet attracting coins

          It’s true.

          Speed acts like a giant red magnet to money.

          I always knew this in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t crystal clear until I read Dan Kennedy’s book – No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

          In this book, Dan explained how he sets strict deadlines for all his work – writing, consulting, giving speeches, etc.

          This was one of his big secrets for making hundreds of millions.

          Gary Halbert even joked about how Dan Kennedy makes far more money than him and John Carlton (both better copywriters) solely because of how many ads and sales pages Kennedy banged out each year.

          Listen good:

          You will make 5x more money by producing “good enough” copy.

          And you will produce good enough copy 5x faster by sitting strict deadlines.

          My favorite method is Eugene Schwartz’s 33-minute rule (set a 33.33-minute timer… write your booty off until timer dings…  take break… repeat process until you’re done working).

          But this principle expands writing copy.

          It applies for getting clients too.

          Speaking of clients...

          Would you like to gain new clients in as quick as 24 hours?

          If so, I can show you how.

          Best part?

          You don’t need a portfolio or experience and you won't write for free.

          Interested? Go here (see bonus #1):

          To your success,

          Jeremy Mac

          Magic Pill Solutions

          Feb 05, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

          magic pill

          What’s more effective?

          “Make 10k/month writing only an hour a day. You don’t need any talent, writing skills or work ethic.”


          “Make 10k/month by working 10+ hours a day. Plus, spend every waking minute learning, writing, practicing, studying, researching…”

          It’s obviously the first one.


          Because it sounds EASY.

          Almost effortless.

          You see, humans are naturally lazy.

          We want instant gratification and instant results like a heroin addict.

          We don’t want to work hard (or think hard) to get them. We want results NOW.

          Gimme, gimme, gimme.

          This is just how we are programmed. And it’s not changing anytime soon.


          When writing copy, you always want to stress how easy, effortless and instant the solutions are.

          If you don’t, readers will not buy from you

          You want to make your offer as close to a magic pill as possible.

          I.E. Swallow this pill and lose 50 pounds overnight.

          But this is NOT believable. 

          Yes, some people may still “fall” for it, if they want the solution badly enough, but you’ll burn bridges and run the risk of hefty lawsuits.

          The better way to go about this? 

          Make your solutions as close to magic pills as possible WHILE still making your BIG claims believable.

          When you can back up claims with EVEN BIGGER proof, you will sell like Taylor Swift tickets.

          Most online copywriters and “gurus” do not get this second part.

          They only advertise extremely unbelievable magic pill solutions.

          It works to some extent but comes with serious consequences.

          You can do a lot better.

          If you can clearly explain WHY your readers can achieve desirable results in such a short amount of time without the common pitfalls and headaches, you can write truly irresistible copy.

          But first, you must have clients to write for.

          If you’re struggling like a kid in a corn field searching for clients, I can help you out.

          I’ve created a 1hr video that eliminates the mystery of getting your first few clients.

          It’s mind shockingly simple, just follow my step-by-step instructions.

          If you do, I can almost guarantee you’ll be writing for new clients this week. 

          Go here to learn more:

          See bonus #1.

          It's 1 of 7 bonuses you'll gain when joining my insider group for copywriters – Copy Kings.

          To your success,

          Jeremy Mac

          Jeremy Mac

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          Bobby C.


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