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You are Already a Great Copywriter

Feb 03, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Woman pointing at reader

I’m not blowing smoke up your dress…

You see, copywriting at its naked root is nothing more than sales.

Salesmanship in print - selling through words vs selling face-to face.

Sales multiplied - selling to many vs selling to 1 person or a small group.

Get this…

EVERYONE is a natural born sales pro.


Because you are a pro at buying stuff.

You have probably run through someone else’s sales process THOUSANDS of times… this year.


You have been in your prospects shoes.

You have a deep internal understanding
of what it’s like to buy.

And you can use this knowledge to write great copy.

Here’s how:

The next time you buy something, be very aware.

Take notes of the entire process.

From first interaction with a product/brand, to pulling out your debit card and buying.

What was your “buyer’s journey”?

Pay special attention to how you felt during this buying process…

What emotions played a key role in your decision to buy?

What main problems were you trying to overcome?

What pains were you escaping?

What desires you were moving towards?

All of these things make up the key ingredients to cooking persuasive copy.

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

The Secret of Selling Anything

Feb 03, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Harry Browne


One of the most valuable copywriting resources on the internet is Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets.

He wrote around 36 online articles after he retired.

One of my favorite things Gary taught was how copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print.

His secret for destroying fierce competition and selling billions (with a B) worth of products?

He studied great salesmen, read their books and looked for ways to apply their wisdom into his writing.

Gary’s favorite sales book?

The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne.

If you haven’t read this diamond, you’ll want to change that ASAP Rocky.

Harry wasn’t lying.

He gave away the “secret” to selling anything within the first dozen pages.

It’s so good, it’s almost like cheating.

The secret:

Humans only buy what they want to buy.

They either buy things that make them happy or buy things that help them escape pain & suffering.


Here’s how you apply this to your writing to sell more products….

Find out what makes your ideal reader happier than a kid on Christmas.


Find out what makes them miserable.


Clearly, emotionally and visually explain how they can escape their doom and get what they want most (which they can achieve by buying your product or service).

And tell them to do this NOW.

We are all natural procrastinators and need a lil pushin to get our wheels spinning.

While we’re on the subject, let me ask you…

What do you want most?

Do YOU want to live the ultimate freelancer lifestyle?

You know, where you write for brands you love while sitting on marble white sand and sipping a Margaretta?

If so, I can help you get there.

The first “stepping stone” for living this glamorous life is to make your first thousand dollars writing for clients. 

I was able to do this within a few weeks as a raw beginner with no portfolio or prospecting skills.

And I recorded a video showing exactly what I did.

If you watch this video, and follow my simple step-by-step guidance, I can almost guarantee you can earn your first thousand in copywriting within the next 30 days.


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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

“How Do I Make My Writing More Interesting??"

Feb 03, 2024 by Jeremy Mac



Lots of copywriters struggle like a shell-less turtle with this…

“How do I write interesting copy?”

If you don’t know how, you’ll want to pay very special attention to what Ol Jmac’s about to say.

Because if you bore your readers for .0001 of a second, you have failed as a copywriter.

You will never be able to earn “6-figures” or “10k/month”.

And will most likely be doomed to a mind-numbing 9-5 existence.

Alright, enough positivity, let’s get to it…

I learned how to write “interesting” copy from a man called – The World’s Most Feared Negotiator.

Aka: Jim Camp.

Camp revealed the ultimate secret for grabbing and keeping ANYONE’S interest.

It’s so obvious, you’ll feel like a doodoo bird for not thinking of it.

Here it is…

“Step inside your readers world. Once inside, you will never bore them.”

More specifically:

Find out what your reader is interested in.


Write about it throughout your copy.

(Keep it related to what you’re selling).

Simple, huh?

Maybe too simple.

But don’t you dare sneeze at this!

Not enough copywriters understand this and apply it to their writing.

And that’s a shame.

Because the elite few who do, will always be able to gain new clients, charge sky-high fees and earn an emperor's fortune from their writing.

Would you like to do the same?

If so, go here:

It’s a landing page to my monthly membership for copywriters, Copy Kings.

Read every word, very carefully.

Then, if it seems right for you, join the party.

Once inside, you’ll download the secret ingredients to whipping up delicious copy and creating a new life filled with adventure, fun and PROFIT.

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

The World's Greatest Living Copywriter's #1 Secret to Selling BILLIONS Worth of Products

Feb 03, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

 Gary Bencivenga


Something incredible happened the other day…

Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies star player) returned from a 25-game suspension and put on a show.

Scored 34 points.

Pulled off a 24-point comeback.

Hit the game winner.

In the wise words of Ernie Johnson:

“You couldn’t have written this script, it would have been too unbelievable.”

Ernie just gave away a golden nugget for smart copywriters.

Can you find it?

I’ll give you a clue…

Gary Bencivenga is widely considered the greatest living copywriter. He’s sold billions worth of products and services over his 30+ year career as an A-list copywriter.

Wanna know his big secret for unbelievable success?


Gary explained how ads these days are filled with unbelievable claims.

There is so much hype, over exaggeration and pure baloney it’s nauseating.

However, this is a good thing for YOU.


If you write copy that is believable to your target audience, you will stick out like a clean thumb from all the garbage surrounding your readers.

There’s lots of ways to stuff your copy with proof:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Scientific studies
  • Stats, facts, figures, data
  • Specific details
  • Demonstrations

But the best way to make your copy more believable is to never make your claims bigger than your proof.

You want to “sandwich” your claims around proof elements.

If you do, your claims will be more believable.

Which leads to more readership, more sales and more mula for YOU. 

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

8 Soft Sell Copywriting Techniques for Copywriters Who Feel “Icky” about Selling

Feb 02, 2024 by Jeremy Mac



Whether you like it or not, copywriting is all about persuasion.

If you can’t persuade your readers to read, click and buy from you, you are going to have a short copywriting career.

The good news is, there are ways to sell through writing without sounding like a greasy car salesman.

In this blog post…

I’m going to cover soft sell copywriting and hand you 10 soft sell copywriting techniques to sell more products without feeling “dirty” about selling.


What’s the Difference Between Soft Sell Copywriting VS Hard Sell Copywriting?

Soft serve icecream

Hard selling in copywriting often employs direct and forceful tactics, pushing the product or service aggressively, sometimes to the point of creating discomfort for the potential customer.

Soft selling, in contrast, is a more subtle approach, where the aim is to guide the customer gently towards a decision rather than imposing it upon them.

Hard selling can be recognized by its aggressive urgency, exaggerated claims, pressure tactics, overused superlatives, and fear-based messaging.

These techniques, while effective in some scenarios, may leave both the copywriter and the audience feeling uneasy.

Soft sell copywriting, however, involves a more nuanced and empathetic strategy, focusing on building a connection and trust with the audience.


4 Hard Sell Copywriting Examples

Aggressive dog 

    1. Aggressive Urgency

      One classic example of hard selling is creating a false sense of urgency. Phrases like "Act now before this exclusive offer vanishes forever!" or "Limited stock available – order immediately!" may seem effective, but they can come off as manipulative and pushy.

        2. Exaggerated Claims

          Hard sell copy often relies on hyperbole. Statements like "The ONLY product you need for miraculous results! No other competitor even comes close!" might catch attention, but they risk alienating customers who seek authenticity and reliability.

            3. Pressure Tactics

              Hard selling may involve tactics like time-limited discounts or limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency. While this can drive immediate action, it can also lead to buyer's remorse if customers feel pressured into a hasty decision.

                4. Overused Superlatives

                  Another hallmark of hard selling is the excessive use of superlatives. Phrases like "The absolute best, groundbreaking, revolutionary product you'll ever encounter!" are absolute garbage. They immediately trigger skepticism in discerning consumers.


                  4 Soft Sell Copywriting Examples

                  Happy dog

                  Now that we've explored the realm of hard selling, let's shift our focus to the more customer-friendly world of soft selling.

                  Soft sell copywriting revolves around building relationships and gently guiding potential customers towards a decision.

                  Here are five examples of soft selling techniques:

                    1. Storytelling

                      One powerful way to engage your audience without the hard sell tactics is through storytelling. Share relatable stories that subtly weave in the benefits of your product or service. By illustrating real-life scenarios, you create an emotional connection that resonates with your audience's experiences.

                        2. Emphasizing Value

                          Soft sell copywriting places a significant emphasis on the value your product brings to the customer's life. Instead of bombarding them with a laundry list of features, focus on how your product addresses their needs and enhances their daily experiences. By showcasing the value, you position your offering as a solution rather than just a commodity.

                            3. Customer Testimonials

                               Let satisfied customers become your advocates. Incorporate genuine testimonials into your copy to showcase real-world experiences with your product or service. Testimonials build trust organically, offering potential customers insights from those who have already benefited from what you offer.

                                4. Solve Problems

                                  Soft selling often involves providing valuable information related to the problem your product solves. By offering helpful insights, tips, and information, you not only build trust but also position your product as the natural solution to your audience's needs.


                                  The Main Benefits of Soft Selling in Copywriting

                                  Smiley face 

                                  Soft selling is not just a feel-good approach; it comes with real benefits that contribute to long-term success in the world of copywriting.

                                  Let's explore some of the key advantages of embracing the soft sell mindset.


                                  Soft sell copywriting builds trust.

                                  By respecting the customer's decision-making process and avoiding aggressive tactics, you create an environment where customers feel valued and understood.

                                  Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship.

                                  And in copywriting, building a relationship with your audience is paramount.


                                  Soft selling creates a positive brand image. Instead of being perceived as a pushy salesman, you position yourself as a helpful guide – someone genuinely interested in helping customers find the right solutions for their needs. This positive image not only attracts new customers but also encourages repeat business.


                                  Another benefit of soft selling is the potential for higher customer retention. When customers feel comfortable and respected, they are more likely to return for future purchases. Soft sell copywriting focuses on creating a pleasant buying experience, making customers eager to engage with your brand again.


                                  By adopting a softer approach, you also differentiate yourself in a crowded market. In an era where consumers are bombarded with aggressive sales tactics, a gentle and empathetic approach stands out. Soft selling allows you to cut through the noise and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

                                  Remember, the goal of soft sell copywriting is not just to make a sale but to build lasting relationships. As you incorporate these techniques into your writing, you'll find that the benefits extend beyond immediate conversions to the creation of a loyal customer base.


                                  How to Persuade Readers to Buy WITHOUT Coming Across as a Pushy Salesman

                                  Soft sell copywriting is an art that involves finesse and a deep understanding of your audience.

                                  Here are 8 actionable tips to help you master the art of persuasion without the discomfort of hard selling.

                                    1. Understand Your Audience

                                    Card says "who is your audience?"

                                      The foundation of effective soft sell copywriting is a thorough understanding of your audience.

                                      Who are they? What are their needs, desires, and pain points?

                                      Tailoring your message to resonate with your specific audience ensures that your copy feels personalized and relevant.

                                      The more you understand your readers, the better you can address their concerns and guide them towards a decision that genuinely benefits them.


                                        2. Be Authentic

                                          Authenticity is a cornerstone of successful soft sell copywriting.

                                          Speak in a genuine tone, avoiding hyperbole and false promises.

                                          Today's consumers are savvy and can quickly detect insincerity.

                                          By being authentic, you not only build trust but also create a connection with your audience.

                                          Share your brand's story, values, and mission in a way that feels real and relatable.


                                            3. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

                                              Soft sell copywriting shifts the focus from features to benefits.

                                              Instead of bombarding your audience with technical details, highlight how your product or service improves their lives.

                                              What problems does it solve for them?

                                              How does it make their day-to-day experiences better?

                                              By emphasizing the tangible benefits, you create persuasive copy that resonates with your readers on a personal level.


                                                4. Create a Connection

                                                Puzzle pieces

                                                  Building a connection with your audience goes beyond understanding their needs.

                                                  Soft sell copywriting involves establishing an emotional connection.

                                                  Share relatable stories, highlight shared values, and showcase the human side of your client’s brand.

                                                  When readers feel a connection, they are more likely to trust your recommendations and view you as a partner rather than just a seller.


                                                  5. Leverage Social Proof

                                                  Soft sell copywriting benefits significantly from the power of social proof.

                                                  Showcase positive reviews, testimonials, or endorsements from satisfied customers.

                                                  When potential buyers see that others have had positive experiences with your product or service, it instills confidence and reduces the perceived risk of making a purchase.


                                                  6. Offer Value First

                                                  A fundamental principle of soft sell copywriting is to provide value before asking for anything in return.

                                                  Whether through informative blog posts, engaging content, or helpful resources, positioning your brand as a valuable source establishes trust.

                                                  When the time comes for a call to action, your audience is more likely to reciprocate due to the perceived value they've already received.


                                                  7. Address Objections Transparently

                                                  Red flags

                                                  Soft sell copywriting acknowledges that potential customers may have concerns or objections.

                                                  Instead of avoiding these issues, address them transparently in your copy.

                                                  Whether it's cost, features, or potential drawbacks, by openly acknowledging and providing solutions to objections, you build credibility and trust.


                                                  8. Utilize Visual Storytelling

                                                  Group of people listening to story

                                                  Incorporate visual elements into your copy that tell a compelling story.

                                                  Whether through images, infographics, or videos, visual storytelling can convey emotions and messages more effectively than text alone.

                                                  Soft sell copywriting embraces the art of storytelling, and visual elements enhance the narrative, making it more engaging and memorable.

                                                  Remember, the goal of soft sell copywriting is to build relationships and guide readers towards informed decisions.

                                                  These additional tips complement the previously discussed strategies, providing you with a well-rounded toolkit for persuasive, empathetic, and effective copywriting.



                                                  Feel relieved?


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                                                  The Most Persuasive Message, in the Fewest Words

                                                  Feb 01, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

                                                  Kid refusing vegetables 

                                                  Do you know the 3 main phases of copywriting?

                                                  I’ll tell ya...

                                                  1. Research

                                                  2. Writing

                                                  3. Editing

                                                  Now, this may shock you, but I spend the least amount of time on writing.

                                                  Rough guess:

                                                  60% on research…

                                                  30% on editing…

                                                  A whopping 10% on writing…

                                                  Don’t get it twisted, all 3 steps are crucial for writing knockout copy.

                                                  Especially editing.

                                                  Editing is my least favorite step... BY FAR.

                                                  If you do it right, it’s a hair-pulling process.

                                                  Not fun but 100% necessary.

                                                  Joseph Sugarman explained how his first few drafts are unreadable gibberish.

                                                  But after editing?

                                                  Copywriting masterpieces that crush competition and sell millions worth of products.

                                                  The key to editing your writing into a Picasso like sales machine:

                                                  Create the most persuasive message, using the fewest words.

                                                  My favorite way to achieve this is to read my 1st draft out loud – 10 times.

                                                  Every time I trip over words, I pause and edit.

                                                  Then, continue until I’m done reading. 

                                                  By the time I’ve done this 10x, my writing has virtually no errors, bumps or bruises.

                                                  Every word strengthens my sales message.

                                                  This is what you want your copy to look like when it’s fresh out of the oven.

                                                  Want weekly copywriting trainings to help you break into this exciting field & get paid to write for dream clients ASAP?

                                                  Fly this way:


                                                  To your success,

                                                  Jeremy Mac

                                                  Copywriting Choke Job

                                                  Feb 01, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

                                                   Man choking


                                                  This is bananas.

                                                  The Milwaukee Bucks just fired their rookie coach…

                                                  While having the 2nd best record in the league!?

                                                  That’s not all…

                                                  The guy they replaced him with is a professional choker.

                                                  Dude's got a rap sheet of embarrassing failures as long as a giraffe’s neck (including most playoff games blown).

                                                  Speaking of choking…

                                                  I see a lot of great copywriters choke when it comes to closing the sale.

                                                  They’ll have fabulous headlines, riveting body copy, hit all the right hot buttons… but then… they’ll fumble the ball in their call to action (CTA).

                                                  For those who don’t know, CTAs are at the end of your sales message. It’s where you tell your readers what to do next (what action to take).

                                                  Anyway, most copywriters do not close half as many leads as they could because of sloppy CTA’s.


                                                  Here are 3 quick ways to improve your CTAs:

                                                  1. Give clear, direct and concise instructions on what to do next.

                                                  2. Make it very simple and easy to purchase (or whatever action you want readers to take)

                                                  3. Give readers a reason to act NOW – discount, limited number of products available, re-framing everything they’ll gain and miss out on, etc.

                                                  Use these 3 tips when writing your next CTA. Make sure you got em all.

                                                  If you do, I can almost guarantee you’ll boost results (and prevent choking).

                                                  Speaking of boosting results…

                                                  Want to write persuasive copy that impresses clients?

                                                  Want to gain a flood of new clients – this month?

                                                  Go here:


                                                  To your success,

                                                  Jeremy Mac

                                                  You Are Walking on a Giant Sheet of Black Ice

                                                  Feb 01, 2024 by Jeremy Mac


                                                  Last night, I met some friends at a local bar to watch the 49ers vs Lions game.

                                                  After the game, as I was walking to my car, I slipped on ice.

                                                  No, I didn’t have a drip of alcohol on me.

                                                  It was that darn black ice.

                                                  This got me thinking...

                                                  There’s a lot of black ice in copywriting.

                                                  Scratch that.

                                                  The entire surface of which we walk on top of is a giant sheet of black ice.

                                                  Gary Halbert said it best…

                                                  In one of his newsletters, he talked about how fragile a sale is.

                                                  The sales process is one of the most delicate things on earth.

                                                  One wrong word, and you can blow the entire sale (even if everything up to that point was smooth as butter).

                                                  This is why it’s so important to be meticulous in your writing.

                                                  You need to do a complete selling job.

                                                  Cover all your bases.

                                                  Most online copywriter do not do this, and it shows.

                                                  But the truly great copywriters do.

                                                  They spend countless hours researching, writing and editing to make sure that everything hums like a humming bird.

                                                  Yes, this does require more time (a little), but the rewards are bigger than an elephant.

                                                  Because the more grass you rake in for clients, the more you can charge.

                                                  Don’t have any clients to write for?

                                                  Check this out:


                                                  To your success,

                                                  Jeremy Mac

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