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The REAL Secret to Writing Faster

Feb 04, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Fast typer


Do you write slower than an elderly sloth?

I’ve been there.

Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of “insider techniques” for cranking up my writing speed.

But to be honest…

There’s really only ONE “thing” that works.

And no, it’s not stimulants, “creativity” inducing plants or anything you drink, smoke or ingest.

Here’s the REAL secret:

Write more than you are currently writing now.

2 real life examples of this working like magic:

1. Emails

Used to take me around 30 minutes to write a single email. Then, I decided to write DAILY emails. After a few months, I chopped my emails down to 7 minutes.

2. Blogs

Used to take me hours on end to write a stinking blog post (even DAYS for longer posts).


1 hour to write. 30 minutes to revise.

The difference?

I’ve been writing DAILY blog posts for 70 days straight (not the short stuff either, I’m talking 2,000+ words per post).

It’s not just me…

If you pay attention to top copywriters, you’ll discover that their “writing breakthroughs” all came from WRITING a lot of copy.

But what if you don’t have clients to write for?

You COULD do spec work (find existing copy and rewrite it).

But that’s not nearly as fun or rewarding. 


Would you like to get PAID to improve your writing speed by writing for real clients?

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

What is Your Client's Transaction Size?

Feb 04, 2024 by Jeremy Mac



This is rarely talked about.

Truth is...

It’s probably unknown by 99% of copywriters.

But it’s one of the most reliable ways to charge waaaaay more for your copywriting services (without working longer or harder).

And, on the flip side…

If you mess this up…

You will always be locked in to charging pennies on the dollar no matter how hard you work or how “good” your copy is.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Dan Kennedy gave a seminar to info marketers.

He explained the importance of their herd (their customers).

One of the most important factors of choosing a profitable herd (who you sell to) is transaction size.

Not how much YOU charge, but how much your CLIENT’S charge their customers.

It’s really simple:

Say your write for ecommerce brands.

Most ecommerce businesses sell low-ticket products - $10-$100 per product.

It’s very hard for you to justify charging them thousands (even hundreds) for a copywriting project (emails, landing page, ad copy… don’t matter).


Because your copy will have to win them DOZENS of new customers before they see a positive return on investment.

On the other hand…

Say your niche is real estate agents.

One new home sold pockets AT LEAST a few grand for the agent, if not tens of thousands.

Say you help a real estate agent earn $10,000 with one sale.

You could easily charge one thousand dollars for your service.

After all, the agent would have only made 10 TIMES their money back. 

Not only can you charge much higher fees but it’s much easier to gain repeat work. Cuz business owners like buying money at a discount (oh, by the way, this is the best way to frame your offers).

This is the power of your client’s transaction size.

It’s like cheating on a test.

It’s directly related to how much YOU can charge per copywriting project.

Best part?

You don't have to write more words, work harder or longer to charge 2x, 5x, even 10x more! 

But for this to work, you’ll need clients to write for.

If you're struggling in the client department, I can help you gain new clients in as quick as 24 hours from reading this.

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

This Type of Copywriting Headline Acts Like a Giant Stop Sign

Feb 04, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Stop sign


It’s no secret…

Headlines are one of the most important aspects of copywriting.

After all, it’s the first thing your readers see.

If you don’t grab your reader’s attention, within a split second, you’ve lost them forever.

So, it’s important that you are always improving your headline game.

To help you out, I’m going to reveal a supreme way to write headlines.

It’s rarely discussed but super powerful.

If you write headlines this way, I can almost guarantee you’ll attract more readers.

Here it is:


Contrast acts like a giant red stop sign on our brains.

This goes way back to when humans roamed the jungle in nothing but clothe.

Whenever we saw something contrasting, it grabbed our undivided attention because it could be a deadly predator looking to make us lunch meat.

This still has a large effect on us today.

And you can tap into its attention-grabbing power very easily.

Here’s what you do…

Add two contrasting things in your headline.

3 examples:

Ugly nerd’s secret to dating pretty models.

How a broke loser became the richest man in his city.

Lose weight by eating junk food.

The next time you write a headline, think of ways to add contrast to it.

If you’re looking to gain new clients to write for, this may be of interest to you…

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I had no prior experience or portfolio.

And I got my first client within 24 hours of using this rare “technique”.

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

I'm a BIG Advocate of Stealing

Feb 04, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Man stealing TV


Just read a great blog post from Drayton Bird (A-list copywriter).

It was about the concept of “stealing”.

I’m a BIG advocate of stealing.

Stealing ideas.

Stealing headlines.

Stealing hooks.

In fact, I believe that the best (and only) way to become a rockstar copywriter, is to learn, study and “steal” from the best copywriters who have paved the path before you.

This is crucial for beginners.

(Although you should always be improving your knowledge and skills by “stealing” what works).

You want to learn from the select few best copywriters.

But don’t blatantly copy and paste their work like a jackarse.

Never do that.

When I refer to stealing (aka swiping), I mean this…

Model after what has worked.

Get ideas & inspiration from blockbuster ads and improve upon them.

Add your own unique twists (based on your market and what you’re selling).

When you improve upon successful ads and make them “yours”, you can dramatically shortcut your success in this field.

All the top copywriters do it and you should too.

Here’s a fun challenge for you:

The next time you write for a client, create your headline by “stealing” from successful headlines (the 100 headlines Victor Schwab talks about in his book – How to Write a Good Advertisement, is a good start)

Don’t have any clients to write for?

Go here:

In 24 hours or less, you can secure a new client using the rare methods I reveal.

These are the exact same techniques I used to grab my first few dozen copywriting clients (most within 24 hours of using the techniques).

See for yourself:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

“It’s Hard to Get Good at Something, Until You Get Bad at it First”

Feb 04, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Dan Kennedy


This quote is from the prolific Dan Kennedy.

He was referring to public speaking, but it applies to copywriting.

Want to get really good at copywriting?

Write, practice and learn.

Lots of beginners do the last two but are stuck on the first.


Because it’s scary.

They don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of clients.

After all, what if your copy stinks like a skunk??

Here’s a hard pill to swallow:

Your writing is most likely going to SUCK OUT LOUD….

At first.

But here’s the good news:

The first piece of copy you write, will be the WORST you ever write. And your writing will only get better and better and better.

It will get so good that you won’t even recognize it.

Whenever I look back at my early writing, I chuckle hard.

It’s absolute nonsense.

But this also makes me feel good.

Because I can see my progress, in real-time, and see how far I’ve come. 

However, this progress is only possible because I write EVERY DAY.

So, if you want to get good at copywriting, get bad first.

Write. Write. Write.

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Am I a Lazy Slob?

Feb 04, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Man eating chips


If you stepped into my office, you’d probably gasp in horror.

I work in a complete pigsty.

My floor is scattered with dirty laundry, water bottles and empty bags of chips.

My desk and coffee table are flooded with open highlighters, pens, food and 10+ glasses/mugs.

I haven’t vacuumed or cleaned in weeks.

You’d think I’m a lazy slob.

But you’d be dead wrong.

It’s actually the complete opposite.

You see, instead of worrying about how my room looks and spending oodles of time organizing and cleaning it each day, I spend this time on WRITING.

I am locked-in to my work like a looney tune with rubber walls surrounding me.

From 8am-noonish, I write for 4 hours straight without any interruptions.

After lunch, I work for another 6 or so hours with a few breaks in between.

But every minute that I work, I tap into an explosive flow state with laser focus.

I’m not alone…

This is one of the weird “quirks” of highly productive copywriters.

They may seem extremely unproductive, and slobby to outsiders, but they are actually extremely productive.

For example, John Carlton (legendary copywriter) did this too.

His desk, office and even his house was a complete mess.

He would not clean or organize anything for days.

(He wouldn’t go outside for weeks at a time when writing big assignments)


Because he was busy writing.

He blocked out the outside world and was locked into the world of a 7-figure copywriter.

This is a productivity hack used by top entrepreneurs…

Only focus on the ONE THING that matters most to your success.

And do not focus on anything else until you finish this one thing. 

For us...

It’s writing copy.

If you want to become a master copywriter in months instead of years (or a lifetime), I’ll show you how.

I’ve got a monthly membership for copywriters – Copy Kings:

Each week, I send out “mini-courses’ giving you insider secrets to help you transform your skills, get floods of new clients and rocket launch your income.

Want in?

Go here:

To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Clear Energy Writing

Feb 03, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Man meditating


I quit coffee 4 years ago.

My ADHD brain couldn’t handle it.

Every time I sipped the hot bean water, I’d get smacked with fierce jitters, racing thoughts and heart palpitations.

This caused a MAJOR snafu.

My productivity sunk down the toilet.

And when I started writing copy in 2020, it was hard as a pile of wood to write.

However, around the same time, I discovered another energy source.

But this energy was much different from coffee.

It was natural, laser-focused energy.

No jitters. No racing thoughts.

What is this hot-to-trot energy source?

Dark chocolate.

Been eating 3 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate for the last 3 years.

As soon as I discovered it, my writing improved.

Not just because I had more energy, but because I could think more clearly.

I could write without any speedbumps or potholes along my ride.

This is clutch because when you write in a clear, concise and easy-to-read way, you make it much more pleasant for your readers.

You make it easier for them to understand your message and eventually buy from you.

Speaking of buying from you…

Would you like to learn how to get dozens of clients to pay you to write for them?

You don’t need any experience, sales skills or even a portfolio with the my “secret” method.

If so…

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But that’s not all…

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

The Little-Known Secret for Writing CTAs

Feb 03, 2024 by Jeremy Mac

Woman whispering secret

Your CTA (call to action) is one of the most important parts of your copy.

It’s also extremely fragile.

If you do NOT motivate your readers to take action, your ad/blog/email has failed.

After all:

The numero uno goal is to get a direct response from your readers (hence direct response copywriting).

There are several “things” your CTA most have to be able to trigger the most amount of readers to respond.

However, I’m only going to cover 1.

This “one thing” is rarely talked about in copywriting books, courses and seminars.


It’s arguably the MOST IMPORTANT thing to add to your CTA.

I learned this insider secret from Ken McCarthy (founder of internet marketing).

After 20+ years of selling on the internet, through his own products and his clients, Ken noticed something extraordinary.

He noticed that the best ads do NOT ask you to buy.


They ask you to TRY.

More specifically:

They offer you a risk-free guarantee.


“Try my product for 90 days. If at any time you feel you aren’t able to [achieve claims], then return it and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.”

Why is this so powerful?

Because it removes all risk from the buyer and places it on the seller.

When we perceive there is no risk, our skeptical barriers fall down, and we are much more willing to “try” a new product.

But first, your readers must already want whatever you are letting them try.

This is the job of everything that comes before your CTA.

If you don’t stir up enough intense desire in your readers to want to “try” your offer, they will never even read your CTA.

Want to “download” the exact writing system I use to bang out irresistible, money-magnetized copy?

Want to use this system to quickly break into copywriting and attract a tsunami of new clients?

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To your success,

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy Mac

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